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  Sigmund Freud Info - Encyclopedia WikiWhat.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Freud's daughter Anna Freud was also a distinguished psychologist, particularly in the fields of child and developmental psychology.
Freud's lessening influence in psychiatry is thus largely due to the repudiation of his theories and the adoption of many of the basic scientific principles of Freud's principal opponent in the field of psychiatry, Emil Kraepelin.
Freud's notion that the child's relationship to the parent is responsible for everything from psychiatric diseases to criminal behavior has also been thoroughly discredited and the influence of such theories is today regarded as a relic of a permissive age in which "blame-the-parent" was the accepted dogma.
www.wikiwhat.com /encyclopedia/s/si/sigmund_freud.html   (2282 words)

 Sigmund Freud [Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy]
The scope of Freud's interests, and of his professional training, was very broad - he always considered himself first and foremost a scientist, endeavouring to extend the compass of human knowledge, and to this end (rather than to the practice of medicine) he enrolled at the medical school at the University of Vienna in 1873.
Freud was arguably the first thinker to apply deterministic principles systematically to the sphere of the mental, and to hold that the broad spectrum of human behaviour is explicable only in terms of the (usually hidden) mental processes or states which determine it.
Thornton, E.M. Freud and Cocaine: The Freudian Fallacy.
www.utm.edu /research/iep/f/freud.htm   (4636 words)

 Sigmund Freud and the Freud Archives
The Sigmund Freud Archives and the Cancellation of the LOC Exhibit (memo from Dr.
Freud Pilot Project at the Center for Electronic Text in the Humanities.
Freud, Sigmund: The History of the Psychoanalytic Movement, trans.
users.rcn.com /brill/freudarc.html   (376 words)

 Freud Encyclopedia theory therapy and culture edited by Dr Edward Erwin   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
The encyclopedia offers extensive coverage of Freud as a cultural and literary figure whose writings and ideas have, ironically, had more lasting impact than have his psychoanalytic theories.
Articles on literary criticism, ethics, criminology and the humanities explore the enduring impact of Freud on Western cultural traditions.
The book includes biographical sketches of Freud himself and of the leading figures in the Freudian movement, including Melanie Klein, Karl Abraham, and Otto Rank.
www.thefreud.com   (191 words)

 Articles about communicative psychotherapy
GOODHEART, W. Between Freud and Charcot: Beginning Steps from Psychoanalysis and Folk Psychology towards an Interactional Science of Emotional Cognition and Communication.
The Misalliance Dimension in Freud's Case Histories: 1, The Case of Dora.
In Erwin, E. (Ed) The Encyclopedia of Freud and Freudianism.
www.escp.org /publications.html   (4418 words)

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