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 Francis Lovelace - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Francis was the grandfather of John Lovelace, 4th Baron Lovelace of Hurley and sometime Governor of New York and New Jersey.
Francis Lovelace (1623-1675) was the youngest son of Richard, 1st Baron Lovelace of Hurley.
Lovelace died at Lovelace Plantation on Staten Island in 1675. /wiki/Francis_Lovelace   (170 words)

 Francis Lovelace
Delavan, "Col. Francis Lovelace and His Plantation on Staten Island," Proc.
Francis' father was knighted by James I, on Sept. 20, 1609, and about 1610 married Ann, daughter of Sir William Barne, of Woolwich, and Anne Sandys, daughter of Edwin Sandys, archbishop of York in Elizabeth's reign, and sister of Sir Edwin Sandys of the Virginia Company and George Sandys the poet.
Lovelace had been instructed to continue unabated the policies of government that were in operation. /~lovelace/francis.htm   (1269 words)

His brother, Francis Lovelace, the Colonel Francis of Lucasta, served on the side of Charles I., and defended Caermarthen in 1644.
Lovelaces fame has been kept alive by a few songs and the romance of his career, and his poems are commonly spoken of as careless improvisations, and merely the amusements of an active soldier.
When the rupture between king and parliament took place, Lovelace was committed to the Gatehouse at Westminster for presenting to the Commons in 1642 a petition from Kentish royalists in the kings favor. /L/LO/LOVELACE_RICHARD.htm   (922 words)

 Book order form Governor Francis Lovelace
Francis Lovelace.” However, the fact that Mary placed him in the hierarchy of her will just below her two brothers and another “kinsman” is a strong indicator of her esteem.
Francis Lovelace, the recorder of Canterbury, the son of Lancelot Lovelace (of Kent).
Confusion over the identities of the two Lovelace Governors of New York Colony: Governor Francis Lovelace (tenure: 1668-1673) and Governor John Lovelace (tenure: 1708-1709). /~lovelace/frankexcerpt.htm   (2974 words)

 Erie Gen. Hist. Chapter 4
In May, 1667, Col. Francis Lovelace was appointed Governor in place of Nicholls, and soon after taking charge of affairs, drew up regulations for the government of the territory upon the Delaware, and dispatched Capt. John Carr to act there as his Deputy Governor.
Lovelace happened to be absent, and his representative, Capt. John Manning, surrendered with but brief resistance, and the magistrates from Albany, Esopus, East Jersey and Long Island, on being summoned to New York, swore fealty to the returning Dutch power.
The number of taxable male inhabitants between the ages of sixteen and sixty years, in 1677, for Uplandt and New Castle, was 443, which by the usual estimate of seven to one would give the population 3,101 for this district. /amcnty/PA/Erie/GenHist04.htm   (2627 words)

 Untitled Document
Lovelace GORSUCH'S uncle, Francis LOVELACE (his mother's brother) was an aide to to the Gov. of the NY Colony in the 1600s.
Lovelace GORSUCH "of Dorchester Co, Maryland," married Hannah WALLEY, "late of Pennsylvania, Spinster," at Tuckahoe Meeting, in Talbot County, Maryland on 11 Jun 1696 (Hinshaw).
Lovelace GORSUCH, son of John and Ann LOVELACE Gorsuch, was brother of Richard and Anne _____ GORSUCH, whose children were named in the will of Edward ROE, whose will was adm. by William and Mary ROE Combs (See Earlier Postings). /~jerry876/preston.htm   (892 words)

 Combs &c. Families of Baltimore County, Maryland
Francis LOVELACE returned to England where, on 14 May 1667, he is referred to as "appointed Governor of New York," in an English warrant to the Ordnance (Calendar of State Papers, Colonial Series, America and West Indies 1661-68, no. 1480, p.
Former New York Governor Francis LOVELACE was b ca 1621, probably in Kent, England, the s/o Sir William LOVELACE, a Virginia Company shareholder, and Anne BARNES, d/o Sir William and Anne SANDYS Barnes (the latter sister of Sir Edwin SANDYS of the Virginia Company).
Richard and Charles are sons of John and Anne LOVELACE Gorsuch, and Miles GIBSON married Ann TODD, d/o Thomas and Anne GORSUCH Todd, the latter sister to Richard and Charles. /combs/records/md/baltimore   (2514 words)

 FORDHAM - LoveToKnow Article on FORDHAM
In 1671 Governor Lovelace erected this tract into the manor of Fordham.
Between i655 and 1671 Archer bought from the Indians the tract of land lying between Spuyten Duyvil Creek and the Harlem river on the east and the Bronx river on the west, and extending from the hamlet of Fordham to what is now High Bridge.
To properly cite this FORDHAM article in your work, copy the complete reference below: /F/FO/FORDHAM.htm   (239 words)

 The Spickermans: A Palatine Family > The Palatines > The 1708ers
In the middle of October 1708, the 1708ers set sail with the newly appointed Governor Francis Lovelace on the "Globe".
After the winter was over, Governor Lovelace granted the 1708ers land on the west of the Hudson River about fifty-five miles north of New York City at the mouth of Quassaick Creek.
With the death of Lovelace, the 1708ers were left without provisions. /jnordyke/palatine/02.html   (726 words)

 Francis Lovelace
LOVELACE, Francis, colonial governor, born in England about 1630.
He was the second son of Baron Lovelace, of Hurley, Berks County, England, a member of parliament, and a colonel in the British army.
A volume of his "Speeches" was published (London, 1660).--His grandson, LORD LOVELACE, succeeded Lord Corn-bury as governor of New York in 1709. /francislovelace   (390 words)

Nicolls's successor, Francis Lovelace, a man of far less distinction for character and ability, was nevertheless a Francis worthy person, and New York was prosperous Lovelace under his rule.
Several families from Boston now bought estates in New York and came there to live, willing perhaps, like Maverick, to escape from the saintly rule of the "lords brethren." The most important and memorable act of Lovelace's administration was the establishment of a regular monthly 1 O'Callaghan, History of New Netherland, ii.
In the third naval war between the English and Dutch he served on the fleet and was killed at the battle of Solebay, May 28, 1672, at the early age of forty-seven. /service/gc/gckb/042/00620020u.txt   (297 words)

 To Dream Tomorrow
Füegi/Francis's new research on Lovelace gleaned from the key British archives at Oxford, London, & Woking is also being published in articles in the forthcoming Dictionary of 19th Century British Scientists, and in the October/December 2003 issue of Annals of the History of Computing.
This one-hour, scholarly, interdisciplinary documentary film tells the story of Ada Byron Lovelace, her work with Charles Babbage, and their contributions to computing over a hundred years before the time usually thought to be the start of the Computer Age.
This film was researched and directed over a period of four years by scholar/film-makers, Jo Francis and John Füegi. /~jett/2003/film.html   (519 words)

 GIA Publications - Sacred choral music, hymnals, recordings and educations materials, Roman Catholic, Christian
"Heins, Francis D.; Lovelace, Austin C. // Milligan, James L."
Lovelace, Austin C. Edition#s with [brackets] are part of a collection.
LOVELACE Add a touch of shaped-note singing this Christmas. /sacred_music/music_search.cfm?urlcriteria=lovelace   (354 words)

He married BARBARA SHERON LOVELACE October 20, 1971 in Richmond, Virginia, daughter of WILLIAM LOVELACE and BERTHA DAVIS.
William Lovelace 1525 William Lovelace 1561 William Lovelace 1584 /~dejavu9437/genealogy.htm   (881 words)

 NYNY 1670-1674
Royal governor Francis Lovelace grants a petition by Lutheran minister Jacobus Fabritius to deliver a farewell sermon to his New York City parishioners.
Governor Francis Lovelace announces monthly mail service between New York and Boston.
British governor Colonel Francis Lovelace establishes once-a-month post service to Boston. /~dminor/NYNY1670.html   (646 words)

 Richard Lovelace --  Encyclopædia Britannica
An intercolonial mail service was established in 1672 by Governor Francis Lovelace...
Lovelace was probably born in the Netherlands, where his father was in military service.
The graceful lyrics and dashing career of the English poet and soldier Richard Lovelace made him a prototype of the Cavalier. /eb/article-9049131   (738 words)

 The New Yorke in America Token: Introduction
This was certainly the case for the second governor, Francis Lovelace (1668-1673), whose personal seal was an eagle with spread wings.
Thus, it appears the New Yorke token was a farthing size coin produced in England as a trade token for Francis Lovelace while he was governor of New York (1668-1673).
From these deductions we could then speculate the New Yorke token was a pattern produced in England at the expense of Governor Lovelace for a small change coin that was to be used in the colony of New York but was never minted as a regular issue. /ColCoin/ColCoinIntros/NewYorke.intro.html   (1058 words)

 Governor Francis Lovelace
Nicolls ruled wisely, and Francis Lovelace, his successor in 1667, ruled mildly.
Personally they liked Lovelace, but they were bound to consider him as the representative of a petty tyrant.
When, in menacing attitude, they demanded more liberty and less taxation, the governor, in a passion, unwisely declared that they should "have liberty for no thought but how to pay their taxes." This was resented, and when the Dutch squadron came, nearly all the Hollanders regarded their countrymen in the ships as liberators. /public_html/Our_Country_Vol_1/governorf_gj.html   (566 words)

The eagle upon a ragulated fesse which is the reverse of the piece is the same as the arms of the Lovelace family; and the author contends that this piece was issued during the governorship of Francis Lovelace, 1668-73.
The article discusses the "New Yorke in America" token, and argues that its weight, die axis, punches, and style are consistent with English tradesmen's tokens of the seventeenth century. /coac/c91abst.htm   (644 words)

 NYC24.COM: Digging NYC
"Though they never found the city hall, they did find the Lovelace Tavern [named after Francis Lovelace (administrator between 1668 and 1673), the second English governor of New York].
But Lovelace was no longer able to use the Dutch city hall-it was dilapidated-so they used the tavern to continue their business, they would eat, smoke … they even had a jail in there," she says.
Along with the discovery of the Lovelace Tavern, thousands of other artifacts were also found. /2001/issue07/story02/page1.html   (901 words)

 1664, 4 Oct.-1668, 21 Apr. ESTABLISHMENT OF ENGLISH RULE.
Pursuing the same general policy of conciliation, Nicolls' successor, Col. Francis Lovelace (1668-73) refrained from extending the Duke's Laws to the predominantly Dutch areas of Kingston (Esopus, Wiltwyck), Albany, and Schenectady (settled 1661).
The Peace of Beda (21 July 1667) ending the war confirming the English possession of New Netherland. /history/uk_1664.htm   (245 words)

 Lovelace Family 1561 - 1910
Parish, MD Father: FRANCIS, Thomas 4 LOVELACE, John b: ~1646 Of,,, Maryland #: LOVE290 4 LOVELACE, William b: ~1648 Of, Annapolis, Anne Arundel, Maryland
Seige of Carmarthen, WLS #: LOVE3 4 LOVELACE, Francis, Gent., Baltimore merchant b: 1644 VA (perhaps)
ENG or 1640 Bethersden, KEN, ENG 3 LOVELACE, Richard, poet b: 09 Dec 1617 Woolwich, Kent, ENG d: Apr /~dav4is/ODTs/LOVELACE.shtml   (783 words)

 RootsWeb: LOVELACE-L Archives (November 2001)
Re: Early Lovelaces in MD tied to Jas-Theo
[PML] Jesse Lovelace, b1815; Wilson Co., TN connection?
[PML] Lovelace mentioned as former wife in obit, Erwin, TN, 2001 /th/index/LOVELACE/2001-11   (385 words)

 About Flare: Jo and John
In addition to co-directing Flare's Women of Power© films, Jo Francis also directs Flare's Intergenerational projects.
Among the intergenerational videos she has directed, edited and produced are Falcon Love Story, a humorous tale about overcoming obstacles, and Journeys Close to Home, a film about grieving a significant loss. /flare/about/joandjohn.html   (100 words)

 Transcript of Lecture Delivered by  Donald Shomette  on September 12
Francis Lovelace was an affable fellow, noble of mind and tolerant of most religious
maelstrom of discontent, Francis Lovelace and the English citizenry of the colony of
with the total dismemberment of the English administration of Francis Lovelace. /lic/lectures/donaldshomettelecture.htm   (8766 words)

 Find in a Library: Administrative papers of Governors Richard Nicolls and Francis Lovelace, 1664-1673
Administrative papers of Governors Richard Nicolls and Francis Lovelace, 1664-1673
by Richard Nicolls; Francis Lovelace; Peter R Christoph
Find in a Library: Administrative papers of Governors Richard Nicolls and Francis Lovelace, 1664-1673 /wcpa/ow/9e0b28e06b13f891a19afeb4da09e526.html   (75 words)

 Rutherford County, NC Deed Index
Lovelace, CV & TB / Haynes, RR / Deed/104/417/1916
Lovelace, CV & TB / Cliffside Mills / Deed/96/402/1912
Lovelace, CV & TB / Haynes, RR / Deed/93/583/1910 /wdfloyd/Deed-L1.html   (7162 words)

 Genealogy Data Page 231 (Notes Pages)
Note: Francis Lovelace served as Governor of New York from 1668 to 1673.
If Lovelace was not a poet of the first rank, he was certainly in the upper reaches of the second.
Note: Richard Lovelace was one of the most interesting figures in early Stuart and Commonwealth England, described by a contemporary as a "Souldier, Gentleman and Lover, and a fair pretender to the Title of Poet." /genealogy/n_e6.html   (1476 words)

 Francis Lovelace - Ask for Kids
Reportatio in primum librum Sententiarum -- by Francis of Ma...
Sir Francis Drake: A Pictorial Biography by Hans P. Kraus (R...
In secundum librum Sententiarum -- by Francis of Marchia: A... /web?q=Francis+Lovelace&o=0   (77 words)

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