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Topic: Fulda River

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Münden is the end of the Fulda where it and the Werra flow together to form the Weser River.
Mile 19.2 (30.9 km): Cross the River Fulda and enter the City of Fulda.
Schlitz was named after the short river that flows through it, which in some early form of early German meant sliding water.
www.bicyclegermany.com /fulda.htm   (5248 words)

  JewishEncyclopedia.com - FULDA:
In 1309, the plague having ravaged Fulda, the inhabitants of the town, impelled by fanaticism, ascribed its origin to the Jews and killed 600 of them (Trithemius, "Chronicon Hirsaugensis," fol.
Mordecai Fulda, one of the exiles of 1671; Elijah b.
The number of the Jews in Fulda in 1890 was 525 in a total population of 13,125; in 1903, 650.
www.jewishencyclopedia.com /view.jsp?artid=444&letter=F   (434 words)

  Columbia Encyclopedia- Fulda - AOL Research & Learn
Fulda grew around a Benedictine abbey founded in 744 by Sturmius, a pupil of St. Boniface, the missionary.
the abbots of Fulda ruled the town and the surrounding area as princes of the Holy Roman Empire, and in 1752 they were raised to the rank of prince-bishops.
Fulda was secularized in 1802, and most of it passed to Hesse-Kassel in 1816.
reference.aol.com /columbia/_a/fulda/20051206022209990006   (178 words)

Fulda is a city in Hesse, Germany; it is located on the Fulda river and capital of the Fulda district.
The Benedictine monastery of Fulda (in what is now Hesse, Germany, but was then part of Thuringia), was founded in 744 by Saint Sturm[?], a disciple of Saint Boniface as one of Boniface's outposts in the reorganization of the church in Germany.
Fulda also received large and constant donations from the Etichonids, a leading family in Alsace, and the Conradines, ancestors of the later Salian Holy Roman Emperors.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/fu/Fulda.html   (370 words)

 Fulda (district)
Fulda is a Kreis (district) in the north-east of Hesse, Germany.
In 1927 the city of Fulda left the district to become a district-free city, and in 1932 the remaining district was merged with the district of Gersfeld.
The main river of the district is the Fulda.
www.knowallabout.com /f/fu/fulda__district_.html   (216 words)

 Highbeam Encyclopedia - Search Results for Fulda
A student under Alcuin, he was later abbot of Fulda (822-42); his zeal for learning and his excellent administration made the school and library at Fulda an outstanding source of intellectual light.
The fulda gap is not on the Laffer curve; exit from NATO?
The Fulda Gap is a monument to Cold War confrontation.
www.encyclopedia.com /SearchResults.aspx?Q=Fulda&StartAt=1   (990 words)

 The banks of the Fulda River - 1962   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
The Fulda River valley ran from Kassel to Hann.
For much of its length, the banks of the Fulda consisted of broad, grassy fields.
During the summer, the excursion steamer from Kassel, the Dämpfer Elsa, might be seen on the Fulda.
home.att.net /~giffk/fuldflus.htm   (81 words)

 Mountains in Germany
The main river is the Regen, which is formed by the conjunction of White Regen and Black Regen and leaves the mountains toward the city of Regensburg.
Rivers rising from the Fichtelgebirge are the White Main (German: Weißer Main), the Saxon Saale, the Ohře (German: Eger) and the Fichtelnaab which later joins the Waldnaab.
It is bounded by the river valleys of the Moselle (north), the Nahe (south) and the Rhine (east).
www.everythingaboutgermany.com /MountainsinGermany/MountainsinGermany.html   (3396 words)

 Fulda Gap: A refight of a battle that never happened.
In the centre, Warsaw Pact forces were expected to press through the physical barrier of the Thuringen Wald from the area east of Kassel via the Fulda Gap - a low area cut by the Fulda River - and press on to the Rhine River and occupy Frankfurt.
The region round Fulda is chacterised by deeply scoured glacial valleys, separated by steep sided hills topped by forests.
Overall, the terrain round Fulda consists of impassible hillsides, wooded hilltops (often with fire breaks through them), narrow valleys with frequent bridges and river crossings, and with many urban areas to plug exits to the maze.
homepages.paradise.net.nz /rbatch/little/fulda.html   (721 words)

 Fulda River - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Fulda is a river in Hesse, Germany.
It is one of two headstreams of the Weser River (the other one being the Werra).
The Fulda River is 218 km in length.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Fulda_River   (91 words)

 Fulda - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Benedictine monastery of Fulda was founded in 744 by Saint Sturm, a disciple of Saint Boniface, as one of Boniface's outposts in the reorganization of the church in Germany, and a base from which missionaries accompanied Charlemagne's armies in their political and military campaign to destroy heathen Saxony.
Fulda was made a bishopric in 1752 and the prince-abbots were given the additional title of prince-bishop.
The prince-abbots (and later prince-bishops) ruled Fulda and the surrounding region until the bishopric was forcibly dissolved by Napoleon's minions in 1802.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Fulda   (711 words)

 Search Results for "Fulda"
Educated in the monastery of Fulda, he continued his studies at Charlemagne's palace school in Aachen...
He was placed as a boy in the monastery of Fulda (c.822).
A student under Alcuin, he was later abbot of Fulda (822-42); his zeal for learning and his excellent administration...
www.bartleby.com /cgi-bin/texis/webinator/sitesearch?FILTER=col65&query=Fulda   (291 words)

 fulda - Ask.com Web Search
Fulda is a city in Hesse, Germany; it is located on the Fulda River and is the administrative seat of the Fulda district.
Fulda is a city in Hesse, Germany; it is located on the Fulda River and is the administrative seat of the Fulda district (Kreis).
Fulda (1) 1883 1898-1899 chartered to Spain for trooping, 1899 damaged in drydock and scrapped.
www.ask.com /web?q=fulda   (286 words)

 Natur, Aktiv, Erholung: Urlaub am Wasser - Deutschlands Flusslandschaften - Weser und Nebenflüsse
The River Fulda rises from one of Germany´s largest treasure troves: from deep underneath the protected Rhön moorlands biosphere reserve, where densely wooded peaks as well as treeless highlands allow magnificent views of the surrounding countryside.
The episcopal town of Fulda with its baroque cathedral and the Residence palace sets a tone which is full of splendour.
The wild River Eder, a tributary to the Fulda, was tamed by the Eder dam and supplies the water for one of the most beautiful lakes in Hessen, the Eder lake.
www.germany-tourism.de /ENG/nature_active_recreation/river_scenery_weser_fulda.htm   (359 words)

 2001 Fulda Challenge - Feature Event & Coverage - Four Wheeler Magazine
Fulda, a major tire company in Germany, decided that a great way to promote its product would be to test its tires to the extreme.
Surprisingly, the Fulda Yukon tire provided more than enough traction at the hair-ball speeds we were driving at and we all got to Dawson safe and sound.
Fulda Challenge team members race to the mountain climbing competition where they are required to use downhill skis on the descent.
www.fourwheeler.com /eventcoverage/2001_fulda_challenge/index.html   (1826 words)

It is very sad news I heard the day, that some persons around here [Fulda] have subscribed to the New York Police Gazette, one of the most shameful papers that is published; in which evil, with a transparent cover of ornamentation, is glorified and made heroic.
We reply that the first German settlers here came from either the town of Fulda or from its immediate neighborhood, and as every person loves the place of his birth, so our fathers desired to perpetuate their native town in the Fatherland.
Fulda, in Germany, lies on the river Fulda, in a smiling country between Frankfort-on-the-Main and Eisinach.
www.fuldaohio.com /1882.htm   (1682 words)

The Austrian Danube River Passau to Vienna, Lower Austria:
This is a 467-mile, 752-kilometer tour along the north coast of Germany from Flensburg near the border with Denmark to the island of Usedom near the German Poland border.
It is 3.5 miles in length, the Pader is certainly Germany's shortest river.
www.bicyclegermany.com /tours.htm   (550 words)

 FULDA - Tyres > 2006
Fulda have announced their presence at this year’s French Car Show to be held at Bruntingthorpe Proving Grounds on Sunday 28th May 2006.
The 2006 Fulda Challenge UK team is heading back to Britain after an exhausting six days battling it out with nine other teams in Arctic conditions in Canada.
Fulda Tyres was heavily involved in Autosport International, the four-day annual event which took place last week at the NEC in Birmingham.
www.fulda.com /fulda_uk_en/press/news/index.jsp   (861 words)

 Dordogne kayak and canoe trip
At rapid 17 all the river water seems to be drawn to two tree stumps two meters apart in the worst part of the rapid.
Across the river Limeuil has a very good campsite for the visit of the prehistoric caves of Lascaux and other prehistoric sites along the Vézère river.
After Limeuil the river starts a quick descent to sea level, but this stretch has three dams where you have to carry your boats for hundreds of meters.
members.tripod.com /~goedhart/dordogne.html   (1736 words)

The city of Fulda sits on its namesake Fulda River in the eastern part of Hessen, close to the border region with the former East Germany.
The main draw in Fulda is its large palace, whose entrance is shown in the first photograph.
Fulda's Cathedral is also home to the extraordinary Cathedral Museum, shown in the fourth photograph.
www.tompgalvin.com /places/de/hessen/fulda.htm   (1092 words)

 273   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Part of the Third crossed the Fulda River in the early morning, and the remainder made the crossing in the afternoon.
The columns were to seize crossings on the Werra River in the vicinity of Hedemunden, and to hold high ground east of the river.
K Company was to attack the part of Colditz on the west bank of the river, and l Company was to follow K.Self-propelled artillery of 9th Armored Division was in position to give supporting fire, and there was also fire on call from the tanks and TDs attached to the Battalion.
www.69th-infantry-division.com /histories/273.html   (5762 words)

 Thomas's Glassware Tour --- Fulda (D)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Fulda is situated at an altitude of 262 m on the river Fulda in eastern Hesse.
In 1220 the abbots of Fulda were granted the status of Imperial Princes.
At first Fulda was given to Nassau-Orange, then to the new Grand Duchy of Frankfurt.
www.thomasgraz.net /glass/gl-1319.htm   (334 words)

 724   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
At the time of its relief of the 99th Division, the 69th Division’s mission was to defend along a north/south line on the west side of the Prether River, on whose opposite bank, on the high ground to the east, the enemy occupied strongly fortified but lightly held positions.
The 69th was to cross the Fulda River and seize the important city of Hann-Münden, where the Fulda and Werra rivers meet to form the Weser.
Our infantry crossed the river about noon and worked their way into the heart of the city and, though there was still stiff fighting in the city that night, resistance was ended the next day.
www.69th-infantry-division.com /histories/724.html   (5234 words)

 Central Front
Except for the Fulda River, the terrain on this axis should not greatly hinder the movement of large armored forces.
The Fulda Gap is the most celebrated of all the possible directions of Soviet advance into West Germany, but strangely enough some effort is needed to identify it on the ground, for no single geographical feature fits the precise designation.
For strategic purposes, the E63 and E70 highways are regarded as a single highway, connecting the garrisons of the Soviet Eighth Guards Army with the Fulda Gap.
www.1-33rdar.org /centralfront.htm   (813 words)

 Middle River Wire - Topix   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Terry and Patti Peterson of Middle River, would like to announce the engagement of their daughter, Sarah Jayne to Ben Wothe, son of Rick and Danae Wothe of Detroit Lakes.
Fulda repeated as Class A champion Saturday at Target Center with the help of a strong inside game and clutch free-throw shooting in the final two minutes.
FULDA 65, BADGER/GREENBUSH-MIDDLE RIVER 31 Fulda, the defending Class A state champion cruised past Badger/Greenbush-Middle River on Friday at Target Center and will play Hancock for the championship at noon...
www.topix.net /wire/city/middle-river-mn   (488 words)

 Fact Sheet of the 76th Infantry Division
The bridgehead across the Kyll was rapidly expanded and the 76th pushed forward to the northwest bank of the Moselle River between Schweich and Reil.
On 16 March the division was at its job of river crossing again, this time spanning the Moselle at two places to secure a d protect bridging operations undertaken by the XII Corps at Mulheim.
The Werra River was crossed and the 76th blitzed its way during April across the German provinces of Thirungia and Saxony to within 50 miles of the Czech border, halting at the Mulde River as well as the Schopau River.
www.battleofthebulge.org /fact/fact_sheet_of_the_76th_infantry.html   (950 words)

 Fulda Free Press
The MN River Board has used most of that funding and the Murray County Board discussed whether it was still feasible to be members of it.
Only the townships of Holly, Shetek and Dovray are affected by the MN River.
It was decided that since a new MN River Board has come to being the MC board would still support the projects with a membership dues of $690.
www.fuldafreepress.net /default.asp?storyid=30616&secid=101   (570 words)

 Britannicaindia.com: Britannica Browse
It lies along the Fulda River, which is a navigable tributary of the Weser River, 90...
It lies along the Katherine River and on the Stuart Highway, 165 miles (266 km) southeast of Darwin.
Katihar is situated east of the Saura River, a tributary of the Ganges.
www.britannicaindia.com /britannica_browse/k/k8.html   (1665 words)

 Fulda Minnesota
The Benedictine monastery of Fulda (in what is now Hesse, Germany), was founded in 744 by Saint Sturm, a disciple of Saint Boniface as one of Boniface's outposts in the reorganization of thechurch in Germany.
Fulda also received large and constant donations from theEtichonids, a leading family in Alsace, and the Conradines, predecessors of the Salian Holy Roman Emperors.
Under Lullus, Fulda also became moreclosely tied to the archbishopric of Mainz, where several of the Fulda abbots were(either before or after they served as abbot) archbishop.
www.altvetmed.com /face/34773-fulda-minnesota.html   (501 words)

 International Office - HS Fulda: ERASMUS Students
After arriving in Fulda, you must register with the Alien Office of the City of Fulda.
Students in Fulda generally live in privately operated residence halls or in residence halls administered by Student Services Giessen or in individual or shared apartments.
The monthly rent for accommodations in Fulda, depending on location, size and standard, is generally between EUR 180 and EUR 220.
www.fh-fulda.de /index.php?id=391&L=1&F=1   (698 words)

 Destination Germany - Places of interest - Gersfeld - Places of interest
The baroque town of Fulda is situated close to Gersfeld in the charming valley basin of the Fulda river between the foothills of the Rhön and Vogelsberg hills.
The town boasts some splendid baroque buildings such as the former electoral palace and garden, the cathedral and a nobleman's palace, all of which are particularly fine examples of baroque architecture.
Fulda Palace is a former residence of prince abbots and prince bishops, and is currently the seat of the town council.
www.germany-tourism.de /ENG/destination_germany/master_tlsight-id1087-fstadt_sight.htm   (421 words)

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