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In the News (Tue 17 Jul 18)

  Document Title
GENUKI is a World Wide Web based information service that was set up to provide information related to the study of UK genealogy and Family History.
The primary aim of GENUKI was to provide information about what records were available, usually on paper or microfilm, and where to find them, and to provide an overview of the contents of common types of records and how to use them.
The number of record transcripts and indexes that are currently available on GENUKI is still quite small, as the compilers often use them as a source of income to offset the cost of their production, and don't as yet want to make them freely available.
sentinel.mcc.ac.uk /~zzassps/genuki_DRH97.html   (2615 words)

 Finding Genealogy on the Internet: GENUKI   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Also, unlike other gateways, GENUKI provides information about institutions which are important for genealogy but have no Web site, as is the case with some local Register Offices, for example.
GENUKI also provides and links to a number of gazetteers if you need to find the location of a town or village.
GENUKI is a very large site, with over 30,000 pages, and if you have not used it before, it is worth consulting the Guidance for First-Time Users of These Pages which explains how the information is organized.
www.spub.co.uk /fgi/text/d2.html   (267 words)

 This is The North East | CommuniGate | Home
The aim of GENUKI is to serve as a "virtual reference library" of genealogical information that is of particular relevance to the UK and Ireland.
It is a non-commercial service, provided by an ever-growing group of volunteers in cooperation with the Federation of Family History Societies and a number of its member societies.
GENUKI is an invaluable resource for anyone engaged in researching their genealogy or family history.
www.communigate.co.uk /ne/genukinorthumberland   (94 words)

 GENUKI: British Isles Genealogy: Contents & Site Map
The information on the GENUKI (www.genuki.org.uk) website must not be used for commercial purposes, and all specific restrictions concerning usage, copyright notices, etc., that are to be found on individual information pages within GENUKI must be strictly adhered to.
Thus, you assume full responsibility for its use, and you understand and agree that neither GENUKI as an organisation nor any of its maintainers or providers are responsible or liable for any claim, loss or damage as consequence.
GENUKI is a registered trademark of the charitable trust GENUKI, see About GENUKI as an Organisation.
www.genuki.org.uk /mindex.html   (612 words)

 GENUKI: UK & Ireland Genealogy   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
GENUKI maintainers in order to find the appropriate email address.
Note: The information provided by GENUKI must not be used for commercial purposes, and all specific restrictions concerning usage, copyright notices, etc., that are to be found on individual information pages within GENUKI must be strictly adhered to.
Violation of these rules could gravely harm the cooperation that GENUKI is obtaining from many information providers, and hence threaten its whole future.
www.genuki.org.uk   (144 words)

GENUKI is a Genealogical information service on the World Wide Web for the United Kingdom and Ireland.
The GENUKI home page is at http://www.genuki.org.uk with links from this leading to all the other information.
GENUKI uses the county structure existing before 1974; there were major changes in 1974/5, and others since.
www.hawgood.co.uk /genuki/1-intro.htm   (3537 words)

 GENUKI - Durham Genealogy   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
GENUKI have provided a list of illustrations showing the coverage of the modern OSLandranger sheets.
GENUKI is a registered trade mark of the charitable trust GENUKI.Copyright © 2004, Genuki.
Violation of these rules could gravely harmthe cooperation that GENUKI is obtaining from many informationproviders, and hence threaten its whole future.
website.lineone.net /~pjoiner/genuki/DUR   (1352 words)

 UK Genealogy - Common Acronyms & Jargon   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
GENUKI's Map of the pre-1974 counties of the United Kingdom showing their county codes -
The vast majority of genealogically-relevant records generated by the C of E are now in the various Record Offices throughout the country.
The most complete single source for UK genealogy on the Internet, GENUKI is a co-operative venture relying on volunteers to place genealogy information on the Internet in an organized manner.
www.oz.net /~markhow/acronym-uk.htm   (2004 words)

 Genuki Book by David Hawgood - printed and on-line   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
This is a book about GENUKI, an information service on the Internet for United Kingdom and Ireland Genealogy.
Regard GENUKI as the first place to look for U.K. and Ireland genealogy.
GENUKI is a registered trade mark of the charitable trust GENUKI, see About GENUKI as an organisation
www.hawgood.co.uk /genuki   (317 words)

 GENUKI information page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
This is due to electrical work at the Open University requiring that the power is switched off to the entire building in which the web server is located.
The core GENUKI server was out of service between 0700 and 1000 GMT on Tuesday 20 August while the server's software was upgraded.
If you encountered problems accessing the main GENUKI server (http://www.genuki.org.uk/) during the morning of Tuesday 30 July 2002 then rest assured that the result will be faster and better network access in the future.
www.ofhs.org.uk /genuki.info   (1570 words)

 How to find information using Genuki
The structure of GENUKI goes down from larger to smaller geographic areas - country, county, parish - with topics appearing at all levels.
GENUKI does have a few lists arranged by county.
When it finds a word it displays it in context, with surrounding text from the first occurrence of a search word on the web page, rather than just the description or first few sentences of the page.
www.hawgood.co.uk /genuki/2-how.htm   (1809 words)

 genuki.org.uk - Review - An excellent place to start
GenUki is certainly one of the better Uk genealogy sites that I have come across.
The site is almost too full of useful information, and it certainly impossible to find everything you need at one sitting, let alone take it all in.
Genuki contains tips and guides which are helpful right from absolute beginnings through to the stage when you can figure your way through.
www.dooyoo.co.uk /internet-sites/genuki-org-uk/99343   (197 words)

 GENUKI: Isles of Scilly (Cornwall, Isles of Scilly, Society and Culture) - Plymouth Web Directory   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
I am familiar with GENUKI: Isles of Scilly and I want to review it.
Note: "Plymouth City" and "GENUKI: Isles of Scilly" are separate entities and are not connected.
The information provided on this page about GENUKI: Isles of Scilly is provided for informational purposes only and may contain inaccuracies or omissions.
www.plymouthcity.com /Sites/3735.html   (227 words)

 Finding Genealogy on the Internet: GENUKI   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
GENUKI (the UK and Ireland Genealogical Information Service) has a dual function: it is both a collaborative handbook on British and Irish genealogy, and a gateway to almost every important Web site relating to the subject.
Unlike the sites mentioned so far, GENUKI itself contains extensive information and is not simply a collection of links.
The great advantage of this, particularly for the beginner, is that all the links are in a context which makes it much easier to see whether they will be useful.
www.spub.co.uk /fgi/text/d1.html   (169 words)

 Essex GENUKI; Email filter page
There is an GENUKI FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page where you may also find either the answers to your questions or a link to somewhere else with more information.
Finally, please be aware that the data which is available on GENUKI depends almost exclusively on volunteer effort, provided by people like you and me, researching our family history as our hobby.
In the main, the information that is provided in GENUKI relates to primary historical research material (census transcripts, parish registers, andc), rather than material resulting from genealogists' ongoing research.
www.nivek-systems.co.uk /genuki/ESS/KHCemail.html   (1005 words)

 Buckinghamshire Genealogy
If the place that you require is not in the list, then you could search for it in the GENUKI gazetteer:-
This county is maintained by Kevin Quick and Barney Tyrwhitt-Drake with help and information provided by a number of assistants.
GENUKI is a registered trade mark of the charitable trust GENUKI.
met.open.ac.uk /genuki/big/eng/BKM   (1597 words)

 GENUKI: Wishful Thinking's GENUKI Pages
I am one of the web page maintainers for GENUKI, a GENealogical Information Service for the UK and Ireland.
Many of the GENUKI pages, including the bulk of those I maintain are hosted by Phil Stringer at The University of Manchester.
See also my separate page on Contributing Information if you have research material of your own you'd like to add to this ever-growing collection.
wishful-thinking.org.uk /genuki   (176 words)

 BIFHS-USA: links
This is a GENUKI page that brings together links to the listings of Surnames being researched in the different counties.
GENUKI is an information service web site that provides links to genealogy-related information sites for all the British Isles.
Part of the GENUKI site, this is a guide to general Welsh research.
www.rootsweb.com /~bifhsusa/links.html   (4632 words)

 Open Directory - Regional: Europe: United Kingdom: England: Devon: Sidmouth   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
GENUKI: Harpford - GENUKI - Genealogical research information about Harpford.
GENUKI: Newton Poppleford - GENUKI - Genealogical research information about Newton Poppleford.
GENUKI: Sidmouth - GENUKI - Genealogical research information about Sidmouth.
dmoz.org /Regional/Europe/United_Kingdom/England/Devon/Sidmouth   (414 words)

 Get information about genuki at weseek.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Genuki home page Contents Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - the answers according to GENUKI 1.
GENUKI is the genealogical information service for the UK and Ireland, containing a large structured tree of information.
It also provides answers to some questions that are often asked about GENUKI itself.
www.weseek.com /find/GENUKI.aspx   (173 words)

 GENUKI: Northumberland Genealogy
Passenger list of the Lord Delaval which includes 50 persons from Berwick upon Tweed.
The GENUKI Gazetteer covers the whole of England, Wales and Scotland and can be searched by place-name (or part of a place-name) or Ordnance Survey Grid References (six-figure, eg NZ183848).
If there are multiple place-names matching the name you enter, you will initially be presented with a drop-down list of the matching place-names with their distances and bearings from Morpeth, Northumberland.
www.genuki.bpears.org.uk /NBL   (1378 words)

 British Census Indexes, Transcripts, and Images Available Online or on CD
This page summarizes the availability online and on CD of indexes, transcripts, and images of the 1841-1901 censuses of England, Scotland, Wales, the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man, and British shipping.
In the charts, the name of each county (or island) is linked to the corresponding page at Genuki, where further details can generally be found.
Details of these additional resources can also generally be found at Genuki or from the relevant family history society.
www.mit.edu /~dfm/genealogy/census-chart.html   (643 words)

 GENUKI: Berkshire
Further changes in 1998 finally abolished Berkshire as an administrative unit and replaced it with six "Unitary Authorities" - Bracknell Forest, Reading, Slough, West Berkshire, Windsor and Maidenhead, and Wokingham.
N.B. Information on GENUKI pages is organised on the basis of the pre-1974 counties.
New Landscapes: Enclosure in Berkshire, a joint project by the Berkshire Record Office and the Museum of English Rural Life, makes use of the latest digital technologies to display historic manuscript maps and land awards and thus document the process of enclosing the common fields of the county of Berkshire between 1738 and 1883.
www.brazell.de /genuki/BRK   (1878 words)

 This is The North East | CommuniGate | GENUKI - Durham
Information published on GENUKI may not be used for commercial purposes.
Please use this link to access material relating to County Durham, including links to Census Information, Probate records, Occupational and Parish information and old maps.
You can access information about other UK and Ireland GENUKI regions via the links page on this site.
www.communigate.co.uk /ne/genukidurham   (107 words)

 GENUKI: Middlesex Genealogy   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
From 1851, the Registrar-General grouped together the census returns from those parts of Middlesex, Kent, and Surrey which formed the "metropolitan" area commonly called London - i.e.
Middlesex Heritage from Capital County has information organised by borough; it has a map showing the original county of Middlesex, and areas of Middlesex adopted by the Royal Mail or organisations basing themselves on 'Middlesex' Boroughs that cross historic boundaries or places that are half in one county and half in another: e.g.
LONDON: A mailing list for anyone with a genealogical or historical interest in the city of London and county of Middlesex, England.
homepages.gold.ac.uk /genuki/MDX   (1708 words)

 Genealogical Links - Lamerton & Otherwise
GenUKI's index to the "Book Of Lamerton" (see Research Material page)
GenUKI - Devon (The site which originated the OPC programme)
GenUKI's 1891 Devon Census Project (Lamerton is in the Tavistock district)
www3.sympatico.ca /yourhomedecor/useful_links.html   (121 words)

 GENUKI: Norfolk: Genealogy: Welcome
These pages about genealogical resources in Norfolk are part of GENUKI, which is the UK and Ireland Genealogy Service.
The GENUKI pages for Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire and Suffolk, as the county boundary has changed in places over the years.
The thousands of other GENUKI pages, via the [GENUKI] link at the top of all of the Norfolk pages.
www.origins.org.uk /genuki/NFK   (1122 words)

 {{Strong(e)/Strang(e) Research in Britain and Ireland}}
Supported by the Universities of Manchester and Newcastle among others, they are maintained by volunteers, and provide an invaluable guide to the genealogical information available on the World Wide Web.
"GENUKI is growing rapidly as more and more libraries, record offices and individual genealogists publish their research on the web.
See the GENUKI site at County Offaly (Kings).
www.geocities.com /Heartland/Prairie/7530/links.html   (2323 words)

 GENUKI: Devon Genealogy - Full Contents
GENUKI Full Contents for the County of Devon
This page shows the detailed hierarchy of the UK and Ireland Genealogical Information Service (GENUKI) pages for the county of Devon.
You will also find that there is much informative text on the actual GENUKI/Devon county and parish pages whose existence is not evident in this summary contents listing of the topics covered, and the links to be found, on each page.
www.cs.ncl.ac.uk /genuki/DEV/DevonContents.html   (376 words)

 Norfolk: Genealogy: Norfolk-L Genealogy Mailing List: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
A list of their names may be found at Norfolk: Norwich: Church of England from the Norfolk GENUKI web pages.
The most complete and up-to-date descriptions of genealogy mailing lists for UK counties, regions, and interests - complete with subscription instructions - can be found at John Fuller's Genealogy Resources on the Internet - UK Mailing Lists.
Genealogy mailing lists for UK and Ireland counties may also be found on a county-by-county basis at GENUKI's Genealogy Mailing Lists page.
www.oz.net /~markhow/genuki/NFK/norffaq.htm   (2864 words)

 GenUKI - Kent Genealogy
There are several Family History Societies covering Kent, some have very localised interests but the bulk of the county is divided between the Kent FHS and the Nort West Kent FHS.
For contact details please check their web sites as listed on the GENUKI Societies page.
This first list is of a very small selection of (North-East Kent) places for which I have been given some BMD extracts:
users.ox.ac.uk /~malcolm/genuki/big/eng/KEN   (941 words)

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