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Topic: Fourth International

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In the News (Tue 18 Jun 19)

  Fourth International - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A political international is an organisation of political parties or activists with the aim of co-ordinating their activity for a common purpose.
By declaring themselves the Fourth International, the "World Party of Socialist Revolution", the Trotskyists were publicly asserting their continuity with the Comintern, and with its predecessors.
Manifesto of the Fourth International on the Dissolution of the Comintern
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Fourth_International   (6312 words)

 15th World Congress - Statutes of the 4th International   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
This is the means through which the Fourth International aspires to achieve its great emancipating goal since an international organisation does not replace or substitute for a national leadership in acting in a revolution.
The International is made up of national sections, which subscribe to the principles laid out in the preamble to its statutes, participate in its activities and organizational life, and pay the agreed dues.
The International Committee will establish the modalities for the publication of this bulletin in the discussion period preceding a World Congress in order to publish the preparatory documents, the texts submitted to the vote of leadership bodies and discussion articles allowing different points of view to be expressed.
www.isg-fi.org.uk /fi/wc03/wc16.htm   (2399 words)

 Communism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Second International had dissolved in 1916 over national divisions, as the separate national parties that composed it did not maintain a unified front against the war, instead generally supporting their respective nation's role.
Trotsky later founded the Fourth International, a Trotskyist rival to the Comintern, in 1938.
As the Sino-Soviet Split in the international Communist movement turned toward open hostility, China portrayed itself as a leader of the underdeveloped world against the two superpowers, the United States and the Soviet Union.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Communism   (4264 words)

 The Crisis of the Fourth International and the Tasks of Consistent Trotskyists
In the documents of these international meetings, the general programmatic, strategic, and tactical lines are indicated which, as developed and brought up to date on the basis of the historical evolution of the subsequent decades, still constitute the political foundations of orthodox Trotskyism.
Nevertheless, the Fourth International met the test of the war, politically and organizationally, and, during the period of reorganization (1943-1946), corrected the opportunist deviations which had developed in some sections, for example, the French section.
The International attempted to deal with this fact by substituting a voluntarist orthodoxy for dialectical method: under the leadership of Pablo, the International acted as if the crisis of proletarian leadership were approaching resolution and the development of the International as a mass organization could be easily realized.
home.igc.org /~itofi/fti/fti_meth.html   (5653 words)

 Socialist Organizer: Fourth International   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Unlike the majority of sections of the Fourth International -- which were decimated by the war, with leading members killed on battlefields, in prison camps, or in gas chambers -- the SWP emerged from the war relatively unscathed.
The many international currents that claimed to represent Trotskyism all understood that SA, because it sought to uphold the defense of Trotskyism in the United States, was on a collision course with the USec and could not long survive as a political tendency unless it was part of an alternative international framework.
Such a principled international class-struggle regroupment would permit the Trotskyists to break out of their relative isolation from the working class and build FI sections in the very process of building working class resistance to the ruling class drive toward heightened exploitation and war.
www.theorganizer.org /FI/ShortHistory.html   (7611 words)

 Meetings on 50 years of the International Committee of the Fourth International Peter Schwarz: "The founding ...
The ICFI was founded in 1953 to defend the programme of the Fourth International against Pabloism—a liquidationist tendency led at the time by Michel Pablo and later by Ernest Mandel.
Leon Trotsky analysed the source of the defeats suffered by the international working class at the end of the 1920s and the 1930s to be the false and increasingly counterrevolutionary polices of the Stalinist leadership of the Communist International.
The task of the Fourth International, according to this conception, no longer consisted of fighting for socialist consciousness in the working class and developing the political strategy and tactics to enable workers to carry out their revolutionary role.
www.wsws.org /articles/2003/dec2003/pets-d06.shtml   (5195 words)

 Call for the Refoundation of the Fourth International : SF Indymedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The question is not simply to give political expression to the social movements nor to resolve the "crisis of representation" of the working class with the far left occupying the vacuum left by the bankruptcy of the traditional bureaucracies of the left, social democracy and Stalinism.
The international working class itself under the impact of the current world crisis of capitalism has to become a class for itself fighting for its revolutionary dictatorship to open the road to a classless society.
The struggle for the socialist revolution, for the dictatorship of the proletariat and the transition to world communism, and the building of the revolutionary International are indissolubly interconnected tasks of the working class, of its vanguard, and of all the oppressed.
sf.indymedia.org /print.php?id=1666749   (1274 words)

 Declaration of the League for the Fourth International
As the second imperialist world war approached, the Fourth International stood at its post, fighting for unconditional defense of the USSR against imperialist attack and for the revolutionary overthrow by the proletariat of the Stalinist bureaucracy that was a mortal danger to the workers state.
In constituting the League for the Fourth International, we reject the claims of all the opportunist groupings pretending to be the Fourth International, or to represent the continuity of Trotskyism, while they betray every point of the revolutionary Marxist and Leninist program Trotsky fought for.
This is the case of the “Liaison Committee for a Workers International” of Pierre Lambert’s French PT (Workers Party); the “Committee for a Workers International,” led by Peter Taaffe’s Socialist Party in Britain (formerly the Militant Labour tendency); and the Latin America-based International Workers League of the followers of the late Nahuel Moreno.
www.internationalist.org /lfideclaration.html   (4666 words)

 Socialist Organizer: Fourth International   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The international campaign for the defence of the leaders of the POUM, in which the Fourth International participated with all its forces alongside leaders and trade unions of the entire world, was the main act of defence of the Spanish revolution in this last phase.
The leader of the October revolution, the founder of the Fourth International, did not indulge in the hypocritical style of the bourgeois obituaries.
The continuity in the struggle for a Workers' International is what allowed the young generations to share in the experience of revolutions from 1917 till 1937, including the lessons of all the obstacles they had to confront.
www.theorganizer.org /FI/TrotskySpain.html   (7470 words)

 Trotsky's Struggle for the Fourth International
For Trotsky, the building of the Fourth International was least of all a question of abstract theory or of an “organizational form.” He heaped scorn upon all those who posed the issue in this manner, because such an approach stands everything on its head.
This was Trotsky's position during the years when the movement functioned as a faction of the Third International; this remained his position after 1933 when the movement turned to the task of building the Fourth International.
Their catchall International, the London Bureau, otherwise known as the "International Bureau of Revolutionary Socialist Unity"--a pretentious body, without a banner, without a program, was a conglomeration of parties and groups moving simultaneously in all directions.
www.bolshevik.org /history/Tr-wrigh.htm   (3359 words)

The Fourth International (FI) was officially founded at a conference in early September 1938 in a small village outside Paris.
The Fourth Internationalists, like Trotsky before he was killed, expected to see a social explosion coming out of World War II that would at least equal the one that came out of World War I. They thought the explosion would bring them to leadership of the working class.
The United Secretariat of the Fourth International (USFI) is the largest international Trotskyist current and claims to be the Fourth International.
home.igc.org /~itous/60yfi.html   (3178 words)

 April 1999: Fourth International in Crisis
Marx's International was shortlived, in the end becoming entangled in endless disputes between its revolutionary wing-led by Marx-and a disparate assortment of anarchists, utopian socialists, and "middle class" reformists who rejected the central role of the working class in the struggle against capitalism.
With the passing from the historic scene of each of the first three international socialist movements, the succeeding world revolutionary movement sought to incorporate in its program the lessons learned from past defeats, the programmatic gains that retained their relevance, as well as the fundamental principles conquered by the new generation of revolutionary fighters.
The Second (or Socialist) International, on the eve of World War I, fell prey to national chauvinism, with virtually all of its leading parties defending their own capitalist governments as the world's imperialist nations engaged in a world slaughter that pitted worker against worker in the interest of capitalist profit and plunder.
www.socialistaction.org /news/199904/4th.html   (2646 words)

 International Viewpoint - News and analysis from the Fourth International
International Viewpoint, the monthly English-language magazine of the Fourth International, is a window to radical alternatives world-wide, carrying reports, analysis and debates from all corners of the globe.
The 15th World Congress of the Fourth International which met in early 2003 recorded a much-changed situation - in world politics and the International itself - compared with the previous Congress in 1995.
The British section of the Fourth International responds to the latest stage in the crisis of the Scottish Socialist Party.
internationalviewpoint.org   (854 words)

 Workers International to Rebuild the Fourth International... - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Please search for Workers International to Rebuild the Fourth International...
Start the Workers International to Rebuild the Fourth International...
Look for "Workers International to Rebuild the Fourth International...
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Workers_International_to_Rebuild_the_Fourth_International...   (185 words)

 Fourth International
The Fourth International, also known as the World Party of Socialist Revolution, was founded in 1938 by Leon Trotsky.
While reactionary U.S. legislation bars Socialist Action from formal membership in the Fourth International, we stand in solidarity with the FI, and consider its sections to be our sister organizations in their respective countries.
We've divided up our material on the Fourth International into 4 sections: one listing FI sections, one listing FI youth groups, one listing FI publications, and the final section consisting of a list of news articles and reports relating to the FI and its sections.
www.geocities.com /mnsocialist/fi.html   (198 words)

 Fourth International Conference on Export Controls
When the United States and other nations began working together on the problem of proliferation of weapons of mass destruction over thirty years ago, the world was a very different place, where the largest source of the most dangerous materials was contained within two superpowers.
The United States believes that the greatest threat to international peace and stability comes from rogue states and transnational terrorist groups that are unrestrained in their choice of weapon and undeterred by conventional means.
There can be no doubt that, if given the opportunity, terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda would not hesitate to use disease as a weapon against the unprotected, to spread chemical agents to inflict pain and death on the innocent, or to send suicide-bound adherents armed with radiological explosives on missions of murder.
www.state.gov /t/us/rm/14096.htm   (1754 words)

 Toward Rebirth of the Fourth International
Formed in opposition to the SWP's abandonment of the fight for a Trotskyist party in Cuba, the RT opposed the reunification with Pablo/Mandel's International Secretariat that was to result in the United Secretariat (USec).
The struggle for the Fourth International is the struggle for a program embodying the working-class revolutionary perspective of Marxism.
The Fourth International will not be reborn through adaptation to Pabloite revisionism: only by political and theoretical struggle against all forms of centrism can the world party of socialist revolution finally be established.
www.icl-fi.org /english/esp/58/rebirth.html   (4337 words)

 Fourth International Symposium on Roofing Technology
Founded in 1968, the International Waterproofing Association endeavors to coordinate studies on waterproofing related matters and generally represent the interests of its world wide membership.
CIB was established in 1953 as an Association whose objectives were to stimulate and facilitate international collaboration and information exchange between governmental research institutes in the Building and Construction sector, with the emphasis on those institutes engaged in technical fields of research.
Publications can be proceedings, scientific or technical reports, international state of the art reports or recommendations.
ciks.cbt.nist.gov /roofing97/sponsors.html   (1526 words)

 Internationalist Group -- Reforge the Fourth International!
The Internationalist Group, section of the League for the Fourth International, fights for international socialist revolution, the conquest of power by the working class, led by its Leninist party, championing the cause of all the oppressed.
This is part of an international trend, reflecting the current political climate in the United States and elsewhere, in which justifications for empire have become fashionable.
This leaflet by the League for the Fourth International calls for a program of transitional demands leading from the present battle to the struggle for workers revolution.
www.internationalist.org   (2841 words)

 Fourth International
The Congress for the Refoundation of the Fourth Internacional
Declaration "For the Refoundation of the Fourth International"
www.po.org.ar /english/ivinternational.htm   (466 words)

 Electric Politics | The Fourth "Supreme International Crime" in Seven Years is Already Underway, with the ...
This has not happened, and in fact the Bush administration has successfully mobilized the UN, whose "primary responsibility" is the "maintenance of international peace and security," and the EU, as well as the Free Press, to facilitate its fourth attack.
We say that the fourth aggression is already underway because once again, as in the Iraq case, the United States has been attacking Iran for many months, and not just with verbal insults and threats.
It is clear that when it comes to actions that the superpower (or its leading client states) chooses to take, international law is completely inoperative, and that this has become institutionalized and accepted by the "international community" (which doesn't include the global underlying population).
www.electricpolitics.com /2006/05/the_fourth_supreme_internation.html   (2487 words)

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