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Topic: Freestyle house

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In the News (Sat 22 Jun 19)

  Freestyle music - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Freestyle or Latin Freestyle, also called Latin Hip Hop in its early years, is a form of electronic music that is heavily influenced by Hispanic (mostly Cuban, Dominican, and Puerto Rican) and African-American culture.
Freestyle is also sometimes referred to (sometimes pejoratively) as "rollerskating music" due to its prevalence in roller rinks.
By 1989, Freestyle was at its peak as an underground genre.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Freestyle_house   (2303 words)

 House Music Styles :: House Genres -> Vinyl Records Australia
Freestyle house : A Latin variant of NY house music, which began development in the early 1980s by producers like John Jellybean Benitez.
Sexy house : Sexy house draws its sounds from soul and funk with a 4/4 beat, and is sometimes confused with an acid jazz sound.
Sexy house doesn't feature as much synthesizer sounds (but does occasionally use cheesy 1980s synth samples) as other genres, but typically features horn sections, electric pianos and congas, but it is less jazzy or downtempo as trip-hop.
3345.com.au /cyclopedia/lev3_music_house_styles.htm   (873 words)

 ::: dj ayres :::   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Freestyle was crossover music, combining the electro hip-hop jam and the pop ballad to create a new style that was equally comfortable in metropolitan dance clubs as on the Billboard Top 10.
As a teenager, soon-to-be house legend Lil' Louie Vega was a freestyle DJ, packing them in at the Devil's Nest, one of the first all-freestyle Latin clubs in the Bronx, and later at Heartthrobs in midtown Manhattan with his future partner in Masters At Work, Kenny Dope.
Freestyle DJs mixed in plenty of house, pop, electro and uptempo hip-hop in their sets, and Taylor Dayne’s "Tell It To My Heart" was a pop record with a freestyle beat that did it real big in the Latin clubs.
djayres.com /freestyle   (1036 words)

 The History of Freestyle Music part 1
Freestyle tracks like TKA's "One Way Love" and Sweet Sensation's "Hooked On You" received new life and the success of these tracks as well as the just- released "Show Me" by the Cover Girls helped get them added to stations around the country.
Despite the renewed interest in the older Freestyle tracks, these artists were already releasing their follow-up singles.
But the abundance of female artists in Freestyle as well as the fact that the Cover Girls would be taking time off to record their second album, left the door wide open for someone to step in and swipe their title.
www.jam2dis.com /j2dfmhist1.htm   (1312 words)

 Freestyle Downloads - Download Freestyle Music - Download Freestyle MP3s
Freestyle classics like "I Wonder If I Take You Home" by Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam, "Let the Music Play" by Shannon, and "Party Your Body" by Stevie B relied on angular, synthesized beats similar to electro and early house, but also emphasized the romantic themes of classic R&B and disco.
Freestyle also dovetailed nicely with the rise of dance pop during the mid-'80s -- Madonna's early producer and remixer, John Benitez (aka Jellybean), was also active in the freestyle community.
Freestyle diva Lil Suzy was born Suzanne Casale in Brooklyn on March 1, 1979.
www.mp3.com /genre/257/subgenre.html   (1300 words)

 Blentwell.com - the peoples dj mixset link collective -Genre:hip-house
Madonna finds herself sorry that Chamillionaire is always ridin' dirty, 2pac sits down with Air to have a frank discussion about his block, and DJ Khaled insists that he is just a young ghetto gentleman with a "big-ass chain." Well, we beg to differ.
Freestyle is the next electro in terms of what is going to be sampled for the next 3 years.
Ayres does his homework on this one and comes back with a tight blend of killer freestyle jams.
www.blentwell.com /tags.php/hip-house   (168 words)

 While most high school students were enjoying the last weeks of summer, the 2004 Pittsford Girls’ Swim Team began ...
Trobe, Emma Miller and Katherine Ross the sweep streak in the 50 yard freestyle.
The 200 yard freestyle relay teams of Tylukti, House, Geary and Trobe, Beamish, Burns, Jen Lang and Miller, and Morris, Catherine Tuttle, Vaughn and Sur swam as exhibition.
Also finishing the meet as exhibition were House, McNamara and Caitlin O’Leary in the 100 yard backstroke, Snyder, Stephanie Ross and Mandy Ellis in the 100 yard breaststroke.
www.pittsfordswomen.homestead.com /2004-Article_Eastridge.htm   (481 words)

 A FREESTYLE Perspective by Martin Santiago   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Freestyle became popular around the U.S., Canada, and overseas and some of its artists from the early years became well known superstars of the music industry.
Freestyle artists that have been performing their songs in New York for close to a year now had the necessary airplay.
Freestyle was back on the radio as the new WKTU 103.5 was born and dance music was its slogan.
www.the-ufc.com /theunitedfreestylecommunity/frame_pages/!a_freestyle_perspective.htm   (5719 words)

 On Saturday, October 16th, the quiet of the peaceful town of Watkins Glen was not shattered by the roar of NASCAR ...
The 200 yard freestyle relay team of Stephanie House, Kelly Groves, Jenna Arington and Weniger also set a pool record.
House won the 50 yard freestyle for Pittsford.
In the 100 yard freestyle, House finished in second with a time of 54.25, less than 0.3 sec behind first place.
www.pittsfordswomen.homestead.com /2004_Article_Watkins_Glen.htm   (499 words)

 house history: continued
Plus, they returned some of the soul vision to house, a tradition that went all the way back to the Philly sound it was no coincidence that 'Devotion' was one of the first records from Chicago to really do well on the East Coast, which always had much stronger r'n'b roots in its club music.
Though in New York Todd's sample tracks were firmly categorized with the Latin freestyle house sound that the Hispanics were developing, in the UK Todd became the toast of the house scene.
By Summer 89 the acid house scene had grown into the rave scene which was becoming so big that promoters came up with the idea of putting on huge events in the countryside outside London - events that could not only hold thousands of people but which could go on all night.
members.tripod.com /~piktasis/househistory2.html   (2471 words)

 Styles of house music - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A common misconception is that Electro House is influenced by early 80s Electro, when in actual fact it has a lot more in common with Electroclash, Synth pop and Italo disco.
Freestyle house: A Latin variant of NY house music, which began development in the early 1980s by producers like John Jellybean Benitez.
Progressive house: Progressive house is typified by accelerating peaks and troughs throughout a track's duration, and are, in general, less obvious than in hard house.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Styles_of_house_music   (1203 words)

 PANDISC Selection
The legendary Miami group Freestyle that defined 80's-flavored electro-dance music reissued with four never before released bonus tracks from the The Freestyle Boyz plus an exclusive Ultimix remix of "Don't Stop The Rock".
Freestyle: The legendary Miami group Freestyle that defined 80's-flavored electro-dance music.
Freestyle's music has been sampled by dozens of artists and producers including The Chemical Brothers, Jermaine Dupree, Lil' Jon, The Freestylers(Drop The Bomb) and DJ Icey.
www.pandisc.com /catquery.cfm?productID=PD-9058   (95 words)

 Freestyle - Free Music Downloads - MP3 Downloads - Download.com Music
Electronica is a blanket term that describes electronic music, but it mainly references a style in which the use of electronic technology (drum machines, synthesizers, samplers) takes a role in the creative process.
Innovation around the development of these devices gave way to the beginnings of Detroit techno and Chicago house, with hats tipped to the early '70s disco-funk influence, a breath of fresh air to American and British music.
In the mid '90s, drum 'n' bass, trip-hop, techno, big-beat, and garage were sired by British DJs, and though each took a dramatically different set of chromosomes from its mother, all were born from disco hips.
music.download.com /2001-8250_32-0.html   (230 words)

 House - Free Music Downloads - MP3 Downloads - Download.com Music
Known as the creative force behind the foundation of house music, these three built the style with the hypnotic "four-on-the-floor" drum sound, mid-tempo beats, and organic instrumentation found on early house labels West End Records, Salsoul, and Casa Blanca.
It was the underground clubs the Warehouse and Paradise Garage in New York and Chicago that simultaneously broke the barriers of race and sexual preference, also acting as breeding grounds for the music that eventually came to be known as house and garage.
Meanwhile, during the rise of acid house in Europe (a.k.a.
music.download.com /2001-10556_32-0.html   (285 words)

 Pittsford Wins Third Straight Section V Title
She was the 500 yard champion and set school records in the 200 yard freestyle (1:52.44) and the 500 yard freestyle (5:03.65).
Other individual champions were senior Stephanie House in the 100 yard freestyle (54.26), freshman Jenny Lewis in the 100 yard backstroke (1:01.01) and sophomore Jessie Ward in the 100 yard breaststroke (1:08.94).
, House, Lewis, Trobe, Wahl, Ward and Weniger.
www.pittsfordswomen.homestead.com /2004_Article__Sectionals.htm   (381 words)

 Freestyle Music dot Com - Novogate.com
She was known for her Freestyle ballad "Say You’ll Stay" before being known as the legendary Nadine RENEE of Planet Soul.
She would be the first Latin freestyle vocal artist to reach international radio success with new material and new sounds after years of an absence and Freestyle's so called "death".
For the Freestyle world and the music industry in general this is a tremendous loss, God Bless Nadine Renee and her family and we all know that the voice that she was is still being heard over the gates of heaven.
novogate.com /exco/thread.php?forumid=11626&threadid=75999   (1131 words)

 Evolution of House Music   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Hence, house differed from disco in the sense that it had a faster beat and a stronger bass-line, most likely generated electronically with the aid of drum machines.
In the ‘90s British house scene presented a lot of chaos that even the British government implemented legislations to prevent the development of the house music scene; however, it backfired which further fueled with the presence of criminal activities by those retaliating against the restrictions (“House Music” 21, O’ Conner 134).
All in all, house music can be further divided into various subgenres such as Acid house, Chicago house, Deep house, Freestyle house, Garage, Ghetto house, Hard house, Hip house, Microhouse…Thus, it is somewhat difficult to go in depth about this genre or these genres since its history is broad with many great influences.
home.cfl.rr.com /claninfinity/housemusic.htm   (1099 words)

 Amazon.com: Profile For frankie villarreal: Reviews   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
This song just flows and is a wonderful Freestyle song.The original and deja vu mixes are cool.Though some of the house mixes do need to be harder and alot faster paced,this a great Freestyle single.
This cd is just ok,the Freestyle mix is great,but the Latin house versions should of been alot better.Michelles best single are "Mr.Player" and "by your side"The remixes.Those two have way superior quality of Freestyle than this single and the original "by your side" cd.Hopefully her next single will be alot better.
This Bay Area Freestyle artist of Latina/Filipina decent does a good job on this cd.The remix cd is alot faster than the original and sounds alot better.A great cd for any Freestyle fan.
www.amazon.com /gp/cdp/member-reviews/A2HEXI1J7SEN1C   (459 words)

 DJ Rhythms: Link Catalog - Search
Freestyle Mania - presented by DJ Obie, is one of the largest freestyle music sites on the WWW.
Freestyle Nation - contains links and information about the people on the Net who have carried the sound and stayed true to the style.
They carry a huge inventory of pretty much all dance genres: acid, breakbeats, classic, club, dancehall, freestyle, house, hardhouse, hip-hop, jungle, progressive, r&b, techno, trance, tribal, etc., plus DJ accessories.
www.djrhythms.com /cgi-bin/linksrch.cgi?searchtext=freestyle   (460 words)

 Blentwell.com - the peoples dj mixset link collective -Genre:freestyle
DJ Spongebath, aka Deathgrip, the ghost rider of Deathchurch resurfaces a mix live from the BQE Lounge in Brooklyn, with a bangin electro - old school hiphop from 2003 thats still hot.
Genres: electro, freestyle, funk, hip hop, old school
The Germans are so damn busy cutting up French hip-hop vocals that they have trouble spelling their own name (modeselektor = mdslktr???), and dizzee drops in to say hi after vacationing in luscious Jackson, Mississippi.
www.blentwell.com /tags.php/freestyle   (408 words)

 J.Ostia Signs Production Contract with BHTC Music for Trance and House Music   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
His assortment of Trance and House music will be released on BHTC’s compilation LP in the fall of 2006.
The sounds of Freestyle and House music became a major part of his life.
The Brooklyn House and Trance Company, “BHTC Music,” produces Trance and House Music that is vibrant and pulsating for the entertainment community.
www.prweb.com /releases/2006/7/prweb414668.htm   (556 words)

 Freestyle programma info
Freestyle explores the fusion between jazz and techno and house.
Freestyle werpt een blik op de franse house scene
Freestyle house geographics : exploring unexplored house from forgotten places
www.freestylegrooves.com /prog.htm   (221 words)

The first steps into the Freestyle Force that will finally unlock the doors of the true believers of the scene, and push aside the fake ass wanna bees that preach all bull without even experiencing what this whole movement is all about, from it’s birth until its evolving state.
His dedication to the music has opened doors for the Freestyle Community to be able to reach a mass majority through the power of TV.
It’s a slamming Latin Freestyle album which is produced by Artie Rodriguez and written by Freddy Lopez himself.
www.freestylemusic.com /communityreport/issue12.htm   (2520 words)

 The House of Diabolique vs. Disco
The House of Diabolique loves all forms of modern dance music, whether it be disco, freestyle, house, techno, drum and bass, or psychedelic Goa trance.
Mainstream rockers considered those who made house music to be talentless non-musicians and the music itself was derided as computer-generated and repetetive.
Listening to it is like listening to a house music megamix as nearly every line has been sampled by someone, somewhere.
www.houseofdiabolique.com /disco.html   (347 words)

 Freestyle Flyers   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
An evening with all kinds of chilly electronic beats: electronica, ambient, breakbeat, downbeat, chilly house.
Freestyle invites dj Spectron from Switzerland at Volle Maan
Freestyle invites dj Spectron from Switzerland at Komeet Planeet
www.freestylegrooves.com /events.htm   (1058 words)

 Latin Freestyle House Break Beat
2-The break boys-and the break goes on-freestyle club mix 12" 6:53 1988
1-Rickster-we got the music-deep house ny remix 12" 5:00 1989
1-Casanovas revenge-bat house -house mix 12" 7:25 1989
www.elboriquausa.1afm.com /latin_freestyle_house_break_beat.htm   (247 words)

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