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In the News (Sun 16 Jun 19)

 History Of Stereotyping - The Story Of William Ged
Ged's son devoted himself to acquiring a knowledge of printing but just at the moment that he was fully prepared to effectually assist his father, the unfortunate inventor died.
Ged went to Cambridge but the letter-founder prevented his success, by treacherously furnishing imperfect type, and even when Ged sent to Holland for new fonts he was again deceived.
Ged, now exceedingly anxious for the success of his invention, accepted these terms; disposed of his business in Edinburgh, and followed his new partner to London, to find himself again deceived. /articles09/stereotype-7.shtml

 Significant Scots - John Galt
Ged imputed his disappointments to the villany of the pressmen, and the ill treatment of his partners, particularly Fenner, whom John James and he were advised to prosecute, but declined.
GED, WILLIAM, the inventor of stereotype printing, was a goldsmith in Edinburgh, in the early part of the eighteenth century.
The Misses Ged, his daughters, lived many years after in Edinburgh, where they kept a school for young ladies, and were much patronized by the Jacobite gentry. /history/other/ged_william.htm

William Sherman Hunter was the son of Emily Benbolt, in her third marriage to George Hunter.
Ethel then married William Standley and that is who she was married towhen she died on Decemb er 16, 1939.
Her death certificate states that she was 60 years, 11 months and 21 daysold at the time of h er death and she died of organic heart disease. /ged-h-tree/ghtout/npr185.htm

 GED - Roots of the Ged Name: GeddieWorld
Robert Ged held the mill of Geddis milne, 1608 (RD., p.503), and William Ged of Baldrig was an elder in the parish of Dunfermline, 1643 (Chalmers, Dunfermline, ii, p.315).
William Geddes was killed in 1558 by the Tweedies, and thus began a long feud with that family.
William Ged was scourged through the streets of Dysart in 1562 for deceiving his neighbors with the horseflesh he sold them (Dysart, p. /geddieworld/gednames.html - stereotype (Technology: Terms And Concepts) - Encyclopedia
Firmin Didot improved the process, named it, and extended its use. /encyclopedia/S/stereoty.html

 Kentucky Warrens
William Skaggs was born in 1842 in Missouri.
William Skaggs was born in 1854 in Missouri.
She was married to William Pettus Hay on 6 Feb 1879 in Calloway County, Kentucky. /~cingram/warrenk/d52.htm

William Ged, a goldsmith in Edinburgh, took a plaster mould of the type and then cast the whole page in metal.
Sir William Fairbairn (1789 - 1874) was born in Kelso, in southern Scotland.
In 1908, another Scot, Alan Campbell-Swinton, outlined the use of the cathode-ray tube for transmission and reception that is used in modern television. /Wallace/thingscot.html

 Pennsylvania Gazette J/F: Obituaries
William J. Hudson GEd’47, Maryville, Tenn., August 25, 1997.
William Leeds GEd’60, Merion, Pa., September 14, 1998.
William K. Newman L’34, Newtown, Pa., a lawyer and the retired executive vice president of the pension board of the United Church of Christ; December 2, 1998. /gazette/0100/0100obits.html

 All - aqwg1377
William Martin GREEN Jr was born 5 Aug 1876.
William Martin GREEN on 24 Oct 1875 in Patriot, IN.
William Martin GREEN Jr on 25 Dec 1900. /~onebigfamily/all/aqwg1377.htm

To eldest son William, of Tiverton 5 shillings and 2 CONT all my lands in Tiverton for life, and then to my daughters Patience, 2 CONT Deliverance, Sarah, Rosanna, and Content, the last having a double 2 CONT share, and to live with son William for life.
Elizabeth then married Tho 2 CONC mas Corey, the brother of her first husband William, on 15 February 174 2 CONC 8 and to them were born six children.
2 CONT 2 CONT William Earle was William Correy's brother-in-law. /william/william/index.ged

 Lydia Thomas Gifford - William Gifford
William Gifford Parents: Jabez Gifford and Dinah Sheldon.
Companion to William the Conqueror at the Battle of Hastings, 1066.
William Gifford died in 1687 in Sandwich, Barnstable, MA. /Heartland/Ranch/8882/d166.htm

 William MCDOWELL , Sr. / Margaret Mary CAMPBELL
William was killed in the Battle at Gettysburg during the Civil War.
William McDowell received a bounty warrant for 640 acres on February 3, 1860.
It is not known for certain but believed that she may have been born on the ship as they crossed the ocean. /family/thompson2/d0000/f0000011.html

 Overview of William Ged
Ged invented the process of stereotyping, whereby a printed page was composed but then the printing plate is cast from this mould.
This gave a much stronger and more durable plate than was possible with the temporary binding of individual elements, which had been used previously. /scotgaz/people/famousfirst146.html

 Prince William County Public Schools - GED Program
An important mission of Alternative Education's GED program is to ensure that each of our students will graduate with the skills and knowledge necessary to pursue plans for their future which will guide them to become a positive contributor to society.
The student's success in obtaining their GED is based solely on their ability to pass the exam.
This web site describes the GED program is for high school age students between the ages 16 and 17 years old and is part of PWCS's Office of Student Management and Alternative Programs (OSMAP). /departments/osmap/ged

 William C Rush
This William is supposedly a close relative of Dr. Benjamin Rush who signed the Declaration of Independence.
William Rush moved from New Jersey to Turkeyfoot Township, PA. in 1770. /Steve/Ancestors/Rush_@I04255@.htm

 John Adams High School - online course for diplomas, GED courses, testings, high school equivalency
Compare our GED at home and high school diploma at home programs to other accredited high school equivalency programs and GED education and GED course on the internet.
Depending on your level of knowledge in the areas of English, Math, Science and Social Studies, the GED test or high school diploma test may require some study time, so please visit our book store for helpful material that will help ensure you pass the online test.
There are no fees unless until you pass the exam (Online GED testing service) and decide to order your graduate package.

 Scotland: Famous People
Initially working for William Kinimonth at the practice of Rowand Anderson and Paul, his worked ranged from housing to commercial and public buildings.
Steell was Queen Victoria's Sculptor in Scotland, and created many of the public statues in Edinburgh, including the equestrain statue of the Duke of Wellington outside Register House, which was dubbed 'the Iron Duke in bronze by Steell' and the statue of Sir Walter Scott at the centre of the Scott Monument.
Although best known as the character in William Shakespeare's play of the same name, in reality he could not have been more different from this villainous portrayal. /home/scotland/greatscots.html

 No. 787: Stereotyping
Ged won the bet, and he won a contract to print books for Cambridge University.
Ged made three copies before Caslon even got started.
But when Ged invented stereotyping, when the old met the new, Caslon unfurled a different set of colors. /engines/epi787.htm

William Avery (Bill) Blankenship was born on 22 Mar 1857 in, Coosa Co., AL.
William Henry wrote home one time that is know of, the letter is in the care
!William Henry Blankenship fought in the Civil War and was captured. /~alcoosa/families/lowery/d2457.htm

William Ralph Pruett went by the name of Bill.
John's son wrote to Stella w henhis father died, but she couldn't remember when that was. /ged-h-tree/ghtout/npr183.htm

 Biography of William Wallace Haws
HAWS, WILLIAM WALLACE (son of Gilberth and Hannah Whitcomb).
He has a large family of 20 children and 38 grandchildren- and a multitude of friends. /GED/Histories/William_W_Haws.html

Christopher Sydney Cockerell was born in 1910 at Cherry Hinton near Cambridge, the son of Sir Sydney Carlyle Cockerell, sometime private secretary to Sir William Morris and from 1908 to 1937 Director of the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge.
The theory behind one of the most successful inventions of the 20th century, the Hovercraft, was originally tested in 1955 using an empty KiteKat cat food tin inside a coffee tin, an industrial air blower and a pair of kitchen scales.
By 1996 Trevor Baylis was receiving numerous awards for his 'Clockwork Radio' which was powered by the occasional turn of a handle. /Britain/inventors.htm

 (William WOMACK - William C. WOMACK )
William A. William A. William A. WOMACK, Jr.
William C. William C. (30 Jun 1844 - 9 Sep 1934)
Family genealogy of William Womack as researched by Robert (Sonny) & Winona Brown Turner /genealogy/womack/html/index/ind0176.HTM

 Ecological Economics: Re: GEd food proven safe...
In reply to: Eric Auciel: "GEd food proven safe (Re: Rhetoric rules in altered-food debate]"
Reply: Eric Auciel: "Re: GEd food proven safe..."
Previous message: William Hayes: "Re: An essay question: changing the environment paradigm" /tren/ecological/0692.htm

 (Eliza Jane ??? - William RALPH )
William Ralph Family Of Tennessee and Tippah Co., Mississippi /rafe/WilliamRalph/persons.html

 Ecological Economics: Re: GEd food proven safe...
This is an overwhelming concession to GEd business.
doing better, but we are already moving into GEd's second
public has been bamboozled by GEd business.We seem to be /tren/ecological/0697.htm

 gedtesting-l - GED Testing Chief Examiners List: GED Examiners
The GED originally was limited to ages 20 and older to discourage
GED, now limit the number of GED holders that they will admit.
GED is certified as a "high school equivalency certificate." Test takers /archives/gedtesting-l/2001/Aug/0001.html

William Ged, a goldsmith in Edinburgh, took a plaster mould of the type and then cast the whole page in metal.
The American science fiction writer, Robert Heinlein, author of the novel "Starship Troopers" amongst many others, was the first civilian to use a microwave oven.
The character of Sherlock Holmes was based on one of the professors of Medicine at the University. /Wallace/thingscot.html

 William J. Giering I
Identifixcation of Frances Parents incl ages when she was born; Also corrected Spouse's maiden name; William's Education, Militray and health information.
E-Mail from William dated Oct 11, 2001, subject: Bill's Update on his Family.
-- William is a member of Lehigh Valley Chapter 7, DAV. /017_020.htm

These contact names and website links will help you find the places where the GED test can be taken and the requirements of your state.
The GED test is offered internationally through a company called Prometric.
Call or write to the contact name or visit their website. /centers/centers.html

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