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Topic: Formula One

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In the News (Tue 23 Jul 19)

  BBC - h2g2 - An Introduction to Formula One Racing
Formula One is the top level of open-wheel motor racing in the world today - it is also the one with the most history behind it.
Many drivers in the past treated Formula One almost as a hobby and were not always in the best physical shape; they did little testing or setup work with the car and were often twice as old as most drivers are now, with slower reflexes to match.
Formula One has progressed over the years from being held on true road circuits such as Spa-Franchorchamps and Rheims which were on public roads between villages, to custom-built race tracks such as the one in Sepang, Malaysia, that was designed purposely for Formula One.
www.bbc.co.uk /dna/h2g2/A906572   (1397 words)

 Formula One - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Formula One, abbreviated to F1, and also known as Grand Prix racing, is the highest class of single-seat open-wheel formula auto racing in the world.
Formula 1 is generally one of the biggest global TV draws behind the Football World Cup, the Olympics, and American football's Superbowl.
Formula 1 can be seen around the world on RTL, the longest serving F1 broadcaster, ITV in Great Britain, SPEED Channel (as well as a few races being broadcast on CBS with the GP's in San Marino, Germany (European Grand Prix), Spain, and Monaco) in America and many other stations relaying the action live.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Formula_One   (5723 words)

 Tag heuer formula 1
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formula-one.se32.net /tag-heuer-formula-1.html   (888 words)

 Howstuffworks "How Formula One Works"
From those humble origins, Formula One racing was born, and over the years, it has grown to be one of the most popular sports in the world.
Formula One racing has a long history of innovations driven by microprocessor technology.
Ferrari's Felipe Massa and Kimi Raikkonen had the fastest times in free practice at a Formula One grand prix in Melbourne, Australia, showing that the Ferrari team would be the one to beat.
entertainment.howstuffworks.com /formula-one.htm   (361 words)

 Formula One - Times Online - WBLG
Formula One is so much more than cars simply completing 60 or so laps on a Sunday afternoon, being arguably the perfect 21st century sport of aesthetes.
After a gripping Turkish Grand Prix on Sunday, the Formula One teams are nervously eyeing Monaco in 12 days' time, when Max Mosley, the disgraced FIA president, is hoping to make his return to the paddock.
While the track is great, this race is infamous in Formula One because of the horrendous traffic congestion on the roads from downtown Istanbul, across the Bosphorous to the Asian side where the track is based.
timesonline.typepad.com /formula_one   (8212 words)

 The Official Formula 1 Website
Just three days on from the Turkish Grand Prix and all ten Formula One teams are expected back in action on Wednesday, as testing resumes at the Paul Ricard circuit in southern France.
The shorter configuration, simulating Monte Carlo, is expected to be used for the opening two days, before a switch to a longer layout on Friday to imitate Montreal’s Circuit...
Ferrari may have won in Istanbul, but it was their least decisive victory of '08 yet, as McLaren raised their game to all but match the champions...
www.formula1.com   (202 words)

 Reno Air Racing Association - Formula One Class aircraft
Formula One aircraft are all powered by a Continental O-200 engine (the same 100 hp engine used in a Cessna 150).
Many Formula One aircraft are built by the pilots that race them and are a relatively inexpensive way to enjoy the excitement and satisfaction of air racing.
A typical Formula One Class race typically takes from five to eight minutes depending on the number of laps in the race and the speed of the aircraft.
www.airrace.org /classF1.php   (428 words)

 Formula One Shows Off a Fast, Young American - New York Times
But for Formula One and for Speed, the American's debut in the practice sessions of the Canadian Grand Prix last week and the U.S. Grand Prix at Indianapolis, which races Sunday, are more than just a ploy to make a splash in one of the sport's few unconquered markets.
The last American to race in Formula One, Michael Andretti - whose father, Mario, was the other American world champion - failed in 1993 partly because he did not adapt to the lifestyle and racing culture, choosing to commute across the Atlantic.
Formula One has also been eyeing Patrick, and she said this week that she would be interested, given the right team.
www.nytimes.com /iht/2005/06/16/sports/IHT-16prix.html?pagewanted=all   (1289 words)

Formula One, abbreviated to F1 and also known as Grand Prix racing, is a form of formula racing and the highest class of single-seat open-wheel auto racing.
Formula One teams must build the chassis in which they compete, and consequently the terms "team" and "constructor" are more or less interchangeable; this requirement distinguishes the sport from "spec series" such as IRL, CART, Formula 3000 and NASCAR.
Throughout the 2004 season, Formula One Management president Bernie Ecclestone repeatedly voiced his disapproval of the Silverstone Circuit, and suggested that unless its owners, the British Racing Drivers Club, modernise the facilities, the British Grand Prix would not appear on the 2005 schedule.
www.speedace.info /formula_one.htm   (4145 words)

 Formula One Tickets - Buy / Sell Formula One Tickets
Formula One Ticket prices and availability are subject to change at any time.
Formula One Ticket deliveries are guaranteed no later than the day before the event unless stated otherwise, however every effort will be made to deliver Formula One tickets as early as possible.
All Formula One tickets will be delivered by federal express overnight unless stated otherwise.
www.nwtix.com /Formula_One_Tickets.html   (450 words)

 Survival of the fastest: scientists 'selectively breed' winning Formula One cars
By applying Darwinian principles to the art of motor racing, the researchers demonstrate in simulations that it's possible to knock crucial tenths of a second off lap time by tailoring a car's setup to whatever conditions are faced on the track.
"Formula One spends millions each year designing and applying the latest technology to ensure their cars can handle whatever is thrown at them on the track.
Genetic algorithms are an emerging technology that unites the fields of biology and computer science by mimicking the process of evolution in computers in an effort to find the best solutions to complex problems.
www.eurekalert.org /pub_releases/2004-06/ucl-sot061504.php   (1004 words)

 Formula One   (Site not responding. Last check: )
All diehard Formula One fans can increase their knowledge of this wonderful sport by reading this book.
Roebuck begins at Imola in 1994, when, as he puts it aptly, "everything changed" with the tragic death of Ayrton Senna and the introduction of knee-jerk "safety" improvements which have led only to boring racing and have not, as we learned earlier this season, prevented what are, given the nature of the sport, inevitable tragedies.
As a Formula one freak, I haveto say that this is a very good book.
albcol.tollfreepage.com /?p=formula+one   (2343 words)

 Variety.com - EM.TV to sell off Formula One stake to Kirch
Kirch is expected to use Formula One to beef up its free TV and film division, Kirch Media, which is due to go public in 2002.
Formula One earned EM.TV profits of $85 million in the first half of the year, but they were eaten up by $130 million in interest costs.
EM.TV's stake in Formula One was fully consolidated in the second quarter of the year, which boosted company's revenues.
www.variety.com /article/VR1117853471.html?categoryid=14&cs=1   (509 words)

 Sattik's Formula One Page
Formula One cars are also called gran prix cars.
Formula One cars are designed on some of the same principles as airplanes.
Formula One cars have only one seat, an open cockpit, and open wheels- that is no fenders.
members.tripod.com /~darkage/f1.htm   (381 words)

 Tobacco sponsorship of Formula One must stop, say health experts   (Site not responding. Last check: )
This was a new development in the relationship between motor sports and TTCs in that the team was named after the sponsor, rather than the car manufacturer in contrast to, say, the Ferrari team which is also sponsored by a tobacco company.
'Critically, Formula One is a sport that appears comparatively content to be reliant on funding by tobacco companies and to be used to advance their global interests', comments Jeff Collin.
Participation in Formula One was also seen as politically advantageous, with its role as race host allowing opportunities for "tickling the soft underbelly of the decision makers"
www.lshtm.ac.uk /news/2004/formula1tobacco.html   (669 words)

 Formula One - International Herald Tribune
Formula One title contenders McLaren left Turkey with their confidence up on Monday despite being beaten for the fourth race in a row by champions Ferrari.
As Formula One prepares for the Turkish Grand Prix on Sunday, the top teams may battle for the victories, but for a glimpse at the sport's potential future, Force India is the team to watch.
Formula One's governing body said on Thursday that qualifying procedures would change after the Super Aguri team's withdrawal from the championship.
www.iht.com /indexes/special/f1/index.php   (1126 words)

 Formula 1 Case
Formula 1 is currently the third most watched live sporting event, second only to the Olympics and the World Cup.
Since SIC is built for the Formula 1 machines and could accommodate the motorbikes, it is regulated by many international regulatory bodies and has met all their requirements.
This is a big issue as the Formula 1 teams travel together with their equipment in a big container, there is reason to believe that the allegation might be true.
www.american.edu /projects/mandala/TED/formula1.htm   (4138 words)

 Formula One Software
This is a Formula One race on brooms!
Just enter the actual parameters and CalcExpress displays the result; it displays a small graph when a range is input; it rounds to the number of digits specified; it memorizes the last variable input and the position of the dialog.
Just enter the actual parameters and CalcExpress displays the result; it displays a small graph when a range is input; it displays a table when a two ranges are input; it rounds to the number of digits specified; it memorizes the last variable input and the position of the dialog.
www.cutedownloads.com /two/Formula-One.htm   (417 words)

 Formula One Fans
Formula One Fans is a group for all Formula One fans, it is not designed just for one particular team or driver.
Formula One Fans now includes several picture albums where you can upload pictures of drivers, cars or even your own formula one photographs or drawings.
The Formula One Fans MSN group was created in February 2003 and had several dozen members by the start of the 2003 season.
groups.msn.com /formulaonefans   (488 words)

 FORMULA-ONE - f1 - SPEEDtv.com
Not this weekend in Turkey, according to SPEED Channel Formula 1 statistician Sean Kelly.
SPEED Formula 1 analyst David Hobbs reflects on the passing of Aguri Suzuki's F1 team.
The demise of the Super Aguri F1 project might be sad, but it was also inevitable for what was never a “team” in the true sense of the word.
formula-one.speedtv.com /f1   (214 words)

 Young Formula One drivers drink milk and are fast
Sebastian Vettel, Nico Rosberg, Robert Kubica and Scott Speed are the young drivers to watch in Formula One as the season draws to a conclusion.
Theissen was the technical director at Williams when he gave Rosberg a Formula One test in December 2002.
Rosberg was on the starting line in the 2006 season opener at 20 for the Williams team and had the fastest lap, the youngest to do that, and he came in seventh.
www.startribune.com /694/v-print/story/721959.html   (749 words)

 Formula One: United States Grand Prix, Noblesville, IN, US
The depth of local support for Formula One is clearly evident - the last two races here have attracted the highest attendances in modern history.
Formula One is the king of motor sports.
Starting in Australia, there are 17 races in the Formula One season, across four continents, ending with the big finale in Brazil.
www.choicehotels.com /ires/en-US/html/HotelInfoEvent?event_id=22493&hotel=IN146&city_code=HZW&sid=pybZ.sO4HMg$z.2   (426 words)

 [No title]
Formula One 06 is scheduled to roar onto Playstation 3 with all the official drivers, cars, circuits, rules and teams, including SCUDERIA TORRO ROSSO, SUPER AGURI F1 TEAM and MIDLAND F1 RACING in their debut year.
formula one championship edition, is totally unbelieveable compared to the ps2 version, the graphics, the crash damage, tha liverys are more accurate and AI cars are more responsive to pressure and will often come off the track or take a different line!
Formula One Championship Edition is the perfect game for those who want a title with simple game play, good graphics and high replay value.
www.play.com /Games/PlayStation3/4-/1021992/Formula_One_06/Product.html   (827 words)

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