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Topic: Front National (French Resistance)

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National Resistance Army The National Resistance Army was a guerilla army of Tito Okello.
National Resistance Movement The National Resistance Movement is a political organisation, which claims to not be a part...
Nationalism and resistance in Algeria This article is part of the History of Algeria series Prehistory of Central North... /topics/resistance.html

 Front National - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This is a disambiguation page — a navigational aid which lists pages that might otherwise share the same title. /wiki/Front_National

 FFI- Free French  Forces (Maquis)
French part of the British 'Special Operations Executive' that armed and directed the Resistance in occupied France during World War II.
On 15th March, 1944, the Conseil National de la Resistance published a charter that demanded a series of social and economic reforms should be implemented after the liberation of France.
With Marshall Petain as head of state, it was named a spa in southern France. /Maquis.htm

 French Resistance - Enpsychlopedia
The French Resistance is the name used for resistance movements that fought military occupation of France by Nazi Germany and the Vichy France undemocratic regime during World War II after the government and the high command of France surrendered in 1940.
The Resistance was opposed by the German Abwehr, Gestapo, Sicherheitspolizei and Wehrmacht, as well as the Milice, the Vichy France police force led by Joseph Darnand.
French resistance could claim its origin in Charles de Gaulle's Appeal of 18 June (1940) on the BBC where he proclaimed that the war was not over. /wiki/French_Resistance

 Le Front national
The Right too, were also seen as powerless to address the problems facing so many French men and women during their periods in power in the 1980s and the 1990s and were frequently criticized by the Front National.
The rise of the Front National may be seen as a symptom of the difficulties of transition and adaption to a post-industrial, post-colonial, post-national society.
Within the discourse of the Front National, France is constructed as a community sharing the same race, culture, language, history and religion and whose integrity is threatened by waves of foreign invaders. /cfol/lefront.asp

 Massive Demonstrations in France Current Affairs Deutsche Welle
The French Socialists and other mainstream left-wing parties have called on their voters to back the conservative candidate Chirac in order to keep Le Pen and his National Front out of power.
The head of France's Front National surprised everyone last week when he scored 17 percent in the first round of voting of the French presidential election.
More than a million people protested against the anti-immigrant "National Front" on Wednesday. /dw/article/0,,511389,00.html

 Northwest Historical Association (NWHA) - WW2 Reenacting Society
Following is an article on the rise of the French Resistance after the defeat of the French army in the field in 1940.
The Resistance networks and movements were largely non-political in their membership, but a number were associated with the leftist French political parties.
This tradition of dissention via the press was long established in France and was the primary means of political discontent under authoritarian rule. /news_4Q2001/news_page5.html

 History of the French Resistance - the Alliance Reseau, Maquis, FTP and FFI
The Communist resistance fighters were not loyal to de Gaulle or to France; their loyalty was to international Communism and the Soviet Union, which was fighting on the side of the Allies, against Fascism.
I invite all French officers and soldiers who are in Britain or who may find themselves there, with their arms or without, to get in touch with me. Whatever happens, the flame of French resistance must not die and will not die.
As a hero of the resistance, he was awarded the Legion of Honor, the Medal of Resistance and the Medal of the Camps by the French government. /Natzweiler/History/FrenchResistance.html

 Library of Congress / Federal Research Division / Country Studies / Area Handbook Series / Cambodia / Appendix B
National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam.
Front Uni National du Kampuchéa, or National United Front of Kampuchea.
Recognized by the United Nations as the official government of Cambodia, the ruling coalition in Democratic Kampuchea, a loose political and military coalition of the three resistance groups--Democratic Kampuchea, the KPNLF (q.v. /frd/cs/cambodia/kh_appnb.html

It is a little known fact that over 60,000 Spanish exiles fought alongside the French Resistance, in addition to thousands of others who served in the regular forces of the Free French army.
French troops in the area had already been reinforced and further reinforcements were brought in as the 26th Division reached the border.
By 1942 the Resistance was firmly established, as any final illusions about the Nazis disappeared - with the SS increasingly in control in Paris; decrees demanding workers for German factories; the beginning of the deportation of Jews to the death camps and, in November, German military occupation of the Vichy zone. /aprop/forgot.txt

 Bidault, Georges --  Encyclopædia Britannica
In Greece, the mainly communist National Liberation Front (EAM) had failed in its violent bid for power, but guerrilla units were still fighting in the Pindus...
French Resistance leader during World War II, twice prime minister, and three times minister of foreign affairs, who late in his career vigorously opposed General Charles de Gaulle's Algerian policy and was forced into exile.
A political ally and confidant of Charles de Gaulle, Georges Pompidou served as De Gaulle's premier for six years before succeeding him as president of France. /eb/article?tocId=9079117

 war and social upheaval: World War II campaigns -- the resistance in France
Most French people thought that the Germans had won the War and that resistance was futile.
French soldiers escaped to England in the Dunkirt evacualtion.
DeFualle proceeded to found the Free French movement and added the Cross of Loraine to the French flag to destinguish it from the Petain's Vichy Government which was colaborating with the Germans. /essay/war/ww2/camp/eur/res/ww2-resfr.html

 Antisemitism Worldwide 2001/2 - France
The French justice minister, who opposed the decision, has appealed to the Cour de Cassation (the highest court of appeal in France).
The French government is planning to dedicate as a national monument the site at Drancy, the transit camp where most of the 76,000 French Jewish deportees were held during World War II before being sent to concentration camps.
French Prime Minister Lionel Jospin’s assurance that the government was determined to curb antisemitic attacks was met with skepticism by participants at a CRIF dinner meeting on 1 December 2001. /Anti-Semitism/asw2001-2/france.htm

 Anti-Semitism Worldwide 1999/2000 - France
The Front National and the Mouvement National Républicain were competing for the leadership of the extreme right.
The youth movement, Front National de la Jeunesse (FNJ), led by Guillaume Luyt until his resignation in April 2000, never attracted more than 1,200 dues-paying members, and is more radical than the party itself.
Papon’s appeal was rejected following his escape to Switzerland on the eve of the hearing and his subsequent deportation back to France. /Anti-Semitism/asw99-2000/france.htm

 * : - . C a t M e r . - : *: .:: Gemini ::.
Jean Moulin was born in Béziers, France, and enrolled in the French Army in 1918, but World War I came to an end before he could see any action.
Rumours include the idea that he was betrayed by right-wing resistance forces for being too much a man of the left, or that he was betrayed by the French Communists for working with de Gaulle.
Jean Moulin, hero of French Resistance during WWII, was born on June 20. /2005/06/gemini_20.html

 Front National biography .ms
Front National, a French Resistance group during World War II, led by Pierre Villon

 All-New Terrorist Evil-Doers Trading Card #6 - La Resistance en France
After much discussion Moulin persuaded the eight major resistance groups to form the Conseil National de la Resistance (CNR) and got their agreement to join the Free French forces during the liberation of France.
The French Resistance was a terrorist network of spies, gun smugglers, saboteurs, and resistance fighters, covertly and overtly collaborating with the Allied powers against the Axis and Axis-controlled French Vichy government, during World War II.
At right, a WWII French Resistance propaganda matchbook gives instructions in French on how to disrupt the Nazi war supply effort by derailing trains. /syzygy/tradingpost/6.html

 The Battle of Glières
Because the Allies were in doubt about the value of the French Resistance, it appeared to be necessary to show its capabilities to undermine the German military power in France on a large scale.
The organized groups of the French Resistance in southern France- the United Movements of Resistance and the communist National Front - strove to regroup all these rebels in camps where they made every effort to give them military training, but only a minority agreed to fight.
After the landings, the underground army of FFI (French Forces of the Interior), numbering about 200,000 men, was able to engage some German forces and to free some parts of the French territory... /index20.html

 BW Online February 24, 2003 Stop Frying the French
But Russian troops played a heroic role in winning the war, just as the French Communist party played a heroic role in the French Resistance.
French film lovers continued to support Lewis when his movies started to bomb in the U.S., because they thought he was a comic genius.
The French, West Germans, and others obviously were lucky to have been liberated by American-led forces (who gave them freedom and the Marshall Plan) and not the Russians (who would have tyrannized them for 45 years). /bwdaily/dnflash/feb2003/nf20030224_9987_db028.htm

 Le Pen sets his sights on June poll gains
Carl Lang, the NF secretary general, ruled out a u-turn by the NF electorate which, he said, "now represents the French people's resistance vote, after an attempt at brainwashing over the past fortnight in which France resembled one of Pol Pot's camps".
The National Front's political bureau met in the Paris suburb of Saint-Cloud yesterday to choose its candidates for next month's general election, which a leading official said would be a "nightmare" for the re-elected president Jacques Chirac and the moderate right.
Technically, if its supporters stay loyal the National Front has the biggest potential vote of any party on June 9 and 16. /editorials/5-6-2002-17914.asp

 Middle East Online
Spokesman for National Resistance Front for the Liberation of Iraq says only two militants died in Samarra unrest.
"Our resistance is like that led by (General Charles) de Gaulle in France against the Germans during the war (World War II)."
The spokesman said his local resistance group had been formed in Samarra in June, although the national umbrella grouping had not been founded until September 26, initially under a slightly different name. /english?id=8011

 The Trial of Klaus Barbie: Touvier, Papon, and Beyond
No longer could the Resistance be viewed as the sole French role during the Occupation and no longer could its glories serve to shelter France from the shame and guilt of its other past.
What was supposed to have been a triumph for the prosecution had turned into a nightmare of legal difficulties followed by a grueling trial in which the prosecution, France, and the victims, the résistants and the Jews, found themselves being judged instead of Klaus Barbie.
Le Pen, a proud nationalist and xenophobe, would have been right at home in the Vichy government, and his ultra-conservative party, le Front National, won a record 14.44 percent of the vote in the presidential elections of 1988. /voyl/barbie/7chapter.htm

 English News Archive: Dec 31, 1997, to Feb 7, 1998
Their work in French and German wartime archives has led to a new understanding of the role former Vichy officials played in executing Hitler's Final Solution in France, and is largely responsible for the nation's postwar trials of Nazi collaborators.
The extremist National Front, a law-and-order party that wants to deport immigrants from France, enjoys 15 percent support among the voters but usually fails to get the majority needed under the French system to win a parliamentary seat.
Lucie and Raymond Aubrac, who joined the Resistance when Germany invaded France in May 1940, were the subject of a popular feature film which came out last year. /News/GB/SRN1-10_98.html

 The Hindu : Pro, anti-Le Pen rallies peaceful
Le Pen's National Front party, the 15th century peasant girl who led a series of victories against the English is a symbol of French resistance against foreign `invaders'.
The National Front held its own rival demonstration with a wreath laying ceremony at the statue of Joan of Arc in Paris.
Up to a million people demonstrated peacefully throughout France on Wednesday against Mr. /2002/05/02/stories/2002050201981400.htm

 Protesters Take to the Streets of Paris
His daughter, also a national front politician, said the march was the "proper response" to the wave of anti-Le Pen street protests that have swept France.
For his party, Joan of Arc is a symbol of French resistance against foreign "invaders".
In Paris, the main anti-Le Pen demonstration was planned for the afternoon while a separate gathering was planned at a bridge over the Seine in memory of a Moroccan man who was drowned by national front supporters during a rally on May 1 1995. /editorials/5-1-2002-17579.asp

 The Hindu : Verdun, a tale of war and peace
The strong German offensive to penetrate France was met with stiff resistance and almost three fourths of the French Army fought on this front.
From the very beginning, the Battle of Verdun became a national symbol of French resistance.
Today, this is the only national highway in France that does not have a number, but is simply called the highway of the Sacred Path. /2001/02/04/stories/1304017p.htm

 The end of the French National Front?, Issue 37
ONE YEAR ago, the Front National (FN), led by Jean-Marie Le Pen, was occupying the centre of the French political stage.
The end of the French National Front?, Issue 37
What has stopped the FN developing into a real fascist party is the relationship of class forces: the level of working-class combativity, the resistance to the bosses' and government's attacks, and also the strong anti-racist and anti-fascist consciousness among youth. /37/france37.html

 French Government Outline
leader of the Free French resistance during World War II appealed to ethnic pride of the people
National Assembly to pass a bill by a simple majority vote
National Assembly has ultimate right to censure and overturn the /~zappo/apgov/frenchoutline.html

 30 years Front National
The reception from the French comrades was magnificent thanks to the leading presence of Makis Voridis and the acknowledgement of Hellenic Front as one of the most serious nationalist parties in Europe.
The leader of 6.000.000 French, the man who gave and gives great battles in Europe for the defence of national ideals against globalization and the European Union impressed again everybody with his speech and positions.
So we, the Hellenic Front, continue our struggle at the side of the president Le Pen and Front National, at the side of all patriotic movements in Europe, building our Europe. /2003/04/nicaea_fn_en.htm

 C4 News - UK - Politics - Le Pen meets resistance
The British National Party invited the French National Front boss to address a black-tie event in Shropshire, billed as "the patriotic dinner event of the year".
Inside, the men of the far right - the BNP leader and France's Front National leader tried to present an air of respectability
The location of the dinner is top-secret, but earlier, anti-racism campaigners did manage to track down the men as they left a press conference in Manchester. /news/2004/04/week_4/25_lepen.html

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