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In the News (Thu 23 May 19)

  Frank Lapidus - Lostpedia
Frank Lapidus is an aircraft pilot who was originally scheduled to pilot Oceanic Airlines Flight 815.
Frank piloted a helicopter from the freighter to the Island.
Frank's cosmetic injuries, minor dizziness, and situation mirror his counterpart pilot Seth Norris' initial condition of arrival on the Island.
www.lostpedia.com /wiki/Frank   (1569 words)

  Frank seeks to broaden mortgage program - The Boston Globe
Representative Barney Frank, a Newton Democrat set to become the chairman of the House Financial Services Committee in January, said he will aggressively push legislation to ease current restrictions on the amount of a mortgage that can be held by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, two private mortgage companies chartered by the federal government.
Frank said he will use his power as chairman to seek a change in the law to correlate the mortgage cap to the price of housing in an area, instead of a flat limit that now applies to all areas of the country.
Frank noted that other housing programs, such as Section 8 housing for the poor, are weighted to accommodate the dramatically different costs of housing in different areas.
www.boston.com /news/nation/washington/articles/2006/12/04/frank_seeks_to_broaden_mortgage_program   (1086 words)

  Frank James - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In 1861, when Frank turned eighteen years old, his life was permanently altered by the outbreak of the American Civil War.
During his years as a bandit, Frank was involved in at least four shootouts between 1868 and 1876, resulting in the deaths of four bank employees or citizens.
Frank was tried for one of the many crimes he stood accused of, and was found not guilty.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Frank_James   (990 words)

 Frank - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Frank Sinatra (1915-1998), American singer who is one of the most highly acclaimed male popular song vocalists of all time
Frank, Alberta, small community in the Crowsnest Pass at the southern end of the Canadian Rockies
Franked mail, the ability to send mail by one's signature rather than by postage.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Frank   (435 words)

 Village of Frank Russia
Frank was located on the east bank of the Medveditsa River, on the western edge of the Saratov Province of the Lower Volga area.
The village of Frank was populated by German immigrants at the invitation of Catherine-the-Great of Russia.
The picture of the church is that of the third church erected Frank.
bouldernet.com /frank   (598 words)

 CD Baby: FRANK: Life By The Hour - from evor
Since their inception, frank has tirelessly focused on writing and performing songs that are diverse in texture, but share passion, intensity and intelligence and frank likes to rock.
frank was born, and with fervor the group began an intense creative process that continues to this day, constantly writing, reconsidering and refining their music.
frank had been using self-produced demos to secure gigs, but the homespun efforts fell short of capturing both the depth of their compositions and the immediacy and "x factor" of their live performance.
www.cdbaby.com /cd/frank/from/evor   (1090 words)

 [No title]
Frank Rogala burst onto the scene as the lead vocalist of EXUDE when their debut EP debuted at #2 on the charts and stayed in the international record charts for the next 5 years.
Frank’s critically acclaimed first solo album Crimes Against Nature was pronounced “a masterstroke” by the Los Angeles Times and a dance remix of the album hit top 10 on dance charts in 8 major cities.
Frank Rogala’s current projects include: Producing, engineering a house music album with a mysterious artist who is rumored to be a Chinese opera singer, mastering for the Australian Based Army of DJ's internationally distributed record label and remixing the 1980's international smash Boys Just Want To Have Sex.
www.nc17music.com /frank_rogala.htm   (903 words)

 Ray Frank
Born in San Francisco on April 10, 1861, Rachel ("Ray") Frank was the daughter of Polish immigrants, Bernard and Leah Frank, whom Ray later described as "Orthodox Jews of liberal mind." Her father, a peddler and Indian agent, claimed descent from the eighteenth-century Jewish sage, the Vilna Gaon.
Frank did not herself conduct the service; a woman preaching from the pulpit on the High Holidays was extraordinary enough in the late nineteenth century.
Frank claimed often to be "a stout opponent of what is commonly called 'Women's Rights.'" In the 1890s, she spoke against women's suffrage, asserting that women's influence on their male relatives already brought them a say in the political process and that they lacked the education and experience necessary to use the vote wisely.
www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org /jsource/biography/RayFrank.html   (3297 words)

 Owner wants to make architecturally significant Frank House a museum   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Frank on the terrace of his home, which was commissioned in 1939 by his parents, Robert J. and Cecelia Frank.
Sheathed in creamy kasota stone that glows in the sun, the Frank house is an inspired blend of sensual, sculptured walls and sweeping staircases, elegantly proportioned rooms lined in pearwood or English sycamore and four terraces that overlook stately old trees.
The home's resident historian is Alan IW Frank, a Harvard graduate and an inventor whose innovations include clear and foam cups as well as a forerunner of the cell phone.
www.post-gazette.com /pg/06238/716442-30.stm   (1505 words)

 Kids Running - LOOK and SEE How They RAN - Frank Shorter
Frank: At the age of ten I participated in skiing, baseball, and tennis.
Frank: The picture was taken in Italy around 1971 at a cross-country race called the Cinque Mulini (it means Five Mills).
Frank was great friends with Steve Prefontaine and was with him the night before he died.
www.kidsrunning.com /columns/krcolumnstheyranfrank.html   (661 words)

 Anne Frank
Anne Frank's world famous diary charts two years of her life from 1942 to 1944, when her family were hiding in Amsterdam from German Nazis.
Otto Frank had earlier toyed with the idea of emigrating, and in 1933 the family fled from Frankfurt to the Netherlands, where Otto Frank continued his career as a businessman.
After moving in the hiding place in a spice warehouse, Frank depictes the nightmare reality of eight persons crowded into tiny living quarters, in fear of being discovered, but also her dreams, hopes and feelings of a young girl on the verge of womanhood.
www.kirjasto.sci.fi /annefran.htm   (1239 words)

 Robert Frank: The Americans   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Like the Beats, Frank sought to reveal the profound tensions he saw in all strata of American society during the outwardly optimistic 1950s.
Frank's revolutionary approach changed the face of photojournalism, and continues to influence artists today.
Although Frank eventually moved away from photography to concentrate on film and video, The Americans remains a benchmark of his career.
m2.aol.com /UvGotMail/frank/frank.html   (300 words)

 Frank Lloyd Wright
Out of the more than 500 Frank Lloyd Wright buildings still standing, more than 60 are open to the public, and many of these buildings—if you know where to find them—are closer to you than you might think.
“Frank Lloyd Wright” follows “Thomas Jefferson” and “Lewis & Clark: The Corps of Discovery” as the third in a series of five biographies Ken Burns is producing and directing.
There could be no more interesting person than Frank Lloyd Wright.” Burns shares this film’s directing credit with longtime colleague Lynn Novick, who calls the film “a wonderful collaboration.” She reflects, “At every step along the way, Ken really knows what he wants and where he wants the film to go.
www.pbs.org /flw   (609 words)

 FrankBlack.net - Bio section, find out more about Frank the the Catholics
Frank’s solo career has been longer and provided far more diversity, musically speaking, than his career with the Pixies to the point that they’d not even be worth mentioning were they not so influential and inspirational to so many people… and reunited for a world tour in spring of 2004.
The resolution of the light and the dark, the man and the myth, the present and the future and past: Frank Black Francis is born.
But Frank has shown us his tears, and while they are tears, it seems that they’re also the crucial hydration to the beginnings of the new life.
www.frankblack.net /bio/default.asp?page=frank   (874 words)

 Frank Zappa
Frank Zappa was rock and roll’s sharpest musical mind and most astute social critic.
In 1993, Frank Zappa died at age 52 of prostate cancer, but not before culling, mixing and sequencing enough material from his vast archive to ensure the release of even more albums long after his passing.
June 30, 1964: Frank Zappa joins The Mothers, later to be amended to the Mothers of Invention.
www.rockhall.com /hof/inductee.asp?id=218   (1706 words)

 The Zamboni® Story
Frank J. Zamboni was born on January 16, 1901 in Eureka, Utah.
Frank's parents moved their family (with one year old Frank in tow) from Eureka to a farm in Idaho, where Frank developed his mechanical skills.
In 1920, Frank moved to Southern California with his brother Lawrence to join their older brother George in his auto repair business.
www.zamboni.com /story/story.html   (469 words)

 frank - the wired awake magazine for young women!
FRANK retains reprint and editing rights to contributions, but contributors retain all other rights for resale and republication.
FRANK (meaning: honest, open, to the point) was created by Karen Miles, Katie Delaney and Jessica Kiely - "to provide young women with valuable and independent information to help them make their own informed choices related to career, relationships, personal growth, the environment, as well as fun stuff like entertainment and fashion.
FRANK is run by volunteers and is published through The FRANK Team (formerly Youth 2 Youth), a socially responsible company who helps schools, universities, colleges, councils, corporates and organisations to inspire and develop young people and grown ups.
www.youth2youth.com.au /frank.asp   (646 words)

 Hague, Frank - HighBeam Encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: )
HAGUE, FRANK [Hague, Frank], 1876-1956, American politician, mayor of Jersey City, N.J., b.
He lost much of his power in the 1949 elections, when his nephew, Frank Hague Eggers, was defeated in the mayoralty race; and in 1952 the state Democratic organization ousted him from his post as national committeeman.
Franks is not a war criminal; The Hague sets dangerous precedent for U.S. military.(OPED)
www.encyclopedia.com /html/H/Hague-Fr.asp   (331 words)

 Frank Leto : Music for Children, World Music : CD & DVD
Frank Leto is an early childhood educator, a Montessori teacher with tremendous sensitivity to the needs of young children.
Frank's talent as a composer has allowed him to share this love for music with his peers, students and community.
Frank Leto travels the nation extensively, presenting keynote speeches and workshops at such educational conferences as the Music Educators Association, the Association for the Education for Young Children, the Orff Schulwerk Association and the American Montessori Society to name a few.
www.frankleto.com   (690 words)

 Biography: Frank McCourt   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Penniless and destitute, the McCourts finnally make it to Limerick where Frank is introduced to a collection of relatives, some as miserly as it is possible to imagine; some, as generous.
Frank's father, Malachy, rarely has a job and when he does, spends his wages in the pubs, leaving Frank's mother, Angela, to beg from churches and charity organizations.
Despite the tragedy of his drinking, Frank's dad is as charming as a "shiftless l aquacious alcoholic" could be, and he shares a special bond with Frank, revealed through moments of heartrending tenderness.
www.annonline.com /interviews/960913/biography.html   (194 words)

 MySpace.com - Frank Kvitta - shit as hell - Techno - www.myspace.com/frankkvitta
Frank started as a dj 1997 when he found a tape with electronic music.
When frank gave dj rush 2001 a demo cd of his own tracks, rush gave him the chance to release on his label kne..deep rec.
Frank has earned his place among the big names of the "Hardtechno Generation".
www.myspace.com /frankkvitta   (746 words)

 Jacob Frank
After his death leadership of the sect passed to his daughter Eve Frank, but the movement was soon absorbed into the Roman Catholic church.
Yakov Leib Frank (aka Jacob Frank) was the Third Strand in a Jewish Messianic Trinity beginning with "The First," Sabbatai Zevi; passing through Sabbatai's successor, "The Second," Rebbe Berechiah; and ending with "The Third," Frank himself.
The Symbolism of the Gospel of Yakov Leib Frank
www.kheper.net /topics/Kabbalah/Jacob_Frank.htm   (378 words)

 Wright on the Web Bookstore: Works of Frank Lloyd Wright
As clearly stated in the text the scale of the maps is compressed for ease of display, BUT the actual site location is so accurately shown that you can determine which side of the street the structure is on and if visable from public property.
Frank Lloyd Wright's House Beautiful is not only a treasure for any Wright fan, but a fascinating history of the architect as seen through the magazine that recognized his trailblazing talents from the beginning.
This book, designed around an essay by a distinguished Unitarian minister by Frank Lloyd Wright and printed on a handpress in an edition of 90 by Wright and Winslow in 1896, is one of the most beautiful and rare books produced in that period.
www.netserves.com /flw/flwbook1.htm   (3098 words)

 www.annefrank.com: Home at The Anne Frank Center USA
The Anne Frank Center welcomes students in grades 2-12 and groups of adult audiences to the gallery.
A new bilingual (English/Spanish) version of the Anne Frank Center’s exhibit, Anne Frank: A History for Today, is on view in the AFC gallery at 38 Crosby Street in New York City’s SoHo district.
The Art of Self Discovery Graphic Story Program is a ten-week exploration of self-portraiture and narrative art inspired by the Diary of Anne Frank that culminates with a published anthology of student work on the subject of personal identity, cultural/ethnic diversity, and the conflict between prejudice and tolerance.
www.annefrank.com   (240 words)

 Amazon.co.uk: Frank: Amy Winehouse: Music
With her debut album Frank, Amy Winehouse proves to be one of the most original, honest and brave singer/songwriters to emerge in recent years.
'Frank' is the debut album from North London singer/songwriter Amy Winehouse.
'Frank', the debut from Amy Winehouse is fundamentally an album of varying mellow sounding songs complimented by Amy's distinctive jazz influenced vocals.
www.amazon.co.uk /Frank-Amy-Winehouse/dp/B0000DIXN7   (1151 words)

 Preston Frank and the Frank Family Band
Preston Frank is shown in the photos in this section performing at "Arrête Pas la Musique," a fundraiser held Feb. 15, 2003, at the Ville Platte Civic Center to benefit Louisiana Folkroots and the Dewey Balfa Cajun and Creole Heritage Week planned for November 2003 at Chicot State Park.
The Frank Family, from the small rural community of Soileau in Allen Parish, is one of the great Creole musical families.
Carlton Frank is shown in one more photo taken at the Liberty, and the entire Frank Family Band, including Brad on drums, and Keith and Jennifer on guitar, is shown in the bottom photo during their performance at the Liberty.
www.lsue.edu /acadgate/music/pfrank.htm   (709 words)

 Frank Hart | Music that aches
Frank’s main instrument is guitar and his music is driven from beginning to end by his sometimes hauntingly beautiful, sometimes soaring guitar and soulful, raspy vocals.
His first solo album, Human Liturgy’s instrumentation, however, is eclectic, ranging from the exotic sounds of sitar, doumbek, and udu to the more folksy sounds of hammered dulcimer, mandolin, and piano, as well as fretless bass, drumset, violin, viola, and cello.
Frank is also the leader of the art-rock band Atomic Opera which has recorded for Warner Brothers, Giant records and Metal Blade.
www.frankhart.com   (226 words)

 Congressman Barney Frank : Representing the 4th district of Massachusetts
Congressman Barney Frank : Representing the 4th district of Massachusetts
Frank Joins 40 Colleagues in Seeking Information from Inspector General on Pentagon Media Manipulation
Frank and 75 Colleagues Urge President to Pressure Japan on Whaling
www.house.gov /frank   (302 words)

 Johnson School at Cornell University - Faculty - Robert H. Frank
Professor Frank is a monthly contributor to the "Economic Scene" column in The New York Times.
Frank holds a BS in mathematics from the Georgia Institute of Technology, an MA in statistics from UC Berkeley and a PhD in economics, also from UC Berkeley.
Frank, R. Choosing the Right Pond: Human Behavior and the Quest for Status.
www.johnson.cornell.edu /faculty/profiles/frank   (845 words)

 Heartland Harmonica by Frank Bard, Diatonic Harmonica Player - Harmonica Instruction Book with CD
Heartland Harmonica by Frank Bard, Diatonic Harmonica Player - Harmonica Instruction Book with CD Frank Bard, diatonic harmonica player of the year - National Harmonica League of Great Britain, and two time state of Ohio harmonica champion, introduces his harmonica instruction book with CD - Heartland Harmonica.
Frank's skills are awesome, but he doesn't overplay them.
Here's Frank Bard, with Harmonica from the Heartland, to show the fools the error of their ways.
www.ctcn.net /~febard   (1206 words)

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