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Topic: Gaius Caesar

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  Gaius Julius Caesar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Gaius Julius Caesar III was Quaestor in 99 BC or 98 BC, and Praetor in 92 BC.
Born Gaius Octavius as a son of Gaius Octavius of Atia Balba Caesonia, the later Emperor Augustus (63 BC – AD 14) was adopted by Julius Caesar, and from that moment known as Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus.
Gaius Caesar (20 BC – AD 4), was born Gaius Vipsanius Agrippa, as a son of Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa and Julia the Elder.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Gaius_Julius_Caesar   (398 words)

 Emperor Gaius Julius Caesar   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
This Gaius Julius Caesar portrait sculpture is made of Carrara marble and pure bronze, and is a reproduction of the original Emperor Gaius Julius Caesar bust.
Gaius Julius Caesar was born on 12 July 100 BC in Rome, son of Gaius Caesar and Aurelia.
This Gaius Julius Caesar portrait sculpture is definitely a reminder of the fragile structure of a free self-rule republic.
www.atherbys.com /emgajuca.html   (402 words)

 SPECTRUM Biographies - Julius Caesar
Caesar then traveled to Rhodes to study rhetoric and did not return to Rome until 73 B.C. During his journey to Rhodes, Caesar was captured by pirates.
Caesar was elected curule aedile in 65 B.C., pontifex maximus in 63 B.C., and a praetor in 62 B.C. By this time, Caesar was making a name for himself as a political figure.
Caesar was made governor of Farther Spain in 61 B.C. When he returned to Rome the next year, he joined forces with Crassus and Pompey and formed the first triumvirate.
www.incwell.com /Biographies/Caesar.html   (683 words)

 Julius Caesar - Crystalinks
Caesar's gens, the Julii, were patricians; i.e., members of Rome's original aristocracy, which had coalesced in the 4th century BC with a number of leading plebeian (commoner) families to form the nobility that had been the governing class in Rome since then.
It was true that Sextus Caesar, who was perhaps the dictator's uncle, had been one of the consuls for 91; and Lucius Caesar, one of the consuls for 90, was a distant cousin, whose son and namesake was consul for 64.
Caesar's success in building up his political power had made the champions of the old regime so implacably hostile to him that he was now faced with a choice between putting himself at his enemies' mercy or seizing the monopoly of power at which he was accused of aiming.
www.crystalinks.com /juliuscaesar.html   (4848 words)

 Gaius Iulius Caesar Bio
Caesar now devoted himself to the conquest of Transalpine Gaul beyond "the Province." The first summer (B.C. 58) he drove back to their homes the Helvetii, who had attempted to migrate to the west of Gaul, and annihilated the army of the German king, Ariovistus.
Caesar let it go, and one of his own too, without a complaint, although the intent of the whole action was evidently to weaken his forces and annoy him.
Sometimes Caesar diminished the awe of his soldiers by trial skirmishes, that the mettle of the enemy might be tested, and the confidence of his army strengthened before the general engagement.
www.uah.edu /student_life/organizations/SAL/texts/bios/gicaesar.html   (6808 words)

 Julius Caesar: Historical Background
Gaius Julius Caesar was born (by Caesarean section according to an unlikely legend) of Aurelia and Gaius Julius Caesar, a praetor.
Caesar was safe from prosecution for such actions as long as he held office, but once he became a private citizen again he could be prosecuted by his enemies in the Senate.
Caesar tried to maintain his position legally, but when he was pushed to the limit he led his armies across the Rubicon River (the border of his province), which was automatic civil war.
www.vroma.org /~bmcmanus/caesar.html   (2411 words)

 Gaius Julius Caesar - Free net encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Gaius Julius Caesar II Son of Gaius Julius Caesar I. Married Marcia, daughter of consul Quintus Marcius Rex.
Gaius Julius Caesar IV (100 BC – 44 BC), was the son of Gaius Julius Caesar III.
Template:Main Born Gaius Octavius as a son of Gaius Octavius of Atia Balba Caesonia, the later Emperor Augustus (27 BC – AD 14) was posthumously adopted by Julius Caesar, and from that moment known as Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus.
www.netipedia.com /index.php/Gaius_Julius_Caesar   (328 words)

 Julius Caesar   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Caesar decided to spend the winter on the island of Rhodes, but the ship taking him there was captured by pirates, who held him hostage for about forty days, until a large ransom bought his freedom.
The formation of the ruling triumvirate with Crassus and Pompey was a mark also of Caesar's determination to push through genuine and innovative measures in the face of a hostile senate which was suspicious of his motives and to ensure that there was some continuity of progressive legislation after his term as consul was over.
Caesar's colonial policy, combined with his generosity in granting citizenship to individuals and communities, was to rejuvenate both the Roman legions and the Roman governing class.
www.roman-empire.net /republic/caesar.html   (4236 words)

 Life of Gaius Julius Caesar
Gaius Julius Caesar was born on July 13, 100 BC in Rome to Gaius Julius Caesar and Aurelia.
Caesar's family was, when he was born, part of this group, since his aunt had married the most powerfull Plebeian of all, and raised the fortunes of her Julli family immesurabley.
Caesar was allowed to return to Rome early, probably due to his emotionally unstable state affecting job performance (his wife who he had loved deeply was dead for a year now).
www.geocities.com /caesarkevin/caesar1.html   (5591 words)

 Gaius Julius Caesar
Caesar was a sympathetic figure in "Cleopatra" but Marc Antony was portrayed as a lovesick lush even though history tells us that, though he lacked the military genius of Caesar, he was a courageous officer and truly devastated by the loss of his commander, kinsman, and friend.
Roman consuls like Marius and Caesar were wildly popular with the average Roman citizen because they had forged their careers in the flames of brutal, physical conflict, not strictly political intrigue (although they engaged in it as well), and demonstrated repeatedly their willingness to offer the supreme sacrifice.
The image of Caesar was derived from a graphic of a marble bust of him that I colorized with Photoshop then loaded into a program called Digital Faceworks which enabled me to apply an animation template to his features and generate various expressions.
darkwing.uoregon.edu /~mharrsch/caesar   (1645 words)

 Gaius Julius Caesar
Caesar was a general, a statesman, a legislator, an orator, an historian, and a mathematician who was said to have a photographic memory.
Julius Caesar's most famous  conquest was that of Gaul (58 - 50 BC) and the invasion of Britain which brought about the effective end of the Roman Republic.   Caesar in a Roman Civil War marched against the Senate in 49 BC and defeated his major rival Cnaeus Pompey at the Battle of Pharsalus.
Caesar was assassinated by a group of nobles in the Senate House on the Ides of March.
www.gaiusjuliuscaesar.com   (385 words)

 The Lives of the Twelve Caesars - Caligula
GERMANICUS, father of Gaius Caesar, son of Drusus and the younger Antonia, after being adopted by his paternal uncle Tiberius [4 A.D.], held the quaestorship [7 A.D.] five years before the legal age and passed directly to the consulship [12 A.D.] [i.e., without holding any of the intermediate offices of the cursus honorem].
Gaius Caesar was born the day before the Kalends of September in the consulship of his father and Gaius Fonteius Capito [August 31, 12 A.D.].
We must then accept the only remaining testimony, that of the public record, particularly since Gaius loved Antium as if it were his native soil, always preferring it to all other places of retreat, and even thinking, it is said, of transferring thither the seat and abode of the empire through weariness of Rome.
www.historyinfilm.com /claudius/classics/12caesar/caligula.htm   (1442 words)

 Wikinfo | Caesar Augustus
Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus Augustus (23 September 63 BC - 19 August AD 14), known earlier in his life as Octavian, was the first Roman Emperor.
His father, also Gaius Octavius, came from a respectable but undistinguished family of the equestrian order and was governor of Macedonia before his death in 58 BC.
After the early deaths of both Gaius and Lucius in AD 4 and AD 2 respectively, and the earlier death of his brother Drusus (9 BC), Tiberius was recalled to Rome, where he was adopted by Augustus.
www.wikinfo.org /wiki.php?title=Caesar_Augustus   (1576 words)

 Gaius Julius Caesar, c.100-44 B.C.
Gaius Julius Caesar, c.100-44 B.C. Gaius Julius Caesar, c.100-44 B.C. Gaius Julius Caesar (the name Caesar means leader), was the son of a Roman praetor.
His aunt was the wife of Marius, and in 83 B.C., Caesar married Cornelia, the daughter of Cinna.
Caesar was appointed dictator for another year and consul for five years but instead of returning to Rome, went to Egypt and to Cleopatra, who bore him a son.
www.historyguide.org /ancient/caesar.html   (570 words)

 Gaius Caesar
Two notable individuals of the Roman Empire were commonly called Gaius Caesar.
The first Gaius Caesar[?] was the son of Agrippa and Julia, and the heir apparent to Augustus Caesar, but died in 4 AD.
The second was the emperor Gaius Julius Caesar Germanicus, better known as Caligula.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/ga/Gaius_Caesar.html   (48 words)

 Rome: Julius Caesar
Caesar then turned his forces towards Asia Minor in a conquest that was so swift that Caesar described it in three words: "Veni, vidi, vici" ("I came, I saw, I conquered").
   Caesar returned to Rome in 46 BC and had the Senate appoint him dictator for ten years; he was given imperium over the Roman Empire and was, for all practical purposes, above the law and the constitution.
Caesar's absolute power, imperium for life (which made him imperator, or Emperor, of Rome), looked suspiciously like a monarchy, which, for all practical purposes, it was.
www.wsu.edu:8080 /~dee/ROME/JULIUS.HTM   (576 words)

 Honors for Gaius   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Notes: This, the cenotaph of Gaius Caesar, records measures passed by the city council of Pisa in honor of Gaius Caesar, the grandson and adopted son of Augustus.
Gaius had recently died while conducting campaigns in the East against Parthia.
Their effort to celebrate Gaius was a means of expressing loyalty to Augustus and his Principate.
www.personal.kent.edu /~bkharvey/roman/texts/gaius.htm   (104 words)

 Gaius Julius Caesar
Gaius Julius Caesar was born on July 12, 100 BC in Rome.
Caesar returned to Rome in 60 BC, where he and Crassus and Pompey joined together to make what is known as the First Triumvirate.
From 58-51 BC, Caesar led Roman armies in conquest of Gaul.
gaiusjuliuscaesar.homestead.com   (626 words)

 C. Julius Caesar - a biography in twelve parts   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
When Gaius Julius Caesar was born, the leading man in Rome was Gaius Marius, who had saved the Roman republic several years before by defeating two Germanic tribes, the Teutones (102) and the Cimbri (101).
Two uncles of Caesar's father, Lucius Julius Caesar and Gaius Julius Caesar Strabo, were killed.
Since Caesar was only eighteen years old, Sulla decided to show mercy, and ordered Marius' nephew to divorce from his wife Cornelia (a daughter of Marius' friend Cinna), as a symbolic act of his loyalty to the new regime.
www.livius.org /caa-can/caesar/caesar01.html   (792 words)

 Gaius Julius Caesar
Caesar's aunt Julia was married to a leader of the popular party, a self-made man, a soldier who had risen through the ranks to lead the Roman army: Marius.
Thus it was that Julius Caesar, while a youth, had to fly for his life, simply for being the nephew of Marius.
Yet, almost all the ancient writers, Plutarch among them, are biased against Caesar, and in favor of the Optimates; their bias takes most people unawares, I should think, for it is easy enough to latch on to the idea that Caesar brought down the Roman Republic, and was an enemy of democracy.
home.inreach.com /rtowle/Julius_Caesar/Caesar.html   (1128 words)

 Gaius Julius Caesar   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Gaius Caesar's father was an upper class person of good origin although the material wealth was quite small.
He was a member of the Julia Clan whom are descendants of Iulus, son of Lenas, mythical creator of Rome His mother rose from a less important towards one of greater power.
Caesar was no longer welcome in Rome due to is connectiongs Marius and Cinna.
www.main-vision.com /richard/Caesar.html   (215 words)

 Virtual Gaius Julius Caesar   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Gaius Julius Caesar was not the cold and calculating tyrannical conqueror often depicted by conventional historians influenced by centuries of religious dogma.
Caesar was a tender lover, a skilled orator and advocate, a talented poet and historian, a consumate politician, and a man with integrity as well as cunnin
Remember, Caesar was assassinated on the Ides of March in the year 44 B.C. Therefore, he died before the fall of the Roman Republic and has no knowledge of subsequent Empire, emperors, conquests or defeats.
darkwing.uoregon.edu /~mharrsch/caesarimperator.html   (443 words)

 Roman Emperors - DIR Augustus
On 15 March, 44 BC C. Julius Caesar, dictator for life, was surrounded by the conspirators at a meeting of the senate and cut down with twenty-three stab wounds.
It may have seemed a workable compromise, but when Caesar's mutilated body was displayed to the crowd and the contents of his will were made public--in which some gardens were bequeathed to the public and an individual stipend given to each member of the Roman people--the dam of emotion burst and rioting ensued.
In 44 BC Caesar nominated the magistrates several years in advance (another shunning of tradition on Caesar's part), and the young man was included as his Master of Horse for 43 or 42 BC.
www.roman-emperors.org /auggie.htm   (18014 words)

 Caesar Augustus - Crystalinks
In 46 BC Caesar, who had no legitimate children, took his great-nephew soldiering in Hispania, and adopted him as his heir.
The triumvirs then set in motion proscriptions in which three hundred senators and two thousand equites were deprived of their property and, for those who failed to escape, their lives, going beyond a simple purge of those allied with the assassins, and probably motivated by a need to raise money to pay their troops.
He was handsome, intelligent, decisive, and a shrewd politician, but he was not perhaps as charismatic as Julius Caesar or Marc Antony; as a result, Augustus is not as renowned as either man, and is often confused with Julius Caesar.
www.crystalinks.com /caesar_augustus.html   (2414 words)

 Gaius Caesar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
He was born with the name Gaius Vipsanius Agrippa, but when he was adopted by his maternal grandfather Roman Emperor Augustus, his name was changed to Gaius Julius Caesar Vipsanianus.
Gaius was adopted along with his brother Lucius Caesar when Agrippa died in 12 BC by their maternal grandfather, the Roman Emperor Augustus, who named the two boys his heirs.
Lucius died in AD 2 and Gaius died two years later in Lycia at the age of 24, after being wounded during a campaign in Artagira, Armenia.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Gaius_Caesar   (310 words)

 Anecdote - Gaius Julius Caesar - Caesar`s Wife   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Though men were not admitted to this religious ritual, the notorious profligate Publius Clodius allegedly disguised himself as a woman and seduced her.
Caesar divorced Pompeia and an inquiry was held.
However, although several members of Caesar's family gave evidence, Caesar himself did not and the court asked him why he had demanded a divorce when so much uncertainty surrounded the incident.
www.anecdotage.com /index.php?aid=13949   (180 words)

 Gaius Julius Caesar   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Caesar spoke Greek fluently, sign of the educated upper-class Roman; he was knowledgeable and discerning about Greek philosophy, literature and art.
He was apparently possessed of great magnetism, personal charm, and a vibrant sense of humor and wit.
It is difficult to find one of Caesar's later enemies, including Cato, Pompey, and Bibulus, who were not allegedly cuckolded by him.
idcs0100.lib.iup.edu /WestCivI/gaius_julius_caesar.htm   (197 words)

 Appendix 2: The Question of Gaius Caesar   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The history surrounding the question of Gaius being by the side of Augustus when he heard the case for and against the kingship of Archelaus has caused some scholars to believe that the death of Herod must have been in 5 B.C.E. It concerns the use of the Greek words protos/proton in Josephus.
Does it mean that Gaius was for the first time in an official role, or does it mean in first place beside Augustus?
Gaius sat with Augustus in judgment was probably in one of those earlier years.
www.askelm.com /star/star018.htm   (230 words)

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