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Topic: Free energy suppression

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In the News (Sat 20 Apr 19)

  PowerPedia:Free energy - PESWiki
Free energy, in a strict sense, is energy directly transceived from the environment, and utilized without any artificial aid (electromagnetic free energy is sometimes referred to as "radiant energy").
Free energy is a matter of the users' freedom to power, create, manufacture, develop, produce, fabrication and improve the energy source.
In conspiracy theories, free energy suppression is the notion that corporate energy interests deliberately suppress technology that would either provide energy at very little cost (like the above mentioned perpetual motion machines), or reduce energy use to negligible levels.
peswiki.com /index.php/PowerPedia:Free_energy   (650 words)

  Free energy suppression: Facts and details from Encyclopedia Topic   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Free energy suppression is a conspiracy theory that claims that certain special interest group Special interest quick summary:
The main criticism of the theory is that that "free energy" is simply another name for perpetual motion perpetual motion quick summary:
(and the alleged "persecution" of free energy entrepreneurs is merely the legitimate enforcement of securities laws and anti-fraud statutes.
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/f/fr/free_energy_suppression.htm   (2231 words)

 Free energy (disambiguation) Summary
The standard free energy of formation of a pure substance is defined as the free energy change when one mole of the substance is formed from its constituent elements in their standard states.
Free energy may be categorised as renewable energy, although most renewable energy sources would not normally be called free energy sources or sources of perpetual motion.
Free energy is energy which may be directly utilized (and returned) by a device from the surroundings (electromagnetic free energy is sometimes referred to as radiant energy).
www.bookrags.com /Free_energy_(disambiguation)   (1018 words)

 PowerPedia:Suppression of Energy Technology - PESWiki
Suppression of energy technology occurs when an individual or group which is more powerful than the developer(s) or inventor(s) tries to directly or indirectly censor, persecute or otherwise oppress the innovations and technology, rather than engage with and constructively develop or accommodate the other technology.
Tactics and means of suppression include buying the patent of the free energy device from the inventor or his family, suing the inventor or patent holder and even murdering the inventor in some cases.
Introducing free energy into the economic equation would have the same economic effect as giving everyone access to the natural capital, which would destroy or severely undermine the entire basis of the capitalist economic system because control over currency and credit would be reduced.
peswiki.com /index.php/PowerPedia:Suppression_of_Energy_Technology   (1782 words)

 Russia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Unrest among peasants and suppression of the growing liberal Intelligentsia were continuing problems however, and on the eve of World War I, the position of Tsar Nicholas II and his dynasty appeared precarious.
The Soviet Union was meant to be a transnational worker's state free from nationalism, which, according to Leninism, is a ruse used by the bourgeoisie to keep the international working classes from realizing their common exploited position and overthrowing the bourgeois.
Glasnost meant that the harsh restrictions on free speech that had characterized most of the Soviet Union's existence were removed, and open political discourse and criticism of the government became possible again.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Russia   (5829 words)

 Dr Peter A. Lindemann, DSc - Info, Articles, Free Energy, and more
Unlimited energy available to the current state of affairs on this planet leads to an inevitable reshuffling of the "balance of power." This could become an all-out war to prevent "the other" from having the advantage of unlimited wealth and power.
The appearance of free energy technology in the public domain is the dawning of a truly civilized age.
If, however, you have a free energy device, you may be better positioned to survive the political/social/economic transition that is underway.
www.free-energy.ws /lindemann-1.html   (4910 words)

 Free Energy
The term thermodynamic free energy denotes the total amount of energy in a physical system which can be converted to do work.
In engineering fields related to power generation, free energy means an energy source available directly from the greater environment and which cannot be expected to be depletable by humans.
Free energy in this sense may be categorised as renewable energy, although most renewable energy sources would not normally be called free energy sources.
www.crystalinks.com /energy_devices.html   (324 words)

 Bruce E. DePalma: N-Machine (3 articles)
Electrical energy developed out of centrifugal extraction of the electrical positive and negative poles from the free energy field of space is supplied in useful and controllable form from N generators which are scaled in order to supply requirements.
The point of all this is that once the free energy is liberated from space and converted into rotational form by a combination N generator-Faraday motor, the resultant energy is directly applicable economically, and with known conventional technology and machines.
The availability of free energy from as simple an experiment as colliding in a rotating object with a no-rotating one opens up the development of other machines for energy extraction and propulsion which may be more convenient to handle than the extraction of energy from the collision of a rotating object with a non-rotating one.
www.rexresearch.com /depalma/depalma.htm   (6248 words)

 Free Electricity can be yours!, Free Energy, Free Power, More Mileage, Mileage increase, self-sufficient, UCSA ...
Your free power is to be either from a future free electricity machine installed at your home, or by having us pay your electric bill, for as long as we can sell the excess electricity we generate - and all because you came to our demonstration and made it possible with your awareness.
Free electricity registrants may still go to a football stadium demonstration and might still get electricity for free at their homes but the way or conditions it must happen almost certainly won't in a condition of relative sanguinity.
Just by signing up for free electricity, you might help stop the advance of a tyrannical despotic police state, being planned for you by this clique who've overthrown our legitimate constitutional government, and who are working to ensnare and enslave us all in their "New World Order" web of evil.
befreetech.com /feinfo.htm   (4191 words)

 The Strange, Harrowing Journeys of Free Energy Activists
During my pursuit of alternative energy and healing the planet, I came to understand that free energy technologies have existed on earth since before I was born.
They may not have pursued alternative energy while young, but they all had personal qualities and youthful experiences that led them down paths that few travel, and such paths regularly lead to the energy issue, which is humanity’s root issue and always has been.
Those who have pursued free energy the longest and most successfully have had high personal integrity in common, largely because the perils and temptations are so great that personal integrity is probably the most important quality for continued pursuit.
www.ahealedplanet.net /journey.htm   (5629 words)

 COFE - Conference on Future Energy
Comparing the amount of energy one puts in to make an EV, which is next to nothing, with the significant amount of energy that must be there for an EV to do what it does once it is created, simply leaves one baffled.
For the free energy enthusiast, the implications of gravity being particulate and perhaps blockable are obvious.
His mundane explanation that his "free energy" is ultimately solar and comes from unaccounted-for binding energy makes it seem that it should have been discovered years ago.
www.infinite-energy.com /iemagazine/issue26/cofe.html   (5062 words)

 Life Technology™.
At the the time, the calls for investment were not to produce a central power plant for free energy, but to create local and individual initiatives in generating electricity within the community for the community.
HINT is an empirical free energy force field based on solvent partitioning of small molecules between water and 1-octanol.
I think that is Belatrix had extra energy in with that by having a strong desire for him to die, it is possible that the energy threw him backwrads, into the veil, which killed him.
www.lifetechnology.org /freeenergy.php   (4131 words)

 Free Energy
Free educational software package that allows school children and the general public to carry out an audit of their lifestyle, which provides and indicator of their relative sustainability compared with an average NSW family.
Educate-Yourself is a free educational forum dedicated to the dissemination of accurate information in the use of natural, non pharmaceutical medicines and alternative healing therapies in the treatment of disease conditions.
Energy and Environment Directorate (EED) at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory is a new organization that combines the strengths and capabilities of the former Energy Programs and Earth and Environmental Sciences Directorates.
www.incredible-secrets.com /alternate-energy-free-energy.htm   (5561 words)

 Suppression of crystal nucleation in polydisperse colloids due to increase of the surface free energy : Abstract : ...
Suppression of crystal nucleation in polydisperse colloids due to increase of the surface free energy : Abstract : Nature
Suppression of crystal nucleation in polydisperse colloids due to increase of the surface free energy
The formation of small crystallites is governed by two competing factors: the free energy gained upon transferring constituent atoms, molecules or colloidal particles from the metastable liquid to the more stable solid, and the free energy needed to create the surface area of the crystallite
www.nature.com /nature/journal/v413/n6857/abs/413711a0.html   (331 words)

 Stefan Marinov's Letter "RE: Becocraft"
It was unanimously settled to continue further with the research in the domain of free energy and to realize the objectives of BECOCRAFT bringing such energy sources to the market.
The Community however defends the opinion that humanity is not ripe for such an energy source and does not go with it to the public.
The free energy which VENETIN COLIU produces is caused by the anti-Lenz effect which I have discovered.
www.padrak.com /ine/INE20.html   (2760 words)

 Suppressed Science - February 2005   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
I firmly believe, that the coming energy revolution will be underestimated in the same way as was the internet in former times.
The device is not primarily used to produce free energy.
Space Energy Access Systems, Inc. (SEAS) is in the process of identifying and testing new technologies that claim to be "over unity"; that is, they put out more electric power than is required to operate.
suppressedscience.blog.de /main/index.php/suppressedscience/2005/02/27...   (657 words)

 FAQ: Free Energy Devices, "Perpetual Motion Machines"
Also, if such things as "Vacuum Energy converters" may be discovered someday, there's always the chance that a non-scientist might be the first to stumble across a way to build a successful device.
After all, professional scientists cannot pursue such things intentionally (too damaging to one's career!) If "free energy" devices are easy to build, then the secret to success might be within the reach of amateurs who follow up on their anomalous observations.
While it might be correct to say that the discovery of "Free Energy" has low probability, it is very definitely wrong to dismiss these claims on the grounds that the probable existence of unknown energy sources is exactly zero.
www.amasci.com /freenrg/fefaq.html   (2386 words)

 Sympathetic Vibratory Physics - John W. Keely's Sacred Science.
The unit easily extracted free hydrogen from water and was small enough to fit under the hood of an automobile.
David McClintock created a free energy device known as the McClintock Air Motor (U.S. Patent No. 2,982,26100) which is a cross between a diesel engine with three cylinders and a compression ratio of 27-to-1, and a rotary engine with solar and plenary gears.
Magnetic Energy In the 1920s, John W. Keeley developed a car using principles similar to Nikola Tesla's, drawing harmonic magnetic energies from the planet itself.
www.svpvril.com /svpnotes/FREE_139709.html   (3746 words)

 Party Till You Drop has everything from sex toys to cigarettes and outdoor raves to absinthe
All people will then be free to exploit their potential for happiness through their own productivity and sexuality.
Quite to the contrary, this goal is now approaching as man, for the first time in history, has both the knowledge and the opportunity to break forever the dark grip of religious and political oppression and their destructive ethics of human sacrifice and altruism.
Free love and open marriage developed in the 20th Century along with progressive polygamy via repeated marriage and divorce.
www.party-till-you-drop.com   (12759 words)

 Byron New Energy
Sol Millin’s intention was to develop free energy for the world and as we can reed from BNE’s mission statement their aim is ‘to establish a not for profit humanitarian group’.
BNE has no explanation why the car runs on this energy, but since the engine runs smoothly only when the timing of the ignition is advanced, it may be an indication that it is using some kind of implosion rather than the ordinary explosion principle that we would expect from a combustion engine.
The Dutch ‘zero point energy group’ has some sensitive people who are able to sense subtle energies and they confirmed that the Joe Cells present at the meeting generated these forms of energies.
www.soulsofdistortion.nl /BNE.html   (2425 words)

 Archive of Free Energy Updates -- February 2004
Torque Energy from Buoyancy - Paul E. Hillman describes friend's design of empty canisters tugged upward through liquid solution with doughnut gasket at the bottom.
Fuel Cells > US Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham (R) Looks Over the First of Many General Motors Fuel Cells - GM fuel cells will be used to generate 35 megawatts of power at the plant, as much power as 25,000 homes would consume.
Powerpedia > Free Energy Suppression - you-can-edit index created to document the oppression of alternative energy over the years.
freeenergynews.com /newstuff/archive/2004/Feb.htm   (1863 words)

 Free Energy News and Directory by PES Network Inc.
Advisory input provided by the New Energy Congress, who reviews the best technologies for feature in the Top 100 Energy Technologies listing.
Conservation > US$50 fridge gadget increases efficiency - The e-cube, invented by British engineers, significantly reduces by around 30% the energy used by fridges and freezers, which are estimated to consume about a fifth of all domestic electricity in the UK.
Steorn's Free Energy Claim -Irish company captures world interest with their claim to a working magnet motor technology that could provide unlimited energy of any scale.
freeenergynews.com   (1109 words)

 The free energy page
Revealed here in it's entirety is a patent which, due to probable suppression by political, military and/or economic interests, you've never heard about.
In short, it is a patent for a device capable of producing unlimited free energy with zero environmental impact.
What the inventor believes is the harnessing of energy not thought possible by conventional science based on "incomplete information and theory with respect to the atomic motion occurring within a permanent magnet.
www.newebmasters.com /freeenergy   (914 words)

 Wireless Transmission: A Century of Power Politics Tussles Over “Free” Energy’s Pricetag
The symptoms were similar: one highly-placed official in a government scientific organization manages to discredit dozens of well-qualified researchers, to negate their experimental work, and to thwart carrying out of the all-important practical experiment that would provide more modern confirmation of Tesla's theories.
Something similar occurred during the 1979 United Nations Conference on Long-Term Energy Resources in Montreal, where PACE was represented by Fundamentals-of-Physics Professor Elizabeth Rauscher of University of California in Berkeley, and by Dr. Andrija Puharich, an expert in advanced electromagnetics.
If we can now lay to rest the fiction that the broadcast energy would in any way be 'free' and thus anathema to those in the energy business, that financial resistance to wireless energy can finally be removed.
www.pesn.com /2006/08/03/9500295_wireless_transmission   (8364 words)

 Free energy - BNE
The devices required to tap into such energy are not free.
Free energy can also mean a primary energy source that is "free" (i.e.
This page was last modified 22:53, 29 October 2005.
www.byronnewenergy.com /wiki/index.php?title=Free_energy&redirect=no   (260 words)


Free Energy and New Science Titles
  (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)

This section is dedicated to men and women pioneers of science, who have devoted their lives to stretching the world of scientific exploration and discovery into what is referred to as New Science -- paradigm-bending innovation into technologies that produce Free Energy and theories about how these inventions are possible.
Through the magic of video, you can now visit the laboratories of inventors who, in the not very distant past, were extremely concerned that their notoriety would lead to their rapid extinction.
That is: as more people realize that new forms of environmental-friendly energy production are known today, more people will create the demand for these alternative energy sources, and that soon, we can wean ourselves off the intoxicating addiction to oil, coal and nuclear radiation.
www.lightworksav.com /index.asp?PageAction=VIEWPRODGROUP&ID=6   (378 words)

 My Adventures
A few weeks after we came to California in the summer of 1987, Dennis ran "Free Electricity!" ads in the Los Angeles Times.  In those ads, he was looking for salesmen.  One evening, Dennis and I were in Mr.
With the national exposure that Dennis receives from time to time, we became a magnet for others like us, and they came, telling familiar stories.  Our experiences were far from unique.  After the raid, and before Dennis was arrested, we had a number of people approach us, telling their tales.  Here are two more.
Advisor's mind and lent him the textbook he wrote to describe his prototype's function and the theory behind it (some of which is on the Internet today).  Mr.
www.ahealedplanet.net /advent.htm   (3773 words)

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