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Topic: Forward rate agreement

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Derivative: A financial contract whose value is derived from the performance of assets, interest rates, Currency exchange rates, or indexes.
This represents the maximum losses a bank could incur if all its counterparties default and there is no Netting of contracts, and the bank holds no counterparty collateral.
High-Risk Mortgage Securities: Securities where the price or expected average life is highly sensitive to interest rate changes, as determined by the FFIEC policy statement on high-risk Mortgage securities.
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OneLang.com lets you search a huge database of reference and product information to find relevant, specific information on almost any topic.
Normally the pay-off is computed without waiting out the interest period, by computing the future value of the FRA at T
must be computed using an agreed interest rate basis.
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Finance can also be used by individuals (called personal finance), and by governments (called public finance).
The risk-return framework and the identification of the asset appropriate discount rate
Valuation of assets - discounting of relevant cash flows; relative valuation; contingent claim valuation
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