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Topic: Freescale 68040

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In the News (Tue 23 Jul 19)

Freescale Semiconductor, Inc., formerly a Motorola Company, became a publicly traded company in July 2004 after more than 50 years as part of Motorola, Inc. 
For semiconductor product information, contact Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.
© Copyright 1994-2005 Motorola, Inc. All rights reserved. /content/0,,5335,00.html   (41 words)

 Business Software Review : Article 'Motorola Dragonball'
Note that there is no 68050, this is because the design that was destined to be the 68050 was eventually released as a version of the 68040.
DSP based: Motorola DSP56800 (DSPcontroller) PowerPC based: Motorola MPC500 MPC 860 (PowerQUICC) MPC 8240/8250 (PowerQUICC II) MPC 8540/8555/8560 (PowerQUICC III) Freescale e300 83xx PowerQUICC II Pro Family Freescale e500 85xx PowerQUICC III Family Freescale e600 86xx Future chip Freescale e700 87xx Future chip
Motorola_DragonBallEZ_XC60EZ328PU16V_top.jpg Motorola Dragonball Microprocessor Motorola/Freescale Semiconductor's Dragonball is microprocessor design based on the famous 68000 core, but implemented as an all-in-one low-power solution for handheld computer use. /DisplayArticle38329.html   (1048 words)

 Apple and IBM Power ahead together - Forums powered by UBB.threads�
Motorola was looking at Apple using the 88000 to replace the aging 68000 series (which by that time had so many problems that the 68050 never shipped, and they skipped from the 68040 directly to the 68060 which never really shipped in volume.
Motorola's -- now Freescale's -- focus is still on the embedded processor market.
Motorola's intent was to add a graphics processing unit and eventually a true vector processing unit (or a couple of each) into the 88000. /forums/ubbthreads/showflat.php?Cat=&Board=newsthread&Number=281830&page=0&view=collapsed   (4310 words)

 Atari Falcon . Atari . 1992 . 1993 . Atari Jaguar . Motorola 68040 . Motorola 56000 . Atari ST
The Motorola 56000 aka 56k is a family of digital signal processor DSP chips produced by Motorola from the 1980s on, still continuing to be produced by Freescale in more advanced models in the 2000s.
In keeping with general Motorola naming, the 68040 is often referred to as simply the 040.
It is the successor to the Motorola 68030 and is followed by the Motorola 68060 the 68050 was an abandoned project and never shipped, the 050 was to the 040 what the 030 was to the 020, a simple die shrink and cache size increase. /Atari_Falcon-UK-4282442-uc   (776 words)

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