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Topic: Furrball

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In the News (Thu 21 Mar 19)

  Sable Productions (Abel's Stories) > (SWALLOWING YOUR PRIDE)
Furrball shivered as a gust of frosty wind caressed his spine and solidified his decision.
Furrball did as he was indicated and sat in the leather chair in front of the desk.
Now at the age of 21 Furrball's body was at it's full adult size and as he peeled the fursuit from his body it expanded to its true dimensions.
www.sable-pro.net /Abel-Story1.html   (5019 words)

  Furrball - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Furrball is a fictional alley cat in Tiny Toon Adventures.
Furrball spent much of his time trying unsuccessfully to eat Sweetie Pie, a pink canary; and Li'l Sneezer, a baby mouse with many allergies and hurricane-force sneezes.
Furrball's typical cat sounds were provided by Frank Welker.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Furrball   (233 words)

 Jerry Yee   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Furrball is at rest in key frame 1.
The velocity changes as a result of gravity and Furrball’s bouncing and head bobbing as it walks.
The particle’s position is taken at 8 consecutive moments and they are connected by a line to form a single strand of hair.
www.soe.ucsc.edu /classes/cmps161/Winter05/projects/joyee   (668 words)

 Furrball at AllExperts
In contrast to most of the other characters, he did not speak and was portrayed as a typical pet character (such as in the Porky Pig and Sylvester cartoons).
Furrball spent much of his time trying unsuccessfully to eat Sweetie Pie, a pink canary; and Li'l Sneezer, a baby mouse with many allergies and hurricane-force sneezes.
Furrball's typical cat sounds were provided by Frank Welker.
en.allexperts.com /e/f/fu/furrball.htm   (314 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Furrball suddenly realizing that the arrow seems to be pointed right at him ducks in time for the flying piece of wood to miss him.
With his hands now empty, Furrball dashes across the floor on all fours and appears to be gaining on his quarry when Arnie steps out of the bathroom and Furrball comes screeching to a stop in front of his disapproving gaze.
Furrball walks down the front sidewalk from the museum to the road and takes one step onto the street when bright lights blind him and a the sound of screeching tires and a honking horn fills the air.
www.ttafans.com /tiki-download_file.php?fileId=6   (6991 words)

 [No title]
Furrball finally got away from Elmyra, but now he's got to find a way to talk to someone to get them to help him.
Two hours later, when all Furrball's fortune is carried up from the trash can, he order's a mansion to be built a mile south of ACME Looniversity.
Furrball had the builders make a throne for him in his throne room, and he had his treasure vault built right behind his throne.
www.ttaworld.net /ttafanficmirror/stories/goodlife.txt   (659 words)

 IGN: Tiny Toons Adventures: Toonenstein -- Dare to Scare Review
Furrball's goal on each stage is to turn on each one of a floor's electrical actuators so that the elevator will have enough power to take you to another floor.
Now if you press left again to go to the next room, Furrball will instead follow the stage directions and walk back to the room you were just in.
Every time Furrball leaves a room, the camera swoops and lurches as it moves on to the next room.
psx.ign.com /articles/163/163548p1.html   (2629 words)

 nadiathesaint: Room 507, Sunday night
Furrball jumped up onto the desk and came over to sniff at Pip.
She pushed Furrball to the floor, wrote a quick note to let Jamie know that the baby bird was a friend and not to be messed with, and then grabbed her pajamas.
She couldn't run to the bathroom to change without worrying about Furrball deciding to "play" with Pip.
nadiathesaint.livejournal.com /45540.html   (143 words)

 San Diego CityBEAT   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Her name is Furrball, and she is a family member of neighbors of the mentioned AA meeting hall.
She loves to sleep under cars, and on more than one occasion, drivers have stopped to see if she is alive and breathing.
Furrball is very quirky and funny—that could be why she has such a following.
www.sdcitybeat.com /article.php?id=575   (1074 words)

Furrball: We were looking for an alien and I believe he is in the Ed's room.
Furrball eats the pizza, that had been stuffed into his mouth and likes the taste.
Eds and Calamity tie a rope to Furrball's torso and they throw him to the sky and Furrball grabs the rooftop with his claws.
members.fortunecity.co.uk /eddzone/action2.htm   (1355 words)

 Tiny Toon Adventures: Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow Episode Trivia - TV.com
Furrballs speaks, he says years when Buster asks how long he's been trapped (edit)
Furrball "sings" in this episode but he was in a chorus so it didn't count as a time he talked (edit)
Furrball's cut is on the right ear, yet thru out the episode it's on his left ear (edit)
www.tv.com /hare-today-gone-tomorrow/episode/54151/trivia.html   (336 words)

 TTA Character Sheets -- Cs28 -- Furrball / Calamity   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Flea-ridden Furrball lives on the street where he is most often a comic victim.
Furrball tends to represent the epitome of 'pathos'.
Occassionally, Furrball will find a temporary home, only to become entangled with the likes of Elmyra, Sweetie or Sneezer; all of which send him running back to the streets!
www.angel-hare.com /acorn/tta/cs/cs28.html   (193 words)

 Dave's Garden: furrball's Garden Site
Leave feedback for furrball or read feedback left by other members.
View the member feedback furrball has written of others.
The current local time for me is 3:22 AM I live in Caldwell, ID furrball signed up on Dec 25, 2005
davesgarden.com /members/furrball   (129 words)

Then Edd, Furrball and Calamity come in carrying a heavy bag of swimming pool chlorine, which is giving them all 3 a hernia.
Ed, Edd, Eddy and Furrball sit on a tree with Calamity, then, Calamity cuts the rope with a knife and the tree catapults them.
Furrball's tail is on fire,the steam comes out of Edd's ears and his hat, Ed's head had become a frazzled looking and Eddy's 3 hairs become bomb fuses!
members.fortunecity.co.uk /eddzone/season2/oamm.htm   (1297 words)

 [No title]
Furrball: We interrupt this program for me! I forgot to tell you that in some channels me and Calamity appear!
At the basketball stadium Calamity and Furrball are sitting in commentator's booth.
In the military base, guards are shooting with Fa-Mas rifles and Ed, Calamity and Furrball are hiding behind a crate.
members.lycos.co.uk /Rone/vladcrit.htm   (277 words)

 Tiny Toon Adventures: Furrball Follies - TV.com
This set of sketches is all about Furrball and his misadventures in finding a good home for himself.
But throughout these sketches, Furrball finds out that the real true home is what you make of it, even if it is a leaky box in the rain.
The whole sketch of Furrball being chased by Fifi is like the Pepe Le Pew cartoons, except the cat is a boy and the skunk is girl.
www.tv.com /tiny-toon-adventures/furrball-follies/episode/54146/summary.html   (882 words)

 Tiny Toon Image Gallery Plus - Furrball Page.
He searches amongst the rubbish for scraps to eat and is constantly at the mercy of both the rats that taunt him, and the dreaded Arnold the Pit Bull.
Some place, somewhere, there's a home for Furrball, and so he waits, ever hopeful that one day he'll find it...
Furrball has never been known to speak during the show, except on 'Duck Trek', where he plays Doctor Furr, but he is obviously miming to a tape then
www.fortunecity.com /westwood/wax/329/furball_index.html   (154 words)

 Furrball Follies   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
The series which features a diverse cast of wacky and lovable characters struggling through their adolescence and studies at Acme Looniversity, is always full of surprises; a show from which we can truly "expect the unexpected."
Furrball's prayers for a place to call home are answered in these three wacky misadventures.
Furrball winds up back on the streets, only to be amorously accosted by Fifi in "Aroma Amore." It's a leap from the frying pan into the fire for poor Furrball when he unexpectedly finds himself living in the house as Sweetie -- who delights in sending him outside for his money in "CROSS COUNTRY KITTY."
www.intosh.com /html/cels/furball5.html   (172 words)

 Tiny Toon Adventures / Приключения мультяшек [ Episode List ]
They hide in a tree and are safe until their cover is blown by Furrball, who is being chased by a dog.
Furrball is chased by the dog with Flio's family on it to Elmyra's house.
Furrball goes up to the dog and Flio's family quickly jump on Furrball to reunite with Flio.
tinytoon.furry.ru /texts/list.html   (7445 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Unfortunately, Furrball goes after the mouse with "a little cold".
As you might expect, he starts (and eventually ends up) homeless and pitiful, under a less- than-stable drain pipe in a back alley.
Babs gets a harp, Furrball gets a violin, Plucky is insulted with a bike horn, etc. They all run in great fear of a big, nasty wolverine who captures them and eats them all up, but Buster saves everyone in the end.
artofhacking.com /IET/TV/TINYTOON.TXT   (5259 words)

 sell.com classifieds : member rating : furrball
View ratings furrball has received from other members.
Ratings can be revised up to 90 days.
Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners.
www.sell.com /ratings/furrball   (59 words)

 Furrball, photos - Hyves.net - Always in touch with your friends
Furrball, photos - Hyves.net - Always in touch with your friends
Posted by Furrball, 22 Jul 2006, 13:27 1 x viewed
The owner of the photo/video/blog can see who posted the tag, and only friends are allowed to tag.
www.hyves.nl /mediaLink.php?media_id=23221791&media_secret=Oa61   (146 words)

 Allakhazam's World of Warcraft Character Profiles
Furrball, it is now time for you to travel to far-off lands.
Do your duty, Furrball, then retrieve the pendant that the Warchief desires, and return here.
Kill 10 Boulderfist Brutes and 4 Boulderfist Magi, and return to Drum Fel in the Hammerfall outpost.
wow.allakhazam.com /profile.html?726077   (2086 words)

 "Tiny Toon Adventures" Furrball Follies (1990) - Merchandise   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Search for books relating to ""Tiny Toon Adventures" (1990) {Furrball Follies (#1.13)}" at Amazon.com.
Search for books relating to ""Tiny Toon Adventures" (1990) {Furrball Follies (#1.13)}" at Amazon.co.uk.
Search for auctions relating to ""Tiny Toon Adventures" (1990) {Furrball Follies (#1.13)}" at Amazon.com.
us.imdb.com /title/tt0723945/sales   (168 words)

 Amazon.com: Furrball   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
she make good mate for Furrball.: Dick shook his head; the...
The orange furrball jumped onto a neighboring table,...
Deeber DooFus Filbert Frazzle of Furrball Grizzle Gummo Meems Miscreant Norton...
www.amazon.com /s?ie=UTF8&keywords=Furrball&index=blended&page=1   (457 words)

 Furrball PC   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Furrball PC Furrball PC For a few years now, I have been upgrading older PCs as well as building new ones.
Needless to say, computers are my favorite hobby.
Both are attatched to a custom fan switch, which can either run the fans at 5V or 12V, or turn them off completely.
furrtech.snurkle.org /custom_furr.html   (448 words)

 Loving Arms Rattery - Home of the cutest rats on earth!
Furrball's brother won 94% (he is a fawn dumbo hairless)
Furrball a lot, but my dad is her best friend and I'm happy
for them, because between you and me, Furrball and my
www.freewebs.com /loving_arms_rattery/furrball.htm   (233 words)

 Marine Corps Community for USMC Veterans - View Profile: furrball
Marine Corps Community for USMC Veterans - View Profile: furrball
furrball is not a member of any public groups
furrball is in the buddy list of (0)
www.leatherneck.com /forums/member.php?u=37364   (44 words)

 [No title]
Colonel Stoopnagle was a radio personality in 1943, when a caricature of Hitler opened a speech with this greeting in the WB cartoon, "Russian Rhapsody." Plucky's rendition is very close to the original.
Tag - Furrball: "ROOOOOWWRRR--meow!" ---------------------------------------- #170: TOON PHYSICS Airdate: 11/04/91 [ Amusing premise, but it's pretty mediocre when the gag credit is funnier than anything else in the show.
And, in that cartoon, Bugs retrieves magic dust from behind an "In Case Of Emergency Break Glass" and hurls it at the witch.
www.angel-hare.com /acorn/tta/tta-ref-guide.txt   (9386 words)

 SuicideGirls > Members > furrball
Would you like to ressurect furrball's former SG glory?
Nothing says "I miss you" like recharging the account of a wayward SG member.
TIP: This will be a one time charge - you will not be rebilled!
suicidegirls.com /members/furrball/comments   (63 words)

 Planet Furrball - The Fanfics [Furrball Explains Himself!]
Planet Furrball - The Fanfics [Furrball Explains Himself!]
As I tend to get older (as we all do sometimes), it occurred to me that as of yet, I still haven't offered a satisfactory explanation for any of my crimes against the printed word (aka, my fanfics).
Furrball stops living in 1996 and brings us up to date...
members.tripod.com /J_Withers/fanfic.htm   (2711 words)

 Tiny Toon Adventures Ref. Guid, Season 1 Part B   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
[ Elmyra, Buster cameos: Babs, Hamton, Plucky, Furrball, Fifi ]
Starring the voices of: Charlie Adler as Buster Tress MacNeille as Babs Cree Summer as Elmyra Joe Alaskey as Plucky Don Messick as Hamton Kath Souci as Fifi Frank Welker as Furrball Edan Gross as Tyrone
Starring the voices of: Charlie Adler as Buster Tress MacNeille as Babs Joe Alaskey as Plucky Danny Cooksey as Montana Maurice LaMarche as Dizzy Frank Welker as Furrball Noel Blanc as Taz Candi Milo as Sweetie
www.plucky.com /tta-ref/tta-ref-season1b.html   (1140 words)

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