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Topic: Franz Mesmer

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In the News (Sun 18 Aug 19)

  Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine | Hypnotherapy
Mesmer's technique appeared to be quite successful in the treatment of his patients, but he was the subject of scorn and ridicule from the medical profession.
Franz Mesmer was born on May 23, 1734, in the village of Itznang, Switzerland.
Mesmer's methods were frowned upon by the medical establishment in Vienna, so in 1778 he moved to Paris, hoping for a better reception for his ideas.
health.enotes.com /alternative-medicine-encyclopedia/hypnotherapy/print   (2561 words)

Franz Anton Mesmer was born in 1734 at lake Boden in Germany.
What really happened is uncertain; Mesmer himself asserts that he managed to cure her, but that her parents, who recived a pension that would be revoked if the girl was to regain her eyesight, withdrew her from Mesmers care, and she relapsed into blindness.
Mesmer's opponents claim that he only managed to make the girl "see" images by suggestion, and that the parents withdrew the girl when they found out that Mesmer had seduced her.
www.anton-mesmer.com   (543 words)

 Dr. Franz Mesmer   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Franz Friedrich Anton Mesmer was an Austrian physician who was infamous for inducing a hypnotic and trancelike state in human beings as a curative remedy.
In 1772, Mesmer first began to develop and refine his technique, and three years later he published a report on his discovery, under the claim that it possesssed medicinal value.
Mesmer's system included the use of the glass armonica as a hypnotic device, because the sounds produced were extremely high-pitched and ethereal.
library.thinkquest.org /22254/Mesmer.htm   (153 words)

 Franz (originally Friedrich) Anton Mesmer (www.whonamedit.com)
Franz Anton Mesmer was born and raised in the Swabian village of Iznang auf der Höri, near the Bodensee (Lake of Constance).
Mesmer's fiercest opponents in this case was doctors Anton Freiherr von Stoerck (1731-1803), life physician to the empress Maria Theresia (1717-1780) and emperor Franz I (1708-1765, reigned from 1745); and the eye specialist Joseph Barth (1745-1818).
Mesmer again achieved a tremendous success with the public, and with the subscription connected to his name by his pupils, he became a rich man and was at the height of his influence.
www.whonamedit.com /doctor.cfm/313.html   (3215 words)

 Franz Mesmer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Mesmer was born in the village of Iznang, on the shore of Lake Constance in Swabia, Germany.
In January 1768 Mesmer married a wealthy widow and established himself as a physician in Vienna.
Mesmer chose his term to clearly distinguish his variant of magnetic force from those which were referred to, at that time, as mineral magnetism, cosmic magnetism and planetary magnetism.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Franz_Mesmer   (1576 words)

 Mesmer, Franz Anton (1734-1815) Encyclopedia of Psychology - Find Articles
The son of a forester, Mesmer was born on May 23, 1734, in Iznang, in the German province of Swabia.
Mesmer also believed that there was a specific though unidentifiable fluid-like substance occurring in nature that channeled this gravity.
By 1775, Mesmer had revised his animal gravitation theory, renaming it "animal magnetism." He believed that magnets were not necessary after all; the passing of hands over the body were enough to create the necessary magnetic forces.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_g2699/is_0005/ai_2699000549   (684 words)

 Franz Anton Mesmer ( 1734 - 1815 )   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Mesmer believed that "the harnessed powers of the cosmic energies" were accessible to enlightened souls such as himself.
Mesmer was convinced that his techniques could potentially banish pain and suffering.
Mesmer's habit of conducting his Paris healing sessions while dressed in purple silk and holding an iron rod did not add to his credibility with mainstream physicians.
www.anaesthetized.com /images/anton-mesmer.html   (329 words)

 Franz Mesmer Summary
Franz Anton Mesmer was born in 1734 in the town of Iznang on the shore of Lake Constance in Switzerland.
Upon his graduation, Mesmer relocated to Vienna, where he was known as a patron of the arts, sponsoring a performance of an opera by the young Mozart in his garden.
Mesmer was born in the village of Iznang, Swabia.
www.bookrags.com /Franz_Mesmer   (2202 words)

 Anton Mesmer   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Mesmer promised to cure her if she would take up residence in his house so that he could concentrate his efforts.
Mesmer declined both conditions and in the spirit of bargaining-table bluff, he threatened to leave France if the pension was not provided without the conditions the king wanted to impose.
Mesmer left Paris, but was persuaded to return, exhaled after the fund collected by his followers surpassed the sum which the king had originally offered.
psychicinvestigator.com /Occult/Mesmr.htm   (1311 words)

 Chapter 2   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Mesmer knew that his healing methodology involved an energy which he termed animal magnetism and which derived from himself could be applied passively or by the will to affect the energy of another for healing.
Mesmer stated that disease was the result of disharmony within the organism which could be balanced by animal magnetism.
Mesmer was the first to propose that persons are tuned to the Geomagnetic Field(GMF) and the Interplanetary Magnetic Field(IMF) and that disruptions in resonance with those fields presaged disease.
diamondhead.net /chapt2.htm   (513 words)

Franz Mesmer practised what he called Animal Magnetism as a means of treating the patients.
According to Mesmer’s theory, the curative force of the magnet, which he purportedly established through experimentation, was believed to reside within him.
Moreover Mesmer found that in organic nature it was easily observed similar to the properties of magnetism, and Mesmer called its correlate in the human body ‘Animal Magnetism’;.
www.worldofbiography.com /9057-Mesmer/ani.htm   (343 words)

 William Zeitler - The Music and Magic of the Glass Armonica
Since Mesmer recognized the part suggestion and imagination play in the healing process and since he understood the influence of the surroundings on both, he took great pains to provide his patients with a setting in which they could be persuaded to submit to his technique.
Mesmer accepted all patients—there is no evidence he ever turned a patient away as being beyond help; if he could not cure, he could at least relieve their suffering.
Mesmer placed him on a couch so that he was in less danger of falling, and he brought in a maid who he said was antimagnetic.
www.glassarmonica.com /armonica/history/creative/mesmer.php   (4760 words)

 New age / clairvoyance / franz anton mesmer
Franz Anton Mesmer (May 23, 1734 – March 5, 1815) discovered what he called animal magnetism and others often called mesmerism.
Mesmer had her swallow a preparation containing iron, and then attached magnets to various parts of her body.
Mesmer said that while Gassner was sincere in his beliefs, his cures were due to the fact that he possessed a high degree of animal magnetism.
www.new-age-guide.com /new_age/franz_anton_mesmer.htm   (1223 words)

 Alan Rickman in Mesmer
Mesmer's point is that the body cannot be treated independently of the emotions; that there is a connection - a life force - that runs through everything in the world and this life force cannot be ignored.
Mesmer treats his patients with the same clinical care that a scientist would show his lab rats: a negative quality of not harming them beyond what is necessary to effect the cure he's searching for.
Mesmer abandons her when her sight comes back - no thanks to his treatment, by the way; she falls and hits her head - and she becomes the successfully treated patient who's going to validate his theory once and for all.
www.rickmanistareview.com /mesmer.html   (1823 words)

 Franz Anton Mesmer - Picture - MSN Encarta
Austrian physician Franz Fredrich Anton Mesmer pioneered the induction of trancelike states to cure medical ailments.
Mesmer’s work sparked interest among some of his scientific colleagues but was later dismissed as charlatanism.
Today, however, Mesmer is considered a pioneer in hypnosis, which is widely believed to be helpful in managing certain medical conditions.
encarta.msn.com /media_461549949/Franz_Anton_Mesmer.html   (61 words)

 Trance and Trauma
Franz Anton Mesmer (1734-1815) [see figure 22] was born in the German town of Iznang.
In the spirit of his dissertation, Mesmer set about trying to relate the periodicity of Fräulein Oesterlin's symptom manifestations to tidal fluctuations and, in the course of this effort, decided to see whether he could induce an artificial tide in his patient.
Mesmer's fall was as meteoric as his rise.
serendip.brynmawr.edu /Mind/Trance.html   (2668 words)

 Friedrich Anton Mesmer biography
A physician and founder of the doctrine of animal magnetism, or mesmerism (q.v.), born at Iznang on Lake Constance.
The name of the process by which, towards the end of the eighteenth century, Franz Mesmer (q.v.), promulgator of the doctrine of animal magnetism, induced the so-called mesmeric trance or sleep.
The mesmeric trance is identical with the condition known today as induced somnambulism, or hypnotism, or the hypnotic state; it has presented to the observer many highly interesting phenomena.
www.dromo.info /mesmerbio.htm   (450 words)

 Alan Rickman in Mesmer
Mesmer merely wanted to alleviate the suffering, and that comes through in the film -- it is perhaps the paramount point of the whole piece.
Mesmer was sensitive to the elimination of the pain inflicted by physicians on patients, even to screaming when he saw them starting to be bled before there was a need.
Mesmer can be purchased in VHS format from Videoflicks, for $21.99 plus shipping (information correct as of 12 February, 1999).
members.tripod.com /~emma_on_line/mesmer.html   (1022 words)

 Benjamin Franklin . Inquiring Mind . Mesmer | PBS
Mesmer would move around the room and use his hands to channel invisible magnetic fluids to his followers.
Although Franklin and his colleagues debunked many of Mesmer's practices and theories, Mesmerism continued to be practiced for another century or so and had a resurgence in England during the late Victorian period.
Whether he was a charlatan, a showman, or a true believer in his own practices, Franz Mesmer is credited as being one of the fathers of modern day hypnosis and psychotherapy.
www.pbs.org /benfranklin/l3_inquiring_mesmer.html   (598 words)

 fUSION Anomaly. Franz Mesmer
Mesmer, a visionary 18th-century physician, believed cures could be effected by having patients do things such as sit with their feet in a fountain of magnetized
Mesmer wavered about what he was going to call the aspect of ourselves which responds to this etheric field, and he settled on the term "animal magnetism," a term he took from the works of a hermetic Jesuit a century earlier.
Mesmerism thus introduced a hands-on craft of introspection, a pragmatic tactics of generating altered states of consciousness that could be reframed in a
fusionanomaly.net /franzmesmer.html   (1078 words)

Part of Mesmer's theory was that all animated bodies including man were affected by a magnetic force which also mutually influenced the celestial bodies and earth.
For instance a portion of Mesmer's theory, as previously mentioned, was that all animated bodies including man were affected by a magnetic force which also mutually influenced the celestial bodies and earth.
This portion of mesmerism had been emphasized by astrology for centuries since it studies the positions and movements of astronomical or celestial bodies, especially the sun, moon, and planets, and their effect upon the life and events on earth.
www.themystica.com /mystica/articles/m/mesmerism.html   (1248 words)

 WLM History Review 2:2
Popularized by Franz Anton Mesmer (1734-1815), mesmerism was an outgrowth of earlier studies on magnetism by William Gilbert (1540-1603).
Mesmer developed his ideas during the last days of heroic medicine, an era of medical theories and practices based more on philosophical speculation than on scientific observation or testing.
Mesmerism also reflects the belief of 19th century physicians that the nervous system dominates all aspects of body function.
www.asahq.org /wlm/HistoryReview/vol2num2.html   (359 words)

 Franz Anton Mesmer Biography (Physician) — Infoplease.com
Friedrich Anton Mesmer - Mesmer, Friedrich Anton, or Franz Anton Mesmer, 1734–1815, German physician.
Mesmerism: The Discovery of Animal Magnetism (1779); A New Translation by Franz Anton Mesmer
Franz Anton Mesmer;: A history of mesmerism by Margaret L Goldsmith
www.infoplease.com /biography/var/franzantonmesmer.html   (184 words)

 movieThemes: Alan Rickman - Mesmer
Mesmer believed that the body contained a mysterious magnetic force which could could be rebalanced to return the body to health, something which has only recent started to be proven in modern history.
In defiance of the pouncy white wigs of this time, Rickman's Mesmer flaunts his longish blonde hair and wears his clothes with a sense of flourish and extravagance as he strides about confidently curing the insane in one scene, deflating like a balloon in the next as his confidence is challenged.
When Mesmer is suddenly faced with the Baron who has a voice fed on helium, he wilts in the face of the enormity of what he has to cure.
www.cybamuse.com /movieThemes/actors/arickman/mesmer.htm   (814 words)

 Mesmer and Mesmerism
Franz Anton Mesmer (1734-1815), a German physician who studied and first practiced in Vienna, developed a therapeutic system based on the idea that living bodies contain a magnetic fluid, and that by manipulating this fluid into a state of balance within the body, physical health could be restored.
The French government and the medical establishment viewed Mesmer’s success and fame with skepticism and suspicion, so much so that in 1784 two commissions were appointed by King Louis XVI to investigate animal magnetism.
It is largely a pictorial exhibit; viewers interested in reading further about Mesmer and mesmerism may click here to see a list of the works consulted in the preparation of this exhibit.
www.thebakken.org /exhibits/mesmer   (567 words)

 Essays.cc - Hyponsis
Mesmer developed the theory “animal magnetism”;, and surmised that a universal magnetic fluid existed in all “objects that produced disease when it was out of balance in the human body” (Baker, 1990, p.
As a result of this theory and the belief Mesmer had in it, he began to cultivate techniques that he thought would re-establish the equilibrium of the magnetic fluid, and as a result, diseases would be cured.
Mesmer based his theories and prospects on his belief that perfect health was dependent upon an individual maintaining a right relationship with the heavenly bodies.
www.essays.cc /free_essays/f2/csk210.shtml   (2913 words)

 mesmerism. The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language: Fourth Edition. 2000.
When the members of an audience sit mesmerized by a speaker, their reactions do not take the form of dancing, sleeping, or falling into convulsions.
Mesmer, a visionary 18th-century physician, believed cures could be effected by having patients do things such as sit with their feet in a fountain of magnetized water while holding cables attached to magnetized trees.
Mesmer then came to believe that magnetic powers resided in himself, and during highly fashionable curative sessions in Paris he caused his patients to have reactions ranging from sleeping or dancing to convulsions.
www.bartleby.com /61/72/M0237200.html   (230 words)

 Franz Anton Mesmer
Franz Anton Mesmer was born on the 23rd of May, 1734.
He was educated as a Doctor and Theologian, Mesmer tried to combine the two studies with Astrology.
Mesmer learned Astrology from a Jesuit Priest at the court in Austria.
www.mscd.edu /~mdl/gerresources/men/mesmer.htm   (112 words)

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