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Topic: Fornax

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In the News (Tue 22 Jan 19)

  Chandra :: Photo Album :: Fornax Cluster :: 08 Sep 04
A Chandra mosaic of images of the Fornax galaxy cluster reveals that the vast cloud of ten-million-degree Celsius gas surrounding the cluster core has a swept-back cometary shape that extends for more than half a million light years.
Optical studies of Fornax have identified a large group of galaxies on the outskirts of the cluster that appear to be on a collision course with the cluster core.
The motions of this group and the cluster core indicate that they lie along a large, unseen, filamentary structure composed mostly of dark matter that is collapsing and flowing toward a common center of gravity (see the accompanying illustration).
chandra.harvard.edu /photo/2004/fornax   (431 words)

  APOD: 2004 September 24 - Fornax Cluster in Motion   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Fornax cluster of galaxies some 65 million light-years away.
high-energy emission from several giant galaxies near the Fornax cluster center and an immense, diffuse cloud of x-ray emitting hot gas.
As a result, astronomers surmise that the Fornax cluster core is moving toward the lower right, encountering an intergalactic headwind as it sweeps through a larger, less dense cloud of material.
antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov /apod/ap040924.html   (211 words)

  Fornax Constellation   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Fornax, "The Furnace", is another of those constellations created by Nicolas Louis de Lacaille in the mid-eighteenth century; he took several dozen fairly bright stars away from the middle of Eridanus and called the result Fornax Chemica.
NGC1097 is a medium sized bared galaxy in center of Fornax with a diameter of 10 arc minutes and a brightness of 10th magnitude.
Under the gravitational grasp of a large gang of galaxies, called the Fornax cluster, the small bluish galaxy is plunging headlong into the group at 600 kilometers per second or nearly 400 miles per second.
www.wingmakers.co.nz /Fornax.html   (718 words)

 Fornax - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Fornax (IPA: /ˈfɔːnaks/, Latin: furnace) is a southern constellation which was first introduced by Nicolas Louis de Lacaille under the name Fornax Chemica (Latin for chemical furnace).
The Fornax Cluster, a small cluster of galaxies lies primarily in the constellation Fornax.
Fornax, in Roman mythology, was the goddess of bread and baking, although this has nothing to do with the constellation (fornax is just the Roman word for furnace), as the constellation was created in 1763.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Fornax   (400 words)

 Steven Burgauer's FORNAX
Unaccustomed as Fornax was to the raucous holiday atmosphere, he carefully negotiated his way through the riotous, strobe-lit tavern taking a seat near one end of the grand bar.
Fornax never saw her face, but her firm breasts left an indentation in his back, her perfume an indelible imprint on his brain.
Fornax shouted a warning to his friend, but the place was so loud, the sound of his voice was lost in the din.
pages.prodigy.net /scifi20/fornax.htm   (2240 words)

 Hawaiian Astronomical Society - Fornax
During the French Revolution, Jean Paul Marat, backed by other radicals, attacked his involvement in the firm, and he was guillotined in 1794.
106k JPEG NGC1399 (Bennett 19) is the brightest and largest of a host of galaxies in this image that spans the border of Fornax and Eridanus.
NGC1365 (Bennett 16) is the beautiful barred spiral galaxy that anchors the center of the Fornax cluster.
www.hawastsoc.org /deepsky/for/index.html   (1036 words)

 Fornax   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Fornax was named by Abbé Nicolas Louis de Lacaille.
It was named the Chemical Furnace in honor of Antoine Lavoisier, who was guillotined in the French Revolution in 1794.
He created it out of several faint stars in the constellation Eridanus.
www.astro.wisc.edu /~dolan/constellations/constellations/Fornax.html   (41 words)

 Fornax Bread Baking Company... Giving Roslindale Its Bread
Fornax Bakery is located at the comer of Corinth and Cohasset streets in the building which many people will remember as home for years to Althea's card and gift store.
Fornax itself is a true find for the connoisseur of great bread.
Knowing that families are looking for extra treats for the weekend, Fornax's ovens turn out cinnamon twists and brioche to satisfy sweet-toothed children and their hungry parents.
www.roslindale.net /news/12.97fornax.html   (1567 words)

 The Fornax and Eridanus Clusters
The Fornax and Eridanus clusters are two very famous clusters in the southern hemisphere.
The nearer Fornax cluster is about 65 million light years from us, and the Eridanus cluster is about 85 million light years from us.
This cluster is less spectacular than the Fornax cluster, partly because the galaxies are spread across a larger area and partly because the cluster is rather further and hence dimmer than the Fornax cluster.
www.atlasoftheuniverse.com /galgrps/for.html   (759 words)

 Fornax A (NGC 1316)
An unusual giant elliptical galaxy in the constellation Fornax that appears to have merged, or be in the process of merging, with a spiral galaxy (see galaxy merger).
Evidence for this includes a dark central lane of dust, arcs and plumes of stars in the outer parts of the galaxy, and an enormous outpouring of radio waves, powered ultimately by material falling onto a central supermassive fl hole.
The designation Fornax A means that this is the brightest radio source in its constellation; in fact, it is one of the strongest and largest radio sources in the sky, with radio lobes extending over several degrees.
www.daviddarling.info /encyclopedia/F/Fornax_A.html   (175 words)

 Hubble Heritage
Fornax appears to be a quiet place, even a bit dull, being dominated by old galaxies, ellipticals and S0's mostly.
This appearance is deceiving, however; X-ray images reveal a more turbulent picture of a cluster in the late stages of a recent merger of a sizable subgroup with the main cluster.
In retrospect, Fornax contains a prominent visual clue that the cluster is not entirely serene: NGC1427A, the only gas-rich irregular galaxy in the cluster, has an unusual "swoosh'' morphology with prominent blue knots of ongoing star formation.
heritage.stsci.edu /2005/09/supplemental.html   (636 words)

 Fornax Dwarf
Fornax dwarf was discovered in 1938 by Harlow Shapley shortly after the Sculptor dwarf.
This is typical for dwarf elliptical or dwarf spheroidal galaxies, of which the Fornax Dwarf is a representative.
Four of the other Fornax Dwarf globulars are of magnitudes 13.7, 13.9, 14.1, and 16.6, according to Burnham (who didn't know of the sixth Fornax globular).
www.seds.org /~spider/spider/LG/for_dw.html   (335 words)

Alpha Fornax (03h09m.9 -29°12') has a magnitude of 3.86 and is a class F8 star.
The star is a binary with a faint companion that has a magnitude of about 7.
Fornax Galaxy Cluster is a group of 18 galaxies and some additions faint ones near 3h35m -35°40' Under very low power in a small telescope it is possible to get 9 galaxies in one view.
starryskies.com /The_sky/constellations/fornax.html   (114 words)

 Fornax, Horologium, Caelum, and Reticulum, December Constellations   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Fornax, the Furnace, was originally Fornax Chemica, the chemical furnace; Horologium represents the Clock; Caelum, the Chisel, represents the engraving tool or burin used by craftsmen in metal or ivory; Reticulum, the net was originally Reticulum Rhomboidalis, the system of lines in a eyepiece reticle.
Fornax contains the Fornax cluster of galaxies at a distance of around 55 million light years.
NGC 1379 is a fairly bright member of the Fornax Cluster in a star sprinkled field that contains several galaxies (mostly elliptical in shape).
www.faster.co.nz /~rasnz/Stars/Fornax.htm   (587 words)

Fornax is the most famous rock band in the world and it's made up of five of the worlds most beautiful...
Fornax is a hit wherever they go but never moreso than when doing the first concert of a new tour.
As kits, the Fornax sisters were dirt-poor and living in the fl sand deserts of Saunim.
www.wilderhom.com /fornax.htm   (894 words)

 A Cepheid Distance to NGC 1365 in the Fornax Cluster and Implications for the Hubble Constant   (Site not responding. Last check: )
A Cepheid Distance to NGC 1365 in the Fornax Cluster and Implications for the Hubble Constant
Associating this distance with the Fornax cluster as a whole, and adopting a mean recessional velocity of 1,380 \pm88 km/sec (corrected for Virgocentric flow) gives a local Hubble constant of H_o = 75 km/sec/Mpc.
The random error is 6%; while the largest systematic uncertainty is currently the unknown motion of the Fornax cluster with respect to the cosmic microwave background.
www.aas.org /publications/baas/v28n4/aas189/abs/S108004.html   (317 words)

 Fornax   (Site not responding. Last check: )
In the southeastern corner of Fornax, on the border with Eridanus, is a collection of bright galaxies which go by the collective name of "The Fornax Galaxy Cluster".
The brightest is NGC 1316 (which is also a radio source called Fornax A).
NGC 1399 is nearly as bright; the third brightest, NGC 1365, is a splendid barred spiral seen face on, with open spiral arms.
www.dibonsmith.com /for_con.htm   (209 words)

 Fornax Dwarf
Fornax dwarf was discovered in 1938 by Harlow Shapley shortly after the Sculptor dwarf.
This small and little conspicuous galaxy is an ellipsoidally shaped swarm of old stars which are at least almost all of population II, which formed about the same time as the galaxy and are similar to those in globular clusters.
Four of the other Fornax Dwarf globulars are of magnitudes 13.7, 13.9, 14.1, and 16.6, according to Burnham (who didn't know of the sixth Fornax globular).
seds.lpl.arizona.edu /~spider/spider/LG/for_dw.html   (335 words)

 Fornax   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Fornax is another one of the constellations invented by by Abbe Nicholas Louis de Lacaille who mapped the stars of the southern hemisphere from the Cape of Good Hope in the years from 1751 to 1753.
De la Caille originally originally named the constellation "Fornax Chemica," the Chemical Furnace.
He named the constellation in honor of the famous French chemist Antoine Laurant Lavoisier, one of the most important persons figuring in the birth of modern chemisty.
domeofthesky.com /clicks/for.html   (104 words)

 fornax   (Site not responding. Last check: )
We compare the Astro-1 Ultraviolet Imaging Telescope (UIT) deep image of the Fornax cluster with deep optical surveys for purposes of determining the efficacy of vaccuum ultraviolet imaging in terms of the recovery of very faint and/or diffuse galaxies.
IF these optically faint galaxies are members of the Fornax cluster, then the VUV imaging did sample an appreciable range in the galaxy luminosity function.
For the dwarf ellipticals, a comparison of their optical and UV fluxes indicates the UV light is not dominated by any hot population but rather represents the general UV characteristics of the underlying stellar population.
www.gb.nrao.edu /~koneil/paps/fornax.html   (280 words)

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