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In the News (Thu 21 Mar 19)

Fine, rare and museum fossils for sale presented with meaningful scientific description and high resolution pictures where you can actually see what you are buying.
From stromatolites created by ancient bacteria, to ammonites, fossil fish, fossil insects, crinoids, fossil mammals and dinosaurs, Ichnofossils of mysterious creatures and fossil amber, the fossil dealers at fossilmall.com strive to match the amazing diversity of this "life once animated".
Many of the fossils for sale are rare or exotic fossils worthy of display in any museum.
www.fossilmall.com   (205 words)

  Fossil Fuels - MSN Encarta
Fossil fuels, which include petroleum, coal, and natural gas, provide most of the energy that powers modern industrial society.
Chemically, fossil fuels consist largely of hydrocarbons, which are compounds composed of hydrogen and carbon.
Fossil fuels formed from ancient organisms that died and were buried under layers of accumulating sediment.
encarta.msn.com /encyclopedia_761586407/Fossil_Fuels.html   (982 words)

  Fossil fuel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Fossil fuels, also known as mineral fuels, are hydrocarbon-containing natural resources such as coal, oil and natural gas.
With global modernization in the 20th and 21st centuries, the thirst for energy from fossil fuels, especially gasoline derived from oil, is one of the causes of major regional and global conflicts.
The burning of fossil fuels by humans is the largest source of emissions of carbon dioxide, which is one of the greenhouse gases that allows radiative forcing and contributes to global warming.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Fossil_fuel   (749 words)

 Fossil - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Fossils (from Latin fossus, literally "having been dug up") are the mineralized or otherwise preserved remains or traces (such as footprints) of animals, plants, and other organisms.
However, fossils may also consist of the marks left behind by the organism while it was alive, such as the footprint or feces of a dinosaur or reptile.
This can be a species known only from fossils until living representatives were discovered, such as the coelacanth and the ginkgo tree, or a single living species with no close relatives, such as the horseshoe crab, that is the sole survivor of a once large and widespread group in the fossil record.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Fossil   (1182 words)

 Palaeontology - Fossil FAQs
It is important to know the locality where the fossil was found - a reference to the geology of the area on, for example, a geological map provides information on the age of the rocks and hence the type of fossil to be expected.
Fossils collected on private land belong to the land owner and should only be collected with the permission of the owner.
We have a policy of not valuing fossils for the public other than informing them that their specimen is of little or no value or that it is worth what they can get someone to pay for it.
www.amonline.net.au /palaeontology/faqs/fossil.htm   (1277 words)

 Palaeos Paleontology: Fossils
Fossils are the remains of prehistoric animal and plant and micro-organisms, as well as traces, tracks, impressions, etc they may have left.
During the 18th century, the theory became popular that all fossils were relics of the great flood recorded in the Bible (in the 1960s or so this idea was revived by Young Earth Creationists).
And it was not until Darwin published his masterwork on evolution that fossils were truly understood as the traces of ancient life on Earth.
www.palaeos.com /Palaeo/fossils.htm   (596 words)

 SPACE.com -- Creature Features: Fossil Hunting on Mars
The identification of fossils is often difficult, explained Ron Greeley, Mars Exploration Rover team scientist from Arizona State University in Tempe, even by scientists observing them with the full spectrum of lab instruments.
Fossils come in many varieties, Garvin advised, from the micro- and nano-fossils of single-celled primitive microbes, to preserved-in-stone bones of organisms as big as automobiles.
However, expecting fossil formation to operate on Mars the same way as it does on Earth is not a sure bet, Garvin pointed out.
www.space.com /scienceastronomy/mars_fossils_040316.html   (1651 words)

 Fossils Geological Time and Evolution
Fossils across geological time presented in multiple contexts of geological history, the tree of life, paleobiology and evolution.
The Virtual Fossil Museum is an educational resource providing an ever-growing extensive collection of fossil images.
The Virtual Fossil Museum is an educational resource dedicated to fossils.
www.fossilmuseum.net   (182 words)

 DOE - Fossil Energy: Office of Fossil Energy Home Page
A recently prepared economic report indicates that the Office of Fossil Energy's National Energy Technology Laboratory contributed $283 million and supported nearly 3,200 jobs during 2006 in the Pennsylvania and West Virginia region.
Fossil fuels supply 85% of the nation's energy, and we are working on such priority projects as pollution-free coal plants, more productive oil and gas fields, and the continuing readiness of federal emergency oil stockpiles.
Learn how the Office of Fossil Energy is helping to implement the Act.
www.fe.doe.gov   (270 words)

 Fossil Fuel Index
Fossil fuels—coal, oil, and natural gas—are America's primary source of energy, accounting for more than 70 percent of current U.S. electricity generation.
In fact, fossil fuel-fired electricity generation is the single greatest source of air pollution in the United States, and power plants are the leading U.S. source of carbon dioxide emissions—a primary contributor to global warming.
To decrease our dependence on fossil fuels while improving human health and environmental sustainability, UCS engages in analysis and advocacy that encourages the implementation of energy efficiency measures and increased use of renewable energy technologies.
www.ucsusa.org /clean_energy/fossil_fuels   (161 words)

 Fossil Hominids: the evidence for human evolution
October 19, 2005: The latest rounds have been fired in the war over the interpretation of the "Hobbit" fossils from Indonesia that stunned the world in 2004.
The hobbit discoverers have published details on some new fossils: more arm bones from the original skeleton, another jaw bone, and many pieces from other individuals.
According to them, and some other commentators, the new fossils confirm that the hobbit was a typical member of its population, and not an aberrant individual (in fact, some bones come from an individual smaller than the first hobbit).
www.talkorigins.org /faqs/homs   (523 words)

 DOE - Fossil Energy: DOE's Fossil Energy-related education material.
The Office of Fossil Energy offers summer internships for minority students who are studying academic disciplines related to coal, oil and natural gas resources, science and engineering.
Fossil fuels are both the fuels of our past and fuels for the future.
For students and professors interested in coal and other fossil fuel research, there are research opportunities available.
www.fossil.energy.gov /education   (134 words)

 Profiles--Fossil Fuels
Fossil fuels are energy resources that come from the remains of plants and animals.
The burning of fossil fuels is blamed for emissions that contribute to global climate change, acid rain, and ozone problems.
Fossil fuels were formed from plants and animals that lived hundreds of millions of years ago.
www3.iptv.org /exploremore/energy/profiles/fossil_fuels.cfm   (943 words)

Coal is the most abundant fossil fuel in the U.S. Coal found in the eastern U.S. typically has high-sulfur and is found in deep deposits (underground shaft mined); conversely, western coal is of low-sulfur content and found near the surface (strip or open-pit mined).
The latter reaction is a consequence of the presence of sulfur with the true fuel materials of carbon and hydrogen.
Natural gas is the easiest of the fossil fuels to burn as it mixes well with air and burns cleanly with little ash.
www.eas.asu.edu /~holbert/eee463/FOSSIL.HTML   (1595 words)

 Howstuffworks "What is a fossil?"
Generally speaking, a fossil is any evidence of past plant or animal life that is preserved in the material of the Earth's crust.
But when most people talk about fossils, they mean a specific subsection of this group -- fossils in which the shape of the animal or plant has been preserved, while the actual organic matter of its body is gone.
In most cases, the fossilization process began when a plant or animal died and was quickly covered with sediments, usually at the bottom of a body of water.
science.howstuffworks.com /question609.htm   (663 words)

 Fossil Watches
Fossil was the first American brand to bring value and style to the watch category transforming the concept of timekeeping from the merely functional to chic and stylish must-haves for the wrist.
Fossil's renowned designers constantly study emerging lifestyle and fashion trends to bring consumers the most innovative and unique products worldwide while ensuring consistency with the Company's existing product offerings and the themes and images that it associates with its products.
Fossil watches are the discounted brand name watches for everybody that we all have heard about.
watchesplanet.us /Fossil.php   (608 words)

 Stories Tagged 'fossil' » Netscape.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Science –; Fossils of a hippopotamus-like creature on an Arctic island show the climate was once like that of Florida, giving clues to risks from modern global warming.
Science –; A team of anthropologists said their study of South Texas fossil deposits revealed evidence including ancient teeth that shows the area was home to numerous types of primates 42 million years ago.
Science –; A mastodon tooth fossil found in an Ontario, Canada, attic remains a mystery, after a paleontologist concluded it does not belong with a skeleton here that is one of the world's most complete.
www.netscape.com /tag/fossil   (900 words)

 Jurassic and Cretaceous Field Trip - Fossil Forest, Dorset, England
The Fossil Forest, west of Lulworth Cove, Dorset, southern England, is a classic geological locality with the remains and moulds of late Jurassic or early Cretaceous coniferous trees rooted in a palaeosol (ancient soil), the Great Dirt Bed.
The Fossil Forest is a limestone ledge with a late Jurassic soil and remains of rooted trees.
Fossil tree remains are common in the quarries of the Isle of Portland and are also present in the Weymouth area.
www.soton.ac.uk /~imw/forest.htm   (8174 words)

 Eating Fossil Fuels
Fossil fuels, on the other hand, are a stock-type resource that can be exploited at a nearly limitless rate.
Fossil fuels now represent 90% of the exosomatic energy used in the United States and other developed countries.
Unfortunately, if you remove fossil fuels from the equation, the daily diet will require 111 hours of endosomatic labor per capita; that is, the current U.S. daily diet would require nearly three weeks of labor per capita to produce.
www.fromthewilderness.com /free/ww3/100303_eating_oil.html   (4480 words)

 Funagain Games: Fossil
Fossils are collected by moving one of your two dobbers orthogonally across the grid.
Fossils come in three values (1, 2 and 3) and to score the value of a fossil, you multiply the number of pieces, say 2, by their value, say 5, and this is the number of fame points scored (10 in my example).
Once all the pieces to a particular fossil have been collected, it is scored, and those players who have pieces of it find that their fame increases, while those players who don't have any pieces of that fossil lose fame to the 'primary researcher', the player who collected the largest portion of that fossil.
www.funagain.com /control/product/~product_id=001992/~affil=SUBV   (1719 words)

 Fossil Fuel Combustion Waste | Wastes | US EPA
Fossil fuel combustion (FFC) wastes are the wastes produced from the burning of fossil fuels (i.e., coal, oil, natural gas).
EPA concludes that the remaining fossil fuel combustion wastes do not warrant regulation as hazardous waste under Subtitle C of RCRA and is retaining the hazardous waste exemption for these wastes.
Wastes from the combustion of fossil fuels are included as one of the six special wastes.
www.epa.gov /epaoswer/other/fossil/index.htm   (1896 words)

 Fossil Fuels
Fossil fuels, coal, oil and natural gas, are a non-renewable source of energy.
Fossil fuels are excellent sources of energy for out transportation needs; however they are also the primary source of electrical energy in the world today.
Fossil fuels are the lifeblood of our society and for many others around the world.
www.umich.edu /~gs265/society/fossilfuels.htm   (5459 words)

 Dinosaur Fossil Dating - Enchanted Learning Software
Even if the fossils are relatively abundant during the species' heyday, the number of organisms may have been small during the time of its appearance on Earth and during its demise.
Dating a fossil in terms of approximately how many years old it is can be possible using radioisotope-dating of igneous rocks found near the fossil.
To determine a fossil's age, igneous layers (volcanic rock) beneath the fossil (predating the fossil) and above it (representing a time after the dinosaur's existence) are dated, resulting in a time-range for the dinosaur's life.
www.enchantedlearning.com /subjects/dinosaurs/dinofossils/Fossildating.html   (579 words)

 DOE - Fossil Energy: DOE's Fossil Energy-related education material.
The Office of Fossil Energy offers summer internships for minority students who are studying academic disciplines related to coal, oil and natural gas resources, science and engineering.
Fossil fuels are both the fuels of our past and fuels for the future.
For students and professors interested in coal and other fossil fuel research, there are research opportunities available.
www.fe.doe.gov /education   (134 words)

 The Energy Story - Chapter 8: Fossil Fuels - Coal, Oil and Natural Gas
There are three major forms of fossil fuels: coal, oil and natural gas.
All three were formed many hundreds of millions of years ago before the time of the dinosaurs - hence the name fossil fuels.
But the main deposits of fossil fuels are from the Carboniferous Period.
www.energyquest.ca.gov /story/chapter08.html   (1853 words)

 Department of Energy - Fossil Fuels
Fossil fuels – coal, oil and natural gas -- currently provide more than 85% of all the energy consumed in the United States, nearly two-thirds of our electricity, and virtually all of our transportation fuels.
Moreover, it is likely that the nation’s reliance on fossil fuels to power an expanding economy will actually increase over at least the next two decades even with aggressive development and deployment of new renewable and nuclear technologies.
Energy’s Fossil Energy program, through the National Energy Technology Laboratory, is developing a full array of new technologies that can locate and produce oil and gas beyond the reach of today’s technologies, overcome the environmental challenges of using coal, and extract clean-burning hydrogen from fossil fuels.
www.energy.gov /energysources/fossilfuels.htm   (298 words)

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