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Topic: Ford Ranger

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In the News (Thu 23 May 19)

  Ford Ranger - 2007 Ford Ranger - 2008 Ford Ranger
The Ford Ranger is currently available in 28 base trims, spanning from 2007 to 2008.
The 2008 Ranger Regular Cab 4X4 is a 2-door, 3-passenger compact pickup, available in 5 trims, ranging from the 112" Wheelbase XL Styleside to the 112" Wheelbase Sport Styleside.
The 2007 Ranger Super Cab 4X4 is a 2- or 4-door, up to 5-passenger compact pickup, available in 8 trims, ranging from the 126" Wheelbase XL Styleside 2 Door to the 126" Wheelbase FX4 Level II Styleside.
www.newcars.org /cars/ford/ranger.asp   (0 words)

 New Ford Ranger | Used Ford Ranger | 4x4 Pickup Off Road
With the heart and soul of a true pick-up, the sensational new Ford Ranger is built to take on any challenge you throw at it, no matter how tough.
Benefiting from superb driving dynamics, the Ford Ranger XLT is equally at home both on and off the road.
The new Ford Rangers muscular and purposeful lines demonstrate a vehicle that is contemporary yet functional.
www.fordtransitdirect.co.uk /newsales/newvans/ranger/ranger.aspx   (274 words)

 Ford :: Ranger :: Introduction
The sensational Ford Ranger is built to take on any challenge.
Powerful, agile and tough the Ranger is available as a choice of either 4x4 or 4x2 drivelines and three distinctive cab styles: Double Cab; Super Cab and Regular Cab.
The Ford Ranger’s muscular and purposeful lines demonstrate a vehicle that is contemporary yet functional.
www.ford.co.uk /ie/ranger/-/-/-/-/-/-   (0 words)

  Ford Motor Company - Hydrogen Internal Combustion
The Ford Model U Concept is propelled by an internal combustion engine (ICE) that's optimized to run on hydrogen fuel instead of gasoline.
The engine is based on Ford's global 2.3-liter, I-4 engine used in the Ford Ranger, the European Ford Modeo, and a number of Mazda vehicles.
Ford researchers have shown that with supercharging, the hydrogen ICE can deliver the same power as its gasoline counterpart and still provide near-zero-emissions performance and high fuel economy.
www.ford.com /en/innovation/technology/hydrogenTransport/hydrogenInternalCombustion.htm   (323 words)

 History Of The Ford Ranger
Ford also continued to stress that the Ranger was truly a small scale version of the F-150, down to the same ladder-type frame construction and twin I-beam front suspension, a Ford trademark for more than 20-years.
Ranger owes its smooth ride (the ride is even smooth in 4WD models, no mean feat) to a rigid frame that cuts down on vibration.
All Rangers are equipped with driver and passenger airbags, with a passenger-side deactivation switch for improved safety with children.
www.therangerstation.com /resources/RangerHistory.htm   (3360 words)

 Ford Ranger Parts: Diverse Ford Ranger Truck Parts
Ford ranger was introduced way back in 1982 partly for the reason of combating the smaller imported Japanese trucks that were adamantly conquering the automotive industry then.
And fortunately, Ford Ranger obliges to provide the satisfaction that consumers are looking for with the variety of versions it offers such as the long, box, short box, regular cab and extended cab types in either two-wheel or four-wheel drive.
Ford Ranger parts are likewise available for customizing to be able to attain the good looks and superb image every owner of it wants to project.
www.innerauto.com /Ford_Parts/Ford_Ranger_Parts   (423 words)

 Ford Ranger Parts @ Car Parts Wholesale
Since its debut in 1982, Ford has produced more than five million Ford Rangers and believe it or not, almost one third of all sold compact pickups in the market are Rangers.
In 2005 model year, the three available power source for Ford Rangers are the 2.3-liter four-cylinder producing 143 horsepower, the optional 3.0-liter V6 overhead-valve engine rated at 154 horsepower and the top of the line 4.0-liter V6 featuring single overhead cams and generating 207 horsepower.
Ford Rangers don’t only assure you of vast amount of power and speed but also guarantee safe and comfortable ride.
www.carpartswholesale.com /cpw/ford~ranger~parts.html   (415 words)

 Ford Ranger | Pricing Guides and research information available at CarsDirect.com
The Ford Ranger has been America's best-selling compact pickup for 17 years running.
We capture all of the specs, features, dimensions and even warranty info for the Ford Ranger and present it in a clear, easy-to-read format to give you a complete understanding of the vehicle.
If you are considering a used Ford Ranger, you'll find comprehensive research on CarsDirect, as well as a wide selection of listings from dealers and private sellers.
www.carsdirect.com /ford/ranger   (445 words)

Ford is confident to continue its success in the one-tonne pickup segment with the new Ranger pickup that aims to set a new standard in the industry in terms of engine performance, fuel economy, passenger comfort, safety features, excellent drivability, towing capacity and affordability.
The All New Ford Ranger has superb functional capabilities like no other - it is a "truck done right for the job." The pick-up box has been raised 60mm to offer an impressive cargo volume capable of carrying one tonne payload and up to three tonne towing capacity.
The Ranger's tough 4X4 capability is well proven through the success of its predecessors in conquering the harshest conditions found in the far-flung corners of the world -- the Ford Ranger is the indisputable authentic Build Ford Tough truck.
media.ford.com /article_display.cfm?article_id=22845   (1492 words)

  Ford Ranger Gets Better And Better; Aftermarket Ford Parts Store Catches Up - free article courtesy of ArticleCity.com
Ford once again reaffirms its high status in the truck segment of the industry with the introduction of the 2005 Ford Ranger model.
Mid-range Ford Ranger is powered by a 3.0L OHV V6 that adds five horsepower to the standard engine while the top model boasts its 4.0L SOHC V6 engine that delivers a hefty 207 hp and 238 lb-ft of torque.
Ford Ranger's impressive powertrain components are complemented by highly efficient Ford fuel system parts, Ford electrical parts, Ford fuel injection parts, and Ford cooling system parts.
www.articlecity.com /articles/auto_and_trucks/article_423.shtml   (722 words)

  1997 Ford Ranger Splash   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Ranger is Ford's answer to the masses of mostly younger buyers who, for reasons of size, price and long-term operating economy prefer compact pickup trucks.
Ranger's standard-cab cabin is not the most hospitable place for taller drivers, with short legroom and restricted seatback rake, but the SuperCab version allows plenty of backrest rake, more legroom and plenty of floor space for cargo, or for the kids to use the side-facing jump seats.
The Ranger 4x4 suspension system is a modification of the Ford Twin I-Beam with coil springs at the front and regular old truck leaf springs at the rear, and it works well, delivering a good ride on good to medium pavement, without jarring your teeth loose on choppy pavement.
kbb.com /kb/ki.dll/ke.kb.rp?kbb.CA;;CA061&95678;pic&...+Ranger&97RANGER   (1316 words)

 CARFAX Safety & Reliability Report - 2002 FORD RANGER
This 2002 FORD RANGER safety recall information was provided by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Highway Data Loss Institute and is derived from the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration list of safety recalls.
FORD RANGER has been recognized by Polk for having the highest Model Loyalty in the Compact Pickup Truck Segment for the 2002 model year.
FORD RANGER ranked highest by having the greatest percentage of households return to purchase or lease another FORD RANGER vehicle.
www.carfax.com /car_safety/ratings/SRR.cfm/year/2002/make/FORD/model/RANGER/trim_id/2002FORDPKZRANGER   (921 words)

 Ford Ranger
The style of the Ranger was inspired by its bigger brother, Ford's F-Series pickup, and similarities could be seen in the grille design and bodyside character lines.
Ford boasted that the Ranger had more interior room than the best-selling imports and that 4x8-foot construction material could be carried in the bed (with the tailgate down).
An STX version of the Ranger standard cab was introduced for western states and featured a sport suspension with larger (215/75R15) tires, a two-tone paint scheme and bucket seats.
www.edmunds.com /insideline/do/Features/articleId=49541   (0 words)

 Get The Lowest Ford Ranger Price Quotes at Car Price Secrets.
Ford continues to give compact pickup truck buyers plenty to choose from.
The 2008 Ford Ranger is available in four trim levels – the XL, XLT, Sport, and FX4 Off-Road –with a range of strong engines and powertrain choices.
An electronic shift-on-the fly transfer case is standard on all Ranger 4x4 models for serious off-road pursuits, while the standard front stabilizer bar and Ranchco® HD gas pressurized shocks of the FX4 Off-Road take things up a notch.
us01.xmlsearch.findwhat.com /bin/findwhat.dll?clickthrough&y=890&x=1ON1Pftv:FRzjHyVFZ0A4q4Hj349:ujjIqNBre7gR;a4zRRQhtTx6ZWcSoJOF:RqkKNfeeP4j:ArCkIRkm016HZh1uXjeeV8ktBfaaNhA3nE4RBO:;cneEqBRtqfR;Bua3cdcWR61Z4A3bXkEeRR1eVAJHj74;0zPfVqjnIJg   (0 words)

 Used Part Finder - Locate Ford Ranger Car Parts, Truck Parts, Engines, Transmissions, Salvage Yards
We are ready to help you find parts for all Ford Ranger models and years.
Note all the Ford part price quotes are negotiable to an extent, so do not walk out from a deal before trying to barter with the seller.
for your Ford Ranger that is only in a fair condition, you may be able negotiate the price down.
www.theautochannel.com /autoparts/salvageyardspartsford/rangeritems.html   (374 words)

 Ford Ranger EV
The Ford Ranger EV's top speed is 75 miles per hour and it can accelerate from 0 to 50 in 12.5 seconds.
Ford believes that the conductive system is less costly overall and thus a benefit to the customer.
The Ranger EV is available for lease from our nationwide network of Ford EV certified dealers, who also provide complete EV service support.
filebox.vt.edu /users/jehunte3/PIP/Ford/ranger_EV.htm   (340 words)

As an operational vehicle, the Ranger Hi-Rider 4x2 can be used as an adventure vehicle for the whole family, as the car has a large passenger capacity and is able to be driven on any kind of terrain, both on-road and light off-road.
The Ford Ranger Hi-Rider 4x2 comes with a 2.5-liter turbo diesel intercooler engine, which results in a powerful 110 PS on 3,500 rpm and torsion of as much as 27.3 Kgm at 2,200rpm.
The Ford Ranger Hi-Rider 4x2 is completed by many safety and comfort features, including ABS, EBD, double airbags, five 3 points-seat belts, collapsible steering wheel, child lock protector, side door impact beam and a crash cage.
media.ford.com /article_display.cfm?article_id=18067   (724 words)

 Ford Ranger - Wikicars
The Ford Ranger is currently offered as a 2.3 litre I4, a 3.0 litre V6, and a potent 207 horsepower 4.0 litre V6.
Prior to the 1983 model year, "Ranger" was a trim package available on full-size Ford pickups.
Fiesta / Ikon / Ford Fusion / EcoSport
wikicars.org /en/Ford_Ranger   (380 words)

 Ford Ranger Parts
In North America, the Ranger is Ford's entry-level pickup truck.
The compact Ranger was styled after the full-size Ford pickups, and is also offered with a four wheel drive option.
Ford's future product plans in the compact pickup market segment are expected to be announced closer to the end of Ford Ranger production in the Twin Cities, in 2008.
www.fordpartswebsite.com /ranger.html   (269 words)

 Ford Ranger Electric Vehicle 2002
And Ranger is strong on safety as well-dual air bags* and 4 wheel ABS brakes are standard.
The Ranger EV users safe and convenient conductive charging, the traditional method of connecting electrical equipment to power sources.
Ford believes that the conductive system is less costly overall and thus a benefit to the customer.
www.herelectricvehicle.com /fordranger.html   (177 words)

 Ford Ranger
Our test Ford, for example, not only gave us an intimate knowledge of every pebble and crease in the road, but had very poor handling, both presumably due to the optional off-road suspension.
Ford's recent TV ads tell us that the best reason to buy their trucks is to look "cool." Hence, the Ranger Splash, our test pickup.
Our Ranger Splash, with its narrow cargo box, was a triumph of styling over function, seemingly designed for those who buy trucks for image rather than for work.
www.allpar.com /reviews/ranger95.html   (1088 words)

 2003 Ford Ranger V-8 - Truckin Magazine
Starting with the chassis, Ford engineers had to decide what areas of the vehicle needed to be strengthened to handle the Lightning’s 5.4L supercharged V-8 powerplant.
The Ranger’s longitudinal plastic fuel tank was removed and the framerails were boxed.
A behind-the-axle fuel cell was fabricated, and the fuel door was moved to the interior of the bed.
www.truckinweb.com /brandpages/ford/0311tr_custom_2003_ford_ranger   (511 words)

 Ford Ranger EV Drivers page
The car has all of Ford's tradition of quality, and is well balanced, safe, a joy to handle, and will hook anyone on electric cars for ever more.
Ford Ranger EVs are only for lease at this time.
Ranger EV drivers work closely with the Honda EV plus drivers as we both use the same public EV charging.
geocities.com /ranger_ev   (221 words)

 2003 Ford Ranger Review, Prices, Photos: New Car Test Drive   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Ford Ranger comes in a wide range of configurations: three trim levels, three cab configurations, three wheelbase lengths, three engine, a choice of transmissions, and is available with two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive.
Ford offers this engine with flexible fuel capability, meaning it can operate on ethanol, gasoline or any combination of the two fuels in the same tank.
Ranger's appropriately named Tremor package for 4x2 SuperCabs boasts a premium Pioneer sound system producing 485 watts of eardrum-splitting volume, and a custom-designed subwoofer enclosure that fits in the rear floor area.
www.nctd.com /review-intro.cfm?Vehicle=2003_Ford_Ranger&ReviewID=1252   (851 words)

 2006 Ford Ranger - Detailed Pricing and Specifications - MSN Autos
The Ranger is Ford’s compact pickup truck that was introduced in 1982, redesigned in 1993, and received a new exterior design in 1998.
The Ranger has been the best-selling compact truck in the U.S. for 18 straight years.
Ford first used the Ranger name for a package for the F-150 in the early 60s.
autos.msn.com /research/vip/overview.aspx?year=2006&make=Ford&model=Ranger   (86 words)

 A Guide To Ford Ranger Pickup Trucks - Sport Truck Magazine
Early Rangers seem to be slightly more expensive than S-10s, but when body styles changed in the '90s (1993 for the Ranger and 1994 for the S-10), Chevys took a slight price lead.
Ford switched to a short/long arm front suspension in 1997 for the F-series and in 1998 for the Rangers.
Ford was half a year behind the new S-10, but the Ranger was a formidable competitor.
www.sporttruck.com /techarticles/ford_ranger_pickup_trucks_guide   (1185 words)

 Ford Motor Company - Fuel Efficiency
Ford Escape Hybrid was the first SUV to offer full hybrid technology.
The result is enhanced efficiency under low-load conditions, such as at idle or highway cruising, and increased power for brisk acceleration or times of high demand.
The ability to control valve timing as well as spark timing allowed Ford engineers to design a combustion chamber with a higher compression level than in the two-valve V-8 engines while still using regular gasoline octane levels.
www.ford.com /en/innovation/technology/fuelEfficiency.htm   (438 words)

 Ford Ranger EV Drivers page
The car has all of Ford's tradition of quality, and is well balanced, safe, a joy to handle, and will hook anyone on electric cars for ever more.
Ford Ranger EVs are only for lease at this time.
Ranger EV drivers work closely with the Honda EV plus drivers as we both use the same public EV charging.
www.geocities.com /ranger_ev   (221 words)

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