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Topic: Funitel

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In the News (Sat 15 Dec 18)

  The STRMTG web site - Aerial ropeways
Chairlifts, almost all gondola lifts, funitels and a few reversible or pulsed movement aerial ropeways belong to this category, representing 95% of aerial ropeways used by skiers in ski resorts worldwide.
A funitel is more expensive than a monocable gondola lift (TCD) and its use is reserved for applications where its advantages are determining.
The only exception is the reversible funitel that is able to be equipped with bigger cabins thanks to its two carrying-hauling ropes.
www.strmtg.equipement.gouv.fr /en/_rubrique_print_textetn.php3?id_rubrique=5   (1810 words)

 Bureau technique Paul Glassey SA
The FUNITEL is currently the most sophisticated and most efficient cable transport system.
The cost of this type of equipment being quite high, its selection is only recommended in case high capacity and reliability are essential for the commercial operation of the installation.
The mechanical equipment of a FUNITEL is significant and complex.
www.paulglassey.ch /english/index.htm   (1437 words)

 Alpinisme -- Aiguille de Péclet
Stop at the bar "Marine" which is a restaurant or at the summit of the Cascade chair lift depending on the road conditions.
When you arrive at the summit of Funitel, put on crampons and tie on to follow the line of Chair lift of 3300 on the glacier.
Arrivati in cima al Funitel, calzare i ramponi e legarsi in cordata per seguire sul ghiacciaio la linea della Seggiovia a 3300 m.
alpinisme.camptocamp.com /sommet531.html?detail=1&idc=531&sidc=531   (2915 words)

 The Arlberg “Ferris Wheel” now well an truly open
As reported in ISR 8/2005, the traditional jigback serving the Galzig mountain from St.Anton am Arlberg has now been replaced by a Doppelmayr Funitel.The new system, with its unusual Ferris wheel layout for carrier handling in the lower terminal, was inaugurated on 9 December.
The design is certainly an exciting solution, and in terms of engineering, too, it is very impressive to see the two huge double wheels (four sheaves) handle the difference in height between the passenger loading level and the terminal departure and arrival level for the Funitel cabins.
In combination with the fantastic glass and steel design of the lower terminal, which really puts this unique piece of ropeway engineering in the spotlight, the new Galzigbahn is doubtless this year’s most spectacular new installation.
www.isr.at /index.cfm/id/20092   (220 words)

 Skilifts.org - Gold Coast Funitel at Squaw Valley USA
The funitel is a one of a kind lift currently in North America, and there are only a handful more in Europe.
The Funitel is only open in the winter and is $17 for adults and $5 for kids.
This is from inside the cabin as it prepares to leave the terminal.
www.skilifts.org /sv_funitel.htm   (564 words)

 Funitel - Education - Information - Educational Resources - Encyclopedia - Music
A funitel is a type of aerial lift consisting of one or two loops of cable strung between two terminals over intermediate towers.
The name funitel is a conjunction between the French words funicular and teleferique.
In order to maximize stability of the passenger cabins, the cables are arraged in two pairs moving in separate directions.
www.music.us /education/F/Funitel.htm   (477 words)

Designed for 24 hour operation, 360 days per year, with 20 cabins of 20 seated passengers each, with a maximum transport capacity of 2.000 pph and maximum side wind resistance up to 120 km/h, that particular installation comprises the best technology can offer on a world-wide basis.
The Funitel will replace the existing reversible ropeway built in 1972 and it will be built on a line parallel to the one of the existing installation.
Due to the roughness of the terrain and the fact that the forest in Parnitha is a national forest strictly protected by Greek and European legislation, the installation of the towers will be accomplished with the use of a material ropeway with a length of 1,2 km and a carrying capacity of 6,0 ton.
www.ropeways.net /newsline/beitrag1.htm   (207 words)

 RGJ.com - EPA raids offices of Squaw Valley USA ski resort
Squaw Valley is accused of engaging in a series of violations of the Clean Water Act and the Rivers and Harbors Act, according to the EPA’s affidavit requesting the search warrant.
The resort was accused of illegally blasting a mountainside away for the tram and moving the debris to a slope above Squaw Creek, allowing it to wash into the creek.
But the problems over the Funitel weren’t the first between Lahontan and the resort that hosted the 1960 Winter Olympics.
www.rgj.com /news/stories/news/961989250.php   (433 words)

 ETEMA - Funitel, Mont Parnes
On Friday, April 7 2006, at 18:00, the new Funitel of Regency Casino Mont Parnes (outskirts of Athens) began its commercial operation, exactly at the same time that the old reversible ropeway – built in 1972 – complete its last trip.
The Funitel marks the second big co-operation between ETEMA and the Austrian manufacturer, after the Lycabettus funicular (center of Athens).
The official opening was held on June 20, 2006, in the presence of Greece’s Vice-Minister of Finance.
www.etema.gr /english/funitelmontparnes.htm   (408 words)

 The Galzigbahn Ferris wheels
The new system — a replacement for a jigback that had seen several modifications since its construction back in 1937 — is a double monocable installation (Funitel) with a double haul rope loop, a design that Doppelmayr has already employed a number of times.
What makes the Galzigbahn Funitel unique in ropeway engineering is the Ferris wheel solution adopted for carrier handling in the lower terminal, where they are lowered and lifted almost 10 m to negotiate the difference in height between the passenger loading and unloading level and the line level for gondola arrival and launching.
This Ferris wheel configuration comprises two huge wheels for each line, with the gondolas suspended between the two wheels for terminal conveyance just like a Ferris wheel in an amusement park.
www.isr.at /index.cfm/id/20902   (439 words)

 Funitel à Super Besse - forum Les stations de ski - France
Enfin bon vu le prix d'un funitel et bien il faut le trouveer l'argent et pas qu'un peu.
Le Cantalou: c'est pas pour le evnt continu c'est pour les rafales que les funitels c'est bien, car c'ests sur un vent continu de 100 km/h c'est moyen pour le ski.
C'est a mes yeux débiles de refuser un funitel pour mettre 2 ou 3 TSD cela revient au meme, on peut être un peu rationel et penser a autre chose que le tout ski
www.skipass.com /forums/enmontagne/stations_ski_france/massif_central/sujet-54661-0.html   (1114 words)

 ON SUNDAY, DECEMBER 20, 1998: SKIING; The Funitel - New York Times
Squaw Valley U.S.A., the fabled California ski resort, yesterday unveiled North America's first ''Funitel,'' a high-tech, enclosed, aerial transportation system for skiers.
Derived from the funicular, a subwaylike lift, and the telepherique, a Swiss gondola, the Funitel features spacious cabins that can accommodate 15 passengers, whizzing them up nearly 2,000 vertical feet in just under 8 minutes.
Rather than realigning all of the Funitel's 10 towers, Squaw Valley engineers obliterated eight tons of rock to clear a path.
query.nytimes.com /gst/fullpage.html?res=9E03E4DE153DF933A15751C1A96E958260   (315 words)

 [No title]
With more than 30 lifts, including North America's first Funitel, serving 4000 skiable acres Squaw is definitely a world class resort.
The resort's move into the 21st century has been boosted by the $20 million investment in a new Funitel.
This is a combined gondola-funicular system with 46, 28 person cabins capable of transporting 3000 skiers per hour in winds which had, on occasion, caused the resort to suspend operations of older lifts on the higher slopes.
www.ski-holidays.com /services/skiing-in-SQUAW-VALLEY--------------------------------------.htm   (510 words)

Offering the most skiable terrain in Lake Tahoe, the most advanced lift network in the U.S. and some of the deepest snow in the world, Squaw Valley USA is a winter playground for all ages.
Thirty-three lifts, including North America's only Funitel and an aerial Cable Car, access 6 peaks, 4,000 acres and 2,850 vertical feet of terrain.
Trail ratings indicate the relative difficulty of the runs within a given ski area and are not meant to be used for comparison between ski areas.
www.thevacationstation.com /SKISQUAWVALLEY.htm   (241 words)

 Heavy opposition expected for Milford gondola project - 06 Mar 2004 - NZ Herald: New Zealand and International ...
The Queenstown end would start with cabins seating eight people, and later in the journey passengers would transfer into the more robust funitel cabins, which hold 24 people each.
The funitel system uses two supporting wires instead of one and is safer in particularly windy areas.
The redesign to incorporate the funitel cabins has pushed the cost of the Milford Skytrail up by $20 million from when it was first proposed three years ago.
www.nzherald.co.nz /category/story.cfm?c_id=39&objectid=3553143   (1154 words)

 Produkte - SB - Funitel
Perfected by Doppelmayr, the Funitel system offers outstanding lateral stability for operation at wind speeds of 100 km/h or above.
The use of two parallel haul ropes 3.2 m apart makes it possible to achieve extremely long spans.
Line speeds of up to 7.5 m/s generate transport capacities of 3,200 - 4,000 persons per hour.
garaventa.doppelmayr.com /?lid=2&pid=25&mid=21   (90 words)

 Squaw Valley
It is an escape from the ordinary that inspires fun, excitement and a bit of greatness in those that visit.
At the top of North America's only Funitel you'll find Gold Coast, Squaw Valley's upper mountain crossroads and gateway to two half-pipes and terrain parks at Central Park.
Complete with three restaurants levels, sundecks, and views of expansive open bowls, Gold Coast is a great place to relax with friends and family between runs.
www.tahoesbest.com /Skiing/squaw-valley-usa.htm   (761 words)

 LAS VEGAS RJ:NEWS: EPA raids offices of ski resort
      Squaw Valley was threatened with sanctions after the Lahontan Regional Water Quality Board accused the resort of violating state environmental laws during the Funitel project.
The debris was supposed to have been hauled away.
      But the problems over the Funitel weren't the first between Lahontan and the resort that hosted the 1960 Winter Olympics.
www.reviewjournal.com /lvrj_home/2000/Jun-25-Sun-2000/news/13845644.html   (430 words)

 Ski and Snowboard at Squaw Valley, Lake Tahoe, California
The entire mid-mountain area above High Camp is a field of dreams for beginners and intermediates, and when the sun is shining, this area feels like the beach.
Visitors who don't wish to ski can take the cable car to High Camp for lunch or to swim in the heated outdoor pool or ice skate in a spectacular rink overlooking the Olympic Valley.
Or take the Funitel to Gold Coast and the Pulse, a funny gondola that connects the two mid-mountain complexes.
www.skisnowboard.com /squawvalley/index.html   (536 words)

 RGJ.com - Squaw Valley probe defended
The resort is accused of illegally blasting away rock to make way for the Funitel and improperly storing debris on a slope above Squaw Creek, polluting the Truckee River tributary, according to the affidavit filed in support of the EPA search warrant.
Problems associated with the 1999 construction of the Headwall-Cornice II Express Lift also polluted Squaw Creek with sediment in violation of state discharge standards, the affidavit said.
He said this is the first time federal officials have opened such a probe into a project regulated by the Lahontan board, which is charged with protecting water quality along a vast swath of eastern California stretching from the Oregon border to the southern deserts.
www.rgj.com /news2/stories/news/962247970.php   (995 words)

 The Village at Squaw Valley, USA Lake Tahoe Luxury Ski in Ski Out Accommodations and Vacation Rentals
Park in the underground structure and enjoy a true pedestrian village, or rent a limo from the airport.
All accommodations are a short walk to the Squaw Valley Funitel and the Cable Car of the mountain.
The Funitel, which carries 15 people seated and 13 standing, replaced Squaw Valley's gondola and follows its course from the base to the Gold Coast facility.
lodging4vacations.com /squaw-valley   (1081 words)

 Skivolution ski chalet holidays with British instructors in Courchevel
Beranger is accessed from the Funitel de Peclet (a not to be missed machine apparently stolen from Darth Vader just prior to the destruction of the Death Star).
This could be a very exciting fast piste if prepared as a downhill.
Unfortunately the capacity of the Funitel turns it into a slow slalom (round the bodies of struggling intermediates).
www.skivolution.co.uk /ratings_valt.html   (745 words)

 SunValleyOnline: Bald Mountain draft E I S released:
The alignment specified runs from the River Run Base area to Roundhouse providing multi-season access and necessitating the removal of the Exhibition Lift, one of Baldy's oldest lifts and a relic of its earliest days.
Doppelmayr Funitel gondolas on the Massif des Grandes Rousses within view of Mont Blanc in Torino, Italy.
Alignment options considered but not approved for the gondola were to run it alongside the existing Lower River Run Lift and have it make a left turn to run up to Roundhouse, but the turning station would have added congestion in that area.
www.sunvalleyonline.com /news/article.asp?ID_Article=3116   (1349 words)

 Guide to Skiing at Squaw Valley, Lake Tahoe, California
Squaw has a wide, gentle bowl at the top of the High Camp cable car and the Gold Coast Funitel known as Bailey's Beach, served by two slow-moving lifts.
Best advice for beginners: Travel across the bowl from the top of the cable car or the Funitel from lift to lift - from Bailey's Beach, to Belmont to Riviera to East Broadway (or the reverse) and then head back for lunch at either Gold Coast or High Camp.
They just hop the cable car or Funitel up to High Camp and Gold Coast (where they'll also find restaurants, shelter and an outdoor ice rink), and at the end of the day, ride the cable car or the Funitel back down.
www.skisnowboard.com /squawvalley/layout.html   (886 words)

 A funitel is a type of aerial lift consisting...
A funitel is a type of aerial lift consisting...
"An example of a funitel" In order to maximize stability of the passenger cabins, the cables are arraged in two pairs moving in spearate directions.
Although it might appear that there are four cables, most of the time there is actually only one (see diagram below).
www.geodatabase.de /Funitel   (294 words)

He took a look at the work on the new Bouquetin Funitel (two wire cable car) which will replace an exiting chair and give quicker access to the other parts of the Three Valleys.
Although the concrete has been poured for the two stations there looks to be a lot more work to do.
The Funitel, the third at Val Thorens, had been slated to open for this season, but with snow already falling in the ski station there is no chance it will be ready.
pistehors.com /news/ski/comments/val-thorens-bouquetin-funitel-news   (171 words)

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