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Topic: French Community of Belgium

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  NationMaster - Encyclopedia: French community of Belgium   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Antwerp is the northernmost province of Flanders and of Belgium.
Liège is the easternmost province of Wallonia and of Belgium.
Walloon Brabant is a province of Wallonia and of Belgium.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/French-community-of-Belgium   (1564 words)

 Court of Audit of Belgium - Publications - French Community   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Parliament of the French Community, 207 (2005-2006), Nr 1.
Parliament of the French Community, 52 (2004-2005), Nr 1.
Parliament of the French Community, 481 (2003-2004), Nr 1.
www.ccrek.be /EN/PublicationsFrenchCommunity.htm   (360 words)

 CORDIS: Belgium R&D Information Service: Research & Innovation: Research and Innovation in the French Community ...
The French Community is responsible for research related to education, culture and issues that have a social impact such as health policy (health care, health education) and social assistance (families, youth, the elderly, etc.).
The Conseil interuniversitaire de la Communauté française de Belgique - C.I.U.F. (Inter-university Council of the French Community of Belgium) is composed of the nine universities and university departments of the French Community of Belgium.
The Conseil des Recteurs CREf (Council of University Rectors) is composed of the rectors of the university institutions of the French Community of Belgium.
cordis.europa.eu /belgium/rd_com_fr.htm   (981 words)

 A short visit - ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The lack of space, the difference in timing between sittings of the Senate and of the Parliament of the French Community and the geographical fragmentation of departments meant that a solution urgently needed to be found – and had to be close to the Hôtel du Greffe, which was intended to be retained.
The Parliament of the Wallonia-Brussels French Community is the assembly which represents the French-speaking population of the regions of Wallonia and Bruxelles-Capitale.
The mechanisms for financing the Communities are based on the Constitution and the Special Law of 16th January 1989 regarding the financing of the Communities and Regions, modified by the Special Law of 16th July 1993.
www.pcf.be.cob-web.org:8888 /ROOT/PCF_2006/languages/english   (2721 words)

 French Community (Belgium)
The French Community has the jurisdiction on the Walloon provinces, excluding the German-speaking Community, and on the region of Brussels-Capital.
The competences of the Council and the Government of the French-speaking Community are defined by the Federal Consitution of Belgium, adopted on 17 February 1994.
The French Community officially adopted the traditional Walloon flag as its flag on 3 July 1991.
www.crwflags.com /fotw/flags/be-fr.html   (810 words)

 Belgium's French Community
people who have learnt French over several years and have retained a variable command of it, or those who come to use it as a result of their jobs, if only some of the time.
However, it is also aimed at the type of European construction to which the Wallonia-Brussels French community aspires, as well as the place of French in international organisations.
French is a first class raw material and article for export, often defining the Walloon-Brussels Community in the first instance.
www.cfwb.be /gb/presentation/communaute/pg006.html   (364 words)

 Council for the Development of French in Louisiana - Community Outreach
One of the marvels of the Louisiana francophone community is its diversity.
The goal of our community outreach program is to work with all of these communities to support existing programs such as literacy and theater projects, develop new projects, such as creating new espaces francophones, and develop better communication between the communities.
French is alive in Louisiana, and nowhere is this more evident than on the radio-waves of the state.
www.codofil.org /english/community.html   (855 words)

 French Community - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The French Community (French: Communauté française) was the political entity which replaced in 1958 the French Union, which in turn was the descendant of the French Empire following the Second World War.
When the Community was established French leader de Gaulle specified that any country within it would eventually have the option of moving to complete independence.
Apart of Guinea, which chose by referendum in 1958 not to join the Community, all French-ruled territory in sub-Saharan Africa joined the successor to the French Union.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/French_Community   (145 words)

 WENR, March/April 2004: Belgium
Prior to the Bologna Declaration, the Flemish higher education system was governed by the Act on Universities (1991) and the Hogescholen Act (1994), both of which upheld the traditional ternary structure of Flemish education.
The Act on the Structure of Higher Education in the Flemish Community, which was passed in April 2003, was the first piece of legislation to introduce Bologna-related reforms.
In the French-speaking community of Belgium, the structure of university education is governed by a September 1994 decree and the structure of non-university higher education by an August 1995 decree.
www.wes.org /ewenr/04March/Belgium.htm   (1870 words)

 Brussels   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Brussels (French: Bruxelles, Dutch: Brussel, German: Brüssel) is the capital of Belgium, the French community of Belgium, the Flemish community and of the European Union.
Regions are one component of Belgium's complex institutions, the three communities being "the" other component: the Brussels inhabitants must deal with either the French (speaking) community or the Flemish Community for matters such as culture and education.
Both Dutch and French have been in use for most of the city's history as official languages and were used by the upper classes.
www.99travel.com /brussels.shtml   (1680 words)

 French Community of Belgium   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The French Community of Belgium is an institution, not a group of people or inhabitants.
The French Community of Belgium is sometimes called the French-speaking Community of Belgium, which probably reflects more correctly its nature.
The names Communauté Wallonie-Bruxelles and Communauté française Wallonie-Bruxelles are sometimes used to refer to institutions of the French Community of Belgium or more broadly to institutions which are common to the French Community of Belgium, the Walloon Region and the Commission communautaire française (COCOF, an French-speaking institution of the Brussels-capital Region) http://www.wbri.be/cgi/bin2/htdoc.cgi?id=0000236_geo&menu=0000195_menu_entier&header=0000260_header&footer=0000261_footer&lang=fr.
french-community-of-belgium.kiwiki.homeip.net   (394 words)

 French culture | music : Fete de la Musique 2001   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
When he discovered, in a 1982 study on the cultural habits of the French, that five million people (one child out of two) played a musical instrument, he began to dream of a way to bring people out on the streets.
French and American songs (jazz, blues, R Œn B) and French karaoke.
French violonist, Florence Altenburger, and Spanish cellist, Ignacio Alcover, are back to the Alliance for a new concert-lecture on Mozart, Handel-Halvorsen, Sollima and Martinu.
www.frenchculture.org /music/events/01fetedelamusique.html   (1053 words)

 health promotion - Belgium / Health promotion in General Practice Belgium (French Community)
To realise these programmes, the French Community has to her disposal only 1,100,000,000 BF (25,250,000 euro), which is very little compared to the 500,000,000,000 BF (1,250,000,000 euro) mobilised in Belgium for curative care.
Both have been realising projects, some with the help of the French Community, some with the help of the regions, of Europe and also the pharmaceutical industry.
Those projects needed to be in accordance with the community decrees.
www.univie.ac.at /phc/e/tx_10302_56.htm   (779 words)

 LCVC - French Immersion   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
These programs allow students to take at least 50% of their required classes in French; thereby, students study the same subjects as their non-immersion classmates while also being exposed to the French language.
One of CODOFIL's missions is to ensure the teaching of French in the elementary and secondary public schools of Louisiana.
In addition, the governments of France, the French Community of Belgium, Quebec, and the Maritime Provinces are represented in the Consortium.
www.lafayettetravel.com /culture/language/french_immersion.cfm   (288 words)

 French Community of Belgium presents its ‘Passeport TIC’   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The presentation of the project ‘Passeport TIC’ took place on 11 May 2006 in the premises of the French Community of Belgium in Brussels.
The assessment of students’ skills is based on an external evaluation – for which guidelines are provided by the Ministry (livret d’accompagnement), however as Baudouin Branders, from the ‘cyberecole’ unit of AGERS**, emphasised it is up to the teachers to choose their pedagogical approach.
Jean Pierre Hubin, from the Ministry of Education of the French Community of Belgium and general administrator of AGERS, explained that the project fits into the overarching strategic plan adopted by the Government of the French Community (on 11 July 2002) to coherently and globally integrate ICT into compulsory schooling.
insight.eun.org /ww/en/pub/insight/policy/policies/passporttice.htm   (615 words)

 Belgium set to limit number of French students | European Union Education   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Belgium set to limit number of French students
The government of the French-speaking community of Belgium is set to impose quotas for foreign students in some subjects, where, for example, 86% of places are currently filled by French students.
In February 2006, a proposal aimed at limiting the number of foreign students to 30% in seven subjects, such as veterinary medicine and physiotherapy, was tabled by the minister for higher education for the French-speaking community of Belgium, Marie-Dominique Simonet. The new law would in practice mainly limit the number of French students, who currently account for 86% of students in veterinary medicine, for example.
www.euractiv.com /en/education/belgium-set-limit-number-french-students/article-153586   (352 words)

 Belgium French - HEAG - homepage in English
Search the Belgium French zone zone of the HEAG database for institutions offering services for students with disabilities.
Through the different actions taken in the Universities and other institutions of higher learning, the French-speaking part of Belgium affirms its position in terms of the welcoming and supporting the integration of students with specific needs.
Teaching is under the direction of the government of the French-speaking Community.
www.european-agency.org /heag/homepages/belgium_french/index_en.html   (712 words)

 Use of Evidence-based nursing (EBN) by nurses in Belgium   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
In Belgium, the use of scientific information by nurses is not usual and the Evidence based nursing (EBN) concept is not well known.
In the French community of Belgium, several EBN training sessions were specifically organised in 2004 for the benefit of nurse professionals.
This study analyses (1) the nurses’ needs in terms of EBN education and (2) the impact of the session of EBN education on the information-seeking behaviours of nurses and on the nursing practice.
www.cochrane.org /colloquia/abstracts/melbourne/P-171.htm   (278 words)

Community of Belgium on the other hand, will take place in Paris and
Robert Briquet, Representative of the French Community of Belgium,
Belgium, and Dr. David Cheramie, Director of CODOFIL (Council for the
www.cafa.org /CODOFILPR.html   (302 words)

 EMF/SEAMUS Opportunities List
The Musiques & Recherches program is organised by the French-speaking Community of Belgium in conformity with the European structuring of higher education studies and thus leads to a master's degree (5 years) or a doctorate (3 supplementary years).
Since 1996 it has been acknowledged by the Belgian French Community, and in 2000, Musiques & Recherches was endowed with an official contract establishing its cultural and historical importance and viability, and ensuring its long-term existence and activity.
Exploration of the collaborative process within a community context, focusing on the intersection of the creative process and contemporary community and cultural issues, constitutes an important feature of the program.
www.emf.org /cgi-bin/opps_search.pl?keywords=credit   (673 words)

 Belgium's French Community
Belgium's French Community manages all of the matters allocated to it by the Constitution and the institutional reform laws, i.e.
Assistance to Young People and Children, Health (school medical examination, health promotion, early childhood policy, university hospitals, disabled policy) and Sport (support for the practice and promotion of sport, ADEPS (Authority for Physical Education and Sport)).
Co-operation with the Communities and Regions and international co-operation.
www.cfwb.be /gb/presentation/communaute/pg001.html   (132 words)

Within this constitutional framework, two networks of institutions of higher education have developed extensively: public institutions set up by the state and administered by the (linguistic) communities, or by the provincial or municipal authorities, and private institutions of which the majority are denominational (Roman Catholic).
Definition of foreign student: A foreign student is a person enrolled at an institution of higher education in Belgium (French-speaking Community) who is not a permanent resident.
Entry regulations: Students must register with the communal administration of their town of residence, present proof of their enrolment, as well as financial guarantees.
www.euroeducation.net /prof1/belcofr.htm   (1465 words)

 Television channels in Belgium - French Community (CFR) - Chaînes de télévision en Belgique - Communauté ...
Television channels in Belgium - French Community (CFR) - Chaînes de télévision en Belgique - Communauté francophone (CFR) - Fernsehdienste in Belgien - Französische Gemeinschaft (CFR)
It is bundled with the Lyngsat website, which itself provides detailled and daily up-dated information on all satellite line-ups, satellite digital packages and satellite and radio television channels in the world.
Their idea was to create a structure facilitating the transition towards digital communication technology.
www.obs.coe.int /db/persky/be_cfr.html   (363 words)

 Journal de Belgique   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
She is the aunt of Philippe Radelet, who is Belgian by birth and now a noble French teacher in my grand state of Louisiana, which is currently celebrating 300 years of French heritage, in case you didn't know.
While I was there, in fact looking at some materials about the revival (reemphasizing) of Welsh in Wales, a group of students and teachers from a heavily bilingual town in Wales came on a sort of field trip to the office.
The parents actually arrived on the morning of March 13, but I throw in the 12th because I spent that whole day getting ready for the big arrival...actually, I passed a good part of that night continuing to investigate travel options for the voyagers during their stay in Europe.
members.tripod.com /DavidRojas/journal.html   (4174 words)

 Society: Belgium: Selected Internet Resources (Portals to the World, Library of Congress)
Europe's Forum on International Cooperation serves as a platform for information, communication, and debate on global development issues focusing on the role of the European Union and its institutions.
The official site of the French community in Belgium links to information on its history, population, community and region institutions, cities and communes, political context, and more.
Search for a minority within a state (Flanders, German community in Belgium, Luxembourgers, Wallonia), by alphabetical listing, type, type of conflict, and type of claims.
loc.gov /rr/international/european/belgium/resources/be-society.html   (350 words)

 Leaving teaching in the French-Speaking Community of Belgium: a duration analysis   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Leaving teaching in the French-Speaking Community of Belgium: a duration analysis
This paper aims at a better understanding of the factors influencing the decision of young graduates who entered teaching to stay in that profession.
The field of research covers secondary education teachers in the French-Speaking Community of Belgium.
ideas.repec.org /p/wpa/wuwppe/0308001.html   (413 words)

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