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 Francis Xavier - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Xavier was born Francisco de Jaso y Azpilcueta in the Castle of Xavier (modern Spanish Javier, Basque Xabier) near Sangüesa and Pamplona, in Navarre, Spain.
One notable church is the Basilica of St. Francis Xavier in Dyersville, Iowa.
The feast of St Francis Xavier in Goa /wiki/Francis_Xavier   (2110 words)

 Francis Xavier and Asia
Xavier was not a man for articulating theological shifts in an intellectual, systematic fashion, but rather for living these same shifts in the due course of meeting with people and for expressing the inner changes that he underwent in the way he was narrating an ever evolving story.
Xavier was indeed ordained a priest in June 1537, but the companions were prevented from undertaking their pilgrimage due to the war between Venice and the Turks.
Xavier was looking for “meaning’ in the course of his encounter, and the quest for meanings is a continuous one, even though it takes countless new expressions. /english/SFXfeer.html   (3148 words)

 Francis Britto's Brittopia: Laures, "Xavier in Yamaguchi"
Moreover, the Xavier Society of Yamaguchi, headed by Prefectural Governor Tatsuo Tanaka, is preparing the publication of the biography of St. Francis Xavier, whom the city has regarded as its patron saint ever since his arrival in the city in 1549.
After Xavier left the city, rebels murdered the lord, Ouchi Yoshitaka and his son.* The missionaries were then in great danger of being massacred by the angry people, who blamed them and their teaching for the misfortune of civil war that befell the city.
Xavier's noble personality, his zeal for the propagation of the Gospel and above all his extraordinary kindness made such a deep impression on the man, that he resolved to devote the rest of his life to the conversion of his countrymen. /~d-mccoy/xavier/laures/laures.html   (4089 words)

 St. Francis Xavier - Patron and Model of the Xaverian Missionaries
Francis Xavier was proclaimed Saint on March 12, 1622, and, together with St. Therese of Lisieux, declared Patron of all Missions, by Pope Pius X in 1904.
Francis Xavier was born in Navarre, Spain, on April 7, 1506.
Francis wrote that like a crazy man he could scream in the universities of Europe, that millions upon millions are waiting to hear God's World... /M_Stories/Xavier.htm   (312 words)

 Jesuit saints and blesseds
Francis Xavier was the only one of the companions not already committed to a work so Ignatius asked him to go, even though they were the closest friends and the departure meant that they would never see each other again.
Francis Xavier (Francisco de Jassu y Javier, 1506-1552), was the first Jesuit missionary and the prototype who inspired many men to enter the Society of Jesus and evangelize far off nations.
Xavier was born in his family's small castle in Navarre, in the north of Spain, and there received his early education. /history/saint_show.cfm?SaintID=51   (1743 words)

 Malaspina Great Books - St. Francis Xavier (1506-1552)
Francis Xavier is considered the greatest missionary since the time of the Apostles&; and the zeal he displayed, the wonderful miracles he performed, and the great number of souls he brought to the light of true Faith, entitle him to this distinction.
Born in the Castle of Xavier near Sanguesa, in Navarre&; Spain, April 7, 1506&; Francis Xavier died on the Island of Sancian near the coast of China&; December 2, 1552.
Born in the Castle of Xavier near Sanguesa, in Navarre&; 7 April&; 1506; died on the Island of Sancian near the coast of China&; 2 December&; 1552. /home.asp?topic=./search/details&lastpage=./search/results&ID=453   (1886 words)

 St. Francis Xavier Catholic School - Private Schools - Brunswick, GA
Saint Francis Xavier Catholic School is a community of dignity and purpose which shares with the family the educational mission of the church.
Francis Xavier, the only Catholic school in Brunswick, GA, provides a unique, contemporary, and spiritual environment where students are encouraged to make responsible choices within the framework of gospel values.
St. Francis Xavier Catholic School is an educational community inspired by the Holy Spirit and the Gospel. /sites/stfrancisxaviercatholicschool   (456 words)

 St. Francis Xavier
Xavier, who was placed in the hospital of the incurables, employed the day in dressing the sores of the sick, in making their beds, and serving them in meaner offices, and passed whole nights in watching by them.
Francis was beatified by Paul V in 1554, and canonized by Gregory XV in 1662.
Francis was instructed in the Latin tongue under domestic masters, and grounded in religious principles in the bosom of his pious parents. /library/MARY/STXAVIER.htm   (6661 words)

 About Saint Francis Xavier School
Francis Xavier School is founded on the belief that an individual develops as a free person, aware of his/her own unique native origin and lives by the convictions well founded in that culture.
At St. Francis Xavier School we strive to instill in students the idea that the gaining of knowledge is a continual process.
The faculty and students of St. Francis Xavier School attempt to live the Gospel message of Jesus and experience the presence of the Holy Spirit. /~st.francisxavierschool/about_saint_francis_xavier_schoo.html   (315 words)

 Francis Xavier, Missionary
Francis found to his dismay that the Portuguese settlers and soldiers of the colony were brutal in their treatment of the natives, and that, even aside from this, their manner of life did not commend their nominal faith to the native observer.
In 1541 Francis sailed with two companions from Portugal to the Portuguese colony of Goa on the west coast of India (arriving in May 1542), where he set about learning the language and writing a catechism for the instruction of converts.
After five months in Goa, Francis went to the east coast of India, near Sri Lanka (Ceylon), where he preached to a people called the Paravas, with considerable success until the ruler of Jaffna in northern Ceylon became alarmed and suppressed his mission by force. /resources/bio/71.html   (834 words)

 April 7: Prodigious labors of Francis Xavier
The story of the astonishing Francis Xavier: the Samurai's Lost Treasure Francis became a missionary to the farthest reaches of the world.
Francis hurried to the young man's side and pleaded with him to forgive the man who had wounded him.
His enthusiasm was contagious, and Xavier, abandoning his professorship, bound himself to evangelism, poverty, chastity and obedience. /DAILYF/2001/04/daily-04-07-2001.shtml   (545 words)

 Francis Xavier --  Britannica Student Encyclopedia
Francis Xavier was born on April 7, 1506, in the Spanish kingdom of Navarre.
The Jesuit priest Francis Xavier was a Spanish missionary priest who spent 11 years preaching and teaching in India and Japan.
He became known as the Apostle of the Indies and was eventually canonized as a saint of the Roman Catholic church. /ebi/article-9277818   (669 words)

 Saint Francis Xavier Parish - History
Francis Xavier It was built on the southwest comer of Ogden and Spring Avenues in 1892, on the site of our present facility.
St. Francis Xavier Parish of LaGrange, Illinois, just over 100 years old, has grown from a parish of 94 households in 1890 to a faith community of over 3000 families as 2003 begins.
Nevertheless, the dedication of the new St. Francis Xavier Church took place in 1931. /sfx_parish/parish_html/history.shtml   (961 words)

 Patron Saints Index: Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos
Today, Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos invites the members of the Church to deepen their union with Christ in the sacraments of Penance and the Eucharist.
One of twelve children born to Mang and Frances Schwarzenbach Seelos; he was named for Saint Francis Xavier.
I offer praise to You for the grace You have bestowed on Your humble missionary, Father Francis Xavier Seelos May I have the same joyful vigor that Father Seelos possessed during his earthly life to love You deeply and live faithfully Your gospel. /saints/saintf30.htm   (814 words)

 St. Francis Xavier - Saint of the Day - American Catholic
From Venice, where he was ordained priest in 1537, Francis Xavier went on to Lisbon and from there sailed to the East Indies, landing at Goa, on the west coast of India.
Francis Xavier, 24 at the time, and living and teaching in Paris, did not heed these words at once.
Francis then made the spiritual exercises under the direction of Ignatius, and in 1534 joined his little community (the infant Society of Jesus). /Features/SaintOfDay?id=1218   (478 words)

 St. Francis Xavier Parish & School
Francis Xavier Parish is a community of faith in a rapidly growing suburban community.   (106 words)

 St. Francis Xavier
Francis Xavier was declared a saint in 1622 along with St. Ignatius of Loyola.
Xavier went to Portugal and on April 7, 1541, with the title of papal ambassador, he set out for Asia.
Ignatius, seeing in Francis a man whose administrative skill matched his zeal, picked him in 1540 to carry the gospel to India and the Far East. /SaintsAlive/id790.htm   (716 words)

 St Francis Xavier and Malacca
Suddenly Xavier became ill with fever and with no proper care available on the desolate isle, was to die like Moses, in sight of the land of promise at the age of 46.
He was most generous to Francis and gave him the means of supporting himself during the first stages of the Japanese mission, as well as the means to build a chapel there and gifts to be presented to the king of Japan.
In 1542, Xavier was walking barefooted, his lips parched, his whole frame racked with pain, in an obsure village in India. /francischinchoy/sfx/sfxarticle01.html   (1762 words)

 St. Francis Xavier
One cannot help asking whether St. Francis Xavier himself, were he now in heaven allowed to select, would choose this glorious picture of himself as the one which redounded most to his credit, or as the one he would most bring before men's notice in proof of the manhood that was in him.
No, St. Francis Xavier, the Apostle of the East, was not wholly a success; had he been that he would have failed to resemble his Master, the Failure of Calvary.
Surely there was ground for the resentment of the authorities against the intrusion of Inigo Loyola; and their judgment that Francis Xavier was, after all, fickle and light-headed, a dreamer of dreams and unreliable, was not without a basis of good evidence. /library/MARY/XAVIER.htm   (5518 words)

 Saint Francis Xavier
Francis Xavier, Saint, 1506–52, Basque Jesuit missionary, called the Apostle to the Indies, b.
Francis was one of the greatest of Christian missionaries; his travels covered many thousands of miles in 11 years, and his successes in preaching and in personal conversion were tremendous.
Francis left Lisbon in 1541 with a brief as papal nuncio. /ce6/people/A0819447.html   (316 words)

 Historic St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church, Baltimore, Maryland
Francis Xavier Church moved from Calvert and Pleasant Streets in 1932.
Francis Xavier Church was dedicated February 21, 1864.
Although some of the organizations of St. Francis Church had a short life, there was a consistent effort on the part of the priest and parishioners to better themselves spiritually and educationally. /parish/md/sfx/page2.html   (836 words)

 St. Francis Xavier School
Francis Xavier School, a K-8 rural school of approximately two hundred eighty-five students, is located in Gettysburg, PA. Although a small community, Gettysburg is both a college and a historic town.
The mission of St. Francis Xavier School is to pass on the rich heritage and Gospel values of the Catholic faith, to assist parents
When they were withdrawn in 1920, the Sisters of Mercy were invited to staff St. Francis Xavier School.   (382 words)

 Christian History - Francis Xavier - 131 Christians Everyone Should Know
Xavier and his followers were often persecuted, and Xavier himself was once shot with arrows.
At the request of King John III, Xavier was sent to Goa, India, the center of Portuguese operations in the East.
China, however, was closed to outsiders, and Xavier died of fever while trying to gain entrance to the country. /history/special/131christians/xavier.html   (1050 words)

 Xavier, Saint Francis on
Francis Xavier's sidetrip to Leyte immortalized; Abuyog parish church erects a fountain to mark the event.(Tourism)
America's longest-presiding university president: an interview with Dr. Norman C. Francis of Xavier University of Louisiana.
A co-founder of the Jesuit Society, Saint Francis Xavier began his religious missions in the 1540s and proved himself to be extremely successful in converting the peoples of Ceylon and /html/x/x-x1avier-s1.asp   (714 words)

 Lives of the Saints, December 3, Saint Francis Xavier
What is needed is the spirit which animated Saint Francis Xavier — the desire to make some return to God for His bounties, with much confidence in His paternal love.
Francis was sent by Saint Ignatius to the Orient in 1534, where for twelve years he labored unceasingly to win souls, sleeping only three hours a night, eating very little, and bearing the Gospel to Hindustan, to Malacca, and as far as Japan.
In Rome, Francis again went to a hospital to serve the sick; he also visited the prisons to encourage and console the poor inmates, while preparing for ordination with the others, according to the desire of the pope. /cal/engl/12-03.htm   (762 words)

 Francis Xavier - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Casket of Saint Francis Xavier in the Basilica of Bom Jésus in Goa
Francis Xavier is an Anglican and a Catholic saint.
One notable church is the Basilica of St. Francis Xavier in Dyersville, Iowa. /wiki/Francis_Xavier   (1830 words)

 Francis Xavier
Francis Xavier, born in Navarre of a noble family, met St. Ignatius while both were students at the University of Paris.
issued December 3, the feast of St. Francis Xavier and the occasion of the St. Francis Xavier Exposition in Goa
He became one of Ignatius' first companions, and departed for India within a year of the approval of the Society of Jesus. /stamps/1_Xavier.htm   (252 words)

 Francis Xavier and Matteo Ricci
When the King of Portugal requested that missionaries be sent to colonies in the Orient, Ignatius of Loyola selected Francis Xavier for the job.
One of Xavier's early successes was among fishermen and their families along the Coromandel Coast of India.
Xavier then sent these young people to teach their elders in the Tamil language. /historytutor/basic/modern/people/xavier-ricci.htm   (208 words)

 History of Saint Francis Xavier Parish
In 1878, the cornerstone for a new church of St. Francis Xavier was laid.
They would become the home of a church and college named for St. Francis Xavier, who was among the first seven Jesuits in the order founded by St. Ignatius Loyola.
The faith community which became the Church of St. Francis Xavier started in a different place and with a different name. /newyork/stfrancisxavier/history.htm   (836 words)

 CBC Toronto - Features - Whose Truth? - Father Francis Xavier
To Father Francis Xavier, Pirabakaran is a hero, and he's proud to count himself as a follower.
Father Francis Xavier is a pillar of Toronto's Sri Lankan Tamil community.
Father Francis Xavier is also an ardent supporter of the Tamil Tigers. /toronto/features/whose_truth/xavier.html   (393 words)

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