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Topic: Full time

In the News (Tue 23 Jul 19)

  Full Time Father Blog (weekly, not daily)
This man is engaged to be married, and he and his fiancée have already decided not only that he will be a full time father to the 3-4 children they hope to have, but ALSO--and here's the kicker--that he would be a house-husband before that.
Full day kindergarten, Child Care Tax Credits--these programs are designed to make two working parents the norm, and the rest of us appear to be quaint, mildly unnerving relics like the Amish.
As you read this, the federal government is confiscating money from families sacrificing to keep one parent with their children full time, and handing that money to (often-times wealthier) families sending their kids to commercial day care centers.
www.fulltimefather.com /2003_08_01_archive.html   (1150 words)

 Full-time Agreement
Informal discussions shall not serve to extend the time within which a grievance must be filed, unless such is agreed to in writing by the College/University official responsible for the administration of the first formal step of the grievance procedure.
Allocation of time to speak shall be prior to final action by vote of a Board on the substantive issue under consideration.
Accrued vacation time or sick leave may not be utilized during the period when the employee is off the payroll.
www.cnjscl.org /ft-agree.htm   (13156 words)

 The Time Traveler Convention - May 7, 2005
Time travelers from all eras could meet at a specific place at a specific time, and they could make as many repeat visits as they wanted.
In that case, bring a time capsule or whatever it may be to the party, and then bury it afterwards.
If the time travelers don't leave us their secrets, we won't be able to go back in time and see our convention in all its glory unless it is publicized in advance.
web.mit.edu /adorai/timetraveler   (1437 words)

 USCCB - Needed: Full-Time Vocations Directors   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
But even if he is not full time, he needs full-time support from many people who will help him reach prospective candidates and spend adequate time with them.
Today it takes much more time and personal contact with prospective candidates than in the past to bring them to the point where they are ready to enter a seminary.
This means adequate time to visit them, to give them personal support, monitor their progress and keep them tied to the mission of the diocese.
www.nccbuscc.org /vocations/articles/curtiss.htm   (2510 words)

 CCF Archives -- February 2003 (#20)
It finds that simply reducing time on the job doesn't necessarily have a positive impact on the quality of life for women or men.
Barbara Risman, cochair of the council, explains that when a woman goes from a full-time to a part-time schedule, she may lose whatever negotiating power she had with her husband in getting him to become a more equal partner at home.
"Be sure you use the time you've freed up to do some of the things you wanted to do in the first place." Chasing dust bunnies from under the bed, wiping fingerprints off the woodwork, washing dishes piled high in the sink - all rank as equal-opportunity tasks in the new domestic order.
listserv.uh.edu /cgi-bin/wa?A2=ind0302&L=ccf&F=&S=&P=2203   (638 words)

 Full Time Solutions - Your Complete HR Administration Solution!
Full Time Solutions and its subsidiaries provide employers of all sizes with Best-in-Class business process outsourcing solutions that are designed to make our clients more efficient and effective at managing their core Human Resource administrative functions.
Full Time Solutions, Inc. announced today that they have entered into a two year contract to provide the San Diego Housing Commission (SDHC) with Human Resource administration and support services.
Full Time Solutions, Inc. announced today that they will be participating in the 48th Annual Conference and Exhibition to be held on October 5th, 6th, and 7th at the Long Beach Convention Center, in Long Beach, CA.
www.ftsolutions.com   (287 words)

 Part-time faculty do full-time job
In Washington's community colleges, part-time faculty are paid about 57 percent of what their full-time peers earn for teaching the same class, a discount that is obviously not passed on to students or their families.
At the same time there has been an explosive growth in non-tenured faculty, there has also been an explosive increase in tuition.
The effort legislators started in 1996 needs to be completed to close the gap between full- and part-time faculty salaries and benefits.
seattlepi.nwsource.com /opinion/149004_faculty20.html   (664 words)

 Fewer professors spend a full day on campus | csmonitor.com
The percentage of postsecondary professors working full time has decreased over the past 16 years, according to studies from the US Department of Education.
In 1987, 67 percent of faculty were full time, and 58 percent of those professors had tenure.
At the same time, the graduate students who sometimes teach in place of full-time faculty are often unhappy as well.
www.csmonitor.com /2004/0224/p11s02-legn.html   (1370 words)

 Ann Arbor Preschools and Full-Time Child Care Centers
Fees are for children age 3-plus attending the center for full days, Mon.—Fri., unless otherwise noted.
Child care, kindergarten, full- and half-day preschool program, before- and after-school care, and summer camp for ages 5-8.
Full or half-day preschool for children ages 2 1/2—5.
www.arborweb.com /cg/t0056.html   (1198 words)

 Panel: Full-Time Practice
Robert Thurman: It is definitely a fact that in the Buddha's time people were inspired to drop out of their ordinary life occupations and become full-time practitioners.
Retreat time is a time to concentrate, to focus your mind, to study intensively.
After all, in the Buddha's time in India, he himself would have been a general in the army if he had stayed in his home life.
www.thebuddhadharma.com /issues/2002/winter/forum_full_time_practice.html   (4447 words)

 WWCC Full-Time Administrative Benefits   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Full-time employees receive life insurance equal to one-and-a-half times the employee's annual salary, with a maximum benefit of $250,000.
All full- and part-time employees and their immediate family members can participate in the
Full- and part-time employees who are in the uniformed services can take accrued annual or personal leave, or leave without pay, to serve in the uniformed services.
www.worwic.cc.md.us /Human_Resources/benefits_admin_ft.asp   (1048 words)

 Amazon.co.uk: Full Time: The Secret Life of Tony Cascarino: Books   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Full Time: the Secret Life of Tony Cascarino is the most praised football autobiography in a very long time.
Forming a lethal partnership with Teddy Sheringham, myself and other schoolboys could only wonder at the life and times to be had as each saturday these players would get to live out the dream in the footballing arena.
Full time however offers a unique and fascinating insight into the less glamorous flip side to being a professional footballer.
www.amazon.co.uk /exec/obidos/ASIN/1903650542   (1381 words)

 TIME.com: Poll: Bush Bounce Persists
Deserves re-election?: Bush has cracked the 50% mark for the first time in recent Poll history, with 52% saying he deserves re-election, while 45% saying it’s time for someone new.
This week’s Time Poll also finds slight shrinkage in the number of “movable” likely voters, that is, likely voters who are either undecided (3%) or say they might change their minds after choosing a candidate in the poll (12%).
The full Time questionnaire and trend data may be found at www.srbi.com.
www.time.com /time/election2004/article/0,18471,695528,00.html   (1211 words)

 Welcome to Full-Time Mothers   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
It's time to rethink how we all work, says this Guardian article.
Leap Day - WOMEN WHO take time off work to raise their children will be allowed to claim full state pensions when they retire under plans being drawn up by the Government.
FTM Comment: the crux of the argument, according to the writer, is children having less time with their parents.
www.fulltimemothers.org   (2545 words)

 Full Time Positions Available   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Both types of Full Time Positions Available employment require military membership in the Ohio National Guard as a condition of employment and are available for both the Army and Air National Guard.
If you are looking for Full Time Positions Available in another state, click here to view a complete listing for all states and territories.
If you are looking for State of Ohio Full Time Positions available, click here to view a complete listing of current state jobs announced for the Ohio National Guard.
www.ohionationalguard.com /jobs/jobs.asp   (803 words)

 Canada's only full-time wooden boatbuilding school
Some power tools are used to reduce time, as boats must be completed within the six-month period.
It is not unusual for a confirmed applicant to have a change of plans and an opening become available.If possible, visit the school, meet with the instructors and see the facilities before enrolling.
Previous woodworking experience is not a necessary factor to success, but an ability to focus on the work and a strong desire to participate in boatbuilding and fine woodwork are very important.
www.boatschool.com   (1116 words)

 Part Time Vs. Full Time
For many graduate students in business, the decision to attend school full time or part time seems to largely depend on whether you want to continue on a pre-established career path or switch careers.
Part time study is a good choice for those who are content to continue to work up the company ranks, albeit at a faster rate with the help of an MBA It also doesn't hurt matters that an employer's tuition reimbursement program may help pay part of the tuition costs.
But as many business school classes are open to all enrolled students, chances are that as a part time student, you will be competing alongside full time students who have more time to study.
www.princetonreview.com /mba/research/articles/decide/parttime.asp   (690 words)

 Heather's "Marketing and Finance at Microsoft" Blog : Is blogging your full-time job?
But as for being a "professional blogger" that would just be the same as a PR person for a company that picks what to write and what not to.
I just heard an interview on WNYC today where they were discussing blogging, and one of the political bloggers (don't recall who - possibly Chris Nolan - http://www.chrisnolan.com/) was a full timer, self employed on an advertiser supported blog.
I would love if blogging was my full time job.
blogs.msdn.com /heatherleigh/archive/2005/05/16/418079.aspx   (699 words)

 Full-Time M.B.A. Courses   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Upon completion of the course, students will appreciate how financial accounting information is used in contracts between parties (e.g., lenders and the firm) and to evaluate a firm’s past performance and potential future performance.
Macroeconomics is the study of how economies grow and fluctuate over time and how they interact with one another.
The organizations submitting projects must be willing to spend time with students and to provide appropriate data.
www.ssb.rochester.edu /programs/courses_ft.aspx   (10547 words)

 Writer's Encyclopedia--Letter F   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Fees for one-time editorial/writing jobs vary according to many factors, including the client, the reputation and experience of the writer, and the geographic area.
Checking word choice should be the emphasis the next time he reads through; during this part of the revision, he looks for imprecise verbs and weak nouns needing too many modifiers.
People who want to freelance full time must earn enough to equal a salaried position and an additional 25 percent to pay their own hospitalization, retirement funds and other fringe benefits normally provided by an employer.
www.writersmarket.com /encyc/f.asp   (10167 words)

 eclecticism: Full-time blogging   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
And who would waste their time reading trite, boring things like a 31-year old guy scaring birds off a dock?
Jason’s lucky enough to have built a wide enough readership over the years that there’s a good possibility that there will be enough people willing to chip in a few dollars in order to let him indulge himself, in the hopes that he’ll continue to come up with things that they find interesting.
Washington Post article on Blogging and Jobs: About two weeks ago, I spent some time being interviewed by Amy Joyce of the Washington Post about my expulsion from the Microsoft campus for an article she was working on about the potential pitfalls of blogging about one's job.
www.michaelhanscom.com /eclecticism/2005/02/full-time_blogg.html   (869 words)

 Full-time ASP/SQL Programmer Needed
If you are trying to having a Programmer for full time, give a try with AllquickFix Team.
e-Zest delivers projects on time and on budget 75 % of the time as opposed to a global average of 16%.
Robust processes, project management excellence, a rich portfolio of reusable frameworks, time zone advantages and seasoned project teams combine to deliver measurable business results to e-Zest offshore customers.
forums.aspfree.com /t18675/sb4336cea9c23abff73231723be97833a.html   (234 words)

Although designed to protect the investigator’s time for research and career development, this definition recently has been cited as problematic because investigator appointments are becoming increasingly complex.
Please note that a candidate may propose a career award experience that involves sites beyond the applicant institution or organization, provided that the goals of the total experience are encompassed and supported under the appointment with the applicant organization.
The following example is illustrative: An investigator has a full time appointment at a university and a half time appointment with another organization (VA or independent clinical practice plan).
grants.nih.gov /grants/guide/notice-files/NOT-OD-04-056.html   (407 words)

 Kottke goes full time | MetaFilter   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Time was that you could get the crap kicked out of you for posting kottke.org to MeFi.
There was a time when Jason's blog was interesting, I am sorry to say but ever since his move to NYC his blog's quality in my eyes has gradually decreased.
I haven't been a regular reader of his for a long time now, but when I heard what he was doing I gladly contributed because even though I don't have much money to spare myself, I think it's a powerful experiment that could go either way and at least deserves a chance.
www.metafilter.com /mefi/39822   (16714 words)

 Jobs in Scotland Jobs Full Time and Part Time Work
Full Time work based from home in Scotland added.
Our part time work database has been expanded to include the whole of Scotland.
Scotland Jobs was created to offer you a one stop location for all your jobs in Scotland employments needs, we specialise in part or full time work with flexible hours that may suit people who would like to work from home.
www.scotlandjobs.org   (365 words)

 MBA UK at Lancaster University Management School
A particular emphasis on action learning - or learning by doing - that takes course participants out of the classroom at key points during the year, and facilitates the integration of specialist knowledge to deal with real complex problems.
The School received full EQUIS accreditation in June 2003.
The Lancaster MBA has provided the winning student in AMBA's Student of the Year award twice (1999 and 2001) in the face of competition from Europe's leading business schools.
www.lums.lancs.ac.uk /postgraduate/FTMBA   (253 words)

 From Part Time to Full Time   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Still, starting part time at first has its benefits—checking out the market, making mistakes when you still have a paycheck coming in, building a client base and finding out whether there really is a clear demand for your product.
And only you can decide when the time is right to go full time.
This time, he'll hit the floor running and be a full-time entrepreneur from the start.
www.entrepreneur.com /article/0,4621,298297,00.html   (897 words)

 Full Time MBA   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Students are given a significant amount of time to develop their elective selections after the completion of the major portion of the core curriculum.
Students may switch from a full-time to a part-time course load at the start of any semester after completing the first year (29 credit hours) of the full-time program.
Students are required to complete all degree requirements in effect at the time of their matriculation in the MBA program, including the MBA Consulting Project (BUSI 698), the full-time offering of BUSI 604 and all full-time ELM requirements.
www.mba.umd.edu /curriculum/fulltime.asp   (350 words)

 TIME.com: TIME Exclusive: Notes from Saddam in Custody -- Page 1   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
After his capture, Saddam was taken to a holding cell at the Baghdad Airport.
He didn’t answer any of the initial questions directly, the official said, and at times seemed less than fully coherent.
The transcript was full of “Saddam rhetoric type stuff,” said the official who paraphrased Saddam’s answers to some of the questions.
www.time.com /time/world/article/0,8599,561472,00.html   (813 words)

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