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Topic: Foreign trade

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In the News (Wed 20 Mar 19)

  Foreign Trade Zones   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Foreign trade zone operations are governed by the Act and regulations issued by the Department of Commerce and the Department of the Treasury (collectively the "Regulations").
Privileged foreign merchandise is subject to appraisement and tariff classification according to its condition and quantity at the time which the owner of the merchandise makes application for privileged foreign status.
As a result, the duty paid on nonprivileged foreign merchandise is essentially computed by multiplying the costs of the merchandise by the duty rate applicable to the merchandise in the condition in which it leaves the zone, e.g., the cost of a component part times the duty rate applicable to the finished product.
www.teampa.com /selectsites/help_files/E_Foreign_Trade_Zones.htm   (2033 words)

Foreign trade and economic activities abroad may be performed by legal entities performing economic activities (hereinafter: enterprises).
Foreign trade in the fields of arms and military equipment is also subjected to this Law, if not regulated otherwise by another law.
Foreign trade activities are performed on basis of contracts concluded in compliance with laws and regulations in the Republic of Macedonia and international agreements and conventions.
www.mlrc.org.mk /law/l006.htm   (5225 words)

 Foreign Trade as supplied by EagleTraders.com
Trade among nations is a common occurrence and normally benefits both the exporter and the importer.
Economists generally maintain that the risks of foreign trade increase as a company moves from exporting to direct foreign investment and when its activities are directed to less developed countries rather than to developed countries.
Foreign direct investment in factories and companies in the U.S. reached a record $57.1 billion, representing a 21% increase for the year.
www.eagletraders.com /advice/securities/foreign_trade.htm   (1627 words)

Article 3 The competent department in charge of foreign economic relations and trade under the State Council shall be in charge of the work of foreign trade throughout the country in accordance with this Law.
Article 14 Foreign trade operators shall, in accordance with the provisions of the competent department in charge of foreign economic relations and trade under the State Council, present documents and material pertinent to their foreign trade business to the relevant departments.
Import-export chambers shall observe laws and administrative rules and regulations, coordinate and direct foreign trade activities of their members according to the articles of associations, provide consultant services, report suggestions of their members concerning the promotion of foreign trade to relevant governmental departments and actively conduct activities for the promotion of foreign trade.
www.nti.org /db/china/engdocs/tradelaw.htm   (2252 words)

 Embassy of France in the U.S. - Foreign Trade
Whilst France's trade is growing steadily, it is undeniably affected by disruptions to the world economic cycle, caused, for instance, by fluctuations in our partners' economic activity, changes in the euro-dollar exchange rate and oil prices per barrel.
In contrast to trade in industrial goods, that of the agri-foodstuffs industry is more lacklustre: after doing extremely well at the time of the millennium celebrations, agri-foodstuffs exports were significantly down at the beginning of the year, although the sector began to see a recovery in May 2000.
The European Union is conducting trade talks, aimed, inter alia, at defining the necessary rules for the harmonious development of trade, both at the World Trade Organization (WTO) and in regional frameworks.
www.info-france-usa.org /atoz/for_trade.asp   (2170 words)

 International trade - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Traditionally trade was regulated through bilateral treaties between two nations.
Free trade is usually most strongly supported by the most economically powerful nations in the world, though they often engage in selective protectionism for those industries which are politically important domestically, such as the protective tariffs applied to agriculture and textiles by the United States and Europe.
The regulation of international trade is done through the World Trade Organization at the global level, and through several other regional arrangements such as MERCOSUR in South America, NAFTA between the United States, Canada and Mexico, and the European Union between 27 independent states.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Foreign_trade   (1102 words)

 ERS/USDA Briefing Room - U.S. Agricultural Trade
Patterns of food trade are strongly influenced by the changing nature of competition in the global food industry—from shifting consumer preferences to the growth in multinational food retailers and the ways they manage their global supply chains.
Foreign Agricultural Trade of the United States (FATUS) provides U.S. agricultural exports and imports, volume and value, by country, by commodity, and by calendar year, fiscal year, and month, for varying periods, such as 1935 to the present or 1989 to the present.
Frequently asked questions and answers about the type of trade data ERS provides for other countries of the world and where data on world trade and bilateral country commodity trade data can be obtained.
www.ers.usda.gov /Briefing/AgTrade   (838 words)

 Asia Observer - Burma: Country in Crisis - foreign trade & investment
Full foreign ownership of companies operating in Burma is forbidden and almost all large investment in Burma is carried out through joint ventures with the military regime.
Foreign investment in Burma is opposed by growing consumer boycotts that have convinced U.S. and European companies to quit Burma or to not begin doing business there.
Foreign investment in Burma is small compared to that reaching neighboring countries.
www.asiaobserver.com /Burma/Burma-background-trade.htm   (1124 words)

 Office of Science and Technology
Well, like everyone else, we purchase the data from the Foreign Trade Division of the U.S. Census Bureau.
The HS is the system for classifying goods in international trade which has been developed under the auspices of the World Customs Organization (WCO), located in Brussels.
The International Trade Commission maintains the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States used by importers to classify their goods.
www.st.nmfs.gov /st1/trade/index.html   (252 words)

 Foreign Trade Zones
A Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) is an economic development tool created through federal legislation to help businesses in the Customs phase of their operations (e.g., tariff deferral).
Operating in a foreign trade zone can save money because goods within an FTZ are not subject to import duties until they leave the zone and enter domestic commerce.
Hothem is working with the trade community, customs brokers, freight forwarders, and associations of exporters and importers to educate businesses, large and small, on the benefits of using a FTZ.
www.bawtc.com /foreigntradezones.asp?PartnerID=   (1035 words)

 Foreign Trade Law of P.R.China   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Article 3 The authority responsible for foreign trade and economic relations under the State Council is in charge of the administration of the foreign trade of the entire country pursuant to this Law.
Article 14 Foreign trade dealers are obligated to provide documents and information in relation to their foreign trade dealings to the relevant authorities pursuant to the regulations of the authority responsible of foreign trade and economic relations under the State Council.
Anyone who commits trading of certificates of country of origin or license for import or export or trading of forged or distorted certificates of country of origin of license for import or export shall be subject to criminal prosecution in the light of Article 167 of the Criminal Law.
www.chinatoday.com /law/a07.htm   (1971 words)

 Foreign Trade Policy
The Turkish economy showed an impressive response to these measures, such as a rise in foreign trade, both in exports and in imports, and a noteworthy change in the structure of exports.
In 1994 in order to improve the balance of payment deficit and foreign trade, new export policies were put into force, such as: diversified export credit programs and free market conditions for foreign exchange rate.
In 1995 Turkey made the necessary arrangements in its foreign trade policy to conform with the Uruguay Round Agreements as well as the Customs Union Agreement that was signed with the EC and put into force on the first of January, 1996.
www.turizm.net /economy/foreign_trade_policy_and_volume.html   (716 words)

 International Trade   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Mesa's General-Purpose Foreign Trade Zone No. 221 (FTZ) was designated to promote international trade and offer companies and importers a way to gain a financial edge in the global marketplace through the reduction, deferral, or elimination of U.S. Customs duties.
The benefits to operating a business in a foreign trade zone are primarily the reduction or elimination of the payment of US Customs duties or excise taxes on goods imported into the United States.
At a minimum, a US importer could store a shipment in a zone and gradually import only what is needed, at the time it is needed, and thereby improve a company's cash flow by spreading the import duty payment over a longer period of time.
www.cityofmesa.org /econdev/Mesa/international_trade.asp   (234 words)

 Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Jamaica
Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, K.D. Knight has held talks with Cuban Officials with a view to enhancing trade relations between Jamaica and Cuba.
Among the issues discussed were, an overview of the current economic situation in Jamaica and Cuba with emphasis on the tourism sector, crime and sugar exports, strengthening trade between the two countries as well as the impact of the new US sanctions on Cuba.
Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Minister, K.D. Knight has encouraged members of the West Indian Student Establishment (WISE) at Drexler University in Philadelphia, United States, to be...
www.mfaft.gov.jm   (256 words)

 Research Guide: Foreign Trade Statistics - Boston College
Note that bilateral trade flows are recorded with respect to the "source" country--e.g.
TradeStats displays U.S. merchandise trade statistics at national and state levels, in maps, graphs, and tables, and as exports, imports, and trade balances.
The USITC (Office of Tariff Affairs and Trade Agreements) is responsible for publishing the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States Annotated (HTSA).
www.bc.edu /libraries/research/guides/s-foreigntrade   (868 words)

 Cincinnati's place in foreign trade
In terms of simplicity, the concept of free trade is exemplary.
When NAFTA was first introduced in 1994, the goal was to promote trade between Canada, Mexico and the United States by progressively eliminating tariffs, reducing quotas and opening markets.
Therefore, throughout the course of the upcoming Central American Trade negotiations, our regional goal should be to exhibit a readiness for expanded global trade and a Midwestern pragmatism toward dealing with challenges.
enquirer.com /editions/2003/02/25/editorial_wwwedit2a25.html   (699 words)

 Tianjin Foreign Trade (Group) Corporation - metals and minerals, automobile parts, chemicals pharmaceutics, light ...
Tianjin Foreign Trade (Group) Corporation - metals and minerals, automobile parts, chemicals pharmaceutics, light industrial and stationery products, textiles, garments, technology and electronics, machinery, meters and apparatus, foodstuff, cereals and oils, native products and animal by-products.
Taking the trade as the guidance, and the enterprise as the basic, the corporation makes efforts to develop the international market, further enlarge the export, emphasizing import service, expand the scale of management abroad, attract actively the foreign investment, and invest, develop the enterprises gradually and in all directions.
Tianjin Foreign Trade Corporation, General Manager Mr.Zhou Shao Xian, together with the whole staffs extends their warm welcome to all the friends both at home and abroad for business exchange, consultation, cooperation and common development.
www.foreigntradecorp.com   (385 words)

 U.S Economy - Foreign Trade - U. S. Embassy Dublin, Ireland
U.S. foreign trade and global economic policies have changed direction dramatically during the more than two centuries that the United States has been a country.
Americans are convinced that trade promotes economic growth, social stability, and democracy in individual countries and that it advances world prosperity, the rule of law, and peace in international relations.
The United States supported trade liberalization and was instrumental in the creation of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), an international code of tariff and trade rules.
usembassy.state.gov /ireland/foreign_trade.html   (458 words)

 China Investment,China trade information, China Suppliers
China's growing trade gap has fueled demands by Washington and other trading partners for Beijing to raise the value of its currency, the yuan.
Under the new rules, more overseas foreign institutional investors will be eligible as qualified investors in the Chinese A-share markets as the threshold for QFII was slashed significantly.
She also said that the Chinese government should focus on four major hurdles in the field of foreign trade.
www.chinatoday.com /trade/a.htm   (1680 words)

 Grandfather Foreign Trade & Debt Report - summary page - by MWHodges
foreign reserves backing up each of their children than we have backing ours, and their lead is increasing as the U.S. continues with massive trade deficits and record high internal private sector debt ratios, with nil savings.
This 25+ year period of rapid debt growth (and rapid growth of trade deficits) was also a period of relatively stagnant inflation-adjusted median family income growth according to the Family Income Report chapter.
Foreign Exchange Report), causing a loss of international buying power of every US wage earner and holder of dollars - to the tune of negative 40% against the Euro in recent years.
mwhodges.home.att.net /reserves.htm   (3171 words)

 FTD - Statistics
Trade Highlights: A digest of current trade numbers.
Country/Product Trade Data: Foreign trade statistics by various commodity classification and country breakdowns.
Statistical Notices and Corrections: Notices regarding changes to the publication of foreign trade statistics and Press Releases.
www.census.gov /foreign-trade/statistics/index.html   (155 words)

 Foreign Trade Zone #215
The Foreign Trade Zones Board, chaired by the U.S. Department of Commerce, authorized Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) status on July 26, 1997 to Sebring Airport Authority.
A survey, conducted by the International Trade Commission, found that the presence of a FTZ was the fourth most identifiable factor in plant site location decisions.
So, when foreign merchandise is brought into a Foreign-Trade Zone, no Customs duty is owed until the merchandise leaves the zone and enters the commerce of the United States.
www.sebring-airport.com /ForeignTradeZone.html   (1401 words)

 SICE - Trade Agreements
Complementary Agreement on Trade in Agricultural Goods between the Republic of Chile and the Republic of Iceland
Complementary Agreement on trade in agricultural goods between the Republic of Chile and the Kingdom of Norway
Complementary Agreement on trade in agricultural goods between the Republic of Chile and the Swiss Confederation
www.sice.oas.org /tradee.asp   (571 words)

 Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Homepage
The Foreign Minister is visiting the United States until 22 January to attend G’Day USA.
Australian Exports increased in November to a near record while imports fell, leading to a significant narrowing of the trade deficit.
The Foreign Minister has encouraged all parties to avoid violence and to seek ways through negotiation and dialogue to ensure the interests of all Bangladeshi citizens are represented in the democratic process.
www.dfat.gov.au   (197 words)

 Trade policy - Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Trade - Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
We provide Trade statistics for Australia and the rest of the world.
Reforming the multilateral trading system is Australia’s highest trade policy priority.
www.dfat.gov.au /trade   (139 words)

 Links to Trade and Finance Resources - Economy and Trade: InfoUSA
ILAB conducts research on and formulates international economic, trade, immigration, and labor policies in collaboration with other U.S. Government agencies and provides international technical assistance in support of U.S. foreign labor policy objectives.
The USITC administers U.S. trade remedy laws, advises the president and congress on international trade and competitiveness matters, and publishes the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States (HTS).
Among the trade issues it covers are agriculture, anti-dumping, dispute settlement, market access, labor, and services.
usinfo.state.gov /usa/infousa/trade/tsrci.htm   (1701 words)

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