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  Fortaleza - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Fortaleza (Portuguese for fortress, Pronounced [foɾ.ta.le.zɐ]) is the state capital of Ceará, located in northeastern Brazil.
Fortaleza's history began on February 2, 1500 when Spaniard Vicente Pinzón landed in Mucuripe's cove and named the new land Santa Maria de la Consolación, but because of the Treaty of Tordesillas, the discovery was never officially sanctioned.
Fortaleza is the home of numerous landmarks and is a popular tourist destination.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Fortaleza   (731 words)

 Fortaleza Esporte Clube - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Fortaleza Esporte Clube, usually called just Fortaleza, is primarily a football club, but is active in other sports such as futsal, handball and basketball.
Fortaleza EC is based in Fortaleza, capital of the State of Ceará, Brazil.
Fortaleza EC is one of the most traditional clubs in the northeastearn region of Brazil alongside Bahia, Santa Cruz, Sport, Vitória and Ceará.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Fortaleza_Esporte_Clube   (317 words)

It was in Fortaleza that the independence movement in northern Brazil was organized, and it was one of the few places where the Portuguese actually made a fight of it, massacring the local patriots in 1824 before being massacred themselves a few months later.
Fortaleza seems to specialize in these street poets, who with great skill and wit gather an audience by improvising a verse or two about those standing around watching, passing round a hat for you to show your appreciation.
Fortaleza’s youth hostel is in an excellent location near the best nightlife and costs $15 a night per person.
www.pacificislandtravel.com /south_america/brazil/about_destin/fortaleza.html   (4134 words)

 Fortaleza travel guide - Wikitravel
Fortaleza is a major city on Brazil's northeast coast, and the capital of Ceará state.
Fortaleza has an international airport which is served daily by TAP Air Portugal from Lisbon.
Fortaleza is a major hub for long-distance bus service in the northeast as well as the entire country.
wikitravel.org /en/Fortaleza   (469 words)

 Travel in Fortaleza - Brazil - History - WorldTravelGate.net®-
Fortaleza, the capital, is a 2,000,000 people metropolis and serves as the headquarters to the beautiful sights around it.
Fortaleza originated as a small village adjoining a Portuguese fort (built as a defence against Indian attacks) and took the name of Villa do Forte da Assumpção in 1654.
It was from Fortaleza that the independence movement from Portugal in northern Brazil was organized, and it was one of the few places where the Portuguese actually made a fight of it, massacring the local patriots in 1824 before being massacred themselves a few months later.
www.americatravelling.net /brazil/fortaleza/fortaleza_history.htm   (313 words)

 Brazil for Begginers: Fortaleza: The Queen City made of Green Seas.
Temperatures among 25°C to 36°C (77°F to 97°F) all year long, 20 miles of sandy and sunny beaches, packed with luxury hotels, resorts as well as cozy inns, the capital of Ceara State is a whole new world in terms of touristic fun to be explored.
Another thing that usually surprises visitors in Fortaleza is the green water colors and its warm temperature, all year round.
Fortaleza is located in northeast Brazil, a 3 hours flight trip from Rio, and 5 hours flight from Miami.
www.imagensviagens.com /us_br_fortaleza.htm   (1094 words)

 Brazil information about travelling to and visiting fortaleza, brazil in the state of Ceara
Fortaleza has over three thousand hours of sun per year and a constant ocean breeze.
The scenery is complemented by the jangadas, (small and rustic rafts used by many of Ceará's fishermen) which are used to catch the fish to supply the areas fantastic recipes.
Downtown is full of these memories, such as the Fort of Nossa Senhora da Assunção, built in the same spot that the city was originated, and the Palácio da Luz (Palace of Light), a beautiful construction from end of the eighteenth century classic style, which was the center of the state government.
www.propertybond.co.uk /about_fortaleza_ceara.htm   (679 words)

 Welcome to Fortaleza Editing and Translation!
Fortaleza Editing and Translation provides professional proofreading, editing, and translation services for scientists who want to improve the quality of the English in their documents.
Fortaleza Editing and Translation can help to accelerate the review process and increase the likelihood that your research is published in the journal of your choice.
At Fortaleza Editing and Translation, the editing or translation of standard-length documents never requires more than 7 d and, upon request, we can translate your document from Spanish to English or edit your English-language scientific document within 48 h.
www.fortalezaedicion.com /index.htm   (412 words)

 Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil
Fortaleza, the capital city of the State of Ceará, has been for decades one of the most popular destinations of Brazilian tourists.
Fortaleza has some of the nicest urban beaches in Brazil, while Ceará has well preserved, nearly wild, unexplored beaches.
Fortaleza and Ceará are bound to become one of the main travel destinations in the world.
www.visitfortaleza.com   (373 words)

 [No title]
Fortaleza is the capital of Ceará, a State in the northeastern of Brazil.
Fortaleza has an area of 336 square km.
Fortaleza's history began when the Dutch constructed the Fort Shoonenborch in 1649.
www.property-brazil.com /articles/fortaleza.aspx   (171 words)

The Diocese of Fortaleza is co-extensive with the State of Ceará; in the Republic of Brazil, having an area of 46,912 square miles, and a population of 850,000 souls, of whom fewer than 1000 are non-Catholics.
Fortaleza, or Ceara, the episcopal city, has a population of 60,000 Formerly a part of the Diocese of Pernambuco, the district was erected into a separate diocese, suffragan to Bahia, by Pius IX, 8 June, 1854.
The diocesan seminary is conducted by the Lazarist Fathers; there is a Benetictine abbey, with a college at Quixada; the Italian Capuchins have charge of the Sacred Heart church at Fortaleza and the church of St. Francis of the Wounds at Canindé, to which latter is attached a college for poor boys.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/06145b.htm   (393 words)

 Fortaleza Medieval Spain   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Fortaleza brings fascinating and authentic medieval adventures to life for visitors of all ages, interests and nationalities.
Fortaleza gives its visitors fun immersion experiences of medieval life in Europe.
Fortaleza is a medieval Living History Park convenient to the two ancient World Heritage cities of Segovia and Avila.
www.fortaleza.es   (346 words)

 BootsnAll.com - Fortaleza Travel Guide
November 99 Article - In Brazil, going to the beach is the country's opium, and the finest cut, the biggest high has to be the beaches of Ceara.
Fortaleza FAQ - If you're thinking of travelling to Brazil's north east, here's a good place to start.
Fortaleza in Dutch - There are many Dutch visitors to Fortaleza.
www.bootsnall.com /samericatravelguides/fortaleza/index.shtml   (646 words)

 Fortaleza Adventure Travel - Fortaleza Travel Guide   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Fortaleza remained a backwater until the 1820s, when Brazilian ports opened to foreign ships and the city began to grow into an important seaport, shipping cotton, cattle, and leather from the interior to England.
In response to the resulting growth, city governors in 1875 commissioned a plan to transform Fortaleza into a tropical Paris, a city of broad boulevards overlaying a functional grid.
What sets Fortaleza's beaches apart from Brazil's other 8,000km (4,960 miles) of coastline is the combination of colorful cliffs and huge sand dunes, best displayed in nearby communities such as Morro Branco, Canoa Quebrada, and Jericoacara.
away.com /destination-overview/Fortaleza-304491-travel-guide.html   (479 words)

 Fortaleza Restaurants - Reviews, Photos - VirtualTourist.com
Fortaleza is definetly the place to be if you want to try wonderfull sea food.
Fortaleza is well served with nice restaurants, you can find from great sushi bars to wonderful italian food.
You are going to find that food in Fortaleza is not expensive (specially because of the dollar high rates that you can get).
www.virtualtourist.com /travel/South_America/Brazil/Estado_do_Ceara/Fortaleza-1517759/Restaurants-Fortaleza-BR-1.html   (846 words)

 Brazil Incentives Travel Tourism Online Reservation Tours & Hotels - FORTALEZA   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
It is a booming centre of the Northeast and an important tourist centre.
The city of Fortaleza was founded in 1810 and is today the fifth largest town in Brazil in terms of number of population.
The climate in Fortaleza is generally hot and dry, but this is offset by fresh breezes coming in off the ocean.
www.bitourism.com /city.asp?city_id=12   (1258 words)

 Fortaleza Adventure
Fortaleza Adventure is here to assist you with your visit to Fortaleza, Brazil.
Fortaleza is the largest centre for the manufacture and sale of hammocks in Brazil.
Fortaleza is also the jumping-off point for one of Ceará’s better-known and most fashionable beaches, Canoa Quebrada, half an hour from Aracati, which is two hours from Fortaleza.
www.fortaleza-brazil-realestate.com   (688 words)

 Fortaleza - National Parks International Shopping at dooyoo.co.uk
Fortaleza city, the capital of the state, is located on a plain coastal region, where we can enjoy a sunny season, here the sun shines all over the year.
With a population over 2 milion inhabitants, Fortaleza has a very busy nightlife, entertainment at night bars, restaurants, and night clubs.
Mehr bei dooyoo Deutschland: Fortaleza © 2000-2006 dooyoo AG Register
www.dooyoo.co.uk /national-parks-international/fortaleza   (212 words)

 CD Baby: FORTALEZA: Quiero Caminar Contigo
Fortaleza es un grupo cristiano que ha venido motivando a la juventud con su estilo musical especial.
El objetivo de Grupo Fortaleza desde sus inicios ha sido el de proclamar el nombre de Jesucristo como único Dios y Señor, y lo hacen por medio de su música y su voz.
Su enfoque es que la gente que los escuche sepa que hay alguien que está siempre a su lado, una fuerza increíble que en cada situación difícil es la que los puede ayudar a salir adelante, y es Dios.
www.cdbaby.com /fortaleza   (237 words)

 BootsnAll.com - Fortaleza Travel Guide - FAQ's
Recently I have found myself answering more emails about Fortaleza and Brazil in general than the Brazilian tourist board (secretly I think they are referring people to me).
Of course, there are rules to be followed: don't flash cash about, don't wear expensive watches and do try to dress down a little (I have had to start dressing up a bit more as people kept stopping me on the street and giving me change).
Many places in Fortaleza sell packages to Jerri but its not really necessary to buy one as you can get there easily by bus and the owners of the pousadas will meet the bus and offer you rooms - about 20R$ a night.
www.bootsnall.com /samericatravelguides/fortaleza/fortfaq.shtml   (2297 words)

 National Park Service's World Heritage Sites: La Fortalezal San Juan National Historic Site, Puerto Rico
The system of fortifications in San Juan built by the Spaniards in the early 16th century is the oldest European construction in the United States and one of the oldest in the New World.
The first, La Fortaleza (1533) or "Palacio de Santa Catalina" was and continues to be the residence of governors.
The forts and three miles of city wall (mostly still standing) are fine examples of 18th century military architecture and will forever be linked to the power and glory of the Spanish Empire, and the beginning of European ascendancy in world affairs.
www.cr.nps.gov /worldheritage/fort.htm   (288 words)

 Fortaleza Brazil Hotels ... Jake.com
Fortaleza, BR It is a new hotel, generating a peaceful ambience with all modern facilities.
The Esplanada Praia is Located On Fortalezas Seashore and near the Major Shopping Center of the City.
It is Located in One of the Best Areas of Fortaleza.
hotels.jake.com /int/br/fortaleza-hotels.html   (318 words)

 [No title]
Five hundred miles northwest of Recife lies Fortaleza, capital of the State of Ceará.
Our tours feature a full-blown beach resort, 22 km up the coast from Fortaleza, is one of the most modern in Brazil, with facilities such as ultralights, surfboards, and buggies.
The Ubajara National Park's 1,393 acres are only a few hours from Fortaleza, on the border between the States of Ceará and Piauí.
www.viptourbrazil.com /destDetails.asp?selDestination=24   (224 words)

 Hotel Industry: Security Solutions for our clients in the Hotel Industry - la-fortaleza.com
At La Fortaleza - Asset, the comfort and security of your guest is our top priority.
La Fortaleza - Asset is a leading provider of fire protection solutions for the hotel industry.
With years of experience in the fire alarm industry, we help to protect your hotel and your guests.
www.la-fortaleza.com /hotelesenglish.htm   (535 words)

La fortaleza del maternazgo.(TT: The strength of motherhood.)
La fortaleza del peso daña las exportaciones.(TT: The strength of the peso interferes with exports.)(Artículo Breve)
Discriminacion y fortaleza: La Mujer negra en Chambacu, corral de negros de Manuel Zapata Olivella.
www.infoplease.com /ce6/world/A0819209.html   (256 words)

 Fortaleza Aquaville Holiday Apartment
The apartments are privately owned by Thomas Ruane, who has lived in Fortaleza for many years.
The apartments are expertly maintained by the owners, who are on call 24 hours a day to ensure you have a trouble free holiday.
On this site you will find information about Fortaleza, Aquaville, our apartment accommodation and links to other sites providing valuable tourist information.
www.fortalezabeach.com   (169 words)

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