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In the News (Tue 16 Apr 19)

  An Essay on Liberty (Freedom).
Freedom, for this reason, is, as I will further elaborate, fundamental to life, to one's existence; it can be, in a way, likened to the air we breath, there is normally no joy in the act or in the experience, but its absence will bring about misery and eventual death.
Freedom is the general state of affairs in which we exist; it allows a person to take action, which, whether calculated or not,7 is personally tailored and designed to suit the goals and objectives which the individual actor has set for himself, or herself.
Freedom is the choice given, fundamentally, to act or not to act; but, in any event, one is bound to accept the consequences of his free choice.
www.blupete.com /Literature/Essays/BluePete/Liberty.htm   (2942 words)

 freedom - Definitions from Dictionary.com
Freedom is the most general term: "In giving freedom to the slave, we assure freedom to the free" (Abraham Lincoln).
Freedom of the city, the possession of the rights and privileges of a freeman of the city; formerly often, and now occasionally, conferred on one not a resident, as a mark of honorary distinction for public services.
A certain amount of freedom; permission to go freely within certain limits; also, the place or limits within which such freedom is exercised; as, the liberties of a prison.
dictionary.reference.com /browse/freedom   (1569 words)

  Understanding the meaning of freedom - The Boston Globe
Remarkably, all this is in the name of ``freedom." It is a right-wing conservative conception of freedom and it flies in the face of the freedoms declared by the Founding Fathers and expanded upon since.
Freedom is what cognitive scientists call an ``essentially contested concept," which means there will always be distinct and disputed versions of freedom that are inconsistent with each other.
Conservatives: Freedom to practice religion for fundamentalist evangelicals means spreading the good news of the truth of the gospel, which implies school prayer, ``under God" in the Pledge, the Ten Commandments in courthouses, and the teaching of intelligent design.
www.boston.com /news/globe/editorial_opinion/oped/articles/2006/07/04/understanding_the_meaning_of_freedom   (721 words)

  Freedom - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The French philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau asserted that the condition of freedom was inherent to humanity, an inevitable facet of the possession of a soul and sapience, with the implication that all social interactions subsequent to birth imply a loss of freedom, voluntarily or involuntarily.
Freedom of speech is similar to freedom of information, but refers to a general lack of such restrictions (on the creation, use, modification and dissemination of ideas) in a society by the government or those that hold power in that society.
Freedom of thought is also known as freedom of conscience and refers to the right of an individual to hold a particular thought, belief or viewpoint regardless of those held by others.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Freedom   (1015 words)

 Freedom (political) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The concept of political freedom is closely allied with the concepts of civil liberties and human rights, and the fundamental idea of positive and negative freedom corresponds with the concept of negative and positive rights.
In libertarianism, freedom is defined in terms of lack of government interference in the individual pursuit of happiness, as long as others' freedom is not thereby harmed; for example, capitalists place a high value on freedom from government interference in the economy.
In jurisprudence, freedom is the right to autonomously determine one's own actions; generally it is granted in those fields in which the subject has no obligations to fulfill or laws to obey, according to the interpretation that the hypothetical natural unlimited freedom is limited by the law for some matters.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Freedom_(political)   (813 words)

 Capitalism and Freedom - What is the purpose of government under capitalism?
In a political context, freedom means to live in a social system based on individual rights, or in practical terms, freedom has only one specific meaning -- freedom from the initiation of force by other men.
It is this freedom that unleashes the creative potential of man's mind, resulting in a society of nationwide peace, continuous progress and boundless prosperity.
Freedom of action does not mean freedom to act by permission, which may be revoked at any dictatorial tyrant's, or democratic mob's whim, but freedom to act as an absolute -- by right.
www.capitalism.org /faq/freedom.htm   (243 words)

 Freedom - Values Education for Children and Young Adults - Living Values Education
People want the freedom to lead a life of purpose, to select freely a lifestyle in which they and their children can grow healthily and can flourish through the work of their hands, heads, and hearts.
To safeguard freedom, individuals must not excuse, as an example, the following sentiment and the actions resulting from it: A little greed, a little aggression, a little anger is necessary to keep people or things in their place.
As trustees of the precious gift of freedom and in reaction to violations of freedom, we continue to sense the imperative to liberate peoples and states from the "iron chains of oppression." Yet, even with independence, individuals remain bound to their own "iron chains" of lust, anger, attachment, ego, greed, and violence.
www.livingvalues.net /values/freedom.htm   (712 words)

 Positive and Negative Liberty (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
To promote negative freedom is to promote the existence of a sphere of action within which the individual is sovereign, and within which she can pursue her own projects subject only to the constraint that she respect the spheres of others.
Other theorists of freedom have remained closer to the negative conception of freedom but have attempted to go beyond it, saying that freedom is not merely the enjoyment of a sphere of non-interference but the enjoyment of certain conditions in which such non-interference is guaranteed (see especially Pettit 1997 and Skinner 1998).
The dichotomy between ‘freedom from’ and ‘freedom to’ is therefore a false one, and it is misleading say that those who see the driver as free employ a negative concept and those who see the driver as unfree employ a positive one.
plato.stanford.edu /entries/liberty-positive-negative   (6637 words)

 Freedom - Wikiality, the Truthiness Encyclopedia for Colbert's Heroes
These so-called freedoms include the freedom of abortion, freedom to commit euthanasia, freedom to conduct stem cell research by killing babies, the freedom to commit gay marriage and the freedom to separate religion from every other aspect of life.
Freedom has a flag, and it is red, white, and blue.
Freedom is but a small price to pay to keep America and your children safe.
www.wikiality.com /Freedom   (895 words)

 Freedom - Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia
Freedom is a noun usually used along with liberty in order to describe inalienable rights (rights without aliens).
Freedom is often used as a rallying word for revolutionaries (see Freedom Fighters, Scott Free and George W. Bush).
Upon installing Freedom 2.0, a user is granted a 30 day license to use their Freedom 2.0 in whatever way they see fit.
uncyclopedia.org /wiki/Freedom   (626 words)

 XV. THE MARKET: Freedom
Thus we may define freedom as that state of affairs in which the individual's discretion to choose is not constrained by governmental violence beyond the margin within which the praxeological law restricts it anyway.
The freedom to be abolished, they emphasize, is merely the spurious "economic" freedom of the capitalists that harms the common man. Outside the "economic sphere" freedom will not only be fully preserved, but considerably expanded.
Freedom, as people enjoyed it in the democratic countries of Western civilization in the years of the old liberalism's triumph, was not a product of constitutions, bills of rights, laws, and statutes.
www.mises.org /humanaction/chap15sec6.asp   (3689 words)

 Freedom Quotes - Literary Quotes About Freedom and Practically Everything Else
Freedom is not a reward or a decoration that is celebrated with champagne...Oh no!  It's a...long distance race, quite solitary and very exhausting.
By a declaration of rights, I mean one which shall stipulate freedom of religion, freedom of the press, freedom of commerce against monopolies, trial by juries in all cases, no suspensions of the habeas corpus, no standing armies.
Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes.
quotes.prolix.nu /Freedom   (1200 words)

 ::: T h e F r e e d o m P a r t y :::
There are individual freedoms to hold beliefs and express opinions, and there is the freedom of peoples as a whole to preserve their identity, culture and, in the extreme, their existence.
Individual freedoms are under constant and increasing attack not, in general, by the mechanisms employed by what are normally regarded as repressive states, but from the more subtle methods which are now known as 'political correctness'.
The Freedom Party therefore wishes to encourage a climate within which citizens are not discouraged from expressing their disapproval of crime, and are permitted to take reasonable measures to protect themselves.
www.freedompartyuk.net /public/manifesto/index.html   (4871 words)

 freedom. The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language: Fourth Edition. 2000.
The right to unrestricted use; full access: was given the freedom of their research facilities.
freedom, liberty, license These nouns refer to the power to act, speak, or think without externally imposed restraints.
Freedom is the most general term: “In giving freedom to the slave, we assure freedom to the free” (Abraham Lincoln).
www.bartleby.com /61/73/F0307300.html   (300 words)

 Freedom Quotes | Freedom Quotations | Freedom Sayings | Wisdom Quotes
Freedom is not merely the opportunity to do as one pleases; neither is it merely the opportunity to choose between set alternatives.
Freedom is, first of all, the chance to formulate the available choices, to argue over them -- and then, the opportunity to choose.
The only freedom that is of enduring importance is the freedom of intelligence, that is to say, freedom of observation and of judgment, exercised in behalf of purposes that are intrinsically worth while.
www.wisdomquotes.com /cat_freedom.html   (2894 words)

 Freedom Force International - Welcome
Freedom Force International is a network of men and women from all parts of the world who are concerned over loss of personal liberty and expansion of government power.
They are preoccupied with the details of their loss of security, freedom, and privacy, and they flutter like wing-clipped pigeons, complaining about this and that without knowing why these things are happening.
The mission of members of Freedom Force is to shape public policy within their respective countries in favor of personal and global freedom.
www.freedom-force.org /freedom.cfm?fuseaction=home   (1791 words)

 Freedom - SourceWatch
The term freedom is employed extensively in propaganda, especially in the United States where it is in effect a "motherhood term" - something impossible to disagree with, seen as foundational to the state itself.
These intense rhetorical wars became a subject in their own right when "freedom fries" began to be sold in the US congress cafeteria as a pseudo-patriotic move during the so-called War on Terrorism.
The In Defense of Freedom Coalition, which opposes the PATRIOT ACT, is an example of a group that seeks to regain the propaganda value of the term for those who associate it, as Roosevelt did, with civil rights.
www.sourcewatch.org /index.php?title=Freedom   (746 words)

 Freedom, Democide, War: Home Page
Dedicated to those who are not yet living in freedom, who suffer repression, regime-made famine, torture, gulags, and fear for their lives and those of their loved ones; and thanks to the internet, have reached this home page.
Freedom is a basic human right recognized by the United Nations and international treaties, and is the heart of social justice.
Freedom is an engine of economic and human development, and scientific and technological advancement.
www.hawaii.edu /powerkills/welcome.html   (871 words)

 Code Craft - Freedom languages
Freedom languages are those languages that put the individual programmer at the center of their philosophical world.
Freedom languages have decided that the value of static-type-safety (and static-const-ness and checked exceptions) aren’t worth the cost (in missing power and flexibility) and abandoned these notions altogether.
I've maintained an awful lot of both types of code, and the "freedom" languages (whose proper domain is one-shots) appeal to "programmers" who _think_ they're "gods" and _think_ their programs actually work (and which often do work in a few test cases).
www.journalhome.com /codecraft/9003   (5809 words)

 Freedom From Tobacco - Quit Smoking Now   (Site not responding. Last check: )
It is important to note that all visitors have complete access to all of the materials we have at Freedom and www.WhyQuit.com, whether they become members or not.
There must be at least one place on earth where nicotine has no voice, a place where those serious about freedom can take comfort in the fact that those supporting them are serious too.
Freedom's adversary is nicotine and it is unwelcome here in any form or amount.
groups.msn.com /FreedomFromTobaccoQuitSmokingNow   (1349 words)

 Understanding Freedom ~ man's conceptual paradox (revised - 4th edition)
It seems evident, due to its passive nature freedoms were defeated in almost every corner of the globe because, ignominiously, the eighteen century mentality wasn't maintained.
It is curious, this ability to rob someone of their freedoms seems almost godlike, as if omnipotence, as if being able to threaten the air with a knife and steal its wind.
Unless there are changes, to foretell the fate of freedom for the year 2100 and beyond doesn't require Nostradamous or a psychic however...
www.matrixbookstore.biz /freedom.htm   (2744 words)

 freedomhouse.org: Home
Freedom House, a non-profit, nonpartisan organization, is a clear voice for democracy and freedom around the world.
Freedom House’s new study, Nations in Transit 2008, highlights further democratic declines in Russia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan linked to increasing oil and gas wealth.
A new study from Freedom House, Today’s American: How Free?, examines whether Americans are sacrificing essential values in the war against terror, and scrutinizes other critical issues such as the political process, criminal justice system, racial inequality and immigration.
www.freedomhouse.org   (685 words)

 "Taking Liberty" by William A. Galston
Nonetheless, it was impossible not to be moved by the sight of 8.5 million Iraqis braving threats and violence to vote, or to be heartened by the signs of democratic self-determination in Lebanon and elsewhere in the Middle East.
Teddy Roosevelt expanded the 19th century laissez-faire conception of freedom, in which government was seen as the greatest threat, to include the liberties of workers and entrepreneurs to get ahead in the world, freedoms restricted by concentrations of economic power and protected by the exercise of public power.
Freedom from want and fear often requires citizens to contribute some of their individual resources for collective purposes and makes better-off citizens contribute more.
www.washingtonmonthly.com /features/2005/0504.galston.html   (5046 words)

 Civil Rights Movement 1955-1965: Freedom Rides
The impression would have been that whenever a movement starts, all [you have to do] is attack it with massive violence and the fls [will] stop." [31] The Nashville students traveled to Birmingham and asked the bus company to let them use their buses.
Freedom Riders continued to arrive in the South, and by the end of the summer, more than 300 had been arrested.
The Freedom Riders may not have finished their trip, but they made an important and lasting contribution to the civil rights movement.
www.watson.org /~lisa/blackhistory/civilrights-55-65/freeride.html   (1458 words)

 Freedom Pass website
The freedom pass is paid for by your local borough council.
A freedom pass information leaflet is available to download or can be requested in a number of different languages, click here for full details.
The freedom pass is the ‘travel permit’ for the purposes of the GLA 1999 Act and the Concessionary Bus Travel Act 2007.
www.freedompass.org /index.htm   (190 words)

 Freedom Bar: Wardour Street, Soho - London
Freedom is situated in the heart of London's Soho, and has long been the venue of choice of the chic trendy crowd seeking early evening relaxation followed by pulsating niteclub action.
If you are the kind of person that likes to live and let live, and respects the rights of others to do the same, then you will receive a warm welcome.
Owned and operated by the creators of such famous establishments as 'The Shadow Lounge', and 'Jewel of Piccadilly', Freedom is an ecletic mix of all that is best in London nightlife.
www.freedombarsoho.com   (113 words)

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