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Topic: French Soudan

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  1864. 2001. The Encyclopedia of World History
French conquest of the interior was revived with the appointment of Col. Borgnis-Desbordes (1879–83) to a newly established military command.
The French army's march into the Sahara, as part of the bold vision of trans-Saharan conquest, was abruptly halted in 1881 when the Tuareg confederation crushed the mission of Col.
French conquest was conducted by a small group of French officers and soldiers and a large army of African recruits.
www.bartleby.com /67/1511.html   (919 words)

 Islam in Africa-Mail history
French military penetration of the Soudan (the French name for the area) began around 1880.
A French civilian governor of Soudan was appointed in 1893, but resistance to French control did not end until 1898, when the Malinke warrior Samory Toure was defeated after 7 years of war.
On September 22, Soudan proclaimed itself the Republic of Mali and withdrew from the French Community.
www.islaminafrica.org /mali-h.htm   (891 words)

 From underpopulation to overpopulation Environmental History - Find Articles
One of the striking aspects of French colonial perceptions of agricultural develop ment in French Soudan (Mali) was the way in which government officials and experts modified their views on population.
On the one hand, the views of French agronomists and agricultural service personnel were notably consistent: population remained a critical component in the development equation from the beginning of colonial rule until the early 196os.
Both analyses of rural Soudan-as "underpopulated" and "overpopulated"-assumed that population was an independent variable with a definite and predictable impact on economic growth.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_qa3854/is_199904/ai_n8846081   (253 words)

 Civil and Commercial cases of the Tribunal de Province de Sokolo - History
As the French Soudan it was a French colony from the mid 19th century to 1960.
The modern borders were decided by the French colonial government and owe much to the route of the railway to the coast at Dakar.
During the colonial period Mali (French Soudan) was part of a federation of colonies known as French West Africa, ruled from Dakar in Senegal.
shl.stanford.edu /Court/history.html   (501 words)

 WHKMLA : History of the French Soudan, 1922-1939
The French Soudan had been established by the dissolution of UPPER SENEGAL & NIGER, of which Upper Volta had been split off in 1919, Niger in 1922.
The remainder was rechristened French Soudan; all 3 were integrated into French West Africa.
In 1932, Upper Volta was partitioned, one share was annexed to the French Soudan (until Upper Volta was reestablished in 1947).
www.zum.de /whkmla/region/westafrica/frsoudan192239.html   (173 words)

 The Languages of Childhood: The Discursive Construction of Childhood and Colonial Policy in French West Africa   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
French colonizers’ attempts to regulate indigenous sexualities through education and medical care were directly related to attempts to control childbirth and childcare in the colonies in order to swell the ranks of taxpayers and workers.
Although French officials played a role in these proceedings, they were not to overturn or influence a judge’s decisions unless customary law was in conflict with the stated principles of “French civilization” during the early part of the century.
French administrators sometimes contravened Ponty’s politique des races and played a role in child custody because the local laws grated upon their own sensibilities, according to Richard Roberts’ study of the issue of marital instability and children in the French Sudan.
www.africa.ufl.edu /asq/v7/v7i4a2.htm   (6515 words)

 African Democratic Rally - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The African Democratic Rally (French: Rassemblement Démocratique Africain) was a political party in French West Africa, led by Félix Houphouët-Boigny.
In the 1940s, the French faced increasing resistance to their rule in West Africa.
Initially RDA was politically radical, with ties to the French Communist Party (PCF).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/African_Democratic_Rally   (305 words)

 The French in West Africa
The "French Soudan" or "Western Sudan" should not be confused with the modern country of Sudan, or with the colony that was known as "Anglo-Egyptian Sudan" during most of the 20th century.
For a time, the French felt no need to formalize their presence, but as the British began to move inland from the mouth of the Niger River, the French began to fear that the British would seize the Middle Niger Valley and perhaps even reach the Upper Senegal Valley.
French expansion, which led to the annexation of huge areas of unprofitable desert and jungle, was motivated by a more complex mixture of interests that included deliberate efforts on the part of soldiers, merchants, geographic societies and groups like the Comité de l'Afrique Française and Union coloniale française to promote the idea of empire.
courses.wcupa.edu /jones/his312/lectures/fren-occ.htm   (2264 words)

 French West Africa
In 1895 the Federation of French West Africa was formed with Dakar as its capital.
French West Africa was a territory in North-West Africa.
The Federation of French West Africa was dissolved in 1958, when French Soudan and Senegal became the Mali federation and the rest independent republics.
home.planet.nl /~bakk4502/African_Stamps/france/FWA.htm   (74 words)

 Soudan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The French name for its colony of French Sudan (present day Mali)
The Soudan Mine in northern Minnesota in the U.S., today used to house particle-detecting experiments
Soudan is the name of two communes in France:
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Soudan   (118 words)

 France: Former colonial possessions
In the Near East, the territories under trusteeship of the French Republic consisted of the Alaouite State (Lattaquié), Alep, Hatay (Alexandretta), Lebanon, Syria and the Sanjak of Damas and the Jabel Druze (Souaida).
In East Africa, the French ruled the French Somali Coast, which became the Overseas territory of the Afars and the Issas, and finally, upon independence in 1977, the Republic of Djibouti.
The use of the French flag is therefore the rule, while the use of local flags is the exception.
flagspot.net /flags/fr-colon.html   (1614 words)

 WHKMLA : History of the French Soudan, 1939-1960   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
WHKMLA : History of the French Soudan, 1939-1960
French West Africa was represented in the French National Assembly.
In 1959, Soudan and Senegal formed the MALI CONFEDERATION, which broke apart in 1960 when Mali (the former French Soudan) declared independence.
www.zum.de /whkmla/region/westafrica/frsoudan193960.html   (98 words)

 WorldNet Virginia: Mali - History
French decree constituting the region of the Upper Senegal a distinct territory under a French  military officer, subordinate to the governor of Senegal, but enjoying a considerable measure of administrative freedom.
Decree changing the title of the territory to Soudan Français; to be under the general direction of the governor of Senegal but with its own budget.
French Sudan became the colony of Haut Sénégal et Niger (Upper Senegal and Niger), with its own lieutenant governor and of exactly the same status as the other colonies of the Federation.
mali.pwnet.org /history/history_time_line.htm   (485 words)

 History of Mali   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
As the colony of French Soudan, Mali was administered with other French colonial territories as the Federation of French West Africa.
In 1956, with the passing of France's Fundamental Law (Loi Cadre), the Territorial Assembly obtained extensive powers over internal affairs and was permitted to form a cabinet with executive authority over matters within the Assembly's competence.
After the 1958 French constitutional referendum, the Republique Soudanaise became a member of the French Community and enjoyed complete internal autonomy.
www.historyofnations.net /africa/mali.html   (1100 words)

 French Soudan
The French arrived at Segou in 1866, and by 1898 they had conquered all of Mali, overcoming opposition led by Samori Toure.
After two decades of French military rule, the area became the colony of French Soudan, a part of the Federation of French West Africa (established 1895).
Bordering on Senegal and Mauritania in the west, Algeria in the north, Niger and Burkina Faso in the east, and Ivory Coast and Guinea in the south.
home.planet.nl /~bakk4502/African_Stamps/france/frenchsoudan.htm   (124 words)

 Africa Stage: Abeja Dispatch - September 18, 1999
Mali was known as "French Soudan," and it wasn't as well developed as some other French colonies like Senegal and Cote d'Ivoire.
French Soudan (Mali) joined briefly with the former French colonies Senegal, Upper Volta (Burkina Faso), and Dahomey (Benin).
I didn't study French in school because I was never very interested in the cultured world of fashion, art, and wine that I associated with the French.
www.worldtrek.org /odyssey/africa/091899/091899abejasegou.html   (891 words)

 Senegal page
This was the first African territory where there were a significant number of Africans recognized as French citizens (by passing tests of education) from the early 20th century.
Senegal was the core of the colony of French West Africa which included Soudan, Mauritania, Ivory Coast, Niger, Dahomey, Togo, Guinea and Upper Volta.
As the French were building their colony, the British occupied the Gambia river valley.
www.angelfire.com /mac/egmatthews/worldinfo/africa/senegal.html   (276 words)

 WorldNet Virginia: Mali - History
The French took most of the western Sudan - Timbuktu in 1894 and Gao in 1898.
The present boundaries of Mali are the legacy of 70 years of French colonial rule, from 1890-1960.
French Sudan opted for internal autonomy within the French Community and became known as Republique Soudanaise (Sudanese Republic).
mali.pwnet.org /history/history_french_colonialism.htm   (360 words)

 Forced labor, resistance and memory: The deuxieme portion in the French Soudan, 1926--1950 (Mali)
This dissertation analyzes the history of the deuxième portion de la contingent militaire-a quasi-military labor service-in the French Soudan, between 1926 and 1950.
Drawing upon pre-colonial epics, colonial archival material and post-colonial labor practices, political commentary and oral history, the dissertation analyzes the changing ways Malians have interpreted the significance of the deuxième portion in the decades since it was abolished.
The deuxième portion, though a transitional labor arrangement, had an enduring effect not only upon relationships between African employees and French employers, but also upon an evolving understanding of the relationship between the citizen and the state, an impact that continued in independent Mali.
repository.upenn.edu /dissertations/AAI3054924   (368 words)

 France at War - Tirailleurs Senegalais
Also beginning in the last decade of the 19th century, the French came to rely heavily on certain ethnic groups, principally the Bambara of present-day Mali (formerly French Soudan), the Tucolor and the Mande-speaking ethnic groups related to these savannah tribes.
Poll tax rates were rising rapidly, French colonial administrators demanded corvee labor on roads and railways, and the practice of compulsory crop cultivation was spreading.
French colonial administrators sought to use veterans as a buffer group to support colonial administration.
www.worldwar1.com /france/tseng.htm   (2469 words)

 Cast, Army D'Afrique
The French Armies in Africa were the Armee d'Afrique and the Troupes de Marine (called La Coloniale in 1900).
In the Tidikelt, the company was some 200 strong, of which about ¼ were mounted with a French cadre of about 35 but the companies were significantly smaller further south in the Tuat and beyond.
The various antagonists to the French cause in the early 20th century, most of whom were Berber, not Arabs, as is commonly misstated, can be modeled from the Old Glory Arab line.
www.warflag.com /shadow/cast   (1358 words)

The Republic of Mali, formerly the French Soudan, is a landlocked nation in West Africa.
The mighty Niger River and its tributaries run through much of the southern half of the country, but the northern half is made up of the Sahara and Sahel region bordering the desert.
The official language is French, but the Bambara language is spoken by a majority of the population, with other major languages being Fulfulde, Sonrai, Tamashek, Soninke, and Senufo.
www.nationsencyclopedia.com /World-Leaders-2003/Mali.html   (343 words)

 Timeline of Events in Independent Mali
Conflicting consequences of French colonial rule: centralized, bureaucratic government; belief in economic progress; politics dominated by charismatic individual leaders and mass parties, the desire for equality as French citizens or independent Africans.
This was a legacy of French policy that treated the Soudan as a supplier of raw materials and a market for French industrial output.
The Soudan depended on financial subsidies from France and the rail connection to Dakar.
courses.wcupa.edu /jones/his311/timeline/t-mali.htm   (1313 words)

 Two Worlds of Cotton: Colonialism and the Regional Economy in the French Soudan, 1800-1946 - Richard L. Roberts
A major new approach to the study of the social and economic history of colonial French West Africa, this book traces French efforts to establish a cotton export economy in the French Soudan from the early nineteenth century through the end of World War II.
During the nineteenth century, the French metropolitan cotton textile industry developed and expanded, and securing new sources for raw cotton became a central concern for French industrialists and the emerging technocratic leadership of the French state.
Controlling the French West Africa cotton harvest thus became of paramount importance to the French colonial endeavor.
www.sup.org /book.cgi?book_id=2652+   (188 words)

 Comparative Criminology | Africa - Senegal
The legal system is based on French civil law and is composed of ordinary courts and a number of higher and special courts, including the Council of State, the Constitutional Council, and the Court of Final Appeal.
One Senegalese and two French nationals of Senegalese origin were arrested and charged with organizing an international prostitution ring.
In October the Senegalese national was released on bail, and in November the two French nationals were released on bail; trials were pending for all three at year's end 2001.
www-rohan.sdsu.edu /faculty/rwinslow/africa/senegal.html   (4918 words)

 Imperialism - Further Reading - MSN Encarta
Two Worlds of Cotton: Colonialism and the Regional Economy in the French Soudan, 1800-1946.
Case study on the effects of imperialism on the French Soudan.
Analyzes imperialism through the lens of British, French, and American literature.
encarta.msn.com /readings_761558317/Imperialism.html   (203 words)

 Nap Nuts Singapore Wargamers Wargames
The plan was hatched to strike deep into French Soudan and surprise the Land-train before it arrived at the French fort.
The French officer, enraged by the circumstance, spurred his horse and charged towards the gun.
The Oberon fought to keep the French flyers away, but the Great Undertaking was armed with several hot-air balloons with charges upon them with exploded as they neared the White Manatee.
members.tripod.com /napnuts/vsf_chp4.htm   (569 words)

The stable and peaceful empire was destroyed by the trans-atlantic slave trade and European colonization.
In septembre 22, 1960, Soudan proclaimed itself the Republic of Mali and withdrew from the French Community.
Fruits and vegetables (mangoes, French beans, tomatoes, shallot, gumbo, etc.) industrial farming cotton (560,000 tones in 1997), peanut, tobacco, tea and picking of fruits.
www.addistribune.com /Archives/2003/04/18-04-03/Mali.htm   (4016 words)

 French Soudan - Hutchinson encyclopedia article about French Soudan
French Southern and Antarctic Lands (ISO Country code)
French Southern Territories (ISO country code, top level domain)
This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional.
encyclopedia.farlex.com /French+Soudan   (78 words)

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