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Topic: Fuddruckers

  HandelontheLaw.com - Wacky Lawsuit's Detail
Fuddruckers Inc. says it fired plaintiff Barbara Andresen because she drooled on food that was served to customers and therefore posed a "direct threat" to the health and safety of others.
Fuddruckers is a full-service restaurant chain with headquarters in Beverly, Mass., and Austin, Texas, that bills itself as the home of the "world's greatest hamburgers." The first Fuddruckers opened 25 years ago in San Antonio, according to the company's Web site.
Fuddruckers argued that the new management was brought in because the public perceived the St. Louis Park restaurant to be unsanitary.
www.handelonthelaw.com /wl_details.aspx?WL=372&Date=2/1/2005   (681 words)

 Fuddruckers - Tulsa, Oklahoma - World's Greatest Burgers   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Fuddruckers objectives are to become the dominant franchisors of quality meals in each of their target markets and to continue establishing themselves as the superior alternative to lower-quality fast food and casual dining establishments.
Fuddruckers has implemented a strict set of purchasing standards structured to ensure that all of the ingredients used in the preparation of Fuddruckers menu items are of the highest quality.
Fuddruckers is committed to differentiating itself from similar restaurants, which often offer a number of items that are pre-prepared, pre-packaged and contain preservatives.
www.eatatfudds.com /info/about.htm   (799 words)

 Nation's Restaurant News: Fuddruckers tests ice-cream parlors, sees them as 'sub-brands' - Marketing - restaurant chain ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
The creameries are located in existing bakeries found at most Fuddruckers units and staffed with employees trained to mix ice-cream treats.
The chain also is positioning the creamery as a destination concept, targeting consumers who want dessert but not a meal and also those who want to cap off a meal with an ice-cream treat.
Fuddruckers will determine the success of the two existing creameries as well as the others that will be added this spring when sales are evaluated in the fall, McCullough said.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m3190/is_8_37/ai_98168033   (654 words)

 Compare Prices and Read Reviews on Fuddruckers at Epinions.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
As you've probably guessed, Fuddruckers is a Burger Joint (to say the least).
Unlike a regular sit down restaurant, Fuddruckers is a little different.
They have yummy veggie burgers, and pretty good choices, their Garden Burger is generally the only thing I have eaten there (besides sides) but they only offer it in one size.
www.epinions.com /content_179150818948   (1465 words)

 eRatem.com - Fuddruckers
The food is right up their alley, the atmosphere is just right for "kids to be kids" and there's even a couple of video games to occupy their time while us old parents finish up our meals.
Fuddruckers is a great place if you happen to be a cow looking for a little revenge from us humans.
Fuddruckers is a self-serve, "the burger is king" fast food factory.
www.eratem.com /Rest_Fuddruckers.html   (250 words)

 Fuddruckers - Royal Oak Location   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
The Fuddruckers of Royal Oak opened in March of 2004, and is located in the heart of the downtown area.
Fuddruckers of Royal Oak is fun for the family, adorned with pictures of Hollywood legends and collectibles, and Fudds Fun Factory game room.
The Fuddruckers of Royal Oak is in a central location, offering easy access to nearby cultural attractions such as the Detroit Zoo, and convenient travel to all points in the metropolitan area.
www.metrodetroitfudds.com /royal_oak.asp   (168 words)

 Hospitality Net - Industry News - hospitalitycareernet.com Announces Agreement with Fuddruckers
Keith Kefgen, chairman and co-founder of hospitalitycareernet.com, has announced that Fuddruckers has become a registered user of both 2020skills.com, a web site that allows employers to screen current and potential employees using a skills assessment, and hospitalitycareernet.com, a site that helps match employee with employer.
Fuddruckers will use the two sites for their own internal staffing needs, as well as roll them out as a service to all Fuddruckers franchisees.
Fuddruckers currently boasts over 200 restaurants in operation, with a goal of adding over 125 more within the next five years.
www.hospitalitynet.org /news/4007419.html   (285 words)

 Fuddruckers - Restaurant Manager Management
However, the Fuddruckers of today is much different than that 1980 restaurant.
That's why FUDDRUCKERS is named after the true creator of the hamburger.
Fuddruckers is also accepting applications for hourly positions.
www.restaurantmanager.net /fuddruckers3.htm   (356 words)

 North Jersey Media Group providing local news, sports & classifieds for Northern New Jersey!
Fuddruckers will be glad to supply you with a copy of the menu to take home, and if you want just takeout, you can call ahead to order.
Fuddruckers does a lot to attract families, from $5.50 movie tickets for the multiplex next door to free kids' meals Mondays and Tuesdays (after 4 p.m.) to a balloon artist or face painter or magician from 6 to 8 p.m.
Any Fuddruckers sandwich can be made into a Blue Plate, which, for $2, adds french fries or a baked potato and coleslaw or barbecue beans.
www.bergen.com /page.php?qstr=eXJpcnk3ZjczN2Y3dnFlZUVFeXk2MzAmZmdiZWw3Zjd2cWVlRUV5eTY3NTQwMDcmeXJpcnk3ZjcxN2Y3dnFlZUVFeXk3   (904 words)

 Investor's Business Daily: Breaking News
He is joining an exceptional Fuddruckers' team and we believe he will make a significant contribution to our strong growth and in helping deliver our promise of The World's Greatest Hamburgers and guest experience," stated Bryce King, CEO.
Nietschmann stated, "Fuddruckers is a quality leader in the fast casual segment of the restaurant industry.
Fuddruckers, Inc., celebrating its 25th anniversary, and Magic Restaurants, LLC, based in Austin, Texas owns or franchises 223 restaurants under the Fuddruckers and Koo Koo Roo brands across 35 states and internationally.
www.investors.com /breakingnews.asp?journalid=28609181   (419 words)

 Nation's Restaurant News: Big Boy, Fuddruckers on fast-casual track to expand 'express' restaurants
Big Boy International of Warren, Mich., and Fuddruckers of Austin, Texas, share similarities in their fast-casual forays in that their express variants offer breakfast and boast the respective signature hamburgers and other lunch and dinner items of the brands.
Fuddruckers is about to open a franchised Fudds Express at Boston's Logan International Airport, soon to be followed by a debut at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport and Washington Dulles International Airport, according to Scott McCullough, Fuddruckers" marketing director.
Fuddruckers currently has 220 restaurants, about half of which are franchised.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m3190/is_11_39/ai_n13471177   (804 words)

Fuddruckers is growing rapidly and we are looking for motivated, fun and caring people who want to grow with us!
Fuddruckers constantly promotes from within the company for the legions of Assistant Managers we have trained.
If your wondering how far you can go with Fuddruckers, the sky is the limit.
www.restaurantleaders.com /fuddds.htm   (252 words)

 U.S. Food Policy: Fuddruckers nutrition games
Adrants finds that the satire site is posted at the address http://www.beefrelief.com/ and also on the website for the Austin-based agency Fosfurus.
The advertisement's nutritional sensitivity seems well calibrated with the Fuddruckers menu, emphasizing hamburgers ranging in weight from 1/3 pound to 1 pound.
The bottom of the menu page says: "Specific nutritional data on Fuddruckers menu items is not currently available." Nobody wants the government to regulate what these restaurants offer, but the economic case for better nutrition information than this is compelling, and the public deserves to know what these restaurants are selling.
usfoodpolicy.blogspot.com /2005/05/fuddruckers-nutrition-games.html   (209 words)

 You Scream! I Scream! Fuddruckers Opens Gourmet Ice Creamery in Minnesota Restaurant!!!
The Fuddruckers Encore Bakery and Creamery in Roseville is dedicated to the fine art of dessert.
"The Fuddruckers Encore Bakery and Creamery is a new place in Fuddruckers to build your food fantasy, and soothe your sweet tooth at the same time," McCullough adds.
The Fuddruckers Encore Bakery and Creamery is in the Roseville, MN restaurant.
www.prnewswire.com /cgi-bin/stories.pl?ACCT=104&STORY=/www/story/02-10-2003/0001887724&EDATE=   (363 words)

 NASIOC - Map - Fuddruckers
Fuddruckers is located on the north side of Golf.
Remember Fuddruckers is at its busiest at 1pm and will start slowing down at 2pm.
Fuddruckers does not charge for the tables, but kind of requires that you do eat something.
forums.nasioc.com /forums/showthread.php?t=7064   (593 words)

 Slashdot | Fuddruckers Called Out on Hotlinking
Fuddruckers did this without so much as giving credit to the author, let alone using their own bandwidth to host it.
Fuddruckers not only stole his work and claimed it as their own, but they stole his bandwidth at the same time.
Hell, Fuddruckers is a fairly large company, if he would have complained nicely, they might have paid him for any bandwith they used.
developers.slashdot.org /developers/05/09/03/0511211.shtml?tid=95&tid=187&tid=156   (5603 words)

 Fuddruckers: An Anatomy of Anchors
Fuddruckers hamburger site provides the usual fare for companies (about us, franchise opportunities, career opportunities, gift cards, merchandise, news).
Where readers may want to explore Zenobia, Queen of Palmyria's [10] hidden anchors to increase the depths of their understanding of the polyvalent poem, readers may not have the same expectation of an efferent site.
Indeed, Fuddruckers' map seems to merely frustrate the reader, who must scroll over a large cheeseburger to find practical options such as purchasing gift certificates.
www.cddc.vt.edu /host/deena/ht04paper/fudd   (310 words)

 Fuddruckers steals flash game
Fuddruckers has made the all-too common mistake of taking something and not giving the proper credit.
Seeing as how Fuddruckers opened in 1980 and Fudpuckers in 1982, it it interesting to me how Fuddruckers could have stolen the name.
It is possible that Fuddruckers was ripped off by there website designers.
digg.com /links/Fuddruckers_steals_flash_game   (1523 words)

 U.S. Food Policy: Welcome Fuddruckers customers!   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
At Google, they naturally enter the search term "Fuddruckers," where they find U.S. Food Policy's coverage of Fuddruckers as one of the first ten search results.
Adrants finds that the satire site is posted at the address http://www.beefrelief.com/ [link no longer working] and also on the website for the Austin-based agency Fosfurus [link no longer working].
The advertisement's nutritional sensitivity seems well calibrated with the Fuddruckers menu [link no longer working], emphasizing hamburgers ranging in weight from 1/3 pound to 1 pound.
usfoodpolicy.blogspot.com /2005/09/welcome-fuddruckers-customers.html   (322 words)

Customers love the “toppings bar” where they add just as much as they want of their favorite toppings, Fresh baked buns in the restaurant everyday, beef patties prepared fresh everyday, the patio and an upbeat atmosphere with a “rock n roll” theme.
Fuddruckers was acquired by Michael Cannon in 1998 and immediately began remodeling restaurants, upgrading the menu, installing new management and new marketing.
Founded in San Antonio, TX in 1980, Fuddruckers operates 235 restaurants across the USA and International.
www.franchisetimes.com /Fran_Opportunities/fuddruckers.html   (240 words)

 Fuddruckers Restaurants Commits Additional Support to Punch Out Breast Cancer in Metro Atlanta : ArriveNet Press ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
In addition, Fuddrucker's will also donate an additional dollar ($1.00) to the organization for any size milkshake ordered by customers on those days.
Although each of the nine Atlanta area Fuddruckers stores have independently held Benefit Nights for charitable causes, this is the first time the company has made a coordinated regional commitment to any organization.
Fuddruckers, home of the "World's Greatest Hamburgers" is headquartered in Austin, Texas.
press.arrivenet.com /business/article.php/618350.html   (348 words)

 Fuddruckers   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Fuddruckers was founded in 1980 by Phil Romano in San Antonio, Texas.
Although Phil Romano is no longer associated with Fuddruckers, his concept still exists today and has boosted Fuddruckers to over 200 restaurants throughout the world.
As a member of the Fuddruckers management team, you will receive a detailed six week training program, competitive base salary, eligibility for monthly and quarterly bonuses, comprehensive insurance (medical, dental, and life) and a 401K plan.
company.monster.com /fudd   (386 words)

 deseretnews.com | Son gets a taste of fame
Fuddruckers Challenge winner Dylan Cannon, left, and brother Quinton Cannon.
Anyway, my boy baby felt up to the challenge over the holidays, so while other mothers' sons were busy practicing the piano and working on Eagle projects and so forth, my son hauled it on down to Utah County to eat his way through a side of steer.
When this same son returned later (much, much, MUCH later) wearing his Fuddruckers Victory T-Shirt and doing his Fuddruckers Victory Dance, it occurred to me that some of our Deseret Morning News readers might be interested in his experience.
deseretnews.com /dn/view/0,1249,635172868,00.html   (561 words)

 Fuddruckers hamburgers - food, drink, restaurant, American cuisine, dining, hamburgers, fish, vegetarian, appetizers, ...
Fuddruckers originated in San Antonio Texas in March of 1980.
The first restaurant was converted from an old bank, into a popular hangout that served “the Worlds Greatest Hamburgers.”; We have become known for the freshest meat, toppings and buns, where you could “do your own thing” to top it off.
World Class Attitude… Fuddruckers is changing with the times; keeping the menu fresh and exciting, upscale interior décor, squeaky-clean restrooms and associates who care.
fuddruckershamburgers.com   (361 words)

 Roadfood.com Forums - Fuddruckers vs Zeb's?
Fuddruckers very impressive with their massive array of burger 'fixins.
Although it WAS cooked to MY order (medium on the slant of medium rare); 'twas rather bland, with no apparent seasoning(s) present.
Fuddruckers sells big burgers and as I have written, I'm more a fan of the smaller sized ones.
www.roadfood.com /Forums/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=5427   (507 words)

 Fuddruckers - Detroit Location
Detroit's Rivertown Fuddruckers has the makings of a Motown classic, with all of the amenities of a standard Fuddruckers restaurant, in addition to a full lounge and bar.
The party room is a great place for a your next event, as your group can enjoy Fuddruckers' great food in a room sectioned off from the restaurant, equipped with a large-screen television.
Rivertown Fuddruckers sits on the Detroit Riverfront and is directly across the street from the Chene Park auditorium, home of many of Detroit's hottest concert acts.
www.metrodetroitfudds.com /detroit.asp   (276 words)

Fuddruckers Restaurant and Bar is home to the ‘World's Greatest Hamburger.' In addition to our burgers, we also serve chicken sandwiches, salads, rib eye steak sandwiches, hot dogs, kid's meals, and much more.
Parents can relax on our patio with one of our specialty drinks or just a beer, while the kids feed the ducks out by the pond.
Fuddruckers restaurant is located off the Interstate Highway Exit 446.
visitmt.com /categories/moreinfo.asp?IDRRecordID=8630&SiteID=1   (100 words)

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