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Topic: Founding myth

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  Founding myth
Founding myths could be thought of as a subclass of the general category of 'mythical' events.
Although myths are often considered to be accounts events that have not happened, many historians consider that myths can also be accounts of actual events that have become highly imbued with symbolic meaning.
One way of conceptualizing this process is to view 'myths' as lying at the far end of a continuum ranging from a 'dispassionate account' to 'legendary occurrence' to 'mythical status'.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/fo/Founding_myth.html   (196 words)

 Roman Mythology
Although this sprawling empire encompassed many cultures with their own myths and legends, the mythology of the Romans themselves revolved around the founding, history, and heroes of the city of Rome.
One myth connected with the war between the Romans and the Sabines says that a high-ranking Roman woman named Tarpeia caught sight of Tatius and fell in love with him.
The myth became part of the city's geography—a rocky outcropping from which the Romans cast murderers and traitors to their deaths was called the Tarpeian Hill.
www.mythencyclopedia.com /Pr-Sa/Roman-Mythology.html   (1738 words)

 DISF - Interdisciplinary Encyclopaedia of Religion and Science | Myth
Myth, then, appeared as the fruit of the imagination, reserved for religious discourses and the instruction of children, in which case it contributed to social integration and the maintenance of City values.
The founding metaphysical direction of scientific method was encouraged by the continuing success of its applications, notwithstanding that the thought of scholars was not always homogenous and still preserved at times conceptions that were in a certain sense religious.
biology was born as an exact science founded on the measurement and determination of quantitative relations, as for example, the measurement of temperature and that of temperature exchanges with the external environment.
www.disf.org /en/Voci/88.asp   (6008 words)

 Founding myth - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A founding myth is a story, sometimes a myth, but most often a legend, surrounding the foundation of a nation-state.
It is a kind of 'national myth', a part of a nation's civil religion.
Australia and New Zealand began to move away from the United Kingdom after the Battle of Gallipoli in World War I and is often regarded as the 'founding myth' of these two countries.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Founding_myth   (222 words)

 FT March 2006: Articles   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
To affirm the significance of a founding as an ongoing guide to and presence in the life of the thing it founded is to challenge the idea that the development of a nation should be understood instead as a process of slow accretion and organic adaptation.
One residue of the debunking heritage is the curious assumption that narratives of foundings are mere fairy tales—prettified, antiseptic flights of fancy, or wish-fulfillment fantasies, telling of superlative heroes and maidens acting nobly and virtuously to bring forth the status quo or its antecedents.
And the answer is surely to be found in the complexity of the mythic dimension itself, the ways in which it can register and mirror and instruct a civilization, precisely by virtue of its being a rich and truthful narrative that is widely shared.
print.firstthings.com /ftissues/ft0603/articles/mcclay.html   (4615 words)

 The Founding   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
This was where they were found by a she-wolf who suckled them (wolves are sacred to Mars) until a shepherd found them.
The twins decided to found a new city close to where they had been washed ashore, caught by the fig tree.
Add to this the influence of the Greeks which were settling Italy, founding cities like Cumea, and hence bringing advanced civilization to the country and you have a place with lots of potential.
www.roman-empire.net /founding/founding.html   (1051 words)

 Ruins Support Myth of Rome's Founding   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Now, archaeologists believe they have found evidence that at least part of that tale may be true: Traces of a royal palace discovered in the Roman Forum have been dated to roughly the period of the eternal city's legendary foundation.
Where previously archaeologists had only found huts dating to the 8th century B.C., Carandini and his team unearthed traces of regal splendor: A 3,700-square-foot palace, 1,130 square feet of which were covered and the rest courtyard.
In Rome's founding myth, the daughter of a king deposed by his brother was forced to become a vestal virgin to prevent her from having children.
noumenal.net /blogs/noumenal_more.php?id=A241_0_2_0_M   (720 words)

 Myth and Myth-take | The Progressive Blog Alliance HQ   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
To the average person on the street, whose thoughts are vague and whose feelings are strong, the word “myth” is a synonym for “lie” or “fantasy.” To the scholar, on the other hand, the word “myth” has a specific meaning, or rather several specific meanings, depending on the specific context.
Recall that he was not speaking of myth in general, but rather of myth in relation to a specific nation, that is, the Jewish nation.
“A ‘national myth’ is an inspiring or patriotic story … that serves as a national symbol of a country, and re-affirms a country's ‘national values.’” A national myth is sometimes called a “founding myth,” and is not a “myth” in the sense of being false.
www.liquidtype.net /node/1791   (1169 words)

 Korean mythology Summary
The oldest extant versions of the myth of Tan'gun, an ancient Korean myth, date to the thirteenth century, when the inhabitants of the Korean Peninsula, united by resistance to the Mongol invasions, began envisioning themselves as one people with a shared history.
It is claimed that Hwanguk collapsed sometime around 3,898 BCE (Ancient Joseon's legendary founding date is said to be 2,333 BCE), whereas it is said to have been established somewhere near the 1st century BCE.
When the tiger found an axe in the house and began chopping down on the tree, Dalsoon made a prayer asking the heavens to send down a strong rope if they should be saved and a rotten rope if they were to be damned.
www.bookrags.com /Korean_mythology   (3587 words)

 a sibilant intake of breath » Blog Archive » The second political delegation   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
The founding myth of democracy tells of a participant democracy where citizens (with lots of wisdom and plenty of time on their hands), sit around and decide how the state should operate.
Now, the myth may be faulty and lacking in historical truth, but it is the essence of the argument for the legitimacy of democratic governments - at least, for those who believe in a hypothetical notion of consent, rather than using utilitarian justification.
I think the Athenian founding myths (or at least some of them) traced the origins of their ancestral constitution back to the gods.
www.sindark.com /2006/10/03/the-second-political-delegation   (1172 words)

 The Christian Nation Myth
Fundamentalist Christians are currently working overtime to convince the American public that the founding fathers intended to establish this country on "biblical principles," but history simply does not support their view.
I found him a tall, commanding figure, with a countenance of much benevolence, and a brow indicative of deep thought, apparently approaching fifty years of age.
Our founding fathers established a religiously neutral nation, and a tragedy of our time is that so many people are striving to undo all that was accomplished by the wisdom of the founding fathers who framed for us a constitution that would protect the religious freedom of everyone regardless of personal creed.
www.infidels.org /library/modern/farrell_till/myth.html   (4545 words)

 [No title]
ET, has Wood trekking the Himalayas, traversing the deserts of Arabia, and exploring remote villages in the Caucasus, all in pursuit of the historical roots behind the ancient stories of the Queen of Sheba, King Arthur, Shangri-La and Jason and the Golden Fleece.
In seemed that, with some of the stories we’ve explored, the myth seems to become almost as important as the historical truth.” In this series, Wood discovers that these myths endure, despite their centuries-old pedigree, and many resonate in today’s cultural landscape.
And that’s what interested me most about these myths.” And to watch Wood searching out these heroic tales and their truths, from Tibetan plateaus to Arabian ruins, from the abbeys of Brittany to remote Caucasian mountain settlements, many of us will be interested, too.
www.weta.org /pressroom/mythsandheroes/page10.doc   (493 words)

 Those Were the Days   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
I have no doubt that Nike's founding myth gave the folks at the Beaverton, Oreg., campus fortitude and made them feel they were part of something greater than a mere footwear company.
An example of potential abuse of a founder's myth is the Hewlett-Packard ad campaign launched in late 1999 featuring CEO Carleton S. 'Carly' Fiorina paired with a replica of the Silicon Valley garage that Dave Packard and Bill Hewlett tinkered in before founding the company.
In order to elicit its salutary effect the founding myth must be recounted the way a shaman invokes an incantation: for commemorative celebrations or in anticipation of, or during, crises.
www.indiancommodity.com /case/thosewere.htm   (1095 words)

 Rotuman Kings
Within myths the possible effects of adding, deleting or altering the value of categories can be played with, a process which has the effect of providing a visibility to key aspects of the cultural order that might not be elsewhere apparent (except, perhaps, in ritual).
She is a well-known character in Rotuman myth, and combines female domesticity with supernatural danger, particularly as a succubus.
Thus, the founding myth begins with an undifferentiated world and moves towards a differentiated polity characterised by a stabilised opposition between the people of the land (symbolised by Raho) and chiefs (symbolised by Tokainiua).
www.hawaii.edu /oceanic/rotuma/os/howsel/12kings.html   (15696 words)

Muhammad Barakat described the beginnings of the antisemitic movement in Germany founded by Wilhelm Marr in the 1870s in “Are you an antisemite?” He concluded that the Jewish war profiteers of the Franco-German war of 1871 contributed to the expansion of the movement of political antisemitism (al-Watan al-‘Arabi, 23 January 1998).
However, instead of focusing on the issues found in the book, they focus instead on the idea that there is a conspiracy on the part of Zionists and Jewish organizations to control Holocaust historiography as part of a drive to achieve contemporary political aims.
The blood libel was spread in the latter half of the nineteenth century, and Christian monks disseminated ritual murder charges against the local Jewish population in Damascus on the eve of Passover in 1840 (the “Damascus Affair”).
sicsa.huji.ac.il /17nordbruch.html   (8877 words)

 Well, couldn't the New Testament still be myth (in the anthropological but NOT classical sense) if it intended to set ...
Since one of the functions of anthropological myth is to connect the historical present with the pre-historical sacred past (and by doing so, authenticate that present), the gospel stories could easily function as such.
Their myths were NOT taken seriously as statements of 'real events', and was a constant source of embarrassment and frustration to many in those cultures.
The original Greek myths were all in oral poetry form, and once written down, spawned two 'branches' of literature--prose (which deal with facts, basically) and poetry/drama (which dealt with facts+fiction).
www.christian-thinktank.com /mq1add.html   (8589 words)

 Myths and Legends - frames
Aside from the General and Creatures of Myth and Legend sections, these links are organized by region and language group, with those groups which produced written accounts of their myths and legends earlier, generally appearing closer to the beginning.
Myth and Legend which includes stories of the King of the Fairies, the Brownies, Prince Ian, and the Black bull of Norroway.
It corresponds to the Welsh tale of Gereint and Enid, found in the Mabinogion.
home.comcast.net /~chris.s/myth.html   (11969 words)

 Sample Essay   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Using his secondary sources, he manages to show, that while an historical core is possible, the major events and characters as described belong to the world of myth and not history.
The paper is strongest in presenting the lack of historical and archeological support, somewhat less so in presenting the importance of the narrative as a charter myth; but there were space constraints.
The topic of this paper is deceptively simple, the world of biblical scholarship has wrestled with Exodus for a couple of hundred years, spilled rivers of ink and destroyed forests discussing it.
classweb.gmu.edu /WAC/ReligiousStudies/samples/essay.html   (259 words)

 Testimony of Lawrence Fuchs, October 22, 1996
Japan, according to its traditional founding myth, was established because a favorite descendent of the Sun Goddess created the Japanese islands and became the first Emperor, from whom all emperors are descended.
This powerful new myth provided an ideological rationalization for the selfish interest early settlers had in recruiting European immigrants to claim the land, fight Indians, and later to work in the mines and factories.
It became the founding myth of a new political culture, uniting white Americans from different religious and national backgrounds, and later others who were not white, in a sense of shared American nationhood.
www.utexas.edu /lbj/uscir/102296.html   (3668 words)

 Aeneas, Romulus and Remus: The "founding myths" of all great civilizations are mixtures of fact, myth and allegory
Behind the myths: There is no independent evidence that Aeneas ever reached the shores of Latium (or that he ever existed, for that matter).
One version of the myth of how Remus was killed says that the fight with his brother began when Remus mockingly jumped back and forth across the sacred city boundary (the Pomerium) that Romulus had plowed on the Palatine.
Julius Caesar, of course, claimed to be a descendant of that Iulus Ascanius, the son of Aeneas who founded Alba Longa.
www.mmdtkw.org /VFoundMyths.html   (689 words)

 Questlines: Taroskarla - A Far Point Founding Myth
The Youf twisted the sacred myths, creating the half-beasts, and they weakened the power of the Dance by the mockery of their Waltzing and Hunting Bands.
TarosKarla served as a justification for the mythic ascendancy of the wild hill clans against the overwhelming military and social power of the Vantaros and Princeros tribes, and the dominant solar clans of the Tovtaros.
And when the woman called Cradledaughter came out of the south at the bequest of her Vingan queen, seeking to revive the ancient cult of Orlanth Dragonfriend, the myth of the Animal Twins underwent a profound and startling transformation.
mythologic.info /questlines/taroskarla.html   (2771 words)

 The Myth of the Separation of Church and State American's Founding Fathers: Deists or Christians video by David Barton
Let's examine two of the most common myths about the founding fathers that most public school students are being taught today because of the history revisionists.
Myth #1: Jefferson's letter to the Danbury Baptists is the basis for separation of church and state
The second is that it was Jefferson's original intent that this meant that the church was to be protected from the government, not the reverse (which is the case today).
www.creationists.org /churchandstate.html   (1521 words)

 Myth: The Founders Established A Wall of Separation Between Church and State   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
The founding fathers were certainly men of faith, and it was their intention to establish a nation built upon the principles of Christianity.
With that single decision, the myth of separation between church and state was born.
My belief is: The Founding Fathers made sure it was understood we were founded under "One God" and the seperation between church and state is that no laws or shall be made for or against religion.
www.freerepublic.com /focus/fr/601982/posts   (5875 words)

 Sample Chapter for Honig, B.: Democracy and the Foreigner.
And in the contemporary United States, a variety of American institutions and values, from capitalism to community to family to the consenting liberal individual, are seen to be periodically reinvigorated by that country's newest comers, its idealized citizens: naturalizing immigrants.
The foreignness of the founder might also be a way of marking and solving a perennial problem of democratic founding in which the people must be equal under the law and cannot therefore receive it from any one of their own number.
The justification for reading Ruth as a myth of foreign-founding is that she is, indeed, the agent of a (re)founding.
www.pupress.princeton.edu /chapters/s7139.html   (4619 words)

 Royal Roman ruins go back to age of myth - Science - MSNBC.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
ROME - Legend has it that Rome was founded in 753 B.C. by Romulus and Remus, the twin sons of Mars, the god of war, who were suckled as infants by a she-wolf in the woods.
Now, archaeologists believe they have found evidence that at least the time frame for that tale may be true: Traces of a royal palace discovered in the Roman Forum have been dated to roughly the period of the eternal city’s legendary foundation.
Where previously archaeologists had only found huts dating to the 8th century B.C., Carandini and his team unearthed traces of regal splendor: A 3,700-square-foot (344-square-meter) palace, 1,130 square feet (105 square meters) of which were covered and the rest courtyard.
www.msnbc.msn.com /id/6969426   (803 words)

 basic page
The early accounts are considered a myth, while later accounts hold some historical accuracy.
The compilation of the Kojiki was first commissioned by emperor Tenmu (reigned 673-686), but it was completed only twenty five years and three emperors later in the year 712, during the reign of Empress Genmei.
When he arrived at the house of the Kumaso-takeru, he found that the house was surrounded by three rows of warriors, and that they were building a pit dwelling and were inside it.
www.ninpo.org /historicalrecords/kojiki.htm   (872 words)

 TEACHING THE HUMANITIES: Essays from the ACLS Elementary and Secondary Schools Teacher Curriculum Development Project ...
If this founding myth managed to ignore the fundamental omissions (of women, people of color, the poor) in American constitutions and laws, and to reinforce, legitimize and naturalize the social power of dominant Americans, so much harder to shake were its claims to political objectivity.
Similarly, the myth of historical objectivity was embraced enthusiastically by a profession of elite, white males without an ostensible or acknowledged political agenda.
The family squabbles that earlier readers (and abridgers) of the diary found almost as embarrassing as the sexual references show how closely related Martha’s occupation was to the life cycle of her own family, and reveal the private politics behind public issues like imprisonment for debt.
www.acls.org /op23kornfeld.htm   (5313 words)

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