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 Francis Bond Head - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Sir Francis Bond Head (1 January 1793– 20 July 1875), known as "Galloping Head", was Lieutenant-Governor of Upper Canada during the Rebellion of 1837.
Bond Head was a soldier in the British army from 1811- 1825, and afterwards attempted to set up a mining company in Argentina.
Bond Head sent the colonial militia to put down the rebellion, which they did within an hour, although Colonel Moodie was killed by the rebels. /wiki/Francis_Bond_Head   (321 words)

 Bond Head - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Francis Bond Head – Lieutenant-Governor of Upper Canada during the Rebellion of 1837.
Bond Head, Simcoe County, Ontario – town in Ontario named after Sir Francis Bond Head (see above).
Bond Head, Durham Regional Municipality, Ontario – village in Ontario named after the above. /wiki/Bond_Head,_Ontario   (117 words)

 Early Canada Historical Narratives -- FRANCIS BOND HEAD, PART 1
Francis Bond Head was born at the Hermitage in Higham Kent on January 1st, 1793 the youngest of six surviving children of James Roper Mendes Head and Frances Anne Burges.
Head's administration of the new poor law which replaced the dole with the workhouse had led to a riot in East Kent and to his use of the army to protect the poor law officers from the enraged paupers.
Francis had a lean face, a rigid mouth set between a beak nose, a prominent chin and a luxurious mop of curly hair of which he was quite vain. /tt/tt2.html   (1535 words)

 Early Canada Historical Narratives -- FRANCIS BOND HEAD, PART 2
Bond Head is remembered as a peculiar figure who conducted official audiences with his short legs stuck rigidly out in front of him.
Head, whose knowledge of the Act was nearly nil accurately responded in a document that was undoubtedly written by the chief justice that the governor alone was responsible for the conduct of government and need consult the Council only on specified matters.
Head said he would "throw himself on the good sense and good will of the people" and he did just that displaying in the process electioneering skills that won the envy and the anger of all who ran against him. /tt/tt3.html   (2870 words)

 Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online
Head had so little political experience that he had never voted in an election; he had displayed no interest whatever in colonial policy; and even his essay on the poor law, though couched in the rhetoric of reform, was based upon the deepest social conservatism.
He was nicknamed “Galloping Head” for his feat in riding twice across South America between Buenos Aires and the Andes; and his demonstration of the military usefulness of the lasso brought him a knighthood from William IV in 1831.
Gibson, “The ‘persistent fallacy’ of the Governors Head,” CHR, XIX (1938), 295—97. /EN/ShowBio.asp?BioId=39157   (2234 words)

 Upper Canada Rebellion
On December 7, Colonel Moodie attempted to ride through a roadblock to warn Sir Francis Bond Head, governor of Upper Canada, but the rebels panicked and killed him.
Bond Head was recalled and replaced with Lord Durham, who was assigned to report on the grievances among the colonists and find a way to appease them.
Mackenzie waited for Bond Head's force of about 1000 men, led by Colonel James Fitzgibbon[?], which outnumbered Mackenzie's approximately 400 rebels and inflicted heavy casualties upon them. /lookup/encyclopedia/up/Upper_Canada_Rebellion.html   (434 words)

 MSN Encarta - Search Results - Francis Bond Head
East Asia : political leaders and heads of state: Patten, Christopher Francis
Christopher Francis Patten was born in Blackpool, England....
Patten, Christopher Francis, born in 1944, last British governor of Hong Kong (1992-1997). /encnet/refpages/search.aspx?q=Francis+Bond+Head   (189 words)

 Book Reviews - Assisting Emigration to Upper Canada: The Petworth Project, 1832-1837.
In 1836 Sir Francis Bond Head (who is best remembered for precipitating the uprising led by William Lyon MacKenzie) arrived in Upper Canada and replaced Colborne as Lieutenant-Governor.
Bond Head was fresh from his success of efficiently introducing the new Poor Law in England's Kent county and was opposed, in principle, to government assistance to immigrants on either side of the Atlantic.
The new political ideas which were current in England and in Upper Canada help to explain why the Petworth Project did not continue and why there was no large scale government assisted emigration and settlement in the years that followed. /css/Css_37_1/BRpetworth_project.htm   (752 words)

 Canada in the Making - Aboriginals: Treaties & Relations
Sir Francis Bond Head, the province's lieutenant-governor, attempted to remove Aboriginals from their land and settle them onto a new reserve in Manitoulin Island on Lake Huron.
By 1836, Sir Francis Bond Head believed that attempts to remake the Aboriginal peoples living in his province into independent pioneer farmers were failing.
Letter from Sir Francis Bond Head to Lord Glenelg, Toronto, 20 August 1836 /citm/themes/aboriginals/aboriginals5_e.html   (1382 words)

 Journal of Canadian Studies: Emigrant and the Noble Savage: Sir Francis Bond Head's Romantic Approach to Aboriginal Policy in Upper Canada, 1836-1838, The
Sir Francis Bond Head (1793-1875) was a respected man of letters and the Lieutenant-Governor of Upper Canada from January 1836 until March 1838.
Head's commentators have remarked in passing that he was "a romantic" (Smith 1987, 162), but the important relationship between his Romanticism and his political practice has never been analyzed in the detail that it warrants.
A careful analysis of Head's proposed Indian policy reveals that many nineteenth-century Romantic perceptions of Aboriginal peoples, while seemingly benevolent, were none the less highly consistent with colonial policies that sought to alienate Aboriginal peoples from their lands and to segregate them from contact with European settler societies. /p/articles/mi_qa3683/is_200501/ai_n9520499   (806 words)

 Head Coat of Arms
The name Head was originally derived from the Old English "heafod," which meant "head." It has been suggested that the surname Head belongs to the class of topographic surnames, names taken on from nearby geographical features; thus the Head family would have lived at the head of a valley, or river.
Alernately, Head may have also been a nickname for someone with a large or distinctive head, which was then taken on as a surname.
The Head Family According to Vital Record of New Hampshire by Julia E. Head, The Head Family According to Vital Records of Vermont by Julia E. Head. /xq/asp.c/qx/head-coat-arms.htm   (1232 words)

 Gods of the Copybook Headings: In Profile: Robert Baldwin
Briefly called upon to serve on the Executive Council (Cabinet) in 1836 he resigned after his proposals for reform were repeatedly blocked by the appointed Lieutenant-Governor of the province, Sir Francis Bond Head.
Bond Head, who had been chosen by London in an attempt to assuage reformers in the colony, only further antagonized them with his refusals to consider any significant measures toward responsible government.
During the subsequent election Bond Head campaigned against the reformers, which was in spirit at least contrary to the British Constitution. /gpb/2005/02/in_profile_robe.html   (2707 words)

 HEAD, SIR FRANCIS BOND,... - Online Information article about HEAD, SIR FRANCIS BOND,...
In 1869 Sir Francis Head was made a privy councillor.
Head was the author of a considerable number of See also:
GEORGE HEAD (1782-18J5), was educated at the See also: /HAN_HEG/HEAD_SIR_FRANCIS_BOND_BART.html   (892 words)

Among the Igorrotes all that remains is the dance, accompanied by singing, around the bare pole on which the head was formerly fixed.
With the Ilongotes a bridegroom must bring his bride a number of heads, those of Christians being preferred.
Severe repressive measures have led to its decrease. /H/HE/HEAD_HUNTING.htm   (176 words)

 Head, Sir Francis Bond on
HEAD, SIR FRANCIS BOND [Head, Sir Francis Bond] 1793-1875, British administrator in Canada.
Head, who had resigned but had not yet been replaced in his post, quelled this uprising.
Sir Francis's reactionary policy in Canada and his alliance with the Family Compact estranged Robert Baldwin and the moderate reformers and drove William Lyon Mackenzie and other radical reformers into open rebellion in 1837. /html/h/head-f1.asp   (395 words)

 Search Results for Francis Bond Head - Encyclopædia Britannica
bond issued by a municipality, state, or public agency authorized to build, acquire, or improve a revenue-producing property such as a mass transit system, an electric generating plant, an airport,...
Bond issued by a municipality, state, or public agency authorized to...
Such a bond forms when the valence (outermost) electrons of one atom are transferred... /search?query=Francis+Bond+Head   (490 words)

 Find in a Library: Galloping Head; the life of the Right Honourable Sir Francis Bond Head, bart, P.C., 1793-1875, late Lieutenant-Governor of Upper Canada.
Galloping Head; the life of the Right Honourable Sir Francis Bond Head, bart, P.C., 1793-1875, late Lieutenant-Governor of Upper Canada.
Subjects: Head, Francis Bond, -- Sir, -- 1793-1875.
Find in a Library: Galloping Head; the life of the Right Honourable Sir Francis Bond Head, bart, P.C., 1793-1875, late Lieutenant-Governor of Upper Canada. /wcpa/ow/03907c15832ef945.html   (107 words)

 Summary of the Military Events
In Upper Canada, the bravado of Sir Francis Bond Head in sending the single British battalion to Montreal encouraged Mackenzie to summon followers to seize unguarded arms at Toronto.
While bond Head dithered between over-confidence and panic, resistance was organized by the aging veteran of Beaver Dams, Colonel James Fitzgibbon.
He and the much younger Colonel Allan MacNab mustered and armed a ragtsag army and, on December 7, led it north to an almost bloodless encounter. /cat/rebellions/1837f02.html   (331 words)

 Search Results for "Francis Bond Head"
...Sir Edmund Walker, 1805-68, British governor-general of Canada (1854-61), cousin of Sir Francis Bond Head.
...Sir Francis Bond, 1793-1875, British administrator in Canada. /cgi-bin/texis/webinator/65search?query=Francis+Bond+Head   (128 words)

 Early Toronto Newspapers II
It was a strongly Conservative paper; it has even been suggested that Sir Francis Bond Head helped edit it.
Francis Hincks founded The Examiner on July 3, 1838, as the first Reform paper after the Rebellion.
Osborne, petitioned the House of Assembly in November of 1836 for £25 towards the expense of preparing accurate daily parliamentary reports, a feature of the paper, but were refused. /cat/oldnewspap/pap2.html   (1911 words)

 LAS PAMPAS Y LOS ANDES - Francis Bond Head - Editorial Elefante Blanco - Literatura argentina
A member of the British Corps of Engineers, Francis Bond Head had been appointed as director of the Rio de la Plata Mining Company.
hen Francis Bond Head arrived in our country, way back in 1825, our flourishing nation had only declared its sovereignty and independence from the kings of Spain a few years before.
Despite its financial failure the position gives Head the chance to visit our land and to travel across immense uninhabited regions, taking precise note of the human and geographic aspects and the customs and traditions that he witnesses. /cat/cat_10_i.htm   (145 words)

 Alibris: Francis Harvey
by Head, Francis Bond, Sir, and Gardiner, C. Harvey
Francis provides an overview, with specifics, of the toxins in our foods, beauty products, cleaning agents, and home and work space.
Francis Harvey is a nature poet par excellence. /search/books/author/Harvey,Francis   (545 words)

 John Beverley Robinson - People
Bond Head was born at Higham, Kent, England and was appointed Lieutenant-Governor of Upper Canada in 1835.
He served the Canadian militia as both Lieutenant-Colonel and Colonel.
He retired as a Major and authored several travel books. /library/archives/zr2lpap.htm   (1622 words)

The suggestion that the provinces be run by “responsible head of departments” is refuted by a description of the status quo in Nova Scotia where the local administration is in the hands of responsible people (some appointed by the Imperial Parliament).
Clearly responding to the torrent of abuse that had been poured on his head by The Acadian Recorder, Haliburton argued that it was a sure sign that Slick was getting ahead: “curs never bark at a horse that is standing still tied to a fence”.
Mr Hallyburton is confessedly one of the wittiest and wisest of judges, and he is a sound hearted and clear headed Conservative, the Tories of this city will no doubt regret that they could not, during his brief stay, render him the honours due to so powerful an advaocate of Conservatism”. /courses/engl/RDavies/biog9.doc   (15715 words)

 HCO 5. C. Rebellion of 1837 - Upper Canada - Timeline
Jan 23 1836 Toronto Ontario - Francis Bond Head 1793-1875 arrives in Toronto to replace Colborne as Lieutenant-Governor of Upper Canada; he appoints Reformers Baldwin, Rolph and Dunn to the Executive Council in an effort to quell potential rebellion.
Feb 05 1836 Toronto Ontario - Francis Bond Head 1793-1875 writes to the Colonial Offices that the Reformers are only interested in getting control of the government for their own personal gain.
Dec 06 1837 Toronto Ontario - Upper Canada Militia Col. Allan MacNab and 60 soldiers arrive from Hamilton on a steamer to help Governor Francis Bond Head deal with the rebels; Captain Maclean also arrives from Scarborough with 100 militiamen. /hconline/chapters/5/5timeline.html   (3717 words)

 Head of state articles on
West Quoddy Head WEST QUODDY HEAD [West Quoddy Head] promontory extending into the Atlantic Ocean, SE Maine, SE of Lubec; the easternmost point in the continental United States.
Interior, United States Department of the INTERIOR, UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF THE [Interior, United States Department of the] federal executive department established in 1849, delegated custodian of U.S. natural resources, and whose head, the Secretary of the Interior, has cabinet rank.
Agriculture, United States Department of AGRICULTURE, UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF [Agriculture, United States Department of] federal executive department established in 1862, whose head was made a cabinet member in 1889. /searchpool.asp?target=Head+of+state   (497 words)

 Alibris: Francis Bond
by Head, Francis Bond, Sir, and Gardiner, C. Harvey
by Wittke, Carl Frederick (Editor), and Bond, Beverley W. (Beverley Waugh), and Utter, William Thomas, and Weisenburger, Francis P., and Roseboom, Eugene Holloway, and Jordan, Philip Dillon, and Lindley, Harlow, and Ohio State Archaeological and...
by Bligh, William, and Bond, John, surgeon, and Bond, Francis Godolphin, and Mackaness, George /search/books/author/Bond,Francis   (366 words)

 William Lyon Mackenzie
Sir Francis Bond Head - Head, Sir Francis Bond, 1793–1875, British administrator in Canada.
Enraged by the policies of Sir Francis Bond
In 1834 he became the first mayor of Toronto. /ce6/people/A0830973.html   (312 words)

 Publisher description for Library of Congress control number 2003501244
His letters to Beth Smallman in Crawford Corners have gone unanswered and writing speeches for Lieutenant Governor Francis Bond Head is not the stuff of excitement.
Then, during an election speech by Bond Head, a shot fells a government minister sitting just behind him and Marc on the hustings.
His investigation takes him from William Lyon Mackenzie& newspaper office into the mansions of the Family Compact, and to the local brewery, as the clues he uncovers point closer and closer to home. /catdir/description/random048/2003501244.html   (242 words)

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