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In the News (Wed 21 Aug 19)

  Gadus Associates : Science Serving the Fisheries
On this site, Gadus Associates offers the most extensive list of marine fisheries links on the Web to bring you information from all parts of the world.
We are not experts on every part of the science of fisheries but, if we cannot meet your needs, chances are we can refer you to someone who will.
Gadus Associates and Public Education in Fisheries Science
pages.istar.ca /~gadus   (315 words)

  ADW: Gadus morhua: Information
Gadus morhua is commonly known as Atlantic cod and can be found along the eastern and northern coasts of North America, along the coasts of Greenland, and from the Bay of Biscay north to the Arctic Ocean, including the Atlantic waters around Iceland, the North Sea, and the Barents Sea.
Now, the median age of sexual maturity is between 1.7 to 2.3 years and corresponds to a length of 32 to 41 cm.
Those that feed on crustaceans tend to appear more brownish in color whereas a blue-green pigment may be the result of a diet consisting primarily of fish.
animaldiversity.ummz.umich.edu /site/accounts/information/Gadus_morhua.html   (2672 words)

Estimation of discards in the commercial trawl fishery for Northeast Arctic cod (Gadus morhua L.) and some effects on assessment
Discarding of small fish has been and still is a large problem in many fisheries.
Due to the large errors in the VPA stock numbers of Northeast Arctic cod, as indicated by the estimates of discards, it is suggested that the Arctic Fisheries Working Group should revise the catch numbers at age that are used in the VPA.
www.ub.uib.no /elpub/2001/h/411001   (323 words)

 others   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-02)
Nucleotide sequence of transferrin cDNAs and tissue-specific of the transferrin gene in Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua).
Tagging of cod (Gadus morhua) in Icelandic waters 1948 - 1986 and tagging of haddock (Gadus aeglefinus) in Icelandic waters 1953 - 1965.
Pilstrom L. T-cell antigen receptors in Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua L.): structure, organisation and expression of TCR alpha and beta genes.
www.hi.is /~bergmagn/others.htm   (822 words)

 Serum and egg vitellogenin measurement in the Atlantic cod Gadus morhua
The current ban on fishing Georges Bank is an attempt to allow the cod and haddock stocks to recover the recent decline documented by Trippel (1995).
In addition the serum of estradiol injected fish, including Gadus morhua, contain small peptides, not derived from Vg, but which are vitelline envelope components (Hyllner et al., 1991; Hyllner and Haux, 1992; Oppen-Berntsen et al., 1992).
In Gadus morhua injected with estradiol small peptides derived from Vg accumulate in the serum by the time, weeks after the estradiol injection, of harvesting of the Vg laden serum (Silversand et al., 1993).
www.bio.umass.edu /biology/kunkel/fish/cod/gadus_proposal.html   (7130 words)

 ITIS Standard Report Page: Gadus   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-02)
Gadus macrocephalus Tilesius, 1810 -- bacalao del Pacifico, morue du Pacifique, Pacific cod
Gadus morhua Linnaeus, 1758 -- Atlantic cod, bacalao del Atlántico, cod, morue de l'Atlantique, morue franche, rock cod
Gadus ogac Richardson, 1836 -- bacalao de Groenlandia, Greenland cod, morue ogac, ogac, ogac
www.itis.usda.gov:8080 /servlet/SingleRpt/SingleRpt?search_topic=TSN&search_value=164710   (250 words)

 FIGIS - FAO/SIDP Species Identification Sheet: Gadus ogac
There is probably competition between this species and the Atlantic cod.
According to Svetovidov (1948) ogac is similar to Gadus marisalbi and Walters (1955) believes they are the same species.
Although ogac and Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) have different habitat preferences, they are sometimes found together and are able to maintain their separate identities.
www.fao.org /figis/servlet/species?fid=2219   (358 words)

 Northwest Indiana News: nwitimes.com
ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Peg Gadus is a pastoral associate at St Florian Parish in Chicago.
She works with the pastor, Rev. Jim Mezydlo to train servers that assist at liturgies, also lectors, communion distributors, ushers and others involved in church ministries.
Gadus manages the religious education program for children in kindergarten through eighth-grade who do not attend Catholic school.
www.thetimesonline.com /articles/2004/06/18/community/community/a6ef0809eddb68e086256eb3001bf809.txt   (367 words)

 The blood volumes of the primary and secondary circulatory system in the Atlantic cod Gadus morhua L., using plasma ...
Gadus morhua, the SCS forms capillary beds (Dewar et al., 1994
Bushnell, P. G., Conklin, D. J., Duff, D. and Olson, K. Tissue and whole-body extracellular, red blood cell and albumin spaces in the rainbow trout as a function of time: a reappraisal of the volume of the secondary circulation.
Sørensen, K. K., Melkko, J. and Smedsroed, B. Scavenger-receptor-mediated endocytosis in endocardial endothelial cells of Atlantic cod Gadus morhua.
jeb.biologists.org /cgi/content/full/206/3/591   (4792 words)

 Atlantic Cod, Gadus morhua at MarineBio.org
Atlantic cod, Gadus morhua (Linnaeus, 1758), is one of the most popular food fish in the western world.
Distinguished by a distinctive elongated hairlike structure called a "barbell" that hangs from its chin, it also has three dorsal fins, two anal fins, and a broom-shaped tail.
Gadus morhua: Animal Diversity Web, University of Michigan Museum of Zoology
marinebio.org /species.asp?id=206   (1004 words)

 Gadus Associates : e-Mail Notice   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-02)
This is the page where we post a warning notice when our office will be unattended for long periods.
Gadus Associates: Who we are, what we do
Gadus Associates, R.R.#1 Musquodoboit Harbour, Nova Scotia B0J 2L0, CANADA
home.istar.ca /~gadus/mail.html   (65 words)

 Gadus morhua, Cod: The MacGillivray Art Collection at the Natural History Museum   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-02)
Gadus morhua, Cod: The MacGillivray Art Collection at the Natural History Museum
It is likely that MacGillivray obtained his fish specimens from the fish market.
It is probable that he would have looked for the best example of a particular type of fish and taken it home to paint it.
internt.nhm.ac.uk /jdsml/nature-online/macgillivray/detail.dsml?ID=081&listPageURL=browse.dsml?beginIndex=75   (50 words)

 Scavenger-receptor-mediated endocytosis of lipopolysaccharide in Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua L.) -- Seternes et al. 204 ...
Scavenger-receptor-mediated endocytosis of lipopolysaccharide in Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua L.) -- Seternes et al.
Morrison, C. Histology of the Atlantic cod, Gadus morhua L: An atlas.
Smedsrød, B., Olsen, R. and Sveinbjørnsson, B. Circulating collagen is catabolized by endocytosis mainly by endothelial-cells of endocardium in cod (Gadus morhua).
jeb.biologists.org /cgi/content/full/204/23/4055   (5253 words)

Gadus asellus mollis Forssk¥l, 1775; (unavailable, no features)
Gadus asellus varius Forssk¥l, 1775; (unavailable, no features)
The taxonomic information and the basic database has been provided by; e-mail: Igor Sheremetyev; This is a conversion from a database dump, and there are probably many odd things as result of automatic conversion.
www.funet.fi /pub/sci/bio/life/pisces/actinopterygii/gadiformes/gadidae/gadinae/gadus   (84 words)

 FDA/SPRC/CFSAN Regulatory Fish Encyclopedia (RFE) Browse Page
Gadus macrocephalus *** Pacific Cod *** Cod (Alaska Cod) *** Go to Family
Gadus morhua *** Atlantic Cod *** Cod *** Go to Family
Gadus macrocephalus *** Pacific Cod *** Cod (Alaska Cod)
www.cfsan.fda.gov /~frf/rfe0.html   (4770 words)

 GADUS MORHUA by Niklas Sundin (book)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-02)
EMPEROR - Scattered Ashes (guitar tab book w/CD)
An eye-popping visual feast, 'Gadus Morhua' is a stunning selection of pencil/ink sketches by artist (and Dark Tranquillity member) Niklas Sundin.
Guaranteed to satisfy all connoisseurs of the bizarre, sinister, demented and achingly cute.
shopping.theendrecords.com /s.nl/it.A/id.11651/.f   (167 words)

 Gadus morhua taxonomy
ORIGINAL REFERENCE: as Gadus morhua in Linnaeus, 1758.
SYNONYMS: Gadus callarias Linnaeus, 1758; Gadus barbatus Linnaeus, 1758; Gadus vertagus Walbaum, 1791; Gadus heteroglossus Walbaum, 1792; Gadus ruber Lacepède, 1803; Gadus arenosus Mitchill, 1815; Gadus rupestris Mitchill, 1815; Morhua punctata Fleming, 1828; Morhua vulgaris Fleming, 1828; Gadus nanus Faber, 1829; Morrhua americana Storer, 1858; Gadus morrhua of authors.
NAMED SUBSPECIES: Several subspecies and forms have been named.
vm.cfsan.fda.gov /~frf/rfe3ac01.html   (561 words)

 Heimasíða Snæbjarnar   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-02)
Árnason, E., Pálsson, S. and Arason, A. Gene flow and lack of population differentiation in Atlantic cod Gadus morhua L., from Iceland, and comparison of cod from Norway and Newfoundland.
Árnason, E., Petersen, P. and Pálsson, S. 1998 Mitochondrial Cytochrome b DNA sequence variation of Atlantic cod Gadus morhua, from the Baltic and the White Seas.
Arnason, E., Palsson, S., Petersen, P. and Kristinsson, K. Gene flow and neutrality parameters inferred from cytochrome b sequence variants in Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua).
www.hi.is /~snaebj/enskgrein.htm   (597 words)

 Thank You From Gadus Duck Calls!
Thanks Chris, push em down I'll be waiting SW of Oakes or maybe I'll have to head up north.
Darn, I could have used that new Gadus call too, my old Heydel is about done in.
Kelly - thanks for donating an acrylic Gadus duck call for the drawing and sponsoring Nodak Outdoors.
www.nodakoutdoors.com /forums/viewtopic.php?p=64614   (287 words)

 Cod on a flyrod - Gadus morhua - Danish inshore species - - Global FlyFisher
Cod on a flyrod - Gadus morhua - Danish inshore species - - Global FlyFisher
Cod (Latin: Gadus morhua, Danish: Torsk) is generally looked upon as second to trout.
It is true that a trout will give much more fishing pleasure per pound, but if you don't catch any, it's not really so big an advantage.
globalflyfisher.com /global/denmark/cod.htm   (707 words)

 Amazon.com: Histology of the Atlantic Cod, Gadus morhua: An atlas = Atlas d'histologie de la morue franche, Gadus ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-02)
Amazon.com: Histology of the Atlantic Cod, Gadus morhua: An atlas = Atlas d'histologie de la morue franche, Gadus morhua (Canadian special publication of fisheries and aquatic sciences): Books: Carol M Morrison
This item is not eligible for Amazon Prime, but over a million other items are.
Histology of the Atlantic Cod, Gadus morhua: An atlas = Atlas d'histologie de la morue franche, Gadus morhua (Canadian special publication of fisheries and aquatic sciences) (Unknown Binding)
www.amazon.com /Histology-Atlantic-Cod-Gadus-morhua/dp/0660542498   (351 words)

 NatureServe Explorer Species Index: Genus Gadus
LB, NB, NF, NS, PE, QC Gadus morhua pop.
QC Implied status-the taxon itself is not named in the Federal Register but it nonetheless has status because of its taxonomic relationship to a named entity.
All other data last updated: June 9, 2006
www.natureserve.org /explorer/speciesIndex/Genus_Gadus_100628_1.htm   (873 words)

 Origins of Gadus Ogac   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-02)
Origins of Greenland Cod (Gadus macrocephalus sensu lato)
Conventional interpretation of the evolution of Gadus (left) suggests
Molecular evidence shows that Greenland Cod are substantially genetically identical to
www.mun.ca /biology/scarr/Origins_of_Gadus_ogac.htm   (60 words)

 WHFoods: Cod
They need to live in deep, artic temperature water to grow, reproduce and survive.
Although there are a few varieties of cod that are generally consumed, North Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) is the most reputed and well known type.
It has a light color and a noble taste.
www.whfoods.com /genpage.php?tname=foodspice&dbid=133   (3943 words)

 Gadus - Dictionnaire Français-Anglais WordReference.com
We found no English translation for 'Gadus' in our French to English Dictionary.
Or did you want to translate 'Gadus' from English to French?
Forum discussions with the word(s) 'Gadus' in the title:
www.wordreference.com /fren/Gadus   (49 words)

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