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Topic: Freeza

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In the News (Sun 26 May 19)

  Freeza - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Freeza is accompanied by his henchmen Zarbon and Dodoria at all times, the two most powerful warriors in his entire army.
Freeza himself is seriously wounded for the first time: Kuririn is able to chop off a portion of his tail using a Kienzan.
Freeza appears in a number of others as either a playable character or a boss in role-playing or action-adventure titles, and has even be utilized as advertising for games such as Super Gokuden in newly produced animation meant to attract Dragon Ball Z fans.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Freeza   (4226 words)

 Freeza Saga - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Freeza Saga or the Frieza Saga is the second major plot arc of the anime Dragon Ball Z (after the Saiyan Saga and before the Garlic Junior Saga).
Freeza easily overtakes and fights Nail with no problem but rushes off to his ship when he realizes that the fight is a trick, leaving Nail for dead.
Freeza, realizes these warriors are getting stronger, is backed into a corner with no choice but to transform into his final and strongest form, at the very least quadrupling his power.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Freeza_Saga   (2061 words)

 DragonBall-Z-GT: Freeza Series
Freeza's goons kill all defenders and crush all resistance of the Nameks.
Freeza arrives to Guru and is about to kill him for refusing to teach the words needed to work the dragonballs.
Freeza, angry at losing to an "inferior monkey", creates a fireball and launches it towards the core of the planet.Then, he laughs and boasts that the planet will explode in five minutes, mocking that he can survive in space after the explosion while Gokou cannot.
www.geocities.com /Tokyo/Flats/5724/Freeza.html   (5557 words)

 The Power Within   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Freeza has too much power for his first form to control, so he has additional forms, each one an increase in power, until his final form.
Freeza and Piccolo are equal during the fight, however Freeza once again transforms, this time to a similar form.
Freeza was somewhat found in space by his father, King Cold, amid the destruction of Namek.
www.power-within.com /freeza.php   (1048 words)

 Joe's Dragonball Z Mega RPG- Battle Archive II
Freeza had flipped 18 over and had her head held like a vicegrip between his knees.
Freeza had been burried up to his waist and slowy pulled himself up out of the ground, limping from his own attack.
Freeza, taking her as a human, figured she had to be dead and limps off to heal.
dragonballz_rpg.tripod.com /pastbattles2.html   (3949 words)

 View topic - Freeza - a Youth Work perspective   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Freeza is mainly aimed towards young persons between the ages of 12-25, with a core focus on those aged 14-18 (Freeza, 2000).
The Freeza program is run in conjunction with the Victorian Government?s policy on youth as outlined in Respect: The Government?s Vision for Young People (Allan, 2003) and therefore maintains the central aim to encourage young people to be involved in a wide range of activities, as well as exploring employment opportunities.
The Freeza program also advocates the value of trying to keep young people away from drugs and alcohol, as exemplified by the guideline for all Freeza events to be drug and alcohol free.
www.pithrecords.com /forum/viewtopic.php?t=182   (2784 words)

 Dragon Ball - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
After the defeat of Vegeta and the conclusion of the Saiyan saga, the survivors of the vicious Saiyan assault head off to the Planet Namek to resurrect their friends who were killed by the Saiyans.
The Freeza saga is noteworthy for introducing the first Super Saiyan, now a staple of the series.
Nearly every major character in the manga entered the series as a villain but was, through one method or another, converted to the side of good (often, this would entail a temporary team up to defeat a greater foe, but somehow the former enemies rarely found the motivation to begin fighting again).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Dragon_Ball   (3074 words)

 The Freeza Saga
Vegeta steals the dragon balls from Freeza and is only missing one, the one Gohan found.
Freeza is infuriated by Vegeta's insolence, and calls for the Ginyu Force, his super squadron of dancing morons.
Freeza goes into his third form and Piccolo can barely handle the new battle mate.
www.expage.com /dbzfreeza   (695 words)

Freeza refuses to be surprised and simply remarks that it's an honor to know his name is known even on earth.
Freeza's men are just about to fly off when the boys speaks up, "You had better not do anything that you're not willing to pay for with your lives.".
Freeza is distracted and looks down at the blast, and quite possibly extended his life for a moment more if he had been more careful, but it was to avail.
www.fortunecity.com /tinpan/baxendale/56/id25.htm   (4838 words)

 DBZ Uncensored: The Freeza Saga   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Freeza's henchmen Kiwi, Dodoria, and Zarbon are there to aid him in his bid for immortality, but all of them are dispatched singlehandedly by Vegeta.
Meanwhile, Goku is on the way to Namek in a space pod that enables him to train at 100 times Earth's gravity, and his power level is rising dramatically due to the all-out endurance test he is putting his body through.
Nail, a Namek warrior, is sent to fight Freeza as a distraction to give the Earthlings a chance to gather the Namek Dragon Balls, and when they finally do, the Namek Dragon, Polunga, is summoned.
dbzuncensored.dbzoa.net /series/freezasaga.html   (1011 words)

 Freeza Saga
Freeza continues to pound on Nail in an attempt to learn how to get his wish granted, when Nail reveals he is only stalling for time to let Dende deliver the necessary information to the others.
Freeza tells Vegeta of how he didn't have to transform himself in order to kill King Vegeta, Vegeta's father, when he outlived his usefulness to Freeza, and we learn in flashback some of the history of the Saiyan royal family.
Freeza, in his fight with Piccolo, was still not using the full extent of his abilities.
www.angelfire.com /fl/chui/freezasaga.html   (4463 words)

 Freeza Saga
This saga helped improve Dragonball Z a lot because it is here that we are introduced to the Saiyans' ability to turn "Super Saiyan." Freeza, who destroyed the Saiya planet in the battle with Bardock (Gokou's father) is in search of the Dragonballs on Planet Namek (Piccolo's home planet) to become immortal.
Freeza's father, Cold, learns about Freeza's defeat and quickly gathers Freeza's body parts, which are floating around in space.
(This is why Freeza was half robotic.) Freeza tells his father about Gokou and his powers, but his father doesn't believe him and boasts that he is the universe's strongest warrior and.
members.tripod.com /~Gotenks89/freeza.htm   (492 words)

 Freeza Saga
Freeza transformed to his third form while Goku was recovering in Freeza's ship from the battle with Gineu.
With his last strength, Freeza triggered the planet to blow up in five minutes and threw Kienzan-like fireballs at him but accidentally got cut in the process.
Goku gave Freeza some of his energy to save his live and to fight more but had to kill him rapidly and escape.
www.expage.com /sagasummary3   (644 words)

 DBZWarriors.Com - Freeza, Freezer   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Even though Freeza would not openly admit, his greatest nightmare is the Saiyajin, that is why their home planet must be destroyed.
Freeza is capable of three transformations, becoming more powerful each time, during which, Vegeta was killed and Piccolo met nearly the same fate.
Freeza served as the catalyst for that when he killed Kuririn out of his frustration.
www.dbzwarriors.com /biofreeza.html   (290 words)

 Freeza Saga
Freeza did this so he wouldn't be able to heal any of the fighters now.
Son Gokou gives Freeza one last bit of energy to get the heck out of there, but instead he uses it for an attack on Gokou while Gokou is flying away to go find a spaceship.
Son Gokou blast quickly overtakes Freeza's and Freeza is blown into the core of the planet.
members.tripod.com /ssj5vegetto3/freeza58.htm   (2107 words)

 Vegetunks Information Page
Freeza is unaware of what Goku is doing because he cannot detect "ki", and therefore can't sense the power of the growing Bomb.
Freeza is the first to make his wish, but the Porunga Shenlong ignores him and grants Dende's wish instead.
Cyborg Freeza Race: Cyborg Series: DBZ Saga: Freeza Once Freeza was blown to pieces by Goku and the exploding Namek, his father King Cold recovered his body parts.
www.geocities.com /ssj4_vegetunks_uk/info.html   (19448 words)

 Freeza Story
Freeza is also in search of the Namek Dragonballs to become immortal and begins to terrorize Namek for the dragonballs.
Realizing that he himself cannot defeat Freeza, Vegeta joins the Z warriors, but boasts that it is only to insure that Gokou survives the battle so that he could kill him personally.
With a single energy blast, Freeza and his planet are blown.
members.aol.com /Ballys39/FreezaS.html   (813 words)

 The Freeza Saga
Realizing that he himself cannot defeat Freeza, Vegeta joins the Z warriors, but boasts that it is only to insure that Goku survives the battle so that he could kill him personally.
With a single Kamehameha blast, Freeza and his planet are blown to pieces.
Freeza tells his father about Goku and his powers, but his father doesn't believe him.
pages.prodigy.net /degrazia/_import/pages.prodigy.net/degrazia/index3.html   (776 words)

The FReeZA program is a Victorian Government initiative for all young people and targeting those aged 14-25 years.
The FReeZA Committees will provide a range of opportunities for you to gain experiences and develop skills in music and entertainment related industries.
FReeZa Committees plan all aspects of the event and take responsibility for the various tasks involved in event development and management (from designing a web page, to marketing and promoting the event, to standing on door taking money from punters on the night).
home.vicnet.net.au /~chain/Freeza.htm   (396 words)

 U THINK U CAN DEFEAT THE ALL POWERFUL FREEZA!? - Anime   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Freeza, who destroyed Planet Vegeta in the battle with Bardock (Gokou's father) is in search of the Dragonballs to become immortal.
Freeza's father, Cold, later learns about Freeza's defeat and quickly gathers Freeza's body parts, which are floating around in space.
(These villians are space conquerers.) Freeza, his father, and his crew land on earth to seek revenge on the Z Warriors, as well as destroy Earth on the way.
maxpages.com /trunksshrine/Freeza_Summary - !http://www.maxpages.com/trunksshrine/Freeza_Summary   (716 words)

 freeza inc. :: Home [ Guest ]
NOTE: As you all may or may not have known, freeza inc has been through a bit of trouble, but the www.freezainc.net as well as the www.freezaink.net/com/org domains are NO LONGER active.
Bizzy Bone, on and off member of the popular group of the 90s, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, has since broke off from the foursome and pursued his own ambitions, and while he has not been a chart topper, he continues to make awesome music.
Nip/Tuck, originally aired in 2003, is a drama set in Florida, about two plastic surgeons on a mission to prove to the world one thing; that they have very tight asses, literally.
www.freeza-inc.com   (1215 words)

 GameTrailers.com Forums - Freeza fanart
Sup guys, I found an old Freeza fanart I made during this past year, and decided to post it up.
Real good drawing of Freeza, I give it an 8 out of 10, you should color it in.
This is not meant as an offence but freeza's kinda gay.
forums.gametrailers.com /showthread.php?t=26529   (211 words)

 Dragonball Z/GT Timeline
Krillin is killed by Freeza, and Goku turns into a Super Saiya-jin.
A wish is made with the Earth's Dragonballs to have everyone killed by Freeza or his followers wished back to life.
Krillin and Yamcha are revived with the Namekian dragonballs.
www.dbzgtlegacy.com /timeline.shtml   (1838 words)

 Animeboards.com Forums - Freeza
This was the way the series was supposed to end, with Goku beating Freeza, but the fans bugged the company, and then the company bugged Toriyama, and well, you know what happened after that.
While Freeza was fighting Goku on Namek, Freeza said that he was only using 1% of his power.
If Freeza's maximum power is 12 million, that means 1% of his maximum is 120,000 and Freeza in his 1st form (weakest) is 500,000.
animeboards.com /archive/index.php/t-9329.html   (920 words)

 The Freeza Series
Gohan, Klilyn, and Bulma learn that Vegeta is also on Vegeta and also learn about Freeza.
Freeza can change into a few forms before reaching perfect form, but he finally is killed by Trunks.
He escaped from the portal of nothingness, but was defeated and entrapped again.
members.tripod.com /~GoldenPhoenix/freeza.html   (1097 words)

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