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Topic: Gakuran

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  GAKURAN: original from Japan
The Gakuran is the jacket of the Japanese scholastic uniform (male).
In particular the Gakuran derives its aspect from uniforms of the
The correct way to carry the gakuran is with the collar very
www.casazen.com /vestiti_giapponesi/G_type1ENG.htm   (176 words)

  Top Literature - Gakuran
In manga and anime, the gakuran of protagonists or tough-guy ("yankee") characters may be notably different, with a distinctly lengthened or shortened jacket, or a distinctive colour.
Traditionally, The gakuran would also be worn along with a matching (usually fl) student cap, although this custom became less common in modern times.
Two of the students participating in the plot are transfer students from different schools; one wears a fl gakuran while the other wears a blue gakuran.
encyclopedia.topliterature.com /?title=Gakuran   (1347 words)

 Gakuran   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The boys in this picture are wearing gakuran --> The or the tsume-eri (詰め襟) are the uniforms for many middle school and high school boys in Japan.
In manga and anime, the gakuran of protagonists or tough-guy("yankee") characters may be notably different, with a distinctly lengthened or shortened jacket length, or a distinctive color.
The Gakuran is derived from Prussian army uniforms.
www.kiwipedia.com /gakuran.html   (225 words)

The gakuran is the uniform for middle school and high school boys in Japan.
It is usually worn at an all-boys school, and the color is normally fl but some schools have navy and dark blue color as well.
Although usually only the girls' uniforms are known as "sailor" uniforms, the gakuran is also ultimately derived from United States Navy uniforms, specifically officers' dress blues (although the resemblance is usually tenuous here as well).
www.casimiro.com /wiki/en/wikipedia/g/ga/gakuran.html   (208 words)

 historical boys' clothing: Japanese glosary A-L words
Gakuran: Gakuran is the term commonly used for the traditional Japanese boy's school uniform jacket, generally meaning the Prussian cadet style with a high collar.
A reader reports, "'Gakuran' generally refers only to the high-tunicked jacket worn in traditional Japanese secondary boys school uniforms, whereas "gakuseifuku" is simply a generic terms for any kind of school uniform worn by either gender at any age.
I haven't been able to tell whether "gakuran" is also used for the traditionally styled jackets worn at a handfull of elite primary schools (in all cases that I know of paired with short pants rather than the long pants worn by secondary school boys).
histclo.com /var/for/jap/jga.html   (2309 words)

 My Musings on Lolita and Gothic and Doomy and Life
Well, it turns out he not only liked the idea of a gakuran, but he was also friends with a lady who had received a middle school one as a present a short while ago.
Still, despite all that the gakuran had a nice feel to it, and I decided I liked Saitou-kun whoever he may be.
For the record, this is the symbol on the pocket of the gakuran.
www.lerman.biz /asagao/gothic_lolita/diary/gakuran.html   (1090 words)

 Gakuran - TheBestLinks.com - Japan, United States Navy, Uniform, Japanese school uniform, ...
Gakuran - TheBestLinks.com - Japan, United States Navy, Uniform, Japanese school uniform,...
Gakuran, Japan, United States Navy, Uniform, Japanese school uniform, Japanese...
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www.thebestlinks.com /Gakuran.html   (252 words)

 gakuran pattern
I know a web-site where there is a gakuran pattern.
I have an information on the gakuran pattern the gakuran pattern is well!
Really to find the gakuran pattern in Google.
hometown.aol.com /jjsdfhw945/gakuran-pattern.html   (251 words)

 Japanese uniform questions - AnimeNation Anime Forums
I pretty much know of the gakuran and sailor fuku origins (thank you wikipedia) and designs (thank you internet), but am wondering some stuff..
Like their gakuran would be lighter in summer..
Gakuran is a kind of jacket.And it is made of wool and polyester.
www.animenation.net /forums/showthread.php?t=178503   (895 words)

 Gakuran   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Much like the male uniform, the gakuran, Sailor-fuku bears a similarity to various military styled naval uniforms.
I wanted to wear a school unifrom, especially "Gakuran" called in my country.
The fl "Gakuran" is the stereotypical male school uniform.
schoolkilt.meltkilt.com /gakuran   (318 words)

 Features Condors
Utilizing a casual, free-form, streetwise, movement style reminiscent of Stomp!, most of the dancers are formally untrained but all possess unique stage personalities.
The group’s standard costume is the gakuran, a traditional military-style uniform worn for decades by most Japanese schoolboys.
The use of the gakuran within the context of performances that subvert Japan’s patriarchal male identity has gained them much fashion style publicity in their home country.
www.sushiandtofu.com /sushi_and_tofu/features_condors.htm   (495 words)

 Wo bekomm ich einen Gakuran! | Embjapan.de Japan Forum
Das ist keine Gakuran, sondern einfach nur ein BUREZAA (Blazer).
Das Wort "gakuran" scheint aber nicht allzu offizellen Charakter zu haben- oder täusche ich mich da?
Die Gakuran ist auch viel laenger und aus einem steiferen Stoff, und daher verhaeltnismaessig schwer.
www.embjapan.de /forum/wo-bekomm-ich-einen-gakuran-t4016-s30.html   (1106 words)

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