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Topic: Forward (Greenland)

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In the News (Wed 26 Jun 19)

  Forward - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A forward is an umbrella term for centres and wingers in ice hockey
Forward, the publication of the Socialist League (often called the "Forward Group") in Canada during the 1970s and 1980s.
Forward, pronounced "forrard", refers to the front-most part of a ship and is the opposite to aft.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Forward   (231 words)

 Greenland Paddling
Forward movement is achieved by twisting the torso, not by pulling or pushing on the paddle.
To do this with a Greenland paddle, the hands are spread a little further apart and the paddle is held nearly vertical.
This is similar to the forward stroke with a conventional paddle.
seacanoe.org /tomnotes.htm   (1262 words)

I have seen many paddlers in Greenland who appear to hold their paddles with the blade more or less at a right angle to the surface of the water.
During the return part of the stroke, the blade moves forward as it is lifted out of the water, then it curves downward again as it goes into the water.
To Greenlanders, the most important advantage of this stroke is that it makes it easier for the working blade to slip out of the water at the end of a stroke.
www.seakayakermag.com /2000/june2000/JuneHeath2.htm   (699 words)

 Greenland Paddle
He was using a Greenland paddle, and it just looked right--especially after I blew a bunch of rolls with my Werner paddle, including the all-time mud roll in which I left the paddle stuck in the mud, after nearly impaling myself on it.
Greatly aided by the use of the Greenland paddles, I developed some proficiency in bracing and rolling, and on a trip out of Barn Island with Jane Ahlquist, the big G expressed an interest in the paddles I was using.
By leaning as far forward on the deck as you can at the start of the stroke, you can closely imitate the action of a rower pulling on an oar, and this action, combined with the sweep generated by your rotating torso, makes for a very powerful stroke.
www.seacanoe.org /grnpadle.htm   (4712 words)

 Forward (Greenland) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Forward (Greenlandic: Siumut) is a social democratic political party in Greenland.
It is led by Hans Enoksen, who is the current Prime Minister of Greenland.
In the last legislative elections, on November 15, 2005, the party won 30,7 % of the popular vote and 10 out of 31 seats in the Landsting.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Forward_(Greenland)   (107 words)

 Rutabaga - Greenland Style Paddling
Inuit designs from Greenland have had a tremendous impact on modern design, and Inuit paddlers are perhaps the most skilled in the world.
The hands hold the paddle at the root of the blades, with the thumb and forefinger on the loom and the remaining fingers on the blade.
Using Greenland braces properly, it is possible to suspend your body in the water for a rest or to set up for an easy roll.
www.rutabaga.com /page.asp?pgid=133   (2552 words)

 Greenland Technique From the Source
For someone who has dreamt for years of traveling to Greenland and has spent hundreds of hours watching, rewinding and studying the videotaped images of Greenland paddlers, it was a thrill to interact with a skilled Greenland kayaker firsthand.
Many Greenlanders report that this knee pressure, coming from the knee on the opposite side of the blade in the water, is the foundation of their stroke.
It is very apparent in an a low-volume Greenland kayak, but you may need to pad the underside of your foredeck to feel this effect in a large volume kayak.
www.qajaqusa.org /Technique/Greenland_technique_from_the_source.html   (2976 words)

 Greenland (Denmark)
The first serious proposal for a Greenland flag came in 1973 when five people suggested that green-white-blue flag might be appropriate.
The first settler in Greenland, Erik the Red, is reported in old Icelandic sagas to have named the new country Greenland to attract other settlers there.
Greenland has been semi-autonomous since 1979, but Denmark remains in charge of foreign and defence policy for the 56,000 islanders.
flagspot.net /flags/gl.html   (825 words)

 Greenland - Atlapedia Online   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Around 83% of Greenland is a permanent ice cap and mountains line both the east and west coasts holding the inland ice in place.
It gave Greenland equal rights with the rest of the Danish Kingdom and gave the people of Greenland the right to elect a legislature, however, laws that affected Greenland continued to be made by the Danish government.
In the 1970's many Greenlanders began objecting to Denmark's control over their affairs and in 1979 Denmark granted Greenland internal self government which established a new provincial government that controls the internal affairs of the province.
www.atlapedia.com /online/countries/greenlnd.htm   (535 words)

 ABC News: Scientists: Greenland Glaciers Retreating   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Sea levels have swelled globally an estimated 4 inches to 8 inches during the past century due to melting glaciers and polar ice enough to cause some places to be awash at high tide or during severe storms.
Melting of Greenland ice and calving of icebergs from glaciers is responsible for about 7 percent of the annual rise in global sea level.
The rapid retreat of Greenland glaciers suggest that climate change is a factor, Hamilton said.
abcnews.go.com /Technology/wireStory?id=1391532&CMP=OTC-RSSFeeds0312   (386 words)

 Danish Polar Center   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
The claim is presented to the National Museum of Greenland which in turn puts forward the claim for compensation to the Greenland Minister of Culture and Education.
Before the Greenland Minister of Culture and Education can begin preservation proceedings, the public, the owner, the user and the municipality must be given notice of the objective and extent of the preservation.
The Greenland Minister of Culture and Education may, after taking the opinion of the Building Preservation Council, allow deviation from the preservation regulations, insofar as this is possible without being detrimental to the purpose of the preservation.
www.dpc.dk /Res&Log/ProjectPlanner/Papers/Legislation/Monuments.html   (1135 words)

 Great Outdoor Provision Co. - Paddle : Paddling With “A Stick”… Greenland Paddles Re-discovered
The Greenlanders then taught me an “effortless” roll that is a slow, smooth righting of the kayak that requires very little energy.
The forward cocking blade is then moved aft with no flutter because of the angle.
Most Greenland style paddlers spend as much time upside down in their kayak as they do right side up because they are having so much fun effortlessly sculling or rolling up their kayaks.
www.greatoutdoorprovision.com /paddle/how_to/greenland.html   (1452 words)

 Greenland PaddlingTechnique from the Source
Maligiaq's paddle shaft was held at approximately a 45-degree angle for normal cruising, higher than the paddles of the surrounding students and instructors.
Note - this is the angle between the paddle shaft and the horizon, please don't confuse this shaft angle with the forward tilt of the blade discussed earlier.
I queried Maligiaq directly about this angle and he insisted on the forward tilt of the blade and displayed this technique on both days when he demonstrated his stroke mechanics.
www.fska.org /FSKAGreenland.htm   (2483 words)

 TIME Fast Forward: Greenland Comes In from the Cold
Greenland certainly isn't a place for the faint-hearted, or for die-hard vegetarians either.
However, many in the country believe that once the cod return to Greenland's waters and oil revenues start flooding in, it will be only a matter of time before Greenlanders shrug off two centuries of Danish domination.
Greenland could certainly do with any extra income because at present it faces a host of social ills common to many European cities but rare to a people used to fending for themselves.
www.time.com /time/europe/specials/ff/trip1/greenland.html   (922 words)

 Elections in Greenland - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Elections in Greenland gives information on election and election results in Greenland.
Greenland has a multi-party system, with two or three strong parties and a third party that is electorally successful.
Summary of the 15 November 2005 Parliament of Greenland election results
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Elections_in_Greenland   (101 words)

 Elections in Greenland   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Greenland (Greenlandic: Kalaallit Nunaat - Danish: Grønland) is a self-governing overseas administrative division of Denmark in North America.
Greenland actively participates in international agreements relating to Greenland.
Greenland has a population of around 56,000 on 2,166,086 km².
www.electionworld.org /greenland.htm   (125 words)

 Kayak Rolling Cross Reference (C) Michael Daly 2002-2005
In Greenland competition, you must hold the paddle tip pressed against your shoulder (above or beside your armpit), you are not allowed to actually clamp the end of the paddle under your armpit.
Like the Standard Greenland Roll 1, except the paddle is held in the crook of the inboard elbow instead of the hand.
The conventional C-C starts with a forward setup and the sweep is used solely to position the paddle for a brace.
greatlakeskayaker.ca /kayakRollingXref.htm   (5682 words)

 AllPennyStocks.com - Greenland Corp. (OTC BB : GRLC)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Greenland entered the PEO business in January 2003, and organized ExpertHR as a wholly-owned subsidiary.
Greenland Corp. has tried to identify these forward-looking statements by using words and phrases such as "may," "will," "expects," "anticipates," "believes," "intends," "estimates," "plan," "should," "typical," "preliminary," "we are confident" or similar expressions.
Forward looking statements in this action may be identified through the use of words such as “expects’”, “will,” “anticipates,” “estimates, “believes,” or that by statements indicating certain actions “may,” “could,” or “might” occur.
www.allpennystocks.com /apsc/us/stock_profiles/grlc.htm   (2911 words)

 WaveLength Magazine - February/March 2001 Issue
Greenland paddles are not only beautiful, they also offer distinct advantages over the more widely- accepted and used 'Eurospoon'.
Torso forward, the Greenland paddler's hands lie low, his or her torso never wound up into the rotational twist so required by a Eurostroke.
The simplest of paddling tools, the Greenland paddle at first asks and then wholeheartedly allows you to conserve energy on long trips, yet remain at all time in ready position for bracing, sculling, rolling...
www.wavelengthmagazine.com /2001/fm01green.php   (913 words)

 Laramie (AO-16)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Throughout the remainder of 1942 and during 1943 she plied the stormy North Atlantic, transporting liquid and dry cargo to Greenland from Boston, New York, Sydney, Nova Scotia, and Argentia and St. John's, Newfoundland.
Hit on the port side forward, she immediately listed to port and went down by the bow some 37 feet.
The blast demolished the forward crew's quarters, killing four men, opened a hole 41 feet long and 34 feet high causing extensive flooding forward; and ruptured the port gasoline tank, spraying the ship with volatile liquid and explosive fumes.
www.hazegray.org /danfs/auxil/ao16.htm   (595 words)

 West Coast Sea Kayak Symposium Instruction Information   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
You may sign up beforehand (beginning at 8:30am each morning) for any of the classes, but each attendee is limited to signing up for one class per day - you may put your name on the waiting list for as many other classes as you wish and will get in if there is space.
Forward Strokes (Level 2) - Save energy, go farther, go faster, be more of an asset to the group you paddle with.
Try out the Greenland toothpicks, the legendary racing wing, and the "normal" or European blades with someone who can show you the subtle techniques to getting the most out of each one.
www.wcsks.org /Instruction.html   (877 words)

 USATODAY.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
As they continue during the next several years, scientists will gain a clearer picture of whether Greenland is truly losing ice or whether the measurements reported in 2000 just happened to catch the ice sheet when it was losing more ice than it was gaining.
Sorting out how much of the change in the elevations of different parts of the Greenland ice cap comes from melting or growing ice and how much comes from all of Greenland "bobbing up and down" is difficult, Ledbetter says.
NASA is continuing its measurements from airplanes, and scientists are looking forward to the launch of ICESat (Ice, Cloud and Land Elevation Satellite) in December 2001 to provide even more data on the Greenland and Antarctic ice caps.
www.usatoday.com /news/science/cold-science/greenland-2001/ice-sheet-intro-top.htm   (603 words)

 Supporting Greenland - USS Laramie (AO-16)
The run to Greenland might seem to be on the "safe" side of the ocean, but ships were burning in sight of the cities and people stood on beaches in Florida watching tankers flame.
The Greenland advantage in predicting his moves allowed the Allies to plan ahead and kept the European Axis uncertain of his moves.
By the way, the forward fuel tank was ruptured and we lost the fuel in the forward tank, I could taste it when I was washed down the deck.
adams.patriot.net /~eastlnd2/rj/alt/sg/greenland.htm   (1238 words)

 Greenland and Traditional Kayaking Techniques
Qajaq USA is pleased to bring you these video clips of Greenland forward stroke methods, capsize maneuvers and rope gymnastics.
H.C. Petersen discusses kayak sports and exercises, and Stamer provides an overview of using Greenland paddles concentrating on the forward stroke.Heath and Arima examines the history of Greenland and East Canadian kayaks and their cultural significance.
Essay on the paddling mechanics of the 1998 Greenland Champion that discusses the canted blade stroke and differences between what is often taught in the U.S. as compared to what is commonly practiced in Greenland.
www.qajaqusa.org /Technique/Technique.html   (1127 words)

 Qajaq USA Greenland Kayaking Movie Clips
There has been much written about Greenland technique but visual confirmation has been difficult to obtain, unless, of course, you have traveled to Greenland or taken instruction from Maligiaq Padilla or another of the talented Greenland kayakers.
The paddle is sculled parallel to the keel with an extreme forward leaning recovery.
Like the storm roll, this is a low-brace technique (your palms face the deck) and the inboard paddle blade is levered off the hull during the hip-snap.
www.qajaqusa.org /Movies/movies.html   (1689 words)

 Blogger: Email Post to a Friend   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
On one hand, I loved Greenland style paddling and was looking forward to meeting fellow rollaholics (especially Cheri) but on the other hand, I still considered myself a whitewater kayaker and was a bit afraid of drinking the Greenland Kool-Aid so to speak.
The body motion involved in forward finishing was different from the layback variety and it felt like I was learning to roll for the very first time.
Nevertheless, I learned the behind the head forward finishing roll as well as the behind the back forward finishing roll which has to be the most contorted and painful of all rolls.
www.blogger.com /email-post.g?blogID=9521841&postID=112559373920120851   (2110 words)

 Welcome South Sound Traditional Inuit Kayak Symposium
In 2000, Greg fulfilled a long-standing dream to visit Greenland by participating in a one-week Qaannat Kattuffiat training camp in Nuuk, prior to competing in the Greenland Championship with fellow team members Harvey Golden and Cindy Cole.
His interests have lead him to Greenland to participate in the Greenland National Kayak Championships (2001), to conduct research at the Greenland National Museum, and to conduct kayak research at 12 museums in Western Europe.
He recently expanded his Sea Kayaker articles on Greenland kayak construction into a book due to be released by Ragged Mountain Press at the end of this year.
www.qajaqpnw.org /SSTIKS2002.html   (927 words)

 Seismic Forward Modelling of Upper Carboniferous — Lower Permian carbonate buildups, North Greenland and the Barents ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
In the upper Paleozoic of the Arctic, there is a discrepancy between the 4th- and 5th-order 5-10 m stacking and organisation of carbonate buildups seen at outcrop and the 50-100 m ‘3rd-order’ sequence stratigraphic organisation of the buildups seen in exploration seismic data.
Previous attempts to make seismic models of these systems were limited by the inability of the forward modelling software to properly reflect the complex internal stacking patterns, rapid changes in lithology and diagenesis within the buildups, and to realistically distribute rock properties.
The use of seismic forward Compound Modelling software, developed by Norsk Hydro Research Centre, Bergen has helped to make more realistic models based on outcrop from which the seismic response of the buildups is better realized.
aapg.confex.com /aapg/da2004/techprogram/A87925.htm   (284 words)

 Social and Cultural Support Activities -Global EdVenture-   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
We made our way for about an hour from four to five using a parasail, but due to a whiteout and little wind, the advance was not as satisfactory as planned.
The objectives of his observations this time are to know how much the atmosphere in Greenland is contaminated, and how the yellow sand affects Greenland.
It is my pleasure to share local people's smiles and grand sights of nature in Greenland with all of you.
www.canon.com /scsa/global_edventure/01   (591 words)

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