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Topic: Fusilier

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  Fusilier - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Fusilier was originally the name of a soldier armed with a light flintlock musket called the fusil.
Attached to the beret, balmoral or tam o'shanter badge is the hackle.
In the Royal Netherlands Army, one of the two foot guards regiments, the Garderegiment Fusiliers Prinses Irene is a regiment of fusiliers.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Fusilier   (591 words)

 Proving Standard of Care II - Fusilier v. Dauterive, 764 So.2d 74 (La. 2000)
Fusilier's condition improved, she was transferred from the intensive care unit.
Fusilier was re-admitted to the hospital with sepsis, internal herniation with infarction of the ileum, and significant adhesions in her abdomen.
Fusilier and that the lack of training was not a cause of injury to Mrs.
biotech.law.lsu.edu /cases/la/medmal/Fusilier.htm   (3328 words)

 BBC NEWS | UK | Family 'devastated' at soldier's death
Fusilier Russell Beeston from Govan, Glasgow, died when his patrol was attacked by a crowd with small arms and rocket-propelled grenades near Basra.
Fusilier Beeston joined the Territorial Army in 2000 and was a member of the 52nd Lowland Regiment, attached to the 1st King's Own Scottish Borderers.
Fusilier Beeston's death brings to 50 the number of British personnel who have died in Iraq since the conflict began.
news.bbc.co.uk /2/hi/uk_news/3187215.stm   (657 words)

 Fusilier Family Crest
Fusilier is generally thought to have been an occupational surname.
In continental Europe, the most ancient recorded family crest was discovered upon the monumental effigy of a Count of Wasserburg in the church of St. Emeran, at Ratisobon, Germany...
In the Fusilier coat of arms as in all coat of arms the crest is only one element of the full armorial achievement.
www.houseofnames.com /xq/asp.fc/qx/fusilier-family-crest.htm?a=54323=224   (509 words)

 duelyugioh.com YuGiOh Resource - Combo King Crowned
Fusilier’s effect allows it to be played without a tribute, but it becomes a normal summon monster with 1400 attack and 1000 defense.
If Fusilier is normal summoned, with his stats halved, then flipped face down by another cards effect like Book of Moon or Tsukuyomi, when Fusilier is flipped back face up it will have its full 2800 attack and 2000 defense.
Fusilier is a 2800 attack point beat-stick if revived by The Creator, and he won't clog up your hand if you have no monsters to tribute to him.
yugioh.tcgplayer.com /db/print.asp?ID=614   (1534 words)

 Operation Telic: Details of British Casualties
It is with deep regret that the Ministry of Defence has to confirm that Fusilier Russell Beeston was fatally wounded during an incident at Ali As Sharqi on 27 August 2003.
Fusilier Beeston was aged 26 and was a Territorial Army soldier in 52nd Lowland Regiment (Volunteers), serving attached to the 1st Battalion King's Own Scottish Borderers in Iraq.
The thoughts and prayers of the Battalion are with Fusilier Beeston's family.
www.operations.mod.uk /telic/beeston.htm   (223 words)

 Defence Internet | Defence News | Deaths of Two British Soldiers in Iraq - Fusilier Donal Anthony Meade and Fusilier ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Fusilier Stephen Robert Manning of the 2nd Battalion, the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers.
Fusilier Meade and Fusilier Manning were both acting as top cover sentries in the first vehicle of a two vehicle patrol, when what appears to have been an improvised explosive device detonated.
Fusilier Donal Anthony Meade of the 2nd Battalion, the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers.
www.mod.uk /DefenceInternet/DefenceNews/PeopleInDefence/DeathsOfTwoBritishSoldiersInIraqFusilierDonalAnthonyMeadeAndFusilierStephenRobertManning.htm   (933 words)

 Hackle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In the British Army and the armies of some Commonwealth countries the hackle is worn by some infantry regiments, especially those designated fusilier regiments and those with Scottish and Northern Irish origins.
Royal Highland Fusiliers (a battalion of the Royal Regiment of Scotland): White
Royal Welch Fusiliers: White (although the white hackle of the RWF is now worn by other ranks of the Royal Welsh)
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Hackle   (817 words)

 Thoroughbred Times Weekly Feature   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Fusilier hopes to one day approach the impact made in California by fellow Cajun jockeys Eddie Delahoussaye and Kent Desormeaux, who are inducted into the Racing Hall of Fame.
Fusilier continued to ride at all the tracks in Louisiana as well as Lone Star Park in Texas before moving to Southern California in August.
Fusilier, who manages to keep his weight at 112 pounds, said he has learned to ski since the move but has also learned a great deal more about racing.
www.thoroughbredtimes.com /thisweek/weekview.asp?recno=52891   (1158 words)

 Fusilier   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
As with most turn-of-the 20th-century pioneer settlements, Fusilier was dependent on the railroad for its existence, and ultimate survival.
The line near the townsite boasted one of the sharpest rail curves in Saskatchewan, and would later be the scene of two train wrecks; the first in 1915 when a fireman was killed and decades later in 1980 when eight loaded grain cars derailed.
Although only ghosts remained in Fusilier by the end of the 1970s, Zlatner was still attached to the town and tried to make a go of the last grain elevator he purchased in 1979.
www.ghosttownpix.com /sask/towns/fusilier.shtml   (771 words)

 BBC NEWS | Scotland | Funeral outburst at Bush and Blair
Fusilier Gordon Gentle, 19, from Glasgow, was killed while on a routine patrol in Basra on Monday, 28 June.
Fusilier Gentle's mother Rose, 40, father George, 45, and sisters Pamela, 21, and Maxine, 14, were joined at the church by members of his regiment and Scottish Socialist Party leader Tommy Sheridan.
Fusilier Gentle's comrades paid tribute to him by firing a volley of shots into the sky.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/scotland/3871957.stm   (622 words)

 Black-tipped Fusilier, Pterocaesio digramma
Black-tipped Fusiliers at a depth of 12m, "Phil's Reef", Ribbon Reefs, Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, December, 1999.
A Black-tipped Fusilier in night colouration at a depth of 12m, Anderson Reef, Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, November, 1998.
The Black-tipped Fusilier is usually recognised by its colouration.
www.amonline.net.au /fishes/fishfacts/fish/pdigram.htm   (238 words)

 FUSILIER - Online Information article about FUSILIER   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Thirty Years' War (1643) fusiliers were simply mounted troops armed with the fusil, as See also:
original special duties of fusiliers, and they were subsequently employed to a large extent in light See also:
army, was not at that time a fusilier regiment.
encyclopedia.jrank.org /FRA_GAE/FUSILIER.html   (629 words)

 Kapiti Fusiliers News
The Kapiti Fusiliers are pleased to support this event by designing this publicity webpage for them.
This should be along the lines of the Kapiti Fusiliers' famous Battle of Guilford Courthouse refight a few years ago.
The games and scenery were somewhat less than usual, as many Fusiliers, wisely, elected not to transport so many boxes of miniatures or scenery to the meeting in that teeming rain.
www.fusiliers.net /news.html   (3215 words)

 Red-bellied Fusilier, Caesio cuning
Above and below: A Red-bellied Fusilier at a depth of 18m, Wheeler Reef, Queensland, November 2001.
The Red-bellied Fusilier is found at depths from 1m to 60m.
It occurs in tropical marine waters of the Indo-West Pacific, from Sri Lanka, throughout South-east Asia and Micronesia, north to Japan, south to Australia and east to Vanuatu.
www.amonline.net.au /fishes/fishfacts/fish/ccuning.htm   (205 words)

 Biography Mike Boensch   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Michael Fusilier of Manchester operates a 300-acre greenhouse and produce operation in Washtenaw County.
Fusilier began farming with his father following his graduation from Michigan State University in 1985 with a bachelor's degree in animal science.
Fusilier has been active with the Washtenaw County Farm Bureau and has served on executive committees of various boards, including the Federal Reserve Agricultural Advisory Committee.
www.michiganfarmbureau.com /press/bios/mike_fusilier.php   (226 words)

 WOWT | Fusilier's Fusillade Lifts Huskers
Brandon Fusilier’s three-run homer in the bottom of the seventh broke a three-all tie Wednesday, as ninth-ranked Nebraska downed Western Illinois, 6-3.
Fusilier’s homer, his team-high eighth of the season, proved to be the decisive blow, as the Huskers improved to 19-2 on the season with their 11th straight win heading into Friday’s Big 12 opener at Kansas.
The three-run cushion was more than enough for the Husker bullpen, as three relievers combined to fire four innings of no-hit ball, as only one Leatherneck reached base in that span.
www.wowt.com /sports/features/2/1396107.html   (281 words)

 Fusilier News
Fusilier Kelan Turrington, Fusilier Stephen Robert Manning, Fusilier Donal Anthony Meade, Sergeant John Paul Jones.
The Fusiliers regained the Queen’s Division Triangular match trophy at Canterbury on Friday 19 May with an especially good performance by Maj Guy Rampe on his début in the event who made light of the windy conditions and long rough.
CSgt Bull and Fusilier Mackintosh met St George (Lloyd Scott) on Tower Bridge on 27 April where he was dragging his Dragon round the course of the London Marathon and collecting donations for the Children with Leukaemia Trust.
www.army.mod.uk /fusiliers/fusilier_news.htm   (736 words)

 Fusilier Tulip
Tulipa praestans Fusilier Some gardeners seem resigned to sending in reinforcements for their tulips as their bulbs dwindle in number each spring.
A grand example -- the Fusilier tulip, which is vivid orange-scarlet in color and blooms fairly early, say late April.
The bonus here is that Fusilier (Tulipa praestans Fusilier) is a multiflowering, or bunch-flowering, species tulip that produces five or six flowers on a stem -- offering a handful of flowers 10 inches high.
www.bhg.com /bhg/story.jhtml?storyid=/templatedata/bhg/story/data/12112.xml&catref=C376   (154 words)

 Fusilier Regiments
Fusilier Regiments, Lancashire Fusiliers, Northumberland Fusiliers, Royal Fusiliers and Warwickshire Fusiliers, now part of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers and the Welsh Fusiliers, can be seen in historical military prints in the galleries to below.
As with the scotch regiments, because of a certain similarity of costume and locality it has been judged better to collect them in one group; so with the Fusilier regiments it seems advisable to brigade them, so to speak, because of their characteristics head-dress.
“Fusiliers” were originally ordinary foot soldiers, armed with light firelocks or “fusils,” which could be carried slung.
www.regimental-art.com /fusilier_regiments.htm   (1457 words)

 duelyugioh.com YuGiOh Resource - School of Duel |PrO DeCkS| Fusilier Dragons   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The word Fusilier means “made by melting and pouring into forms,” which suggests that something Fusilier can have more than one form.
When I first saw Fusilier Dragon, the Dual-Mode Beast, I took a while to do the math and realized that 1400 attack was a pitiful amount, and brushed it off.
The Fusilier Dragons may also be normal summoned without tribute to the field, if it is necessary, and it may also be beneficial to do this, since The Creator can pull them out of the graveyard anyway.
yugioh.tcgplayer.com /db/print.asp?ID=582   (2253 words)

 Welcome to the 2nd Battalion the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers
Very sadly Fusiliers Stephen Manning and Donal Meade were killed when terrorists detonated a roadside bomb.
Further, in a similar attack, LCpl Craig Short and Fusilier Aveuta Tuila were both injured and have each had to have below the knee amputations.
Now settled in Dhekelia in the Northern Sovereign Base with their families, the Fusiliers are working hard in preparation for assuming the role of Iraq Theatre Reserve Battalion.
www.2rrf.co.uk   (336 words)

 "Soldier Soldier" (1991)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
It would be very pleasant if people posting comments had actually watched the shows they purport to be commenting on.
None of the officers are portrayed as halfwits, none of the noncoms are portrayed as masochists (or even sadists, which I suspect was meant) and only a handful of the fusiliers are portrayed as drunken or stupid or oafs.
In fact, if you want a sensible portrayal of military life without the sensationalism or over the top flag-waving that's usually attached to such dramas then 'Soldier Soldier' is the one to watch.
imdb.com /title/tt0106138   (283 words)

 Fusilier historical images   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
BELOW Unidentified local boy pumping water from the town's old pump and the Fusilier school, all from about 1919.
BELOW RIGHT Fusilier in 1923, with its three original grain elevators towering over the townsite.
There were a number of buildings including a house for the foreman, a large building for drying the sodium sulphate, a rooming house for 40 men, a cook house and a flsmith shop.
www.ghosttownpix.com /sask/img/fusilimg.shtml   (122 words)

 Avatar Helps: FUSILIER   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Keywords: FUS FUSILIER Level: 1 The first Fusiliers were gnomish, dwarvish and halfling heroes during the Great Wars when the Giants of Straul devastated the world.
They are adept at abusing their small size to confound larger opponents, are highly skilled with slings and throwing weapons.
Given that Fusiliers hunt giants, the few who remain might be found in the vicinity of their prey.
www.outland.org /web/helps/pg842.html   (117 words)

 Feather hackles of the Fusilier regiments.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The Royal Warwickshire Regiment joined the Fusilier Brigade in 1963, and had not been a fusilier regiment prior to that date, they adopted the fusilier brigade capbadge and the blue and old gold hackle.
The only link to the old 6th Foot now worn in the RRF are the antelope buttons.
When the RRF was formed in 1968 the hackle was dropped as all Battalions wore the red over white one.
www.egframes.co.uk /aafusilier14.htm   (84 words)

 Fusilier Brigade [UK]
all regular battalions united as The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers
1st Bn, The Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment) [1958-1968]
transferred 14 Nov. 1962 from Forester Brigade; redesignated 1963 as "Fusiliers"
www.regiments.org /regiments/uk/depot/958fusil.htm   (76 words)

 Fusilier fish Stock Images and Photos. 29 Fusilier fish photography pictures available to download from over 50 stock ...
29 Fusilier fish photography pictures available to download from over 50 stock photo companies.
Large Sea Fan, schooling fish: fusiliers, anthias fish, and...
Yellow back fusilier (Caesio teres) and Anchovies (Thryssa...
www.fotosearch.com /photos-images/fusilier-fish.html   (101 words)

 NASIOC - Can you tell a difference?
Last edited by fusilier : 04-13-2003 at 11:10 AM.
I was studying last night and got bored....
Last edited by fusilier : 04-13-2003 at 12:12 PM.
forums.nasioc.com /forums/showthread.php?t=344998   (624 words)

 Tulip - Species - Fusilier - Fall Bulbs
Tulip - Species - Fusilier - Fall Bulbs
The Tulip 'Fusilier', 'Tulipa species', a fall planted bulb, produce red flowers on short stems.
They actally produce a "bunch" of red flowers per bulb.
www.naturehills.com /new/product/fallbulbsdetails.aspx?prodid=3178   (211 words)

 Once A Fusilier 'Always' A Fusilier
The Fusiliers prides itself on being a family Regiment.
The Fusilier Association enables all ex Fusiliers to remain a part of the family.
The Association has a Headquarters and local branches in each of the recruiting areas.
www.army.mod.uk /fusiliers/battalions/1st_battalion/once_a_fusilier_always_a_fusilier.htm   (135 words)

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