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Topic: Frank Collin

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  Frank Collin: From neo-Nazi to Hyper-Diffussionist and Witch
Frank Joseph Collin is most often associated in the public mind as the neo-Nazi who threatened in 1977 to march and rally in Skokie, a predominately Jewish suburb of Chicago.
The next Frank Collin, whoever she or he may be, should not be extended the same cooperation." Not long ago, it is alleged that Collin was mugged while vacationing in Peru.
Frank Collin is still opinionated, confrontational, and arrogant, though now he uses a computer instead of a heavy club.
www.flavinscorner.com /collin.htm   (3134 words)

  Frank Collin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Frank Joseph Collin (born November 3, 1944), was the leader of the National Socialist Party of America, whose plans to march in the predominantly Jewish Chicago suburb of Skokie, Illinois were the centerpiece of a major First Amendment decision by the U.S. Supreme Court, National Socialist Party v.
Collin's organization, the National Socialist Party of America, remained relatively obscure until 1977, when it announced plans to march through Skokie, Illinois in retaliation for the city of Chicago banning the NSPA from speaking publicly in Marquette Park.
Collin was convicted of the sexually molestation of young boys in 1980 and served three years in prison before being paroled in 1983.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Frank_Collin   (495 words)

 Attorneys   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Frank Collin received his B.A. degree from the University of California at Berkeley in 1964, and his J.D. degree at the University of California at Berkeley (Boalt Hall) in 1967.
Frank was a partner in the San Francisco law firm of Heller, Ehrman, White and McAuliffe until November of 1979, when he joined DPandF.
Frank was selected as one of the best lawyers in America in Naifeh and Smith, The Best Lawyers In America (1987, Woodward/White, Inc.) and has been selected in each subsequent edition.
www.dpfnapa.com /collin.htm   (287 words)

 When the Nazis Came to Skokie: Words: Temple Lentz: CenterstageChicago.com
Frank Collin was born in Illinois, of Jewish descent, shortly after WWII.
The survivors claimed that Collin's demonstration, no matter how peaceful and regardless of the words he used (he'd promised only to speak in favor of white power, not to utter anti-Semitic barbs), his presence, with marchers in full Nazi regalia, would endanger them in a manner that should be protected by the Constitution.
Collin countered by saying that their prior refusal to let him march was a breach of his First Amendment rights, and he asked the ACLU to take up his case.
centerstage.net /literature/articles/strum.html   (842 words)

 The History of New York State
The American progenitor of the Collin family of which Judge Collin is a direct descendant was Paul Collin, son of Jean and Judith (Vasleau) Collin, who resided on the Isle of Re, opposite the city of Rochelle on the western coast of France.
Frank McAlpine Collin, the sixth son, has resided on the Collin farm in Benton all his lifetime and has many times been Supervisor of the town and a member of the State Assembly from Yates County.
Collin was appointed a judge of the Court of Appeals and retired from the firm.
www.usgennet.org /usa/ny/state/his/bio/pt22.html   (3345 words)

 Classic Thesis
Frank Collin is the child of a death camp refugee.
Collin did not want to pay the insurance fee and he felt it was unconstitutional so Frank Collin went to the Illinois ACLU.
Frank Collin was defended by David Goldberger, another Jew (Neier, 38, 50).
www.oblivion.net /youthspeak/thesis.html   (2202 words)

 Mr. Tilby and Mr. Charon's "American Problems: Skokie" Connection   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
In June, 1976, Frank Collin, leader of the neo-Nazi National Socialist Party of America (NSPA), applied to several park districts in and around Chicago for permission to demonstrate.
Collin countered by planning to hold the demonstration one day sooner than planned, complying with the letter of the injunction but plainly violating its spirit.
Collin is charged on three counts: 1) violating a court order, 2) inciting to riot, and 3) disturbing the peace.
www.jhs.jordan.k12.ut.us /faculty/bcharon/aptrialsynopsis.html   (457 words)

 Nazi March
Collin's announced reason was that his principal goal was to hold a rally in Marquette Park, and if that were permitted, he was willing to skip Skokie.
Collin said he was happy with how things went at Marquette Park as well as at the federal building in the Loop, where his group demonstrated June 24.
Collin says his "Operation Skokie" is "on ice." As long as he is free to demonstrate elsewhere, he has no plans to go to Skokie, he said.
www.lib.niu.edu /ipo/1978/ii781111.html   (2212 words)

 Collin, Frank – neo-Nazis and freedom of speech - List of Items - MSN Encarta
Collin, Frank neo-Nazis and freedom of speech - List of Items - MSN Encarta
Collin, Frank neo-Nazis and freedom of speech
Frank Collin, half-Jewish leader of a small band of neo-Nazis called the National Socialist Party of America, grabbed national attention when his group announced a planned march in Skokie, a Chicago suburb with a large Jewish population, thousands of whom are survivors of Hitler's death camps....
encarta.msn.com /refedlist_210113609_1/1978_Illinois.html   (69 words)

 Events Related to the Proposed Nazi March in Skokie
The Nazis are free to March in Skokie pending resolution of the federal lawsuit filed by the ACLU on behalf of the Nazis.
April 11 Frank Collin and his band of Nazis apply to the Village of Skokie for a permit to conduct a demonstration in front of Skokie's Village Hall on Sunday, June 25, 1978.
June 25 The date on which Frank Collin and his band of Nazi sympathizers are to march in front of Skokie's Village Hall.
www.skokiehistory.info /chrono/nazis.html   (1076 words)

 Skokie: A Centennial History
Early in 1977, American neo-Nazi Frank Collin wrote a letter to the Skokie Park District asking for permission to hold a rally in a village park.
Collin countered by announcing that he intended to demonstrate on May 1 against the Park District’s policies.
A confrontation was avoided when village police stopped Collin and his party at the Edens Expressway exit at Dempster Street and told them of the judicial ruling.
www.skokienet.org /centenn/ch5sec16.htm   (386 words)

 Ruben Borjas Jr - My Nieces and Nephews   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
GW, Collin, and Frank live in Conroe, TX; Elizabeth in Houston, and Kristen (and her husband) lives in Anchorage, Alaska, but previously Kristen lived in Victoria, TX.
In August 2001, Collin got the gardening bug, and PoPo and I obliged him by setting up a little gardening area for him in the backyard.
Frank is my youngest nephew, and he is very stubborn at his young age.
users3.ev1.net /~rborjas/miscniecenephew.html   (719 words)

 Keeping the Memory Alive
Gathered in the Mayors office were officials from the Skokie park district, who had brought with them a letter from Frank Collin requesting a permit to allow him and his group to demonstrate in the village of Skokie on May 1st, 1977, at three in the afternoon.
Frank Collin spoke of Jewish people at a press interview, where he invoked the words of a Roman historian.
The drive to erect the monument was led by Skokie's Holocaust survivors, who had, in their fight against Frank Collin, found a new, collective voice, a strong public voice that wanted to be heard, that wanted people to remember.
savvytraveler.publicradio.org /show/features/2000/20000429/memory.shtml   (1693 words)

This is a formal letter written by Frank Collin, NSPA party leader, to the Skokie Park District demanding the rights to free speech as “guaranteed to all Americans.” He requests the use of Birch Park November 6, 1976 for an outdoor rally.
The author then points out that Frank Collin is actually a Jewish man who changed his name from Frank Cohn to Frank Collin, found himself to be a loser, and finally joined the Nazi cause.
While Frank Collin and his National Socialist Party of America planned their march through Skokie Illinois a number of counter demonstrators were planning to meet him.
www.history.ucsb.edu /faculty/marcuse/classes/33d/projects/skokie/bibliography.htm   (1318 words)

 OSCN Found Document:SMITH v. COLLIN , 439 U.S. 916 (1978)
COLLIN, 439 U.S. Albert SMITH, President of the Village of Skokie, Illinois, et al.
In March 1977, respondents Collin and the National Socialist Party of America, which Collin described as a "Nazi organization," publicly announced plans to hold an assembly in front of the Skokie Village Hall.
It just might fall into the same category as one's "right" to cry "fire" in a crowded theater, for "the character of every act depends upon the circumstances in which it is done." Schenck v.
www.oscn.net /applications/oscn/deliverdocument.asp?citeid=430744   (1071 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Plaintiff-appellee, the National Socialist Party of America (NSPA) is a political group described by its leader, plaintiff-appellee Frank Collin, as a Nazi party.
When Collin and NSPA announced plans to march in front of the Village Hall in Skokie on May 1, 1977, Village officials responded by obtaining in state court a preliminary injunction against the demonstration.
Collin and NSPA applied for a permit to march on July 4, 1977, which was Denied.
www.ucs.louisiana.edu /~ras2777/civlib/collin.html   (2100 words)

 Collin v. Smith, 447 F. Supp. 676 (1978)
Collin stated that this Jewish influence should be "exposed and documented and presented to the American public", but denied that plaintiffs endorse the Third Reich's "final solution" to the problem of Jewish influence genocide.
On March 20, Collin notified Skokie Police Chief Kenneth Chamberlain of plaintiffs' plans and assured him that the demonstration would be brief, peaceful and orderly.
Franklin Collin, an action by a resident of Skokie seeking to enjoin the planned demonstration on the grounds that it would harm him as a survivor of the Nazi holocaust in World War II.
www.soc.umn.edu /~samaha/cases/collin_v_smith_usdc.html   (13063 words)

 [No title]
She is fair to both sides and depicts the malignance of Collin and his company in full color.
At the same time, she makes clear that Collin and his rag-tag group of losers were mostly bluster--poorly organized, few in number, and surprisingly cowardly when met by large numbers of counter-demonstrators.
As good a story about free speech for the socially and politically reviled as this is, readers are left in no doubt that the NSPA presented no threat whatsoever to freedom and democracy in America.
www.bsos.umd.edu /gvpt/lpbr/subpages/reviews/strum99.html   (1179 words)

 FrontPage magazine.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Case in point: I grew up in a Jewish household next to Skokie, Illinois, the heavily-Jewish Chicago suburb where neo-Nazi Frank Collin famously wanted to hold a march in the late 1970s.
A feeble band of about twelve mental subnormals and deviants, led by child molester Frank Collin, cowered fearfully in Nazi regalia before a nonviolent crowd of over forty thousand angry Jews and their supporters.
Collin and his asshole buddies had an unalienable First Amendment right to be Nazis and to march peacefully in a Jewish suburb in America.
www.frontpagemag.com /GoPostal/commentdetail.asp?ID=10803&commentID=196894   (495 words)

The leader of this white supremacist group, Frank Collin, protested that his First Amendment rights had been challenged when Park officials refused to issue him a permit to speak in Marquette Park.
Collin responded to the injunction by calling on the Illinois division of the American Civil Liberties Union asking them to defend this clear violation of his First Amendment rights to free speech and assembly.
Meanwhile, Frank Collin requested a permit for a 30-minute march in front of the Skokie village hall on Sunday, June 25, and Skokie officials promptly, but reluctantly, issued the permit.
www.history.ucsb.edu /faculty/marcuse/classes/33d/projects/skokie/overview.htm   (1076 words)

 National Socialist Party of America v
Plaintiff, the National Socialist Party of America (NSPA) is a political group described by its leader, Frank Collin, as a Nazi party.
On May 2, 1977, the Village enacted three ordinances to prohibit demonstrations such as the one Collin and NSPA had threatened.
Collin and NSPA applied for a permit to march on July 4, 1977, which was denied on the ground the application disclosed an intention to violate 996.
fsweb.berry.edu /academic/HASS/csnider/berry/hum200/skokie.htm   (2487 words)

Braden mans the drums, Keith is on Bass, Frank and Collin are Guitarists and Mark the Vocalist.
So, Collin and I laid foundation on the first two songs for the group kind of as a primer or thesis statement musically of what we wanted.
Frank: The story behind Charcoal to me? To honor pirates and a crazy guy who lives a couple blocks away from me. Knowing the song is sick and crazy; it is not to offend this person but to honor him in a fictional way!
blog.myspace.com /index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendID=24991473&blogID=106598845&Mytoken=F6316FA4-BA60-E9F8-D5BF141F20CBACE239384550   (1771 words)

 Chapter 3
Frank could tell my anger was coming back into play.
I reached up and kissed Frank as we broke the kiss, I saw Daddy and Reese having a discussion but Reese was not getting the answers he wanted.
Frank gave me a kiss on the cheek and a smack on my ass.
www.geocities.com /fehrslair/WYWFA3.html   (2620 words)

 Collin - Country Cruise with Collin Raye. *Sign-Up for Collin's E-NEWS*. Collinfest 2006 � Collin at Billy Bobs � ...
I'm Collin Brooke, an assistant professor in the Writing Program at Syracuse University and, as of spring 2005, the director of its graduate program in.
Collin, R. The utility of morphological characters in gastropod phylogenetics: An example.
Frank Joseph Collin went to jail for hiring underage boys and violating them and.
www.dynamicpagerank.com /collin-53310.html   (1773 words)

 Odessa College - GOVT2302 -   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
It is bitterly ironic that Frank Collin, who wears a swastika and preaches hate, can shout his message on the nation's airwaves while comedian George Carlin's words against hypocrisy are all but stifled.
If failure of the sound system made it almost impossible for Collin to be heard there by his handful of followers and others drawn to the park that day, at least he had the satisfaction of knowing some of his words were broadcast later that day by CBS News.
And coverage by NBC, ABC and the nation's print media ensured that the face of the 33-year old Collin, until recently an anonymous nobody, would be known in most of America's households.
www.odessa.edu /dept/govt/dille/2302/lecture.htm   (4416 words)

 SPLCenter.org: Lying About the Holocaust
A critical contribution by IHR was its attempt to encourage fellow anti-Semites to avoid Collin's type of blatant venom, and instead to couch their politics in distortions of history and science meant to sound reasonable.
Deniers would claim, for example, that the Anne Frank diary is a fraud because it had alterations made with a postwar ballpoint pen (they didn't mention that the marks were made later by Frank's father).
They would assert that the ovens were not capable of burning as many bodies as the Allies had said were disposed of after gassing.
www.splcenter.org /intel/intelreport/article.jsp?pid=338   (897 words)

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