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Topic: French colonization

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  French colonization of the Americas - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
French colonization of the Americas began in the 16th Century, and continued as France established a colonial empire in the 17th century.
The French were also responsible for the settlement of the nation of Haiti, the nation which shares the island of Hispaniola with the Dominican Republic, as well as the islands of Guadeloupe, Martinique, St.
However, Guadeloupe is unique in these French colonies because slaves gained independence for a brief period from 1795 (due to pressures by the French Revolution, the convention in Paris performed this task and sent Victor Hugues to implement the new law) to the reinstatement of the institution of slavery by Bonaparte in 1802.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/French_colonization_of_the_Americas   (1490 words)

 colonization. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05
Colonization may be state policy, or it may be a private project sponsored by chartered corporations or by associations and individuals.
Before colonization can be effected, the indigenous population must be subdued and assimilated or converted to the culture of the colonists; otherwise, a modus vivendi must be established by the imposition of a treaty or an alliance.
Modern colonization, frequently preceded by an era in which missionaries and traders were active, was largely exploitative, but it did not in the long run prove directly lucrative to the colonial power, because it involved a heavy drain on the treasury of the home government.
www.bartleby.com /65/co/coloniza.html   (882 words)

 Acadian French - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Acadian French (le français acadien) is a variety or dialect of French spoken by francophone Acadians in the Canadian Maritimes provinces and the Saint John River Valley in northern Maine.
Cajun French, a regional dialect spoken in Southern Louisiana in the United States, is a direct descendant of Acadian French.
Acadian French is descended from the French dialects of Anjou and of Poitou in France.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Acadian_French   (761 words)

 FRENCH COLONIZATION   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
The French, with their stronghold in Quebec, were the first Europeans to realize the strategic importance of the Mississippi River stretching south to the Gulf of Mexico.
"The French houses were mostly built of hewn timber set upright in the ground, or upon plates laid upon a wall, the intervals between the upright pieces being filled with stone and mortar.
The French inhabitants noted that outbreaks of fever, which invariably followed flooding, became more common with the advent of the mill dams, a lesson not heeded by the Americans in the 19th century (Beck 1823:94).
www.eslarp.uiuc.edu /ibex/archive/IDOT/idot3.htm   (965 words)

 French And American Involvement In Indochina
French naval forces responded to opposition in the north by bombardment of the port city of Haiphong where tens of thousands of innocent citizens perished.
French use of collaborators made those individuals contemptible to their adversaries; they were considered enemies of the state that must be totally eliminated.
French influence was sufficiently strong to enlist large numbers of Vietnamese to join their governing bodies and also their military units.
www.globalsecurity.org /military/library/report/1995/ADS.htm   (11439 words)

French colonization rested primarily, in Algeria, on the principle of "official colonization".
New people, composed as a majority of French but also of Europeans naturalized, especially after the automatic law of naturalization of 1889, constituted themselves little by little in Algeria, primarily starting from 1896, date on which the number of Europeans born in the colony overrode that of the immigrants.
This organization, born in fear and anger to lose French Algeria, gathered, after failure of the Alger's putsch, in April 1961, of the soldiers deserters refusing the abandonment's policy gaullist, old secret agents, of the monarchists, Pied-noir refusing the departure.
www.freewebs.com /nationalismeeng/frenchalgeria.htm   (1245 words)

 Saliha Belmessous | Assimilation and Racialism in Seventeenth and Eighteenth-Century French Colonial Policy | The ...
The granting of French citizenship allowed the cardinal skillfully to deal two political blows: the first against the Amerindians themselves as they were told that their submission to Christian law was inseparable from their subjection to the colonizer's law; in other words, Christianization legitimized usurpation by revoking native title over the land.
He estimated that the French had to subdue their allies militarily to force them to listen more carefully to the missionaries; they also had to conquer the Iroquois who had supposedly martyred missionaries in the past and who were still slowing down the evangelization of allied tribes with their continual wars.
French generals always pushed native warriors to be as violent as possible to frighten the British; they would later claim to have no power over their allies if they had to answer for their actions.
www.historycooperative.org /journals/ahr/110.2/belmessous.html   (13045 words)

 Untitled Document
The Makoko Treaty exemplifies French imperialism and colonization in Africa because it encompasses the encounters and interaction of French and African peoples, the acquisition of land, and the tentative control that a country had over the land it acquired during this time of competition among European nations.
In response to the French Presence, the French returned the sultan and on November 6, 1955, signed an agreement proclaiming the end of the protectorate, or direct French administration of a colony.
French General Charles de Gaulle was aware of the extreme costs of continuing war in Algeria and so removed many officers who had been involved in the coup from their positions.
www.mtholyoke.edu /courses/rschwart/hist151/projects/allshouse.html   (3211 words)

 Windows on Asia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Controlling their colony was not easy for the French and pockets of opposition scattered throughout the north which had been fighting against Tu Duc, were difficult to control.
At times, during colonization, the tight security maintained over the Vietnamese people was loosened enough to allow some freedom of the press and a promise of change.
Nationalism of the sort spread by the Free School Movement was squelched by the French as soon as it became a threat.
www.isp.msu.edu /asianstudies/wbwoa/seasia/Vietnam/History/FrenchColonization.html   (904 words)

 French in West Africa
The French goal of increasing their stake in West Africa was influenced by similar policies undertaken by their fellow Europeans in Africa culminating in the late nineteenth century with a European "scramble for Africa." Industrialization and economic conditions in Europe influenced the expansion of European interests in West Africa from the nineteenth century on.
The French were rather harsh in their administration and their attempts to increase their economic footholds, utilizing such means as forced labor (courvee) and imprisonment (indigenant) to maintain and expand their interests.
The French colonial encounter in West Africa was driven by commercial interests and, perhaps to a lesser degree, a civilizing mission.
www.africa.upenn.edu /K-12/French_16178.html   (2086 words)

 France Page
In 1719, the French seized Santa María de Gálve, the Spanish recaptured the settlement and were foiled in an abortive attempt to invade Louisiana, and the French returned to overpower and occupy the colony and the bay it guarded.
French "White metal" enlisted issue uniform buttons were usually made of a conventional or "lighter than usual" brass or bronze alloy coated with an inexpensive but attractive mixture of tin and mercury to impart a silver-like, or "white", appearance.
French military officers' buttons were of the same construction as those worn by officers of their European and American counterparts.
www.artifacts.org /francepage.htm   (4804 words)

 European Exploration of the Southeast and Caribbean.
In the early eighteenth century, the French made a substantial attempt to colonize the lower Mississippi Valley, with French explorers paddling down the Mississippi River to claim the land for France.
French retaliation led to the destruction of the Natchez as a tribal entity.
In Northeast Florida, the research needs for examining Spanish and French exploration and contact of the sixteenth century have been addressed in "A Design for Historic and Archeological Research of the 16th Century European Encounter in the National Parks of Northeast Florida" (Keel and Brewer 1991).
www.cr.nps.gov /seac/outline/07-exploration/index.htm   (2648 words)

 Virtual Foreign Language Classroom: French Language & Culture   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Due to French colonization, French is spoken in many countries around the world as either an official language, a national language, the language of formal education, or a second language.
Many countries in Africa were colonized by the French and French remains an official language in many of these countries today.
French Embassy in Washington D.C. This is the official site of the French embassy in the United States.
www.nv.cc.va.us /vflc/french.htm   (3143 words)

 French Colonization and Wars Bri   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
But, in the year 1712, a contract was made with M. Antoine Crozat, a merchant of immense wealth, to relieve her hands of an enterprise so expensive and profitless, and control was granted to him over all the French possessions from the mouth of the Ohio to Texas for the period of fifteen years.
The probabilities of a general Indian war caused the French ministry to restore Bienville to authority, and he arrived in 1733.
His mother, Sehoy, was the daughter of Capt. Marchand (a French officer killed by his mutinous men while in command of Fort Toulouse in 1722) and an Indian princess.
www.alabamagenealogy.org /french_colonization.htm   (2610 words)

 French Colonialism in Africa
The proponents of French colonization in Africa believed that France could increase her perceived power in Europe by increasing French presence and authority abroad.
Perhaps the largest factor that influenced and increased French colonial ideals and efforts was the French defeat at the hands of Germans in the Franco-Prussian war of 1870.
French leaders quickly adopted this, making it an "official doctrine of the French State," thereby making it an integral part of how France defined her power in the international arena.
www.acdis.uiuc.edu /Research/OPs/Pederson/html/contents/sect3.html   (871 words)

 The Race
In March 1944, after a visit to Algiers by General Charles de Gaulle, some compromises were made and membership of the French electoral college was opened to a small minority of Muslims.
Severe French repression of the Muslim population, including the use of torture and internment, and the hijacking and arrest of the FLN leader, Ahmed Ben Bella in 1957, was condemned both at home and abroad.
By 1959, General de Gaulle was forced to recognize the strength of the Algerian nationalism and the first secret talks between the FLN and the French took place in 1960.
www.therace.ws /facts006.html   (385 words)

 French Colonial Empire - Introduction
From its beginnings in the early 1600s through the great expansion of the late 19th century, the French overseas empire was formed more by the agencies and stimulation of the state, church, and armed forces than by the initiation of the business community.
In 1763, at the end of the Seven Years' War, the French lost Canada and India to the British, and in 1803, Napoleon I sold the Louisiana Territory to the United States.
French colonial imperialism survived World War I, but World War II led to its reorganization as the French Union, and finally to its dissolution — primarily as the result of the wars in Indochina and Algeria.
www.discoverfrance.net /Colonies/col_intro.shtml   (648 words)

 A Historical Perspective of Saint Lucia West Indies
The French however, were successful in establishing an agreement with the Caribs which led to the development of the first European settlement in St. Lucia which, is now the town of Soufrière.
It is believed that during the French colonization, that repeated attempts were made by the Caribs to expel the French, while the British on the other hand sought to establish their claim over St. Lucia as well.
It is said that both nations, the British and the French, saw St. Lucia as a vital strategic point for their hold of the West Indian islands (Caribbean), and as a result St. Lucia became the prize for over one hundred years of constant warfare.
www.visitslu.com /about_slu/history/history.html   (668 words)

 French Colonization - History - Laos - Asia
The French administered the kingdom of Louangphrabang indirectly through its king, while French officials directly administered the rest of the country.
The French unified their Lao territories into a single country with the king of Louangphrabang, Sisavang Vong, as head of state.
Under French supervision, the new government adopted a constitution and joined the French Union.
www.countriesquest.com /asia/laos/history/french_colonization.htm   (324 words)

During the eightennth century the French moved into the northwest as around the Black Hills of South Dakota, and in the Southwest as far as New Mexico.
The French had lost Newfoundland, Hudson's Bay territory and most of Acadia to the British, by the Treaty of Utrecht in 1713.
The three main aims of French colonization in North America had been conversion of the Indians to Christianity, fur trading, keeping the English at bayy.
www.harlingen.isd.tenet.edu /coakhist/coloniz.html   (2600 words)

 [No title]
French colonization was late developing because of internal religious and political conflict.
Early imperial conflicts in North America often saw the French and their Indian allies engaging in guerrilla warfare against British frontier outposts.
William Pitt's successful strategy in the French and Indian War was to concentrate British forces and try to capture the strongholds of Louisbourg, Quebec, and Montreal.
college.hmco.com /cgi-bin/SaCGI.cgi/ace1app.cgi?FNC=AcePresent__Apresent_html___his_us_kennedy_06   (813 words)

 [No title]
This collection consists of historically important original maps associated with the French colonization of the territory of Louisiana, and the Louisiana Purchase.
These voyages were part of the French effort to 1) accurately remeasure the shape of the globe from north to south, 2) systematically determine accurate longitudes from astronomical observations associated with the opening of the Paris observatory in 1672, and 3) explore the world.
The French Colonization of Louisiana and Louisiana Purchase Map Collection was coordinated and selected by Dr. Richard E. Condry, Associate Professor, Coastal Fisheries Institute, Louisiana State University.
louisdl.louislibraries.org /LMP/Pages/home.html   (494 words)

 French colonies in North America
Upon what shore they were landed, it is not known, but it is certain that a part of these French adventurers were taken into the presence of Queen Elizabeth of England, and that their account of the beauties of Florida created an intense desire on the part of the English to colonize that region.
They anchored within speaking distance of the French ships at the bar, and after a long silence the commander of the intruding squadron hailed the nearest vessel.
There were several French prisoners on board of her whom Menendez had ordered to be sent to the Inquisition in Spain by way of St. Domingo.
www.publicbookshelf.com /public_html/Our_Country_Vol_1/frenchco_ch.html   (1472 words)

 Leadup to French Colonization
French vessels bombard Da Nang in response to persecution of Catholic missionaries.
The French defeat the Vietnamese army and gain control of Gia Dinh and surrounding provinces.
French troops move to northern Vietnam to expand control of Indochina.
www.ichiban1.org /html/history/bc_1964_prewar/pre_colonialism_1427_1893.htm   (221 words)

 AllRefer.com - Comoros - French Colonization | Comoran Information Resource
The French established a settlement in southern Madagascar in 1634 and occupied the islands of Reunion and Rodrigues; in 1715 France claimed Mauritius (Île de France), and in 1756 Seychelles.
At times the French were spurred on by the threat of British intervention, especially on Nzwani, and other times, by the constant anarchy resulting from the sultans' wars upon each other.
In 1946 the Comoro Islands became an overseas department of France with representation in the French National Assembly.
reference.allrefer.com /country-guide-study/comoros/comoros13.html   (741 words)

 Historic Maps in K-12 Classrooms - Map 4 - 9-12 Lesson Plan
This lesson has students annotate the core map to explain migration and settlement within the context of the French colonization of North America.
Explain that it is a map of a French colony in North America.
Introduce the lesson as an exercise in annotating the core map to define its elements, translate its language, illuminate its content, and demonstrate its usefulness to understanding French colonization in North America.
www3.newberry.org /k12maps/module_04/9-12.html   (865 words)

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