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Topic: French Guiana

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In the News (Thu 22 Aug 19)

  Global Voices Online » French Guiana
This weekend, more than 60 million French cast their ballots in the first round of the French presidential election, narrowing the list of candidates to two: conservative UMP candidate Nicolas Sarkozy and Socialist Party candidate Segolene Royal.
French DOM-TOM Bloggers on Zidane’s “Coup de Tete”
A general strike in French Guiana caused interruptions in power and transportation services, but no disruption of the French presidential campaigns since all campaigning must stop several days before the ballot (Fr).
www.globalvoicesonline.org /-/world/americas/french-guiana   (583 words)

  French Guiana - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
French Guiana is the smallest political entity on the South American mainland (Suriname is the smallest independent South American country).
French Guiana, as part of France, is part of the European Union, the largest part in area outside Europe and the only significant part outside Europe that is not an island (other than the Spanish enclaves in Africa, Ceuta and Melilla).
French Guiana consists of two main geographical regions: a coastal strip where the majority of the people live, and dense, near-inaccessible rainforest which gradually rises to the modest peaks of the Tumac-Humac mountains along the Brazilian frontier.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/French_Guiana   (1328 words)

 NationMaster - Encyclopedia: French Guiana   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
French Guiana, as part of France, is part of the European Union, the largest part in area outside Europe and the only significant part outside Europe that is not an island (other than the Spanish enclaves in Morocco, Ceuta and Melilla).
French guiana (french: guyane) is an overseas département (département doutre-mer, or dom) of france, located on the caribbean coast of south...
Cayenne is the capital of french guiana, with a population of 60.500 (in 2003), on an island at the mouth of the cayenne river....
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/French-Guiana/Transnational-issues   (834 words)

 NationMaster - Encyclopedia: History of French Guiana   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
French Guiana was originally inhabited by a number of Native American peoples, among them the Carib, Arawak, Emerillon, Galibi, Palikour, Wayampi (also known as Oyampi) and Wayana.
Cayenne is the capital of French Guiana, with a population of 60.
French Guiana (French: Guyane française, officially Guyane) is an overseas département (département d'outre-mer, or DOM) of France, located on the Caribbean coast of South America and part of Caribbean South America.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/History-of-French-Guiana   (2912 words)

 French Guiana History & French Guiana Culture | iExplore.com
French Guiana was discovered by the Spanish in 1496, who established a few settlements in 1503 and 1504.
French Guiana was finally given French Overseas Department status in 1946, under which the territory effectively became an integral part of the French nation.
French Guiana's economy is heavily dependent on that of France.
www.iexplore.com /dmap/French+Guiana/History   (701 words)

 French Guiana. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05
French Guiana is largely dependent on subsidies and imports from its mother country.
French Guiana has two districts (arrondissements): Cayenne, the coastal region, where more than 90% of the population is concentrated; and the larger interior district of Saint Laurent-du-Maroni.
French Guiana was used as a penal colony and place of exile during the French Revolution, and under Napoleon III permanent penal camps were established.
www.bartleby.com /65/fr/FrenchG-na.html   (443 words)

 Embassy of France in the U.S. - Overseas France
Guadeloupe proper is the largest island in the French West Indies with an area of 1,438 square km and a population of 422,500.
French Guiana, with an area of 90,000 square km, lies in the north-eastern part of South America between Surinam and Brazil.
Guiana is a land of exuberance, adventure and discovery par excellence, and green tourism is a prime route for its further development.
www.info-france-usa.org /atoz/overseas.asp   (2088 words)

 Encyclopedia :: encyclopedia : French Guiana   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
It borders the Atlantic Ocean to the north, Brazil to the east and south, and Suriname to the west (part of the southern border with Suriname is disputed).
As an integral part of France, French Guiana is part of the European Union, the largest part in area outside Europe and the only part outside Europe that is not an island (other than the Spanish exclaves in Morocco).
French Guiana is heavily dependent on imports of food and energy.
www.hallencyclopedia.com /French_Guiana   (1569 words)

 french guiana map and map of french guiana and information page
Landforms A narrow coastal strip fronts the Atlantic Ocean coastline of French Guiana; to the south, the land is literally an unsettled wilderness, covered by a dense jungle and parts of the Amazon rain forest, and dissected by dozens and dozens of rivers.
French Guiana's land begins to gently rise in the central regions of the country, ending at the base of the Tumac-Humac Mountains, along its southern border with Brazil.
French Guinea is a land of rivers, many flowing north from the southern mountains; major ones include the Maroni and Lawa, forming its (disputed) border with Suriname; the Oyapok, forming a long natural border with Brazil, and the Approuaque, Camopi, Mana and Tompok.
www.worldatlas.com /webimage/countrys/samerica/gf.htm   (936 words)

 Cayenne (French Guiana)  -  Travel Photos by Galen R Frysinger, Sheboygan, Wisconsin
Cayenne, city, port, and capital of French Guiana, northern French Guiana, on Cayenne Island, at the mouth of the Cayenne River.
On March 18, 1943, however, the Vichy-oriented authorities in French Guiana were expelled by a pro-Allied committee that had the support of the French military forces and the majority of the population of the colony.
The Allied blockade of French Guiana was lifted, and trade was resumed with the United States, Brazil, and the British and Dutch possessions in America.
www.galenfrysinger.com /cayenne.htm   (450 words)

 French - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
French kiss, a type of deep kiss where the kissers' tongues meet
Kenneth French, best know for his study of efficient financial markets with Eugene Fama.
Nicki French is a female singer and dancer born in Carlisle, Cumbria, England
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/French   (258 words)

 French Guiana Travel Guide | French Guiana Travel Information Guide
French Guiana has the benefit of an ideal geographical situation, set between the Caribbean and the Amazon.
French Guiana is also home to a colourful blend of different cultural backgrounds.
French Guiana is also a land of social progress and a symbol of modernity as is demonstrated in Kourou, the main French Space Centre.
www.worldtravelguide.net /data/guf/guf.asp   (330 words)

 Worldworx Travel - Safety - Americas - French Guiana
French Guiana is an overseas department of France.
French is the predominant language; English is not widely spoken.
French Guiana has a relatively moderate to high volume of traffic and police enforce traffic safety.
www.worldworx.tv /safety/americas/french-guiana/index.htm   (572 words)

 Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | 'L'euro? Pas de problème, man'
This is probably because it is. It is the capital of French Guiana, a French département d'outre mer sandwiched between Surinam and Brazil on the Amazon delta.
French Guiana is roughly the size of Portugal, has a population of about 170,000, and just over 90% of it is impenetrable jungle.
By bringing French Guiana into a broader community of nations, she says, the euro might also help it get rid of its unsavoury image as a former penal colony.
www.guardian.co.uk /euro/story/0,11306,632358,00.html   (2015 words)

 French Guiana - HighBeam Encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Part of the Guiana region, it is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on the north, Suriname on the west, and Brazil on the south and east.
Mercury exposure in French Guiana: levels and determinants.
FRENCH GUIANA: Visitors discover jungles and culture in former penal colony
www.encyclopedia.com /html/F/FrenchG-na.asp   (592 words)

 French Guiana Travel Guide @ TravelNotes.org
The French established their first settlement at Cayenne in the early 17th century.
The Dutch occupied it a couple of time in the 1660s, with the French acquiring permanent control early in the 18th century.
Brief introduction to French Guiana and the ecosystem.
www.travelnotes.org /LatinAmerica/fr_guiana.htm   (483 words)

 Devil's Island, French Guiana  -  Travel Photos by Galen R Frysinger, Sheboygan, Wisconsin
The island group and portions of French Guiana comprised the entire penal settlement, which was collectively known as Devil's Island.
The settlement was maintained separately from the former colony of French Guiana.
Improvement of the conditions on Devil's Island was undertaken during the early 1930s by the French Salvation Army with the approval of the French government.
www.galenfrysinger.com /french_guiana.htm   (383 words)

 ESA - Europe's Spaceport - About French Guiana
The capital of this French Overseas Department is Cayenne; some of the other main towns are Kourou, Matoury, St Laurent and Macouria.
French Guiana is administered by a prefecture representing the French Government.
French Guiana has a hot and humid equatorial climate with an average temperature of between 25° to 27°C. The rainy seasons stretch from December to February and from April to July, with a dry season between August and November.
www.esa.int /SPECIALS/Launchers_Europe_s_Spaceport/ASEBGOI4HNC_0.html   (260 words)

 ESA Portal - Protecting the Environment - ESA providing Kyoto estimates of French Guiana’s tropical forests
Ninety percent of French Guiana, or approximately 80 000 sq km, is covered with tropical forests and woodlands.
French Guiana is also home to the European spaceport, shared by the French and ESA, at Kourou.
The project to assess the tropical forests in French Guiana grew out of a January meeting in Paris between Professor José Achache, director of ESA’s Earth Observation programmes, and Pierre Eric Rosenberg, MAAPAR’s director of rural areas and forestry.
www.esa.int /esaCP/SEMOBRS1VED_Protecting_0.html   (403 words)

 French Guiana travel guide - Wikitravel
French Guiana is in the Amazonia region of South America, bordering the North Atlantic Ocean, between Brazil and Suriname.
3,300 km of French Guiana's waterways are navigable by native craft; 460 km navigable by small oceangoing vessels and coastal and river steamers.
French is the official language of France, although Creole is widely spoken.
wikitravel.org /en/French_Guiana   (572 words)

 French Guiana - Guyane - Destination Guyane Française
French Guiana is a non-souvereign overseas département (département d'outre-mer) of France, located on the Caribbean coast of South America.
Settled by the French in 1604, French Guiana was the site of notorious penal settlements until 1951.
News from Saint-Laurent du Maroni and French Guiana (in French).
www.nationsonline.org /oneworld/french_guiana.htm   (555 words)

 French Guiana News
French Guiana News continually updated from thousands of sources around the net.
Dense equatorial forests, colonial towns and a major space centre are among the varied faces of French Guiana, a region of France on the north-east coast of South America.
The police and the army are working towards establishing whether the grenade that was lobbed at their men during a confrontation with gunmen at the back of Victoria is one that was stolen from a depot in...
www.topix.net /world/french-guiana   (628 words)

 French Guiana Travel Information | Lonely Planet Destination Guide
When To Go Expect a soggy trip from January to June, with the heaviest rains occurring in May. The dry season, from July to December, may be the most comfortable time to visit.
Bluelist it › If you want your list to be considered for the French Guiana book, use the keyword 'highlight'.
French Guiana is home to squadrons of animals, many of which (such as the Giant Armadillo and Oyapock's fish-eating rat) are endangered or vulnerable.
www.lonelyplanet.com /worldguide/destinations/south-america/french-guiana   (342 words)

 Amerindians of French Guiana
The substitution of a word for another and the present efforts made by various actors to validate and impose or, on the contrary, to discredit the use of the expression ‘chef coutumier’ are associated with the history of the relations between the Kali'na society and the global society and its institutions.
Caribe (Kalihna, Carib, Cariña, Kalinya, Galibi), Spoken In Venezuela, Surinam, Guyana, French Guyana:
The $6,500 USD grant will be used to promote ecotourism in the village through the purchase of a boat to transport tourists to and from the village and nature reserve.
www.centrelink.org /FrenchGuiana.html   (1284 words)

 Fungal and Plant Diversity of Central French Guiana: Resulting Publications from the ORSTOM/NYBG Project
See also "New Taxa from Central French Guiana" for papers in which new species based on collections gathered as part of the project are described.
Epizoochorous dispersal by barbs, hooks, and spines in a lowland moist forest in central French Guiana.
The bat fauna of the Saül region, French Guiana.
www.nybg.org /bsci/french_guiana/pubs.html   (520 words)

 French Guiana
French customs authorities may enforce strict regulations concerning temporary importation into or export from French Guiana of items such as firearms, medications, animals, etc. It is advisable to contact the Embassy of France in Washington or one of the many French consulates in the United States for specific information regarding customs requirements.
Penalties for possession, use, or trafficking in illegal drugs in French Guiana are severe, and convicted offenders can expect long jail sentences and heavy fines.
Engaging in sexual conduct with children or using or disseminating child pornography in a foreign country is a crime, prosecutable in the United States.
travel.state.gov /travel/french_guiana.html   (1355 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Dengue is endemic and epidemic in French Guiana ; it is transmitted more in the coastal area, where the main towns are located.
Intestinal infectious diseases are the leading reasons for visits to health centers in the interior of French Guiana for children under 5.
There are 10 laboratories in French Guiana, one blood bank and a reference laboratory at the Pasteur Institute.
www.paho.org /English/DD/AIS/cp_254.htm   (2338 words)

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