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Topic: Full rigged ship

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In the News (Sun 18 Aug 19)

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The flute is the main dutch merchand ship at the 17th century, rigged with two masts each one with two square sails, a mizzen mast with a triangular sail and a bowsprit.
The three-masted barque (in french "trois-mâts barque") has two square rigging, on the foremast and on the main mast, when the mizzen mast is rigged with a spanker on a gaff and a gaff topsail.
The three-masted schooner (in french "trois-mâts goélette") has a square rigging on the foremast when the main mast tand the mizzen mast are rigged with a spanker on a gaff and a gaff topsail.
www.chez.com /philateliemarine/phil_mar_e/d_tail_types_e.htm   (446 words)

 The Rigging of a Sailing Ship
Sailing ship rigs can be divided into two broad categories: the "fore and aft rig" (left image), in which the sails lie along the same plane as the ship's fore and aft line; and the "square rig" (right image), in which the sails are rigged athwart (across) the ship.
Ships with this rig could point higher into the wind and were usually more maneuverable when working in the changing winds along the coast.
A fore and aft rigged vessel with one mast is a sloop.
www.thepirateking.com /ships/sail_rigging_info.htm   (1268 words)

 Full rigged ship - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A full rigged ship or fully rigged ship is a square rigged sailing vessel with three or more masts, all of them square rigged.
On the other hand, a full rigged ship may be referred to by its function, as in collier or frigate, rather than being called a ship.
Ships with five and more masts are not normally fully rigged and their masts may be numbered rather than named in extreme cases.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Full_rigged_ship   (602 words)

The ship had it's own cook, but all men and women aboard were required to assist in various daily activities including assisting the cook.
The complicated part of sailing a square rigged ship is selecting the right of almost 200 ropes running down to the deck, and do the correct adjustments there.
This other ship is the only other Norwegian full rigged ship named "Christian Radich" on her way to Grenada.
home.eunet.no /~thoven/page08.html   (1189 words)

AFTER THE extensive development in the 1600s, the 18th Century development of the ship was restricted to more widespread use of new additions, as well as such improvements as the copper sheathing of the underwater hull, to prevent the attachment of retarding marine undergrowth.
Generally, the (sailing ship) terms were differentiated so that a "frigate" was a warship and a "full-rigged ship" meant a merchantman.
Smaller ships were used for courier or escort duties: sloops, two-masted brigs, with the gaff-sail, "brigsail" attached to the mainmast, gunboats etc.
www.greatgridlock.net /Sqrigg/fullrig.html   (843 words)

 Full rigged ship biography .ms   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Sometimes such a vessel will merely be called a ship, but this term more properly also applies to schooners with three or more masts, barques and barquentines.
The masts of a full rigged ship, from the bow, are:
Ships with five and more masts are not normally fully rigged, and the masts are numbered rather than named.
www.biography.ms /Full_rigged_ship.html   (394 words)

 The Full-Rigged Ship Sorlandet Non-Profit Foundation
Formerly a schoolship for training of young cadets, she is now owned and operated by a non profit foundation offering adventure sailings for young people of all ages.
The aim of the SØRLANDET is to give the participants an experience of traditional square rig sailing and the life at sea, while preserving the ship through an active and purposeful use.
The foundation is centrally located in Kristiansand, where the administration manages all facets of the operation and preservation of the ship.
www.fullriggeren-sorlandet.no /english   (116 words)

 Cumberland, a brief history of a Workington full-rigged sailing ship
Miss Williamson failed to break the bottle of wine on the first attempt, but on a second trial the glass was smashed across the bows and loud cheers from the thousands that assembled marked the naming of the vessel.
The daggers were then knocked away, and the great ship at once moved down the ways, making the easiest and prettiest launch yet made from the yard.
This is a four-masted ship of 2,000 tons for a Liverpool firm.
www.mightyseas.co.uk /marhist/workington_harrington/cumberland.htm   (580 words)

 Details of Gold Rush Ships, Captains, Ports and Passengers on The Maritime Heritage Project Site
All of them are rigged with at least three square sails each, except for the sternmost one, which is rigged with fore-and-aft sails.
A full-rigged ship is square-rigged throughout: She has three masts with tops, and carries at least three square sails on all three masts.
Schooners are a family of ships and must have at least a foremast and a mainmast.
www.maritimeheritage.org /shipsdet.htm   (976 words)

 New Jersey Scuba Diver - Artifacts & Shipwrecks - Sailing Ships
A fore-and-aft rigged ship carries less sail area than a square-rigged ship of equal size, and is therefore not as fast.
In stormy high latitudes the upper rigging was reduced to lower the vessel's center of gravity and reduce the tendency to heel over in the wind, while in the light airs and calm seas of the tropics, a full spread of sail was put up to make the best of scant breezes.
A 4-masted schooner, fore-and-aft rigged on all masts.
www.njscuba.net /artifacts/ship_sailing_ship.html   (3057 words)

 Travels with the Tall Ship Rose
In 2003 the ship appeared as the HMS Surprise in the 20th Century fox film Master and Commander: Far Side of the World starring Russell Crowe and directed by Peter Weir.
Now renamed Surprise in honor of her role in the film, the ship is open to the public daily as a dockside attraction at the Maritime Museum of San Diego.
The Museum has not committed to a future for the ship either way but have stated they hope to have her sailing again in 2007.
www.tallshiprose.org   (284 words)

 The sail ship
By the 1500's, it was sometimes rigged with square sails on long voyages.
Ferdinand Magellan's ship Vittoria was a carrack, which made the first circumnavigation of the globe.
ship used primarily by the nations of Europe from the 16th to 18th centuries.
www.theoldgiftshop.com /historic_sail_ships.html   (1788 words)

 Ship Modelers Association - Famous Ships
The ship went straight on, heading for the rocks, with all the crew standing irresolute and the helmsman with one eye on the skipper, ready to dodge a bullet.
With the ship within two miles of the rocks, the mate again begged the captain to alter course before it was too late.
However, the old ship was soon overwhelmed by the post-WWI shipping slump, and in October, 1921, she was laid up amongst a large fleet of idle sailing ships at Bordeaux.
www.ship-modelers-assn.org /fam9905.htm   (1015 words)

 hamburg.de - Sightseeing - Rickmer Rickmers - Museum Ship
Built in 1896 as full-rigged ship with a steel hull, this proud sailing vessel now anchors in Hamburg's port since September 1987 - one of the scarce remaining tall ship freighters in the world.
The ship's hull is 97 meters long, 12.20 meters wide, its draft measures 6 meters.
Its goal was to bring a deepwater sailing ship to Hamburg, and to convert it to a ship monument and museum there.
www.international.hamburg.de /artikel.do?cid=6370289   (400 words)

 Full-rigged ship
The ship on the picture is perhaps the most well-known full-rigged ship ever, the Cutty Sark.
The full-rigged ship has also been very popular for school ships because it's the most complicated type of rigging and there is a lot of work to do with all the square sails.
There are a few such fine full-rigged ships that are still sailing, for example the Danish ships Georg Stage and Danmark and the Norwegian Sørlandet and Christian Radich.
sailing-ships.oktett.net /ship.html   (219 words)

 boats.com - Feature: The World's Largest Sailing Ship
A full-rigged ship is a ship that has at least three square sails on each of at least three masts.
The Preussen, built in 1902 and the flagship of the Flying P shipping line in Germany, was lost in 1910 in an English Channel collision with a steamer.
The world had never seen a five-masted full-rigged ship before the Preussen, and it hadn't seen another until the spring of 2000 when the Royal Clipper was launched in Rotterdam.
www.boats.com /content/default_detail.jsp?contentid=10155   (691 words)

 Sailing Ship Adventures: Sailing Vacations and Tall Ship Cruises
The Star Clipper and its sister ship the Star Flyer are true clipper ships reflecting their proud heritage in every inch of their polished brass and gleaming brightwork.
Star Clipper and her sister ship Star Flyer are as fleet as the wind and as graceful as swans.
She is a four-masted, full-rigged ship, spreading some 32,000 square feet of canvas across 30 sails.
www.sailingshipadventures.com /index.cfm?event=ourFleet   (1423 words)

 John Carlisle's Square-rigged Ships: Rigs
To be a full rigged ship all three or more masts must be square-rigged.
Square-rigged on one or two masts and fore and aft rigged on the remaining mast or masts.
A three or four masted vessel fully square-rigged on the four-mast, and fore and aft rigged on the remaining masts.
www.ships.jbc.gen.nz /shipages/rigs.htm   (320 words)

 Potosi Model Ship Museum
Potosi was a 366-foot five-masted full-rigged ship built in 1895 by John C. Tecklenburg.
Equipped with a patented brace winches for the lower, top-sail yards and a patent for the fall winches, she was able to take 6,000 tons of cargo.
In 1925, the great ship sunk after her cargo of coal had caught fire.
www.modelshipmaster.com /products/tall_ships/potosi.htm   (243 words)

 Tall Ships Victoria Vancouver Island British Columbia 2005   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
A tall ship, by definition, is a sailing vessel whose masts are in segments, made up of several timbers in order to give strength, and to make each mast more manageable for partial removal and repairs.
The actual rig of a specific sailing vessel know as a tall ship is dependent on the number and cut of the sails as well as their alignment.
Thousands are expected to flock to the harbour during the festival to tour the ships, speak to the crews and catch the various events.
www.victorialodging.com /tallships/index.html   (972 words)

 What kind of ship is the Black Pearl
On the mizzen-mast, or the last mast, it is gaff-rigged; that is to say, the sails run along the length of the ship, instead of the width.
Perhaps so - but then again, the definition of a full rigged ship is "square rigged on all (three or more) masts plus a gaff sail on the mizzen mast".
And this ship is the French galleon Couronne, launched in 1636, and in my opinion this one looks the closest to what we could see of the Pearl during the movie.
www.kipar.org /piratical-resources/potc-black-pearl.html   (1208 words)

 Sail Training
For over 15 years the public was able to live aboard a true tall ship and work side by side with professional deck hands learning square-rig seamanship.
After signing aboard the full-rigged ship you may find yourself on deck bracing the yards on a starboard tack, or taking your turn at the helm, perhaps steering the ship towards a blazing sunset or riding the crest of a following sea.
Each individual participates to the best of their ability within the rotating watch system and the efforts of every member of the ship's company are vital to the voyage.
www.tallshiprose.org /office/sailtraining.html   (664 words)

 Amerigo Vespucci 3 Mast Sailing Ship
Amerigo Vespucci 3 mast full rigged sailing ship takes its name from the famous Italian sailor and cartographer who also lent his name to the new world.
The entire rig and all the sheets are traditional materials: Canvas sails and hemp ropes.
The main winches are the size of a birdbath (80cm diameter), with an ornate brass plate embossed with an image of the ship under sail.
www.schoonerman.com /ame-ves.html   (543 words)

 Tattoo Symbols & Designs - Clipper Ship Tattoo Design Meaning
While many maritime tattoo designs will use a ship for various reasons, there was also a very specific reason for a tattoo of a full-rigged ship -- the singular and dangerous accomplishment of sailing around Cape Horn (the rocky headland of Chile, south of Tierra del Fuego, at the bottom tip of South America).
In the age of modern ships, however, the great peril of rounding the Horn is likely not the motivation for most maritime tattoos that use the clipper ship.
Ship lights are another of the older maritime tattoos that are rarely seen today.
www.tattoosymbol.com /gallery/clipper-ship-tattoo.html   (303 words)

 [No title]
Get the half-way points of it on either line of the ship; and mark off a line across the main deck, as it may be, to join those two points.
In this conneotion it is to be hoped that builders will avoid the wretched little stump bowsprit of the later multi-masted barques, and the depressing row of masts all on a dead level.
We shall not spoil the beauty of the ship on the water by fitting single-piece masts, and by throwing overboard the Dead Horse.
www.swcp.com /usvmyg/squarerig/sq2.htm   (1682 words)

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