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 Franco-Prussian War - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Prussian Army held a brief victory parade in Paris on February 17th, and Bismarck honoured the armistice by sending trainloads of food into Paris and withdrawing Prussian forces to the east of the city, which would be withdrawn as soon as France paid the agreed war indemnity.
The Prussian army was unique in Europe for having the only General Staff in existence, whose sole purpose was to direct operational movement, organise logistics and communications and develop the overall war strategy.
The war began over the possible ascension of a candidate from Prussia's Hohenzollern royal family to the Spanish throne, which was opposed by France. /wiki/Franco-Prussian_War   (6859 words)

 Franco-Prussian War on
FRANCO-PRUSSIAN WAR [Franco-Prussian War] or Franco-German War, 1870-71, conflict between France and Prussia that signaled the rise of German military power and imperialism.
The military conduct of the war was, for the Germans, in the hands of Helmuth Karl Bernhard von Moltke, a military genius.
War preparations were pushed on both sides, with remarkable inefficiency in France and with astounding thoroughness in Prussia. /html/F/FrancoP1r.asp   (1118 words)

 Franco Prussian War
The Franco-Prussian War, was a war in 1870-1871 lost by France to the German states under the leadership of Prussia.
The event directly precipitating the Franco-Prussian War was the candidacy of Leopold, prince of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen, for the throne of Spain, rendered vacant by the Spanish revolution of 1868.
The Prussian statesman realized that this move would in all probability precipitate war, but he knew that Prussia was prepared, and he counted on the psychological effect of a French declaration of war to rally the south German states to Prussia's cause, thus accomplishing the final phase in the unification of Germany. /franco_prussian_war.htm   (1265 words)

 The Franco-Prussian War and Immediate Aftermath
An ill-written French denunciation was matched by a Prussian distortion, and soon the French Empire and the North German Confederation -- joined by the south German states of Baden, Württemburg, and Bavaria -- were preparing for war.
At that northern Alsatian town, the main French army was crushed and the Emperor Napoléon III himself captured by the Prussian and Baden forces.
Particularly after the 1867 Luxembourg Crisis, when the North German Confederation kept the France from acquiring the autonomous Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, war between the established French state and the rising German federation was widely thought to be inevitable. /TpA/frpruswar.html   (424 words)

 Franco-Prussian War 1870-71
The Prussians surrounded Paris, set up their HQ at the Palace of Versailles, to the SW, and were able to bombard much of the city with Krupps' big new cannons.
While the Prussians besieged and starved the city, the leaders of the new Republic were cut off from the rest of the country.
Meanwhile at Versailles, the triumphant Prussians declared Wilhelm the new Kaiser of a united German Empire. /tm-heritage/background/prussian-war.htm   (732 words)

 Franco-Prussian War & Paris Commune
The spark for the war between Prussia and France was the candidature of Leopold of Hohenzollern to be King of Spain after the deposition of Isabella II.
A civil war was fought between the Commune and the troops of the Versailles government.
The Prussians surrounded and besieged Paris during the terrible winter of 1870-1871, beating off French armies raised in the rest of the country. /collections/westeuropean/francoprussianwar.html   (638 words)

 France Prussia Germany War 1870-1871
The immediate cause of the Franco-German War, however, was the candidacy of Prince Leopold of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen (who was related to the Prussian royal house) for the Spanish throne, which had been left vacant when Queen Isabella II had been deposed in 1868.
Franco-German War, also called FRANCO-PRUSSIAN WAR (July 19, 1870-May 10, 1871), war in which a coalition of German states led by Prussia defeated France.
Prussia's defeat of Austria in the Seven Weeks' War in 1866 had confirmed Prussian leadership of the German states and threatened France's position as the dominant power in Europe. /aced/data/foxtrot/franceprussia1870.htm   (1268 words)

 The Franco-Prussian War 1870-71
The Franco-Prussian War is a subject which has fascinated me ever since I came across a copy of Michael Howard`s book (The Franco-Prussian War, London 1961) in the school library many years ago.
It was a massive victory for the Germans under Prussian leadership, and a military and political disaster for France with the extra humiliation for the French of the crowning of a new German Emperor at Versailles.
The war marked the beginning of the rise of a united Germany to Great Power status with the resulting commercial and military confrontation with the British Empire which came to a head in 1914. /fpw1870   (246 words)

 franco prussian bismarck - Books, journals, articles @ The Questia Online Library
Franco-Prussian War The Preliminary Treaty of Versailles of 1871 was signed at the end of the Franco-Prussian War by Otto von Bismarck for Germany and by Adolphe Thiers for France.
Italy and the Vatican at War: A Study of Their Relations from the Outbreak of the Franco-Prussian War to the Death of Pius IX
PRUSSIAN WAR or Franco-German War, 1870...provoked by Otto von Bismarck (the Prussian chancellor) as part...German Empire, the Franco-Prussian War had other far...Roger de Mauni : The Franco - Prussian War (1970); M. Howard... /search/franco-prussian-bismarck   (1401 words)

 Franco-Prussian War
Von Moltke, Helmuth (Field Marshal) The Franco-German War of 1870-1871.
The Year of Battles: or, the Franco-German War of 1870-71.
This is the first complete study of the war by a British historian. /jpalmer/europewars.html   (264 words)

 Modern History Sourcebook: A War Correspondent in the Franco-Prussian War, 1870
A War Correspondent in the Franco-Prussian War, 1870
Modern History Sourcebook: A War Correspondent in the Franco-Prussian War, 1870
The former were filled with French prisoners and wounded soldiers; the latter with fresh German troops en route for the seat of war, doctors and sisters of charity on their way to tend the sick of the German army, and every sort of war stores and supplies it is possible to imagine. /halsall/mod/1870war1.html   (2676 words)

 Franco-Prussian War --  Britannica Student Encyclopedia
Thus the stage was set for the Franco-Prussian War of 1870 to...
Thus the stage was set for the Franco-Prussian War of 1870 to 1871.
The ruinous Franco-Prussian War (1870–71), launched by France against Germany, caused the downfall of the Second Empire. /ebi/article-9274414   (929 words)

 Franco-Prussian War battlefield tour
Proving Clauswitz’s maxim that ‘war is but a continuation of diplomacy’, Bismarck and the ingenious Prussian Chief of Staff, von Moltke, set about provoking and executing a series of successful European wars that would ensure that there was no effective resistance to the unification of Germany under Prussian guidance.
After lunch we look at the Prussian advance on Sedan and the actions fought at Nouart, Beaumont and Bazeilles, the latter the scene of the French Marines’ fight to the “la derniere cartouche”.
We visit the excellent military museum in the Chateau with its numerous relics from the war and panorama of the battle. /t106a.html   (735 words)

Gravelotte-St-Privat was the turning point in the Franco-Prussian War leading directly to the final defeat of the French at Sedan, the collapse of Napoleon III's régime and the proclamation of the German Empire.
French infantry struggle to defend a large gateway from the onslaught of the Prussian Infantry during the Franco - Prussian war.
An Incident in the Franco-Prussian War by Emile-Joseph Huenten /franco.htm   (2241 words)

 The Franco Prussian War
Taking place in a new era marked by huge advances in infantry and artillery weaponry, the Franco Prussian War of 1871 was the first modern war in Europe.
Featuring many rare period images, The Franco-Prussian War is a powerful record of one of Europe's most important and far reaching conflicts.
The ineptitude of the French commanders contrasted sharply with the brilliance of the Prussian General Helmut von Moltke. /ihf/r562.html   (92 words) The Franco-Prussian War: The German Invasion of France, 1870-1871: Books
First published in 1961 and now with a new introduction, The Franco-Prussian War is acknowledged as the definitive history of one of the most dramatic and decisive conflicts in the history of Europe.
Whereas previous studies, certainly near contemporary ones, focussed on the military lessons that should be learnt before the next European war, Howard looks at the conflict from more of a political angle.
In 1870 Bismarck ordered the Prussian Army to invade France, inciting one of the most dramatic conflicts in European history. /exec/obidos/ASIN/0415266718   (798 words)

 Franco-Prussian War - Chronology of the War
The Seven Weeks War between Austria and Prussia sees the defeat of Austria in a campaign that vaults Prussia into prominence among the German states
The First Schleswig-Holstein War in which a coalition of Austria and Prussia defeats Denmark to gain possession of the Schleswig-Holstein provinces
The French Army of Chalons commanded by Marshall MacMahon is surrounded and cut off by the two German armies (Third Army and Army of the Meuse). /cooleyjc/fpwar/chronology   (459 words)

 Franco-Prussian War to Sarajevo
Some of the more important steps leading to the Great War can be traced from the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-71 with Germany's subsequent rise to power and the decline of France as the number one continental European nation.
After a lengthy confrontation between the two countries and threat of war, agreement was reached in early 1899 on Anglo-French spheres of influence in Africa.
Europe supported the Boers against Britain in a war that lasted until 1903. /WW1NavalStartPolitical.htm   (1971 words)

Has examples of actions in the Franco-Prussian war and charts of hit ratios at different ranges.
PRUSSIAN INFANTRY IN THE WAR OF 1870-1871/ Prinz Hohehlohe Ingelfingen 60p.
WARS OF REVOLUTION VI) Custine's Invasion of Germany 1792 / Chuquet, A Naf 180p. /19th/cal_19th_b.htm   (402 words)

 France After The Franco-prussian War
Saw no trace of the war except a chip over the church door and the presence of Prussian soldiers, one of whom walks constantly up and down the railway platform with his rifle, etc."
It is rather interesting to compare the monetary conditions prevailing in Paris after the two wars.
The first reference to results of the war is met with at Mézières : /articles29/travel-journey-11.shtml   (558 words)

 CD2030: Franco-Prussian War
A collection of 40 rare plates from different German Artists including Kntel and Rchling of various scenes and uniforms during the Franco Prussian War 1870-1871.
This is a wonderful FP War reference set from German Sources.
Five color and 35 black and white prints from drawings and engravings. /catalog/cd2030__franco-prussian_war_3411714.htm   (102 words)

An eye-witness account of the Burial of Fallen Officers of the Prussian Guard
Description of a Process used by the Prussians to
As published in German Newspapers after the War /fpw1870/contents.html   (492 words)

 Franco-Prussian War
In September 1870 the Prussian forces headed for Paris.
In 1870 the Otto von Bismarck ordered the Prussian Army into France.
, USA History, British History, Second World War, First World War, Germany, /WARfranco.htm   (137 words)

 Franco-Prussian War Timeline
Home : Conflict and War : 18th & 19th Century Conflicts :
Do you have any comments and suggestions about this timeline, please e-mail and tell us at: /history/conflict_and_war/18th_&_19th_century_conflicts/franco-prussian_war   (29 words)

 Heroics & Ros Franco-Prussian War Figures
Seven Years War Marlborough Period English Civil War Renaissance 1495-1529 Wars of the Roses Medieval — Crusades
World War One — vehicles and figures by
WW2 Trains WW2 Landing Craft & Coastal Vessels by Navwar World War Two AFVs Modern AFVs /300fig/rosfrancop.htm   (157 words)

 The Franco-Prussian War
This war pitted France against Prussia and other German states.
Please note that these history pages will develop over time
Would you like to contribute to extending this information? /zfrapru.html   (97 words)

Gravelotte-St-Privat was the turning point in the Franco-Prussian War leading directly to the final defeat of the French at Sedan, the collapse of Napoleon III's régime and the proclamation of the German Empire.
The Franco-Prussian war and Austro-Prussian war shown in military art prints by military artists Carl Rochling, Alphonse De Neuville and Richard Knotel.
French infantry struggle to defend a large gateway from the onslaught of the Prussian Infantry during the Franco - Prussian war. /franco.htm   (2212 words)

 Franco-Prussian War Links
Also there are details of the effect of the Franco-Prussian War on the subsequent development of international law concerning war and neutrality.
The section on the Franco-Prussian War summarises the work the organisation did with the wounded and prisoners of war.
Large collection of documents covering all periods of military history, from the Franco-Prussian War period "The Battle of Wörth 1870 " and " The Administration of the Prussian Army 1872 " (English translations of original German texts). /fpwar1870/links.html   (1199 words)

 Franco-Prussian War
The Franco-Prussian War shown in military art prints by military artists Adolphe Yvon, Bellacour, Christian Sell, Carl Rochling and Richard Knotel.
A lone French soldier is herded into captivity after being captured during the Franco Prussian war.
Periods covered: Napoleonic, Franco Prussian, American Civil war and a mixture of others. /franco-prussian_war.htm   (939 words)

 Franco-Prussian War - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Franco-Prussian War ( July 19, 1870 – May 10, 1871) was fought between France and Prussia (backed by the North German Confederation) allied with the south German states of Baden, Bavaria and Württemberg.
Following the end of the Austro-Prussian War, the Prussian chancellor Otto von Bismarck and the French emperor Napoleon III had attempted to reach a private agreement regarding the balance of power in Europe.
In France and Germany the war is known as the Franco-German War, in French as La guerre franco-allemande de 1870 (French-German War of 1870) and in German as Deutsch-Französischer Krieg (German-French War), which perhaps more accurately describes the combatants rather than simply France and Prussia alone. /wiki/Franco-Prussian_War   (939 words)

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