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In the News (Sun 21 Apr 19)

  Welcome to Frigate Online Magazine
Frigate is no longer an active Web site.
Frigate takes its name from Emily Dickinson, "there is no frigate like a book"; from the thieving frigate bird, which never lands on earth; from "frig it," the midwest's favorite pseudo-obscenity.
We are a piratical frigate, and we take our riches where we find them.
www.frigatezine.com   (176 words)

  frigate - Encyclopedia.com
Frigates were employed by the European naval powers in large numbers as commerce raiders and for blockade duty.
However, during World War II frigates were reintroduced by the British as a form of antisubmarine escort larger than a corvette and smaller than a destroyer.
Modern frigates are often armed with antisubmarine weapons and guns; many are missile-armed and some are nuclear-powered.
www.encyclopedia.com /doc/1E1-frigate.html   (588 words)

  What Is A Frigate?
French frigates, evolving at about the same time, were more lightly built and capable of speed adequate both to run down a prey and to escape if it should prove too strong.
Frigates, like all major warships of that era, were rated by the number of long guns they were designed to carry.
His frigate would be big and strong, able to carry heavy cannon in large numbers, and it would be fast enough to able to choose whether to fight or run.
www.polkcounty.org /timonier/speaks/book10.html   (1489 words)

  Frigate - Search Results - MSN Encarta
Frigate won the National at her sixth attempt, having finished second on three previous...
Frigate Bird, common name for any of several large ocean birds, noted for possessing a larger wingspan in proportion to their weight than any other...
Frigates are the most common vessels in today's navies.
uk.encarta.msn.com /Frigate.html   (150 words)

  Frigate - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Frigates were perhaps the hardest-worked of warship types during the age of sail.
Early frigates were armed with 9-pounder (4 kg) guns, development soon led to 12- and 18-pounder (5 and 8 kg) armed frigates, and at the turn of the century the biggest ones even carried 24 pounder (11 kg) main batteries.
The term "frigate" passed out of use in the mid-19th Century and was readopted during World War II by the British to describe an anti-submarine escort vessel larger than a corvette but smaller than a destroyer.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Frigate   (1685 words)

 From Frigate to Sloop - A Critical Review
That is, the old frigate was heavily modified before she was brought into the Gosport Virginia Navy Yard in 1853, and a substantial portion of the old frigate was converted into the sloop which emerged from the yard in 1855.
Thus, the frigate’s lines were not altered before her demise in 1853 and the sloop today bears no architectural relation to the old frigate.
The underwater hull lines of the frigate were, except for age deformation, the same as they were when she was launched.
www.dt.navy.mil /cnsm/review.html   (4213 words)

 The Frigate Pelican.--Man-of-War-Bird.
It is indeed a beautiful sight to see them when thus occupied, especially when several are so engaged, passing and repassing with the swiftness of thought over the trees whose tops are blasted; their purpose appears as if accomplished by magic.
The Frigate Pelican is possessed of a power of flight which I conceive superior to that of perhaps any other bird.
The Frigate Pelican mounted with it across his bill about a hundred yards, and then tossing it up caught it as it fell, but not in the proper manner.
www.audubon.org /bird/BoA/F41_G3a.html   (3654 words)

 French Frigate Shoals
French Frigate Shoals are the remains of what was probably a rather large island a million or so years ago.
French Frigate Shoals is a natural marine environment for a number of species of birds and sea life.
A helicopter from a New Zealand frigate rescued the Coast Guardsmen from the roof of the transmitter building during the height of the storm.
www.radiojerry.com /frigate   (4126 words)

 Frigate 3 :: the Best Windows File Manager for Developers
Frigate also has very pleasant appearance (you can verify it by looking at screenshots) and a flexible interface.
Frigate can export text files to HTML or RTF, saving the color scheme, which is a huge plus when publishing or printing source code or similar materials.
Frigate is a tool created by the developers and for the developers.
www.frigate3.com /ForDevelopers.php   (1595 words)

 Great Frigate Bird at Animal Corner
The Magnificent Frigate bird is found in the Caribbean and on the Pacific and Atlantic coasts of the Americas.
The Galapagos population of Magnificent Frigate birds is considered to be an endemic subspecies.
Since Frigate birds have only a small oil gland and very little waterproofing in their wings, Frigate birds cannot dive and must instead rely on their superb aerobatics to snatch flying fish out of the air.
www.animalcorner.co.uk /galapagos/gtfrigatebird.html   (651 words)

 Frigate birds soar but can't swim or walk
Frigate birds don't land on the water (or the ground) because their short legs and broad wings make it difficult, if not impossible, to take off.
Consequently, frigate birds must either pluck fish and squid from the water's surface or steal it from other seabirds.
Although frigate birds catch most of their own fish and squid, they occasionally use their exceptional flying skills to harass booby birds and shearwaters into regurgitating their food.
www.susanscott.net /OceanWatch2000/oct16-00.html   (592 words)

 The Naval Frigate Birger Jarl
When the frigate sank it was armed with twenty-two 36-pound cannons and ten 24-pound carronades, as also indicated in the plans of the vessel in the Swedish War Records Office.
One of the Danish reports mentions that some of the officers on board the Swedish vessel had mentioned that while the frigate was being kedged from the harbour of Karlskrona, she had drifted aground in which connection a plank possibly came loose from the hull.
Further information on the loss of the frigate is most probably available in the archives of the Naval Museum in Karlskrona (folder 159, reports and investigations of wrecks).
www.abc.se /~m10354/uwa/birg_jarl.htm   (5054 words)

 Frigate Tuna Photos and Fish Species Information
The Frigate Tuna is a member of the Scombridae or Tuna, Bonito, and Mackerel Family.
The Frigate Tuna is normally found in the first 600 feet of the water column, traveling in large schools (and when located it is indicative that the big game fish are close behind).
The Frigate Tuna is caught primarily on trolled feathers or hoochies.
www.mexfish.com /fish/fgtuna/fgtuna.htm   (352 words)

 Nebulon-B Frigate - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Nebulon-B Frigate is a starship from the fictional Star Wars universe, and it has also been known as the Escort Frigate, Medical Frigate, or Rebel Cruiser (in the Star Wars Essential Guide to Vessels and Vehicles).
Built before and during the Galactic Civil War, this ship was used by both sides of the battle as a support ship for the large capital ships, such as Imperial Star Destroyers and rebel Mon Calamari Cruisers.
It was often used by the Rebellion during the war, with the most famous instance of this ship being the Medical Frigate seen in the movie The Empire Strikes Back.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Nebulon-B_Frigate   (361 words)

 USS Alliance Continental Frigate
The handsome new frigate's first assignment was the task of carrying Lafayette back to France to petition the French Court for increased support in the American struggle for independence.
Her crew contained many British sailors, a group of whom plotted to take over the frigate and to kill all her officers but one who would be spared to navigate the vessel to an English port.
Five days later, on 9 March, the frigate anchored in Groix Roads and disembarked her important passenger and his three companions: Thomas Paine, whose writings had exerted great influence in persuading the colonies to seek independence, Major William Jackson, a Continental Army officer from South Carolina, and the Viscount de Noailles, a cousin of Lafayette.
members.cox.net /shipkiller/data/frigate/alliance_frigate.html   (5371 words)

 BBC - Science & Nature - Sea Life - Fact files: Frigate bird
Frigate birds are about the size of a chicken with long, slender wings spanning up to 2.3m (8ft).
Frigate birds often steal fish caught by other birds in mid flight, though they also catch their own.
Frigate birds are predominantly aerial, alighting only to sleep or tend their nests.
www.bbc.co.uk /nature/blueplanet/factfiles/birds/frigate_bird_bg.shtml   (319 words)

 CATH: Frigate   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-02)
The Frigate is the true dreadnought of the seas, feared by all except aircraft - against which it has no real defense.
This usually requires that the Frigate travel with an escort of Destroyers providing superior air defense for the fleet as well as some degree of protection against U-boats.
The Frigate enjoys the longest reach of all ranged units, giving it the ability to pound inland ground units in complete safety.
www.urbansquall.com /battalion/CATH/Frigate.htm   (186 words)

 Silent Thunder's Tribute To Frigate
Frigate is a huge glaring exception to the 90% skill, 10% luck rule.
In fact, frigate on the agent difficulty turns the whole rule upside down and smashes its head into the ground.
Afterwards, I was burned out on frigate, but in time I took to playing it once a day until I got 10 failed 27's or 26's with obj.
www.geocities.com /silentthunder024/FrigateTribute.html   (1528 words)

 Frigate Bird
The Greater Frigate Bird is a large and strong fl bird with a long, angled bill, a large red crop with fl dots extending from its nib to its throat.
The male Magnificent Frigate Bird's back sheen is purple, the female's breast feathers end at the throat, and her eye-ring is blue.
The Frigate Birds are also known as "man o' war." This still is a light weight bird even with a wing span of nearly 90 inches and an overall length of about 30 inches.
www.suite101.com /article.cfm/birding/29398/1   (428 words)

 Amazon.co.uk: Frigate Commander: Books   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-02)
Frigate Commander is based on the private journal of Lieutenant - and then Captain - Graham Moore, a naval officer serving during the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars.
Six years later he captured a Spanish Frigate carrying a fortune in treasure and as commander of HMS Indefatigable was involved in the opening stages of the Trafalgar campaign.
Frigate Commander is a hardback book measuring approx 9½in x 6½in and is packed with over 280 pages of text with a small collection of relevant photographs set together in the middle.
www.amazon.co.uk /exec/obidos/ASIN/1844150739   (1241 words)

 uboat.net - Allied Warships - Frigates
The frigate HMCS Joliette of the River class.
River class frigates offered the size, speed, and endurance of escort sloops using inexpensive reciprocating machinery of corvettes.
Commonwealth Frigates were not the same as the American destroyer escorts although they were both meant to fill the same need and thus did not differ greatly from one another.
uboat.net /allies/warships/types.html?type=Frigate   (275 words)

 USS Alliance
Instead, Franklin assigned the frigate to a squadron to be commanded by Capt. John Paul Jones.
Her crew contained many British sailors, a group of whom plotted to take over the frigate and to kill all her officers but one who would be spared to navigate the vessel to an English port.
However, when she was no longer seaworthy, the former frigate was abandoned on the shore of Petty Island across the Delaware from Philadelphia.
www.history.navy.mil /danfs/a/alliance.htm   (9791 words)

 Frigate Bay Resort, Basseterre - 23 Resort Reviews - TripAdvisor   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-02)
We have stayed at Frigate Bay Resort at least ten times, and love it more each time we stay there.
We stayed a week at Frigate Bay Resort, in response to the special rate we found on the internet.
When we arrived the island was beautiful and then we went to Frigate BAy Resort.
www.tripadvisor.com /Hotel_Review-g147375-d150910-Reviews-Frigate_Bay_Resort-Basseterre_St_Kitts_St_Kitts_and_Nevis.html   (908 words)

 Pictures, Photos of Frigate Birds of Galapagos
Also called man-o'-war birds, frigate birds are large seabirds (family Fregatidae, order Pelecaniformes) about the size of a hen and have extremely long, slender wings, the span of which may reach to about 2.3 m (nearly 8 feet), and a long, deeply forked tail.
The frigate bird is perhaps the most aerial of all birds except the swift and alights only to sleep or to tend its nest.
The adult, with insufficient preening oil to waterproof its plumage, never willingly alights on the water, but it is unbelievably fast and skillful in the air, soaring effortlessly and often diving to recover falling fish dropped aloft by panic-stricken boobies or other seabirds.
www.shunya.net /Pictures/Ecuador/Galapagos/FrigateBird/FrigateBirds.htm   (239 words)

 Frigate Photos and Species Information
Identification Photos: Frigate, Fregata magnificens: The Frigate is a parasitic sea bird that is a member of the Fregatidae Family.
The Frigate possesses the largest wing span (up to 7 feet), in proportion to it body size (up to 41 inches), in the world.
The Frigate is a year-round resident of all Mexican waters south of Guerrero Negro and is abundant around all of the oceanic islands.
www.mexfish.com /fish/frig/frig.htm   (317 words)

 Great Frigate Bird
Frigate birds are fl with a white breast.
The male frigate bird has a red pouch under his beak.
Because their nests are poorly made, many of the frigate bird's egg do not hatch.
www.emerson.k12.nj.us /staff/rmkelly/custom/birds/Frigate.html   (137 words)

 Frigate   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-02)
Frigate is a powerful file manager and Explorer replacement.
Now Frigate is the most powerful and functional file manager.
Moreover a comfortable work, guaranteed by friendly interface a-la Norton Commander, Frigate has a large spectrum of unique capabilities - copying in background, transparent work with FTP and archives, viewing of 24 graphic formats, a powerful embended editor.
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 [No title]
Frigates are said to be cheaper than destroyers (an destroyers, cheaper than cruisers).
Also for Francis, as long as we are on the subject of the RN, the Type 22 frigates were notoriously more expensive than the contemporary Type 42 destroyers, blowing the "frigates are cheaper" arguement out of the water too.
The frigate / destroyer distinction works slightly differently in the USN, so isn't strictly relevent to this line of argument, especially when the 'frigates' you mention, DLGs, were later classified as cruisers, a change in classification strategy, the confusion arrising from attempting to classify them by WW2 standards of armament.
www.strategypage.com /militaryforums/6-8753.aspx   (1003 words)

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