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Topic: Fort Benning, Georgia

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In the News (Sun 16 Jun 19)

  New Georgia Encyclopedia: Fort Benning
Fort Benning, home of the U.S. Army Infantry, is adjacent to the city of Columbus in southwest Georgia.
Throughout the 1920s Fort Benning struggled for appropriations and attention from Congress and army policymakers, but by the mid-1930s the post was booming with construction because of the federal works projects initiated during the Great Depression.
In 1963 the Eleventh Air Assault Division was formed at Fort Benning to test the concept of "air assault." Those tests resulted in the creation of the airmobile concept adopted by the First Cavalry Division during the Vietnam conflict.
www.georgiaencyclopedia.org /nge/Article.jsp?id=h-822   (1055 words)

 Fort Benning - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Fort Benning is a military base facility of the United States military southwest of Columbus, Georgia.
Because of all of the essential programs it is home to, Fort Benning is considered extremely unlikely to be hit with a base closing, unlike many of Georgia's other military facilities which are at risk.
Fort Benning was made famous as the main set of the game America's Army.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Fort_Benning,_Georgia   (343 words)

 Fort Benning
Fort Benning was established is 1918 and is named for Major General Henry L. Benning.
Fort Benning is south of Columbus, Georgia on U.S. highway 27.
Fort Benning covers 73,533 hectares (181,626 acres) of land with 93 % in west central Georgia and the remaining 7 % in east central Alabama.
www.globalsecurity.org /military/facility/fort-benning.htm   (1656 words)

 Office of Personnel Management News Release
There is no doubt that the contributions Fort Benning employees have made, and continue to make, to the security of our nation and the safety of our soldiers are of the highest caliber, said Jim King.
Today, Fort Benning is preparing for Americas security needs through the year 2025 by participating in the Training and Doctrine Command Force XXI and Army After Next programs.
Fort Bennings Land Warrior program is the means to include the infantry in the high-tech world of the digitized battlefield, where soldiers will be equipped with state-of-the-art technology for better communications, better protection, and better command and control.
www.opm.gov /pressrel/html/pr-qual2.htm   (1127 words)

 Terrorist Training Camp - Fort Benning
Fort Benning School Braces for Protesters by Yolanda Rodriguez, November 19, 2000 in the Atlanta Journal Constitution - As many as 12,000 protesters against the U.S. Army's School of the Americas are expected at Fort Benning in Columbus today.
It was then moved to Georgia in 1984 under terms of the Panama Canal Treaties.
It is based in Fort Benning, Georgia, and it is funded by Mr Bush's government.
www.zpub.com /notes/terror-camp.html   (961 words)

 Department of Defense, Domestic Dependents Elementary and Secondary Schools, Fort Benning Schools, Fort Benning, ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
This reflects the reality that Fort Benning Schools has rarely had to hire teachers at the entry level, partly because turnover is extremely low.
In this regard, the Commanding Officer at Fort Benning recently commended the Union and the teachers it represents in a letter for their outstanding accomplishments in educating Fort Benning students.
If such increases were granted by Fort Benning management during the previous 3 years to maintain the comparability of unit employees’ pay in accordance with the requirements of 10 U.S.C. § 2164, it is legitimate to ask why at least a 6-percent salary increase would not be required to maintain comparability during SY 1997-98.
www.flra.gov /fsip/finalact/97fs_103.html   (1466 words)

 TROY - Benning
Fort Benning is the largest TROY campus in the Southeast Region and was established in 1976.
Its location is in the growing Tri-Communities of Fort Benning, Columbus, Georgia and Phenix City, Alabama.
The Fort Benning campus offers a variety of in-class programs to those located on Fort Benning and the surrounding areas.
benning.troy.edu   (165 words)

 Fort Benning Georgia Real Estate. Homes and Community directory
Fort Benning located in Muscogee County and Chattahoochee County.
A native son, Henry L. Benning, so distinguished himself as a Confederate General that the U.S. War department named a newly constructed Infantry school in his honor in the 1920's.
With land, buildings and improvements valued well over $320 million, Fort Benning contributes over $55 million per month to the local economy in payroll and disbursements.
www1.relocate-america.com /states/ga/cities/fort_benning.htm   (215 words)

 My Weekend at Fort Benning   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Panama in 1946, the School of the Americas was kicked out of that country under the terms of the Panama Canal Treaty in 1984 and transferred to Fort Benning, Georgia.
For me, being at Fort Benning with so many others who traveled from all over the country is a very powerful, moving and spiritual experience.
On Sunday, there was a long procession as thousands walked towards the entrance to Fort Benning, holding crosses bearing the names of those who have been killed by graduates of the SOA.
www.addictedtowar.com /fdorrel-ftbenning.html   (1103 words)

 Fort Benning Video
This video is 60+ minutes long and even though it is of 1/19th and 2/58th, it still captures all the excitement of being at Fort Benning to see any class of our Nation's newest infantry soldiers graduate "Basic Training".
This is a new production of the Alpha Co, 1/19th INF "Turning Blue" ceremony at Fort Benning, Georgia, which I taped on 6-May-2004.
At Fort Benning, where many soldiers attend basic training, there is a ceremony the day before graduation called Turning Blue.
www.sonicvideo.com /fortbenning.html   (537 words)

 Fort Benning Real Estate Agents, Fort Benning Homes For Sale, REALTORS and Fort Benning
HomeGain provides Fort Benning, Georgia real estate information and resources to guide homeowners and homebuyers through the process of selling and buying a house, condo or other Fort Benning realty property.
HomeGain has services to help you find a top Fort Benning real estate broker or agent, get the value of your Fort Benning home and a comparative market analysis (CMA), view Fort Benning real estate and MLS listings, prepare your home for sale, and more.
Cuando se registre para encontrar un agente de bienes raices en Fort Benning, simplemente indique que necesita un agente que habla Español.
www.homegain.com /local_real_estate/GA/fort_benning.html   (485 words)

 Conclusions - Avian response to forest management and military training at Fort Benning, Georgia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Our objective was to determine if the abundance of selected avian species indicates disturbance in mixed pine-hardwood stands that differ in military and forestry practices.
Abundance of the selected species, however, may not be a suitable indicator of current land use because these species may not discriminate finely over a landscape and region that reflects a long history of natural disturbances and intensive land use.
An intensive study of avian abundance across Ft. Benning may better define distribution and population patterns, and would likely show that early successional species are positively affected by management practices.
www.uga.edu /~srel/ESSite/duncan_esa03conclusions.htm   (257 words)

 Fort Benning, Georgia Web Design Services - Web Site Design Firms   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
This Fort Benning, Georgia web design service featured listing has received 445 unique visitors in the past three months.
This Fort Benning, Georgia web design service featured listing has received 400 unique visitors in the past three months.
Click here to learn more about why a Marketingtool.com Fort Benning web site design firm featured listing is one of the best methods of advertising your business.
www.marketingtool.com /channel/webfirm/b.435.g.9917.html   (1293 words)

 Knight Ridder/Tribune Business News: Congressional Delegation Says Georgia's Fort Benning Has Secure Future.@ HighBeam ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Congressional Delegation Says Georgia's Fort Benning Has Secure Future.
Apr. 23--COLUMBUS, Ga. -- A congressional delegation said the future of Fort Benning appears secure following Monday's meeting with a high-ranking Army official, but said it will keep a close eye on the Army as it continues to undergo modernization.
Following weeks of speculation and rumor that Fort Benning had been targeted for program and personnel reduction, Gen. John N. Abrams, commander of the U.S. Army's Training and Doctrine Command, told attending delegates U.S. Sen. Max...
www.highbeam.com /library/doc0.asp?DOCID=1G1:84998452&refid=ip_encyclopedia_hf   (189 words)

 WeBuyHomes.YourCitySites.com - Fort Benning Georgia Sell My Home Fast   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
We are investors that buy homes in Fort Benning Georgia.
We can also pick the day that is most convenient to you to close without having to worry about being able to sell your home in time.
To see if we can buy your Fort Benning Georgia home, just complete our quick and easy Contact Form for a no obligation consultation.
webuyhomes.yourcitysites.com /Georgia/FortBenning/whoweare.php3   (150 words)

 Rally to Close the SOA-Fort Benning Georgia
Dozens of activists planted corn in Ft. Benning soil as a symbol of life and hope.
The SOA, located at Ft. Benning, Georgia trains on average 1,000 Latin American soldiers each year in combat skills which include sniper training, psychological operations, and military intelligence.
This year, pressured by Congress, shamed by public outcry, and troubled by dissension even within their own ranks, the Pentagon was forced to react with a ploy to keep the school in operation.
www.thecross-photo.com /Rally_to_Close_the_SOA-Fort_Benning_Georgia.htm   (1087 words)

 Franciscan Missionaries of Mary at Fort Benning, Georgia
Franciscan Missionaries of Mary at Fort Benning, Georgia
This was the day set for the tenth anniversary of the massacre of the Jesuit priests, along with their housekeeper and her teen aged daughter.
The large majority of protesters were bussed out of the grounds and let off at a park about a mile and one-half from the fort among them was Maryann who had crossed the line.
www.fmmusa.org /eng/event.htm   (733 words)

 ComputerDesign.ByCityWeb.com - Fort Benning Georgia computer designer   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Fort Benning, Georgia Real Estate Guru Reveals How To Sell Your House "As Is" For A Fair Price On The Date Of Your Choice In Fort Benning, Georgia
How to refinance your home mortgage in Fort Benning, Georgia at the best rate with good, bad or ugly credit...
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computerdesign.bycityweb.com /Georgia/FortBenning/index.php3   (483 words)

 Georgia schools - GA elementary, middle and high school information
Georgia schools - GA elementary, middle and high school information
Sorry, but we are unable to find any schools in the city of "Fort Benning".
Georgia school information: Georgia schools, Georgia districts, Georgia cities
www.greatschools.net /modperl/bycity/ga/?city=Fort+Benning   (119 words)

 Videographers.YourCitySites.com - videographer services Fort Benning Georgia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
If you are looking for help in Fort Benning, Georgia then you have found it here.
We specialize in helping people like you in Fort Benning.
Our professionals have the expertise to assist you in Fort Benning.
videographers.yourcitysites.com /Georgia/FortBenning/whoweare.php3   (61 words)

 Gammon Field, Fort Benning, Georgia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Gammon Field is one of Fort Benning, Georgia's Parade of Fields, each honoring a Congressional Medal of Honor recipient.
Archer T. Gammon of Chatham, Virginia, was honored posthumously with the Congressional Medal of Honor for heroic action near Bastogne, Belgium, on 11 January 1945.
This webpage is sponsored by Mitchells Publications and the Sims-Mitchell House B&B, Chatham, Virginia.
www.victorianvilla.com /sims-mitchell/local/gammon/at/ftb   (190 words)

 In Loving Memory of Maj. Jack P. Bathrick, Sr.
The 870th was chosen for the assignment to Fort Benning because of the high marks that we had earned in a recent Corps-wide standardized test.
We did this for about seven weeks running before we were relieved and returned to 66th Division control at Rucker.
I too was there at Fort Benning in the summer of 1944, assigned as a 'Technician Grade Four' with the title: 'Fire Direction Center Chief'.
www.geocities.com /jkbathrick/Panthers.htm   (264 words)

 Fort Benning South, Georgia Detailed Profile - travel and real estate info, jobs, hotels, hospitals, weather, schools, ...
Fort Benning South, Georgia Detailed Profile - travel and real estate info, jobs, hotels, hospitals, weather, schools, crime,...
Back to Georgia, GA smaller cities, GA small cities, All Cities.
New: Fort Benning South, GA residents, houses, and apartments details
www.city-data.com /city/Fort-Benning-South-Georgia.html   (813 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Columbus Municipal Airport, Columbus, Georgia, is located approximately 12 miles from Fort Benning.
Commercial taxi service is available to and from Fort Benning.
Students arriving at Fort Benning will report to one of the following locations, depending on the course they are to attend: (1) Airborne students report to Building 2747, Airborne, IRP, on Main Post.
www.redstone.army.mil /TIP/opt11/ais   (346 words)

 Introduction - Avian response to forest management and military training at Fort Benning, Georgia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Military installations and other public lands with multiple land use need reliable measures of disturbance effects on ecosystem composition, structure, and dynamics.
Our research is part of a larger study of the ecological effects of land use and forestry practices on upland forests at Fort Benning, Georgia.
We conducted point counts of selected bird species that might respond to disturbance-related habitat changes in upland mixed-pine forests to determine if presence or abundance of these species could be used as an indicator of land use disturbance at Fort Benning.
www.uga.edu /~srel/ESSite/duncan_esa03intro.htm   (166 words)

 Columbus Ga and Fort Benning Real Estate Relocation
Relocation experts in the Columbus, GA and Ft. Benning, GA area, The Buyer's Resource Team of Steve Freeman and Mary Ellen Vernie will use their continuous combined 53 years of real estate experience to make your upcoming moves smooth as possible.
Steve is retired from the US Army after twenty plus years of service, retired as a Realtor with the Georgia Real Estate Commission and is now serving as our Military Relocation Coordinator putting all of his experience to use.
Linda Boyd has been licensed for over 5 years and is working on her GRI designation and applying to the Alabama Real Estate Commission for licensure in that state.
columbusgarelocation.com   (302 words)

 SOA Watch   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
This is a very important year to come to the vigil and this year is different than other years.
The US Army School of Americas (SOA), based in Fort Benning, Georgia, trains Latin American security personnel in combat, counter-insurgency, and counter-narcotics.
In a media interview, Georgia Senator and SOA supporter the late Paul Coverdell characterized the DOD proposal as a "cosmetic" change that would ensure that the SOA could continue its mission and operation.
www.soaw.org /new   (990 words)

 Energy Citations Database (ECD) - Energy and Energy-Related Bibliographic Citations
This is the final submittal of an Energy Savings Opportunity Study (ESOS) performed at Fort Benning, GA. This report presents potential energy conservation projects for this Installation.
The projects were developed based on project packaging instructions from the Installation and on follow-up phone calls with DEH and DRM.
Over one hundred ECOs were considered at Fort Benning.
www.osti.gov /energycitations/product.biblio.jsp?osti_id=564647   (217 words)

 Fort Benning   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Noncommissioned Officer Academy (NCOA) - "Henry Caro" - Fort Benning, Georgia
Naval Reserve Center Columbus, GA 414 4th Street Columbus, Georgia.
Reunions, 1st Battalion, 50th Infantry Association Reunion 2003 will be held April 24-27, 2003 (Thursday to Sunday) at the Courtyard Marriott in Columbus, Georgia.
www.metrocolumbus.info /Fort-Benning3   (103 words)

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