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Topic: Fortress of Solitude

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In the News (Sat 25 May 19)

  Superman's Fortress of Solitude!   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
In the texts, the Fortress of Solitude is referred to as Superman's "mountain fortress of silence and solitude" (1958), his "super-hideaway," and his "secret Arctic headquarters" (1964).
Superman's Fortress of Solitude is not mentioned in the chronicles, at least not by that name, until May, 1949, but its existence is foreshadowed in a number of earlier texts.
The undersea Fortress, which is reportedly located at the bottom of the Sargasso Sea at 28 degrees North latitude, 50 degrees West longitude, is stocked with numerous exotic ocean relics and is equipped with sophisticated monitoring apparatus to enable Superman to keep abreast of events occurring throughout the seven seas.
theages.superman.ws /Encyclopaedia/Fortress/history.php   (2865 words)

 Fortress of Solitude - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The now-mobile Fortress was relocated somewhere in the Andes.
The caretaker of the Fortress is Kelex, a Kryptonian robot that is a descendant of the robot that served Jor-El.
The Fortress of Solitude is a 2003 novel by Jonathan Lethem.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Fortress_of_Solitude   (1710 words)

 The Fortress of Solitude
In May of 1949, the name "Fortress of Solitude" is used for the first time in comic book history.
The Fortress of Solitude would be the site of Superman's final battle before Superman would be forever changed by John Byrne's 1980's restart.
The undersea Fortress, which is reportedly located at the bottom of the Sargasso Sea is stocked with numerous exotic ocean relics and is equipped with sophisticated monitoring apparatus to enable Superman to keep abreast of events occurring throughout the seven seas.
www.supermantv.net /articles/fortress.htm   (1053 words)

 Key To The Fortress: An Interview With Jonathan Lethem
THE FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE, is a portrait of growing up in Brooklyn as a racial outsider obsessed with comic books, graffiti and punk rock.
FORTRESS is set during the 1970s, a time when New York City was suffering intense economic problems, and follows the life of Dylan Ebdus as he finds a way to escape Brooklyn.
Its purpose is integral to the conclusion of FORTRESS.
www.ninthart.com /display.php?article=702   (2327 words)

 ReadingGroupGuides.com - The Fortress of Solitude by Jonathan Lethem
The Fortress of Solitude is the story of Dylan Ebdus growing up white and motherless in downtown Brooklyn in the 1970s.
The Fortress of Solitude is the first great urban coming of age novel to appear in years.
The Fortress of Solitude is a realistic novel, except for one fantastic element: the magic ring that enables its wearer to fly and to become invisible.
www.readinggroupguides.com /guides3/fortress_of_solitude1.asp   (971 words)

 Book Reviews - The Fortress of Solitude by Jonathan Lethem
In The Fortress of Solitude, Dylan Edbus and his artistic, hippie parents moved to a Brooklyn street in the 1970s, where he is the only white boy in the neighborhood.
Jonathan Lethem's The Fortress of Solitude has received high praise for his portrayal of two boys trying to find themselves in a world of neglect, race, gentrification, crime, drugs, and friendship.
The Fortress of Solitude is this generation's Catcher in the Rye, and Dylan Edbus its Holden Caulfield."
www.reviewsofbooks.com /fortress_of_solitude   (235 words)

 CD Baby: JAMES D. STARK: Fortress of Solitude
Fortress of Solitude marks the transition from Stark's gothic trance & ethereal works into the realm of synthpop and darkwave.
Fortress of Solitude plays like a soundtrack to a romantically dark performance rather than a typical album.
James D.Stark fortress of solitude is very intense ride into your deepest thoughts and dreams.
www.cdbaby.com /cd/jamesdstark2   (882 words)

 Superman Homepage - Superman Returns
When the Fortress began to reform, the two technologies were combined to allow the Earthly to modify and indoctrinate the Kryptonian to further confuse any potential digital invaders (Referring to the reborn Eradicator Program and the BRAINIAC 13 Virus).
This doorway was activated during the rebirth of the Fortress by the interference of Luna and the CyberMoths releasing the Cyborg to attack Superman.
The arctic Fortress was destroyed in a battle between Superman and Wonder Woman (SUP #211) and later Superman rebuilt himself a new Fortress of Solitude in the Amazon jungle (SUP #215).
www.supermanhomepage.com /comics/who/who-intro.php?topic=fortress   (1468 words)

 The Fortress of Solitude by Jonathan Lethem | PopMatters Book Review
His latest novel, The Fortress of Solitude, should formalize his escape from "young, talented writer" into the realm of "heavy-hitting all-star," in case there was any doubt out there.
The Fortress of Solitude uses our history, from punk to crack to gentrification, not just for nostalgia's sake, but to show how these events changed the lives of Mingus and Dylan.
The Fortress of Solitude is such a strong and multi-layered novel and works such magic with the powers of the everyday, it doesn't need a kid with Green Latern's ring.
www.popmatters.com /books/reviews/f/fortress-of-solitude.shtml   (1244 words)

 Amazon.ca: The Fortress of Solitude: a Novel: Books   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Dylan himself must decide between a compromised life on the street and living in a Fortress of Solitude (an allusion to one of his comics and to his father’s hermetic lifestyle).
Like a Bob Dylan song, "Fortress of Solitude" is a poetic and biting commentary on the human condition without resorting to being flowery, angry, or political.
I was fascinated by Jonathan Lethem's "Fortress of Solitude." I couldn't help but be struck by the parallel writing style of Lethem to that of "My Fractured Life" in describing friendship despite differences and controversy.
www.amazon.ca /exec/obidos/ASIN/0385500696   (2007 words)

 X-E - Superman and His Amazing Fortress of Solitude!
I didn't scan the pic, but you should know that the key Superman uses to get into the Fortress is about half a mile long.
The Fortress' main entrance boasts the giant statues of Superman's long-dead parents, Jor-El and Lara Flynn Boyle.
I love how the writers of this comic book scripted it in such a way so that Superman was talking to himself, so that it wouldn't make sense that he's announcing everything in the Fortress to nobody.
www.x-entertainment.com /messages/317.html   (818 words)

 Fortress of Solitude Superman
Fortress of Solitude Superman comes with a big ol' Krypton style firing weapon.
This design is based loosely on the John Byrne Kryptonians and the "Kryptonian Man" guise of the Eradicator in the comics.
Episodes Appeared In Fortress of Solitude Superman appears in "Main Man, Part 1".
www.toyotter.com /stas/fortress.html   (217 words)

 Metagame.com - Take Your Game to the Next Level
Now, the first effect of Fortress of Solitude is certainly not bad—a +1 ATK / +1 DEF bonus for all defenders protecting other characters.
Our challenge today is to find a way to fuse Team Superman and X-Statix so that Fortress of Solitude and other single character–enhancing cards can make a solo superhero into a defensive dynamo.
Kelex is Superman’s robot housekeeper at the Fortress of Solitude.
www.metagame.com /vs.aspx?tabid=46&ArticleId=4401   (2352 words)

 Audio Video Interiors: Fortress of Solitude
Whatever the reasoning, the term Fortress of Solitude aptly describes this home theater in Greenwich, Connecticut.
Today, the Fortress of Solitude provides a respite for the homeowners, who often share the theater with friends and family.
But this theater is just the beginning, Fortress of Solitude I. The couple has already purchased land for another home.
www.audiovideointeriors.com /interiorideas/0206theo   (1263 words)

 Asia Times Online - The trusted news source for information on Japan
Some of the facilities and gadgets in the ultra-advanced base will rival those used by the fictional hero Superman in his futuristic hideout, the Fortress of Solitude.
Prime Minister Koizumi is banking on the construction of an ultra-secure fortress to drastically decrease the chances of any casualties and ease some of the political pressure on his administration.
Recent polls underscore his predicament and mean that the Fortress Japan policy is unlikely to change anytime soon.
www.atimes.com /atimes/Japan/FB19Dh05.html   (1814 words)

 FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE SUPER NETWORK   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Only Superman could lift the sixty-ton object, slide it into a camouflaged lock set into the mountain face, and open the door bigger than most medieval cathedrals.
"This Fortress of Solitude, this repository for collectibles - the junk and the treasure of the great man's life - was the final privacy he had."
The Fortress of Solitude Super Network is an exponentially expanding, complex matrix of the Arctic-region super-computers and the Superman Robots distributed throughout the solar system.
www.fortress-of-solitude.net   (193 words)

 Guardian Unlimited Books | By genre | Review: The Fortress of Solitude by Jonathan Lethem
Michel Faber on Jonathan Lethem's The Fortress of Solitude, a novel of city life that veers from smart to woozy
Motherless Brooklyn, an award-winning thriller in which Lethem at last allowed himself to channel some of his feelings about his beloved birthplace, prepared the way for the autobiographical magnum opus that would surely put him in the front rank of American literary authors.
The Fortress of Solitude was going to be Dickens fused with James Baldwin and Philip Roth.
books.guardian.co.uk /reviews/generalfiction/0,6121,1110464,00.html   (1023 words)

 Comic Book Resources - CBR News - The Comic Wire
Tracing the paths of Dylan Ebdus and Mingus Rude through music, comics, movies and movements, and their shift into graffiti, drugs and art, Jonathan Lethem's "Fortress of Solitude" is a massive sprawl of pop culture and an exercise in memory.
Lethem grew up on the same Dean Street in "Fortress," living with his artist father and his brother, Blake, who would soon join the ranks of the almost-mythic headliners of the NYC graffiti scene, his mother dying when he was 14.
Documenting the life of a neighborhood and several eras of American life, "Fortress of Solitude" at first glance bites off more than it can chew, but everything is measured, equal parts methodical and freeform.
www.comicbookresources.com /news/newsitem.cgi?id=2834   (1822 words)

 There goes the neighborhood | csmonitor.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
THE FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE By Jonathan Lethem Doubleday 470 pp., $26
And now comes Jonathan Lethem with "The Fortress of Solitude," a novel of boundless energy and startling insight about the conundrum adults impose on children by demanding that they live the ideal of integration that we've been unable to demonstrate ourselves.
Then again, Dylan never regains the breathtaking verve of his childhood either, and that ultimately is the tragedy of "The Fortress of Solitude." Integration still exceeds our grasp, a dream of innocence lost, articulated by Lethem in all its wondrous complexity.
www.csmonitor.com /2003/0911/p15s01-bogn.html   (1240 words)

 Amazon.com: The Fortress of Solitude : A Novel: Books: Jonathan Lethem   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
By the time Dylan begins to break out of the fortress of solitude that has been his life, readers have shared his pain and understood his dreams.
There are some beautiful moments in the Fortress of Solitude--moments of crystalline description, of poetic evocation of time and place, moments of heartbreaking human interaction.
Though others have described The Fortress of Solitude as "ambitious," "poetic," and all sorts of other grandiose adjectives, as I read it I saw it a little differently.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0385500696?v=glance   (3567 words)

 Jonathan Lethem The Fortress of Solitude Reviewed by Rick Kleffel
Fewer still arrive at the point so perfectly portrayed in 'The Fortress of Solitude'.
'The Fortress of Solitude' is not a whit like the tomb of its title.
'The Fortress of Solitude' is not a superhero hideout.
trashotron.com /agony/reviews/2003/lethem-fortress_of_solitude.htm   (1070 words)

 The Fortress of Solitude
Lethem’s breakout book, Motherless Brooklyn, was a widely respected bestseller, and he has become one of the hottest young authors in the U.S. We knew The Fortress of Solitude was going to be about our neighborhood, the history of its gentrification, and the tortured and complex dynamics of race.
A white boy might dream of becoming invisible, while a fl man, whether or not he’s read Ralph Ellison, might worry that he already is. The ring may, then, seem like a distraction or a crutch, a bit of game playing to soothe the novelist’s well-established postmodernist allergy to realism.
But I believe their shared childhood longings – illuminated here in a moving and ultimately heartbreaking way – reflect the desire not just of Dylan or Mingus, or even Lethem, but of so many of us, that our neighborhoods could, instead of fortresses of solitude, be places of friendship and justice.
www.nhi.org /online/issues/133/lethemreview.html   (1473 words)

 Fortress of Solitude - The Superhero Hype! Boards   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
This is a thread for discussing all facets of the Fortress of Solitude in the new movie.
I think there should be a entrance through a a special code or something, but want it to be a fortress and not coming in through underwater and just flying in like in the previous films.
Luthor should never have gotten in to the Fortress as in Superman 2, you think there would be an alarm to alert Superman.
www.superherohype.com /forums/showthread.php?t=142981   (1312 words)

 The Planet - Fortress of Solitude
09-05-2005 11:40 AM I think its just the Fortress after being powered down so long, and we'll see it re-energised and back to its crystalinne state by the end of the film.
09-05-2005 01:03 PM I don't think it is the fortress of solitude.
I don't think it is the fortress of solitude.
www.bluetights.net /theplanet/printthread.php?t=5454   (608 words)

 B12 Partners Solipsism: Fortress of Solitude
I am not sure if this is one of those moments, or perhaps belongs to some other category.
Fortress of Solitude, and my guilt at purchasing Jonathan Lethem's novel used, instead of buying a pristine copy - rewarding Mr.
East Texas, near Jasper, where I moved in time to attend 7th grade.
www.b12partners.net /mt/archives/2006/02/fortress_of_solitude.html   (515 words)

 The dreamer of Brooklyn - Salon
Jonathan Lethem's astonishing "The Fortress of Solitude" places him in the first rank of American novelists.
"Here I can conduct secret experiments with my super-powers and keep souvenirs of my best friends!" The fortress became a gimmick, convenient, for the retelling of tales, a window on Superman's past adventures and a mirror of things to come.
It wasn't until 1949 that the Fortress of Solitude finally got a name; in 1962, Supergirl moved in, along with Superman's fiercest opponents -- Brainiac, Mr.
dir.salon.com /story/books/feature/2003/09/12/lethem/index.html   (576 words)

 : RevolutionSF - The Fortress of Solitude : Review   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
The Fortress of Solitude is Lethem's fifth and most ambitious novel.
Lest you think The Fortress of Solitude is some sort of angst-ridden reminiscence, the novel is also about the 1970s, music, comics, magic rings, acceptance, getting along, getting by, and getting lost.
Lethem may seem like one of them, but in The Fortress of Solitude, he proves that he's one of us.
www.revolutionsf.com /print.php3?id=1966   (564 words)

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