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In the News (Mon 19 Aug 19)

 Forrotronics - Band page with free MP3 music downloads on SoundClick   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Forro is an exceptional synthesizer virtuoso, he always tried to use synthesizer as a real and expressive instrument with its own distinct character and identity.
Since 2003 Daniel Forro transfered his activities to Japan and started new career from zero, which means to some degree a temporary return to his classical roots - recently he is asked to play more classical historical music or jazz on piano or organ then his experimental electronic music.
But Daniel Forro and Forrotronics were never oficially recognized and until 1989 (after change of political system) hadn't even theoretical chance to be broadcasted on TV or radio, or to publish CD's (unfortunately this was not so much different even AFTER 1989), nothing to say about possibility to make living from it.
www.soundclick.com /forrotronics   (3348 words)

 Slipcue E-Zine: Brazilian Forro Music
In some ways, forro is analagous to mariachi in Mexico, or cumbia music in Columbia: although a few artists (such as Luiz Gonzaga and Jackson do Pandeiro) are well-known, national stars, thousands of others have recorded for small, regional labels and much of forro is relatively informal and localized.
Minor complaint: the liner notes describing forro are kind of lame.
The typical accordion-and-triangle sound of forro is stripped apart, laid bare and slathered with skittery jungle, ambient dub and techno riffs, rendering it all but unrrecognizable...
www.slipcue.com /music/brazil/aa_styles/forro.html   (697 words)

 Forro language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Forro is a Portuguese-based creole language spoken in São Tomé and Príncipe.
Portuguese is the main language for children until their early 20's, when they relearn Forro.
  Forro was a declaration of freedom of a specific slave used in Portugal and its colonies.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Forro_language   (706 words)

 Kennedy Center: Millennium Stage Artist Details: Forro in the Dark
Forro In The Dark plays the music of Louis Gonzaga, The King Of Baião, a style of Brazilian dance music that is built around a trio of accordion, triangle and zabumba (a small bass drum with a huge sound).
This is party music for hard working people who would gather together at night for a "forro,” where they could drink and dance and forget their troubles.
Forro In The Dark is Robert Curto on accordion, Mauro Refosco on zabumba, Jorge Amorin on triangle, Sergio Brandao on bass and cavaquino, and Ana Fontella on guitar.
www.kennedy-center.org /programs/millennium/artist_detail.cfm?artist_id=FORRODARK   (403 words)

 Forro In The Dark - Free Music Downloads - MP3 Downloads - Download.com Music
They are spectacular—a band suited to fans of not only Brazilian music but anyone who has passion and soul.  Their drum-driven tracks insist on movement, and their vibrant choruses demand shouts.
Forro in the Dark are more than just a great Brazilian band.  They represent the heart of the lower east side—with all of its diversity and passion.
To hear their music is to forget everything but dancing.  All problems vanish, and life becomes, for a moment, a big party—a big nublu party.
music.download.com /forrointhedark/3600-8492_32-100754467.html   (259 words)

 Luiz Gonzaga Discography -- Slipcue.com Brazilian Music Guide
Luiz Gonzaga (1912-1989) was the great pioneer of forro music, a northeastern style that prominently features the accordion and catchy, tripletime melodies.
Collecting early works by one of the founders of the northeastern "forro" style, this disc includes archival recordings from 1941-1946, made as he was developing the irresistable melodies and infectious rhythm of the style.
The typical accordion-and-triangle sound of forro is stripped apart and slathered with skittery jungle, ambient dub and techno riffs, rendering it all but unrecognizable.
www.slipcue.com /music/brazil/gonzaga.html   (1398 words)

 Forro   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Creole - Portuguese-based Forro is a creole language based on Portuguese, the superstrate language.
Due to the great similarity, Annobonese of Annobon, Equatorial Guinea and Principense of Principe Island can be seen has Dialects of Forro.
[1] Forro was a declaration of freedom of a specific slave used in Portugal and its colonies.
forro.iqnaut.net   (627 words)

 FORRÓ Sailing Team
A quick sail around the island turned out to be an awesome performance experience on FORRO.
With winds of more than 20kts, FORRO was racing along a great clip, with spray and a rooster tail behind as evidence.
Those of you who have sailed with Adam know all about his exploits on the East Coast; about his racing prowess in Charleston, SC and about his history as a sailing instructor at the RCYC Junior Club.
mezo.info   (979 words)

 NPR : 'Forro' Music Sweeps Brazil
All Things Considered, August 27, 2003 · The cool sophistication of bossa nova and hot rhythms of Samba have come to characterize the popular conception of Brazilian music.
Now a rural style of music called forro -- full of simple harmonies and frantic rhythms -- is making a big splash in Rio and the United States.
Music critic Michelle Mercer offers an introduction with a look at two CDs: Brazil Classics 3 and Brazil: Forro Music for Maids and Taxi Drivers.
www.npr.org /templates/story/story.php?storyId=1413922   (152 words)

 Forro - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Forro people, an ethnic group in São Tomé and Príncipe.
The Forro language, a creole spoken by those people.
Forró, a style of music and dance from northeastern Brazil.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Forro   (93 words)

 Music Of Brazil's Northeast: From Forro to Repente
of classic tunes by the king of baiao and forro
Dreaming of a better life, migrants from the Northeast of Brazil speak about the city of São Paulo, and sing it in prose, songs, stories and multiple sounds.
Just watched it and I have a very big smile on my face.
www.thebraziliansound.com /nordeste.htm   (244 words)

 Amazon.com: forro: Music   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
"forro" (Related Searches: banda calypso, forro in the dark, samba)
Forro: Music for Maids by Forro: Music for Maids (Audio CD - 2003)
Forro for All by Saldanha Rolim (Audio CD - 1997)
www.amazon.com /s?ie=UTF8&keywords=forro&tag=musiclatinonthen&index=music&link_code=qs&page=1   (226 words)

 Forro: Afropop Style -- South America
Your $20 annual tax-deductible contribution helps Afropop.org grow.
Traditionally, Forro is played by trios consisting of an accordion, percussion, and a metal triangle.
In a land of sexy dances, the forro tops them all, even Brazil\'s most famous movement, the samba.
www.afropop.org /explore/show_style/ID/52/Forro,%20African%20Music,%20...   (62 words)

 Online L&I Safety Video Catalog
Series de la Construcción Residencial - La Seguridad en el Acabado de Tablas de Forro, También Conocido Como "Siding"
Provides examples of ways to meet safety requirements.
We will duplicate this video at no charge to you.
www.lni.wa.gov /Safety/TrainTools/Videos/Library/catalog.asp?VideoID=V0813   (272 words)

 Brazil - Brazzil Magazine - Forró, the Northeast's Uncouth Sound That Won Brazil's Southeast Elite
Fala Mansa had a recent MTV (Brazil) Acoustic program dedicated to their music and this shows how young people have now excepted it and made it popular.
Having had the blessing of a beautiful Baiana for a wife, this gringo has experienced the energy of forro, all night, at the roca during Sao Joao festival.
Do you know where I can go in LA to dance to forró?
www.brazzil.com /content/view/9585/78   (2935 words)

 Forro For All by Rolim, Saldanha, Music, CD
Forro For All by Rolim, Saldanha, Music, CD Forro For All by Rolim, Saldanha on CD Click for More Info
Forro For All by Rolim, Saldanha on CD:
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