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Topic: GXemul

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In the News (Thu 23 May 19)

  gavare.se: GXemul
GXemul is a machine emulator I'm developing in my spare time.
As it turned out (well, in my opinion at least), the guest operating system that is easiest to deal with when designing/implementing an emulator is NetBSD, because it is reasonably stable and has readable source code.
Please read the documentation for more details on what kind of machines GXemul will emulate.
gavare.se /gxemul   (330 words)

GXemul is a clean, actively-developed emulator for numerous MIPS processors and the real machines that have used them.
By default, all console devices share your TTY for input and output, which is not too bad for output but typically undesirable for input.
GXemul appears to have support for spawning an xterm for each console, but that support does not work out of the box with some of the less-developed emulations.
www.cs.caltech.edu /~noah   (750 words)

 php-deluxe.net - encyclopedia - GXemul
Image:Ultrix4.5-20040706.png '''GXemul''' (formerly known as '''mips64emul''') is a computer+architecture Emulator originally written to emulate computer systems using the MIPS instruction set, and is available as free+software under a revised BSD+license.
Although the SPIM emulator has long been available for emulating 32-bit MIPS architectures such as the R2000 and R3000, the emulation provided by SPIM is limited to a virtual Microprocessor alone, and does not emulate entire computer systems.
Although the completeness of emulation of the several systems varies, some of the more complete variants (such as the DECStation) support emulation of on-board SCSI controllers, framebuffers, and the like, to a degree such that operating+systems (for example, Ultrix) can be installed and run using the emulator.
www.php-deluxe.net /wiwimod,index.page,GXemul.htm   (269 words)

 Linux Links - The Linux Portal: Software/Emulators/RISC
Unlike them, ArcEm is open source, and runs on platforms besides Windows.
GXemul is a machine emulator, which can be used to experiment with binary code for (among others) MIPS-based machines.
For some emulation modes, processors and surrounding hardware components are emulated well enough to let unmodified operating systems run as if they were running on a real machine.
www.linuxlinks.com /Software/Emulators/RISC   (265 words)

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