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 The World War II Lecture Institute - Joseph Frankenfield
The Germans packed us in the forty and eights and shipped off to Stalag 7A at Moosberg, Germany.
We were in the forty and eights for seven days without food or water.
We were gathered up and sent to a train. /stories/frankenfield.htm

 History of Merci Box Car
According to newspaper accounts, as the Forty and Eights were being painted, one poor woman rushed past workmen to one of the cars and announced, "I have nothing else to send, I will send them my fingerprints." She then pressed her fingers into the fresh paint.
As far as was practicable, the Forty and Eights, hauled without charge by the Association of American Railroads, retracted the route of the Friendship Train.
Since the wheels of the boxcars were about eight inches wider than American rails, the Forty and Eights were hoisted onto flatcars for their overland journey. /ala40and8/history.htm

 Eight Meter Class Restorations - William Cannell Boatbuilding, Classic Boat Builders
More than forty eights will cross the starting line at this (2002) year's Eight Meter Worlds Championship Regatta.
From the very beginning the Eights have been sailed by the best and brightest, including royalty and those successful and brilliant in business.
John had been a positively rabid Eight enthusiast and the leading authority on Eight history for years. /cbb_eight_meters.html

 Iona College Athletics
Cambridge, MA- Forty other schools and strong, gusting winds awaited the Iona College men's rowing team as they competed at the 38th Head of the Charles Regatta on Saturday, Oct. 29th in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
Competing in the inaugural Collegiate Eights event the crew faced a difficult task moving through the field from their 29th starting position.
Racing to a time of 16:12.5, they crossed the finish line in 16th place, besting 25 other crews including Lehigh, George Mason, Villanova, William and Mary, URI, Clemson, Marquette, Fairfield and others. /gaels/story.cfm?id=249

 stunt pattern
Correct eights are judged when the model makes two eights, each consisting of two round circles or loops of the same size, tangent to each other, and in a horizontal line.
The eight is to be entered in the direction of the climbing sides of the loops, and after completion of two eights exit is made in the same direction.
Correct overhead eights are judged when the model makes two eights, each consisting of two round circles of the same size, with the intersection or point of tangency directly over the flyer's head. /SoHo/8371/pattern.html

 Jayski's® Silly Season Site - Racing Bookstore
Eights and Aces chronicles the career of a fictional racecar driver who grew up in poverty in the Carolinas with a dream of someday running the Winston Cup circuit.
Eights and Aces, the first racing novel by stock car writer Matt McLaughlin, is now available in print form at the First Books Website.
The computer E-book version of Eights and Aces, the first racing novel by stock car writer Matt McLaughlin, is now available on-line at First Books. /pages/bookstore.htm

 comments type eight
Eights live in a hostile world and eights are fiercely loyal to those they love and want to protect.
Eights often specifically deny their guilt, covering it up with more aggression and pretending that they have nothing to apologize for.
While some other types avoid conflict (notably 9, 3, and 7), eights are energized by it. /pages/links8.html

 French Gratitude 40 & 8 Boxcar
His original idea was to present the United States with a decorated Forty and Eight boxcar loaded with gifts that represented his country, such as fine wines, lace, perfumes, hats and figurines.
More than six million families packaged some 52,000 gifts which were priceless in thought, ranging from children's drawings and ashtrays made of broken mirrors, to delicate vases and treasured family heirlooms.
When a local veterans organization began to solicit gifts, it was overwhelmed with the immediate response and thousands of people came forward with gifts of gratefulness. /PA_Exec/Military_Affairs/ftig/history/French%20Gratitude.htm - W. crew repeats at Head of the Charles
Forty boats participated in the three-mile-long Women's Championship Eights race.
The Bulldog Eights came in fourth place overall behind The London Training Center (the Canadian National Team), USRowing (the first U.S. national team boat), and the Princeton Training Center (the second U.S. national team boat).
Each boat is timed to determine the winners, and the first college boat to finish the race wins the collegiate title. /article.asp?AID=23690

These box cars were the famous Forty and Eights of WWI fame, still in use.
Forty and eight means it can carry forty men or eight horses.
It was a long, very slow train with only about ten men to a car, instead of forty (There were no horses.) I don’t think forty men would have fit, and if they did, it could have been only for a very short time. /Stories/A%20Klee%20Family%20Saga-Brooklyn%20to%20Paris.htm

 The World War II Lecture Institute - William Sullivan
We were sent to the Bulge on Forty and Eights.
The first place we arrived was in Aachen, Germany, which had just been captured by the Americans. /stories/sullivan.htm

Forty-and-eights were French 4-wheel boxcars used as military transport cars (the term itself refers to the cars' carrying capacity, said to be 40 men or eight horses).
Built starting in the 1870s as regular freight boxcars, they were originally used in military service by the French army in both World Wars, and then later used by the German occupation in World War II and finally by the Allied liberators.
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 My Dad, POW, WWII
Hiding out in the Italian farmhouse in the hills for eight days they remained there until they were recaptured by the Germans.
Twenty eight days later, near Arazoo his group was captured.
While American forces invaded Italy, my dad was able to escape along with two others. /~hokie/dad.htm

 Aces and Eights
Each hand held in its palm a green crystal orb that shed about as much light as a forty watt bulb.
At regular intervals, intricately carved brass hands extended from the curved outer wall.
A column of the same ink-colored fire rose up from the fire pit, swaying like an eight foot serpent. /aae/aae08.htm

 SONO Catalog
There is nothing wrong with recording the jazz classics over and over again, but, it is great to know that the well is not "running dry!" Some of the material will remind the experienced jazz listener of tunes and groups of the past forty years.
Route 66; Night Train; Watermelon Man; Beatles Medley; Anatole; Take The A Train; Strait Eights; Tequila; Autumn Leaves; Two Minute Boogie; How Hight The Moon; Moslo Blues; New Orleans Boogie; All Along the Watch Tower; Mercy, Mercy, Mercy; Slomo Blues; Johnny B. Goode.
The new jazz fans may be motivated to expand their musical inventory to include some of the seminal music influences like Louis Armstrong, Miles and Dizzy, Lee Morgan, The Jazz Crusaders and many of the other founders of the American music form: Jazz! /Catalogue.html

 Skylighters, The Web Site of the 225th AAA Searchlight Battalion: Memories of Lawrence P. Belmont, A Battery -- Part VII
[In Germany, in mid-November, the battalion had been packed aboard "Forty and Eights" (boxcars that could carry either forty men or eight horses).
These were the old French National Railway "goods wagons" that could hold forty men or eight horses.
They had arrived in Le Havre around Thanksgiving to wait for a ship home.] Other members of the battalion had returned on at least two other vessels, the Chanute Victory and the Norway Victory. /memories/belmont7.html

 WCCS ONLINE - Article: Summer Eights 2002: Friday
Our crew simply had not been together long enough or have the race experience to be comfortable at such rates, and so were thoroughly outgunned.
Rating over forty they surged forward to claim their bump early on the greenbank.
Whatever criticisms we can make, it should however be noted that in terms of courage and guts this years Summer 1st VIII can hold it's head up against any other Worcester men's VIII, past or present. /coxing/showstory.php?ID=64

The cars going by are long grain cars, with ladders and short covered porches, maybe four feet by eight, on both ends.
I jog alongside the train, trying to keep up, the gravel giving way under my feet and the cars sliding by.
That's gonna take us four days non-stop, except for crew changes every eight hours or so. /trainhopping.html

 devil shat forty four [01/14/99]
Devil Shat is published by Disobey and is protected under all copyright laws.
Devil Shat Forty Four was released on 01/14/99. /devilshat/ds990114.htm

 Our Year 8 French Trip to Boulogne
Forty-four Year Eights visited France on Friday and Saturday 17 and 18 October.
Congratulations to the parents, as your children behaved perfectly throughout the trip and all said “thank you”. /boulogne.htm

 Mystery Elfquest Theater Five-Six-Seven Eights
The title of this fanfic series is: a) Mystery Elfquest Theater Five-Six-Seven Eights b) Misery Inquest-- Teaching Physics Serenades c) Scooby Doo and the Mystery Machine d) Ethel the Aardvark Goes Quantity Surveying 2.
("What, who's *Vaya*?") If you're wondering how they eat and breathe, And other elfin facts, (la-la-la) Just repeat to yourself "It'll all come clear-- This is the story that never lacks!" On Mystery Elfquest Theater Five-Six-Seven Eights!
--Marty ============================= cut here 8<===================================== [header still-frame is shown; voice over by video editor guy] VO: Mystery Elfquest Theater Five-Six-Seven Eights, Show eight-eights, eight and five, Reeeeeel one! /mst3k/115.htm

I say you know I met a forty year old woman, she made me break my mama's rule.
I told her to come to my house tonight, about half past eight.
She said she'd be there early in the mornin', baby 'bout the break of day, /30/Roland_lyrics.html

 Britney Spears
But finding an opportunity that dispels some of the fog surrounding their future, gives them real joy and enormous enthusisam.
tell a friend about the Theory of Eight. /britney.htm

 Affordable professional custom web design company offering low cost web design and logo design services:
Former Prisoners of War recollect their personal experiences in railcars known as "Forty and Eights."
Automate Reciprocal link exchange management software to increase web site traffic, increase link popularity and search engine ranking.
Located in Modesto, California Echomedia specialize in shooting videos and a proud member of the Wedding and Event Videographers Association (WEVA) and the Central Valley Wedding Professionals /portfolio.html

 The Problem Book
Going by the Book of Cave Out Of Darkness saying: that the State of Michigan is fifty-seven thousand, nine hundred eighty squae miles and has a population of four million, eight hundred forty-two thousand, two hundred eighty people.
The University of Al-Azhar, in Cairo, has a student population of thirty-six hundred; all but one-tenth taking other than his own Language, three-tenths taking Construction Engineering, two-tenths taking Civil Engineering, three-tenths taking Mechanical Engineering, and the rest taking Teachership.
W.D. Fard, who has civilized the cavy when he used to lve on the tree-top and dug holes along the hillside for nearly two thousand years-the exact time will be four thousand B.C. sot his same cavy cannot fool the second uncle of Mr. /theproblembook.html

 My Trips in the Lower Forty Eights © 2003 by Edward Mach
My Trips in the Lower Forty Eights © 2003 by Edward Mach
My Trips in the Lower Forty Eights © 2003
Pick a area on the map and click on it /early9.html

 The Library [A - L Listings]
It stands as testimony to the brilliance of Eddie Marlo that these ideas were developed by him over forty years ago, yet some have only recently been employed by others.
Giobbi provides eight chapters filled with tricks and routines that illustrate how various techniques are applied to create world-class card magic.
Well, Section Eight includes Bottom, Center, and Second Deals - Ken's handling, my teaching (if that means anything to you). /thelibra1.html

 Mark College - News
To learn that 'six eights are forty-eight' for example, they must start from what they know - 'ten eights are eighty', say - then build up to what they do not know - 'five eights are half of ten eights, which is forty, and six eights are one more eight, which is forty-eight'.
This means that in 2005 some boys will now take eight subjects, instead of our usual seven.
Also this year will see our first major foray into an Information Technology GCSE. /news/news.htm

 UFO ROUNDUP Volume 9 Number 5
You can read all about l'affaire Deadwood in that great book by Loren D. Estleman, Aces and Eights.)
Join us in seven days for more UFO, Fortean and paranormal news from around the planet Earth, brought to you by "the paper that goes home- -UFO Roundup." See you next time.
About forty people were loitering around the square, some of them Spartacist followers of Eisner." /roundup/v09/rnd0905.shtml

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