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Topic: Front wheel drive

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  Front wheel drive - Wikicars
Front wheel drive was further popularised by the 1948 Citroën 2CV, where the lightweight aluminum flat twin engine was mounted ahead of the front wheels, and 1955 Citroën DS, featuring the mid-engine layout.
All Subaru front wheel drive and all wheel drive layouts are derived from the standard longitudinal front engine/rear drive transmission configuration, however the differential for the front wheels is between the bellhousing and the transmission.
Predictable handling characteristics: front-wheel drive cars, with a front weight bias, tend to understeer at the limit, which is commonly believed to be easier for average drivers to correct than terminal oversteer, and less prone to result in fishtailing or a spin.
wikicars.org /en/Front_wheel_drive   (1776 words)

A drive train has a first drive linkage operably connected to front wheel means for rotation of the front wheel upon actuation of the drive train.
front wheel means, means mounting the front wheel means on a front portion of the frame, said means mounting the front wheel means being rotatable about a generally upright axis to steer the cycle;
drive means having a first drive linkage drivably connecting the front wheel with the forward portion of the tiller means and a second drive linkage connecting the first drive linkage and the rear portion of the tiller means, and means for imparting torque to the rear portion of the second drive linkage.
www.delphion.com /details?pn=US03848891__   (343 words)

  CanadianDriver: Front wheel drive vs rear wheel drive
We used to have predominately rear wheel drive (RWD) automobiles on the road, but by the late 1970's, front wheel drive (FWD) vehicles were beginning to dominate.
The disadvantages of FWD are mainly the decrease in vehicle handling ability.
With some of the mechanical parts removed from the front and installed at the rear, vehicle balance and handling are much improved.
www.canadiandriver.com /winter/020619.htm   (827 words)

  Transmissions: Final Drive & Drive Shafts
In a conventional rear-wheel-drive layout, the engine and transmission are mounted longitudinally at the front of the vehicle and drive is transmitted to a rear axle assembly by a propeller shaft.
In a conventional four-wheel-drive vehicle, drive is transferred from the transfer case to the front and rear axle assemblies by propeller shafts.
In a conventional part-time four-wheel drive vehicle, the transfer case allows the vehicle to be operated in high range in 2 wheel drive and or 4 wheel drive, in low range in 4 wheel drive only and in a neutral condition for a power take-off.
www.cdxetextbook.com /trans/finalDrives/topic.html   (650 words)

  InsightCentral.net - Encyclopedia - Honda Insight Specifications
Honda Multimatic with "Drive", "Sport" and "Low" modes.
Front fenders and rear fender skirts are a recyclable ABS/nylon composite
57:43 (approx 600 kg front, 450 kg rear)
www.insightcentral.net /encyclopedia/enspecs.html   (118 words)

 Reference.com/Encyclopedia/Front-wheel drive
Front-wheel drive was further popularized by the 1948 Citroën 2CV, where the lightweight aluminium flat twin engine was mounted ahead of the front wheels, and 1955 Citroën DS, featuring the mid-engine layout.
Predictable handling characteristics: front-wheel drive cars, with a front weight bias, tend to understeer at the limit, which according to for instance SAAB engineer Gunnar Larsson is easier since it makes instinct correct in avoiding terminal oversteer, and less prone to result in fishtailing or a spin.
The significantly shorter drive axles on a front-wheel drive car causes the joint to flex through a much wider degree of motion, compounded by additional stress and angles of steering, while the CV joints of a rear wheel drive car regularly see angles and wear of less than half that of front wheel drive vehicles.
www.reference.com /browse/wiki/Front_wheel_drive   (1988 words)

 Toyota.com : Help : Glossary
Referring to a vehicle's wheel alignment, it is the proper adjustment of a vehicle that uses the front and rear suspension for camber, toe, caster and ride height.
TRAC helps to avoid slippage of the driving wheels by slightly applying the brake on a slipping drive wheel and reducing the throttle to maintain traction according to the road surface conditions.
The horizontal distance from the center of the vehicle's front wheel to the center of the rear wheel.
www.toyota.com /html/help/glossary.html   (11249 words)

 Chain driven front wheel drive and rear wheel steering bicycle - Patent 6588786
A bicycle having front wheel drive and rear wheel steering, having a frame, a front wheel, handlebars, and a rear wheel.
The bicycle as recited in claim 11, further comprising a drive sprocket, located between the front and rear wheels, a driven sprocket, located on the front wheel, and a chain connecting the drive sprocket and driven sprocket so that the front wheel is powered by a rotary power source at the drive sprocket.
The front wheel 14 is attached to the frame 12 with a front fork 56, which is itself rigidly attached to the front bearing sleeve 52.
www.freepatentsonline.com /6588786.html   (3117 words)

 Front Wheel Drive Chapter 3
The first inexpensive front wheel drive vehicle to reach the British market, the BSA “Three Wheeler Twin”, although not mass produced, was made in large numbers compared with it’s predecessors and could not have been more different.
With two wheels at the front and one wheel at the rear and a 1021 c.c.
A simple channel-section chassis that was formed in the rear with a large-diameter central tube; the single rear wheel was mounted on a hinged arm having as an extension a leaf spring that was enclosed within the central chassis tube.
www.lightauto.com /fwd3.html   (1873 words)

 Benefits of Rear Wheel Drive
When you stop a front drive car the excess weight in the front of the car allows the force on the front tires to exceed the limits of the tires.
The relatively low weight on the rear of a front drive car does not allow the tires to be used to their maximum ability.
Since the driveline is connected to the steering wheels the torque of the engine applies force to the front wheels causing the car to pull to the right during acceleration.
www.rearwheeldrive.org /rwd/rwdbenefits.htm   (1132 words)

 Audi Worldwide > Glossary > Engine & Driveline > Front-wheel drive
For this reason a front-wheel-drive car is in principle more controllable and tracks better than conventional rear-wheel drive.
On slippery roads in particular, the front-wheel-drive car has an advantage because the weight of the engine is over the driven wheels, thereby increasing traction.
Audi’s models have either front-wheel drive or quattro® permanent all-wheel drive.
www.audi.com /audi/com/en2/tools/glossary/engine_driveline/front_wheel_drive.html   (113 words)

You may have been driving it for years without any problem, not knowing that when and if you encounter a condition of front-end skid, or fwd understeer, you life may well depend on knowing what to do, and most importantly,that you don't want to do what was correct with Rear Wheel Drive.
Front Wheel Drive vehicles, although they have been in production in various parts of the world for most of this century, first came to America in any kind of quantity with the advent of the Austin/Morris Mini, first introduced here around 1959.
The slight braking of the rear wheels will bring on some slewing around of the rear of the car, and the braking of the front wheels will be offset by the power applied to them at the same time.
www.angelfire.com /biz/snwvlly/fwd.htm   (2433 words)

 Front-wheel drive - Honda Prelude Wiki   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
FWD is often used in the automotive industry to refer to "Front Wheel Drive".
Predictable handling characteristics: front-wheel drive cars, with a front weight bias, tend to understeer at the limit, which is commonly believed to be easier for average drivers to correct than terminal oversteer, and less prone to result in fishtailing or a spin.
Front wheel drive allows the use of left-foot braking as a driving technique.
www.preludedriver.com /wiki/index.php?title=Front-wheel_drive&printable=yes   (275 words)

 Eldorado Front Wheel Drive wire wheels, Front wheel drive Wire Wheels, Buick, Seville and Toronado
Shown is the Cadillac Eldorado front wheel drive wheel with optional gold plated wreath and crest.
These wheels are made at the factory from American steel by hand.
Seller is not a wheel specialist or enthusiast, often a home-based operation that cannot honor a warranty claim or won't be around next season.
www.hobbycar.com /FWD.html   (440 words)

 Audi Worldwide > Company > History > Technical highlights > Front-wheel drive
When the first DKW ‘Front’ (the F 1) was introduced in February, this was the first occasion on which a front-wheel drive vehicle had been produced in high volume; its first task was to succeed against well-established competitors with rear-wheel drive.
In 1933, an Audi with front-wheel drive appeared, to join the DKW `Front´ models on the market: the Audi Front UW Cabriolet with a six-cylinder Wanderer engine, 1963 cc, 40 bhp, built in 1933.
The DKW `Front´ front-wheel drive cars were built at the Audi factory in Zwickau from 1931 to 1942.
www.audi.com /audi/com/en2/about_audi_ag/history/technical_highlights/front_wheel_drive.html   (286 words)

 How to Determine if Your Car Is Front- or Rear-Wheel Drive | eHow.com
Understand that front-wheel drive means the power from the engine and the transmission goes to the front wheels; rear-wheel drive means the power goes to the rear wheels.
Four-wheel, or all-wheel, drive means all four wheels are powered.
Some Toyota Tercels have the belts at the front of the engine but are still front-wheel drive.
www.ehow.com /how_7676_determine-car-front.html   (741 words)

 Front Wheel Drive Moving Bottom Bracket Experiments - Recumbent Bicycle Building
With the short wheelbase bike I ran into a lot of design issues that were addressed by the FWD moving bottom bracket configuration.
Finally, there is no worry about heel-wheel clearance so you can have much bigger front wheel size and a lower bottom bracket.
I began with the drive assembly; I cut the chain stays down so that the clearance from bottom bracket shell to tire was about 1/2".
bike-recumbent.com /fwd1.shtml   (559 words)

 Rear vs Front Wheel Drive in Winter   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Bob Erck ===================================================== In principle, four wheel drive is superior because power reaches all four wheels independently and the electronics allow each wheel to "recognize" the traction of the other three.
Front wheel drive is considered next best because the "weight" of the engine is over the wheels doing the steering.
Rear wheel drive without added weight is considered to be the least effective.
www.newton.dep.anl.gov /askasci/eng99/eng99328.htm   (377 words)

Characterized by large drive wheels in the rear of the powerchair, and small pivoting casters in the front, the rear-wheel drive powerchair steers and handles predictably, which many describe as point-and-go.
The principal of the front-wheel drive powerchair is that the user's weight is pulled by the front drive wheels, allowing the powerchair to climb obstacles and maintain easier going on soft surfaces.
With the drive wheels directly under the user, traction is increased, and with the use of suspended front anti-tip wheels, the mid-wheel drive can be among the most effective at both ascending and descending obstacles for skilled, practiced users.
www.wheelchairjunkie.com /driveconfigurations.html   (884 words)

 HPV Front Wheel Drive Suspension
Torque steer and wheel slip are low speed issues, which can be overcome by learning how the system behaves, but a lack of suspension is a real problem when you are cornering at high speeds, or moving at high speeds over a rough surface.
The major problem with creating a suspended FWD design, is that the drive chain tension would cause the suspension to compress when the rider applies force to the pedals.
The leading link FWD suspension fork design specifies that the power side of the wheel's drive cog be lined up with the pivot point of the leading link fork.
www.wisil.recumbents.com /wisil/fwdsusp/fwd_suspension.htm   (694 words)

 drive blog: Is front-wheel drive better than rear-wheel drive?
Front wheel drive cars are also safer for the vast majority of drivers because they understeer, a more predictable and recoverable characteristic than oversteer.
A rear wheel drive balances wear between tyres, pushing the rears and the fronts are left to do what they are meant to do..
If I dump max torque to the drive wheels I know that I want 100% of it to end up where I say and not to have some lame computer holding out on the torque, or having the car squirm around as what is left of the torque gets shuffled between tyres.
blogs.drive.com.au /2006/07/is_frontwheel_drive_better_tha.html   (4998 words)

 Prohibition Times: Wreckless Driving: Front-Wheel Drive
A rear wheel drive car, in a power-off driving situation, is much more stable and predictable.
If a car pulls out in front of this driver, he is more likely to have some steering capacity remaining to take avoiding action before impact, without having to know about any special driving tricks.
However, a front wheel drive car, in these conditions, behaves exactly the opposite to what a driver is attempting to accomplish.
www.geocities.com /prohibition_us/fwd.html   (1448 words)

 Front wheel drive and fluid suspension
His bold concept of front wheel drive and fluid suspension, were unheard of at the time.
By comparison with front engine and rear driven cars, adhesion on the driven wheels is improved in that they carry considerably more than half the laden weight.
These different leverages were chosen to accommodate the heavier front load of the ADO 17, at the same time using common units front and rear.
austin1800.homestead.com /Page7.html   (1572 words)

 Front-wheel drive in ice or snow
FWD allowed them to gain interior space by installing the engine and transmission sideways and eliminate the driveshaft tunnel running between the seats.
This means the front wheels tend to lose grip before the rears.
Remember, a FWD drive car has most of the weight of the car in the front to begin with.
co.essortment.com /icedrivefront_pqe.htm   (706 words)

 Front wheel drive bike with hub gear
A problem with front wheel drive bikes is the fact that pressure on the pedals also exerts a steering effect.
If the seat were positioned over the front wheel, then the chain would have to be led back from the pedals, over an idler pulley and then down along the side of the fork.
An idler pulley on the tension side of a chain drive is generally undesirable because it significantly increases energy loss compared with an idler on the non-tension side.
web.uct.ac.za /depts/psychology/bok/fwd.html   (1749 words)

 Front Wheel Drive Car
For wheels to operate properly, the center of the wheel must be attached to the body.
Click on the right wheel and type in the same number as the left wheel for the y position.
Wheels must be attached to the body, yet allowed to rotate.
www.pblunit10.com /rmorrison/front_wheel_drive_car.htm   (836 words)

 Front Wheel Drive - Is it practical?
Front wheel drive means that you are going to use the front wheel to propel the bike as well as steer it.
One is to build a bike that looks like a SWB with the bottom bracket (BB) out in front connected to the main frame, but instead of routing the chain to the rear wheel it goes to the front wheel.
A far simpler way of building a FWD bike is to mount the bottom bracket in front of the front wheel but have it attached to the fork instead of to the frame.
traylorfwd.home.mindspring.com /fwd.html   (828 words)

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