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Topic: Fritz Pollard

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  03-078f (Fritz Pollard)
Pollard, the first African American to play in a Rose Bowl Game (for Brown, in 1916) and first to coach in the NFL, was a tireless promoter of integrated rosters in the early days of professional football.
Pollard died in 1986 at the age of 92.
In the thick and fury of a football scrimmage Pollard exhibited the equilibrium of a circus athlete.
www.brown.edu /Administration/News_Bureau/2003-04/03-078f.html   (1032 words)

  Fritz Pollard - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Pollard along with Bobby Marshall were the first two African American players in the NFL in 1920.
Pollard played college football at Brown University and later played professional football with the Akron Pros, the team he would lead to the NFL (APFA) championship in 1920.
Pollard was a member of Alpha Phi Alpha, the first intercollegiate Greek-letter fraternity established for African Americans.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Fritz_Pollard   (297 words)

 Forgotten pioneer - The Boston Globe
At 85, Leslie Pollard still remembers when she could scarcely go without hearing about her late father Fritz, the former Brown star who led the Bears to the second Rose Bowl in 1916 and eventually became the first African-American to quarterback an NFL championship team and the first to coach an NFL team.
Pollard III can recall football stories about his grandfather, such as the time Jim Thorpe, a noted rival, lost a $1,000 bet with Pollard that Pollard would not get a first down over the first four series when the players' teams met.
Leslie Pollard said that when her father died, there were few media reports, and she attributes that in part to his bitter feud with former Chicago Bears owner George Halas over the exclusion of fls in the NFL.
www.boston.com /sports/football/articles/2004/02/18/forgotten_pioneer   (1620 words)

 The Official Website of Frederick Douglass 'Fritz' Pollard
Pollard, along with the legendary Jim Thorpe, was one of the cornerstones on which the National Football League was built in the early 1920s.
Pollard's contention was that he was the coach at Akron beginning in 1919 and through 1921.
What is not in question, as Pollard remembered in a 1978 New York Times interview, is that he faced the hatred of crowds and the indignities of dressing and eating in isolation, away from his teammates.
www.fritzpollard.com   (1611 words)

 NFL Pioneer’s Honor: “Better Late Than Never”
Fritz Pollard, who became the NFL's first fl head coach in 1921, was finally voted into the NFL Pro Football Hall of Fame in February after the selection committee decided Pollard’s name had “fallen through the cracks.” He long ago deserved the honor, according to members of the committee.
Pollard became the first fl head coach of an NFL football team when he was hired in 1921 as co-coach of the Akron Pros.
Pollard, born Jan. 27, 1894, in Chicago, starred in basketball, track and field and football by the time he graduated from high school, according to the Minneapolis-based African American Registry.
www.blackcollegewire.org /sports/050228_fritz-pollard   (1273 words)

 Professional Football Researchers Association- Pro Football History
Frederick D. "Fritz" Pollard, who had moved to New York from Chicago in 1933 and owned a fl weekly tabloid newspaper by 1935, agreed to coach the Brown Bombers, at least in part, because of his concern about the failure of NFL owners to sign fl players for the second consecutive season.
Pollard was a natural choice to coach the Bombers because he had a long association with pro football both as a players and coach.
Pollard was prepared to coach the Bombers for another season before a challenge from a rival group of fl sports promoters caused him to change his mind.
www.footballresearch.com /articles/frpage.cfm?topic=pollard   (2417 words)

 Pollard's family thrilled but says such respect long overdue   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-01)
While the descendants of Fritz Pollard were thrilled to see his entry into the Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio, yesterday, they insisted it was long overdue.
One of the pioneers of pro football, Pollard was the first great fl player and the first fl NFL coach, and he did it all in the 1920s.
"Fritz Pollard was a 5-foot-9, 165-pound running back who had the speed of Tony Dorsett, the elusiveness of Barry Sanders and the tenacity of Walter Payton," Towns said.
www.post-gazette.com /pg/05220/550414.stm   (641 words)

 Pollard, Fritz
Pollard was the first African American to play in the Rose Bowl.
Some sources claim that Pollard only served as head coach of the Akron Pros, while other sources, including Pollard, contend that he served as the head coach for the Milwaukee Badgers, the Hammond Pros, the Providence Steam Roller, and the Akron Indians.
In honor of Pollard’s achievements in football, the Black Coaches Association renamed its Male Coach of the Year Award the Fritz Pollard Award in 2004.
www.ohiohistorycentral.org /entry.php?rec=2383   (558 words)

 HickokSports.com - Biography - Fritz Pollard   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-01)
Pollard in 1921 became the first fl to coach an NFL team, and the only one until Art Shell took charge of the Oakland Raiders in 1989.
A halfback at Brown University, the 5-foot-8, 150-pound Pollard was a fast, elusive runner who had touchdown runs of 55 and 60 yards against Yale in 1916, leading Brown to an upset 21-6 victory, Yale's only loss of the season.
Although Pollard was a star performer and co-coach of the team with Elgie Tobin, he had to cope with severe racial prejudice in Akron.
www.hickoksports.com /biograph/pollardfritz.shtml   (336 words)

 Brown, Black Coaches Association sponsor Pollard award: 2/ 19/ 2004
The Fritz Pollard Award will be given each year by the Black Coaches Association to a college or professional coach.
In 1935, Pollard returned to football as a coach for the Brown Bombers, a professional team that played in Harlem that was not aligned with the NFL.
Last year, the Fritz Pollard Alliance was formed by a group of coaches, scouts and front-office personnel seeking to promote minority hiring in the NFL.
www.southcoasttoday.com /daily/02-04/02-19-04/b05sp474.htm   (300 words)

 African American Registry: Fritz Pollard was a football architect. . .
*Fritz Pollard was born on this date in 1894.
Pollard lead Akron to a championship in 1920, was named head coach in 1921 and continued to play for the Pros as well.
Pollard coached Akron until 1926, and went on to coach NFL teams in Indiana and Milwaukee.
www.aaregistry.com /african_american_history/39/Fritz_Pollard_was_a_football_architect   (238 words)

 Race Matters - Fritz Pollard   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-01)
Pollard was a star at virtually every level of his career.
Pollard became the first fl head coach in the N.F.L. in the early 1920's when he took over the Akron Pros, and he coached two other N.F.L. teams as well.
Fritz Pollard lived a complete football life: he was an all-American, a pioneer, an activist and an entrepreneur.
www.racematters.org /fritzpollard.htm   (918 words)

 USATODAY.com - Hall opens to 'pioneer'   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-01)
Pollard, a nominee of the seniors committee, received the required 80% vote, along with fellow seniors nominee Benny Friedman, an NFL quarterback from 1927 to 1934, primarily with the New York Giants and old Brookyln Dodgers.
Born in Chicago, Frederick Douglass "Fritz" Pollard was an All-American halfback at Brown University.
Pollard's 1986 obituary in The New York Times quoted from remarks Pollard had made in a 1978 interview with The Times: "Akron was a factory town and they had some prejudiced people there.
www.usatoday.com /sports/football/nfl/2005-02-06-pollard-fame_x.htm   (1005 words)

 Fritz Pollard Alliance -- Fritz Pollard -- In Memoriam   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-01)
Frederick Douglass "Fritz" Pollard was the first African American coach in the National Football League.
Pollard went on to coach NFL teams in Indiana and Milwaukee until 1926 when the National Football League ousted all fl players and coaches in a fateful decision to segregate.
Pollard passed away in 1986, three years before the Oakland Raiders named Art Shell, the first African-American head coach in the NFL's modern era, as their head football coach in 1989.
www.fpal.org /pollard-memoriam.php   (365 words)

 FirstCoast News.com - Print Article
Steven Towns, left, stands next to the bust of Fritz Pollard and David Friedman, right, stands next to the bust of David Freidman as Steve Young, second left, and Dan Marino stand next to their busts Sunday, Aug. 7, 2005 at Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.
Pollard is among the most important minority figures in football history, a man who seemed to open the door for fl athletes in his sport, only to see it slammed shut from 1934 until 1946.
"Fritz Pollard was a 5-foot-9, 165-pound running back who had the speed of Tony Dorsett, the elusiveness of Barry Sanders and the tenacity of Walter Payton," Towns said in his acceptance speech.
www.firstcoastnews.com /printfullstory.aspx?storyid=42025   (863 words)

 [No title]
Benny Friedman and Fritz Pollard, who played in the 1920s and 1930s, were chosen by a panel of Hall of Fame voters as the senior candidates to join 13 modern-era finalists for selection to the Hall’s class of 2005.
Pollard is best known for being the league’s first fl head coach; he was made co-coach while playing for the Akron Pros in 1921.
Pollard, one of two fls in the league, was one of its most feared running backs.
www.wzzm13.com /printfullstory.aspx?storyid=30396   (410 words)

 BAM: Fritz’s Fame, Features, March/April 2005   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-01)
Fritz Pollard III went in to work on the day of the vote, even though it was a Saturday.
Pollard, in his typical way, figured he knew people in the tax business, so why couldn’t he help the man? Within a few years he’d established himself as a tax expert with a roster of wealthy clients.
So now that Fritz Pollard is finally in the NFL Hall of Fame, it’s important not to let the achievement obscure the complex, ambitious, generous, and sly nature of a true pioneer.
www.brownalumnimagazine.com /storydetail.cfm?ID=2568   (3190 words)

 SportingNews.com - NFL - HOF 2005: NFL's first black head coach headed for Hall posthumously
Eleanor Pollard Towns was a freshman at West Virginia State in 1940 when another student rushed up to her to talk about her father, Fritz Pollard, the first fl head coach in NFL history.
Pollard's induction will shine a light on the early history of the NFL, when Pollard was an elusive running back and coach in a league reluctant to employ fl players.
Pollard was fast and powerful, and one of the main draws in the league's infancy.
www.sportingnews.com /yourturn/viewtopic.php?t=6392   (792 words)

 Beacon Journal | 08/06/2005 | Forgotten man finally honored   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-01)
Pollard's induction is a victory for all of the early fl football players and inventors and industry workers and other common folk whose contributions to society are buried under decades of bigotry.
Pollard played in the early years of a fledging professional football league that had not yet found the audience it enjoys today.
Even with Pollard's induction, the road to placing Pollard's name next to all-time greats is a task that might be passed on to the next generation of Pollards.
www.philly.com /mld/belleville/sports/12319157.htm   (716 words)

 Beacon Journal | 08/08/2005 | `Grandpa, crowds are cheering'   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-01)
Pollard and Friedman were two of the game's biggest attractions in the 1920s, an era when the NFL struggled for a foothold in New York, let alone a developmental league in Europe.
This weekend, Fritz Pollard III was heartened that so many Hall of Famers took an interest in the story of his grandfather, who died in 1986 at age 92.
Fritz Pollard III said his grandfather met a college-aged Friedman in the mid-1920s and watched him work out.
www.miami.com /mld/myrtlebeachonline/sports/12329405.htm   (888 words)

 Northwest Indiana News: nwitimes.com
Fritz Pollard, the first fl coach and quarterback in the NFL, is a finalist for Pro Football Hall of Fame election.
In college, Fritz Pollard probably heard the story of Herbert Ayler, a talented African-American lineman at Rhode Island's Brown University and one of many men who died during a game.
Pollard III, the grandson of the pro football pioneer Fritz Pollard, ran into a nephew of George Halas, the famed founder of the Chicago Bears.
nwitimes.com /site_pages/ar_fritz.php   (743 words)

 Brown Athletics and Black Coaches Association To Honor John Thompson III As Fritz Pollard Award Winner :: John Thompson ...
Thompson will be recognized as the 2006 recipient of the Fritz Pollard Award, presented annually by the Black Coaches Association to its Male Coach of the Year.
The Fritz Pollard Award is named in honor of Frederick Douglass "Fritz" Pollard, Brown Class of 1919, and a recent inductee into the Professional Football Hall of Fame, who led Brown's football team to the 1916 Rose Bowl game.
Pollard went on to become the first African American quarterback and head coach in the NFL.
brownbears.cstv.com /sports/m-baskbl/spec-rel/090806aaa.html   (464 words)

 Whim Internet Magazine - Season 19
Pollard was a star running back for the now-defunct Akron Pros in the American Professional Football Association (APFA), which later became the NFL.
For starters, Pollard, fed up with the NFL's turning away from fl players in the 1920s and '30s (the NFL had no fl players from 1934 to 1946), made an all-fl football.
What amazes me is this: Fritz Pollard was one of the main attractions of the APFA in the early years.
www.runet.edu /~whim/sports/articles/pollard.html   (669 words)

 Beacon Journal | 08/01/2005 | Akron NFL star of 1920s earns place in Canton   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-01)
Fritz Pollard -- one of two fl NFL players with the Akron Pros when they won the first championship in 1920 and who later became the first fl coach for the team -- is one of those being enshrined.
Fritz played at a time when game ``artifacts'' were not looked at with the same seriousness as today.
A: In interviews, Fritz commented that a lot of the players were from the South and they were not particularly receptive to a fl player.
www.philly.com /mld/timesleader/sports/12273908.htm   (656 words)

 NFL’s first black coach headed for Hall - NFL - MSNBC.com
Fritz Pollard is shown at his home in New Rochelle, N.Y. in this Feb. 12, 1975 file photo.
Pollard was a player-coach in the early 1920s.
To prevent pile-ons, Pollard would spin on his back and stick his knees and cleats in the air after he was tackled, said Fritz Pollard III, one of his grandsons who has lobbied for years for his induction into the Hall of Fame.
www.msnbc.msn.com /id/8813026   (877 words)

 Fritz Pollard elected to Pro Football Hall of Fame Jet - Find Articles
Pollard, who was chosen by the senior committee, died at age 92 in 1986, and was one of the NFL's first Black players and the league's first-ever Black head coach.
Pollard turned pro in 1919 and in 1920 led the Akron Pros to an undefeated season and the league's first title.
Pollard along with three quarterbacks, Dan Marino, Steve Young and the late Benny Friedman, will be inducted in Canton, OH, on August 7, 2005.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m1355/is_9_107/ai_n11834110   (232 words)

 Member - Pro Football Hall of Fame
As a member of the new league, Pollard immediately earned a place in pro football history as one of just two African Americans in the new league.  In 1921 he earned another distinction becoming the first African American head coach in NFL history when the Pros named him co-coach of the team.
Contemporary accounts indicate that Pollard, an exciting elusive runner, was the most feared running back in the fledgling league.  During his pro football career the two-time All-America played and sometimes coached for four different NFL teams, the Pros/Indians (1920-21/1925-26), the Milwaukee Badgers (1922), the Hammond Pros (1923, 1925), and the Providence Steam Roller (1925).
Pollard was a key member of the NFL's first champion, the Akron Pros who posted a league-best 8-0-3 record in the league's inaugural season in 1920.
www.profootballhof.com /hof/member.jsp?player_id=242   (441 words)

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