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Topic: Gallura

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Although Gallura is renowned throughout the world above all for the exclusive resort of Costa Smeralda, with its enchanting rocky headlands and splendid beaches, the whole territory is an oasis of natural beauty.
It is, in fact, the heart of the culture of the Megalithic circles, known as "circoli megalitici" or "circoli di Arzachena".
The high land of Gallura stands apart from the rest of Sardinia thanks to its natural patrimony of woods, made up of oaks and cork trees, as well as a dense undergrowth of heather, strawberry and juniper bushes.
www.hellosardinia.com /eng/gallura/ga_terr.htm   (344 words)

Vermentino di Gallura was classified D.O.C. (Controlled Denomination of Origin) in 1975 and D.O.C.G. (Controlled and Guaranteed Denomination of Origin) in 1996 and is listed among the quality wines since the quantity produced is limited.
Moscato di Gallura is a slightly sweet wine with a delicate bouquet.
It is straw-coloured and is ideal as an after dinner drink to accompany the delicious traditional desserts of the Gallura region.
www.hellosardinia.com /eng/gallura/ga_vini.htm   (150 words)

 Centro Vacanze Isuledda: Gallura interna
The interior of Gallura is a rugged, sweeping landscape whose ubiquitous feature is granite, the rock which dominates both the geology and the scenery of this part of the island, with its woods, plateaus and mountain peaks.
Historic capital of Gallura is Tempio Pausania, built on a spur of the Limbara massif.
The town’s most impressive monuments are concentrated around Piazza Gallura and Piazza della Cattedrale: these include the town hall, the cathedral of San Pietro, the church of Santa Croce and the Oratorio del Rosario.
www.isuledda.it /eng_isuledda_gallura_interna.php   (485 words)

 Holidays in Sardinia.com - Location - Gallura   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
The region of Gallura is situated in the northeast side of Sardinia.
It is part of the large province of Sassari and it is very well known for the beautiful scenery, the exceptional turquoise colors of the sea, the wind-sculpted granite rocks and the spectacular mountains of the Limbara Massif.
Tempio Pausania is the heir of the ancient roman town Gemellae and in the Middle Ages was the capital of Gallura.
www.holidays-in-sardinia.com /content/locations/gallura.htm   (737 words)

 Casa santa teresa gallura, case santa teresa gallura, immobili santa teresa gallura, appartamenti santa teresa gallura, ...
Santa Teresa di Gallura, a 3 chilometri da San Pasquale 10 da Palau e 14 da Santa Teresa, sulla strada per Porto Liscia, vendesi terrenoo di mq 38000 complessivi, 30000 nel comune di Santa Teresa e 8000 nel comune di Tempio Pausania.
appartamento inserito in un residence al centro di santa teresa di gallura, composto da: 2 camere da letto, bagno con doccia angolare, lavatrice, cucina abitabile con ingresso separato, zoma giorno con sofà, grande veranda coperta chiusa al piano terra, posti auto abbondanti non riservati in una bellissima piazzetta chiusa, delimitati.
case santa teresa gallura casa santa teresa gallura affitti santa teresa gallura affitto santa teresa gallura appartamenti santa teresa gallura appartamento santa teresa gallura immobili santa teresa gallura vacanze santa teresa gallura ville santa teresa gallura negozi santa teresa gallura
www.risorseimmobiliari.it /comuni/santa_teresa_gallura.asp   (1514 words)

In the entire Gallura area you can taste suppa cuata or zuppa gallurese (Gallura soup): it is basically made of slices of whole-meal bread and cow-cheese, put in a pan in alternating layers, sprinkled with fresh pecorino cheese and chopped parsley.
Sas tiliccas are typical sweets from Gallura, as well as Logudoro: they are made of flour dough kneaded with lard and filled with honey, nuts, almonds and "sapa".
Sas copulettas are also typical Gallura sweets: they are similar to meringues, with a filling made of jam, "sapa", honey and almonds.
www.sardiniapoint.it /7466.html   (234 words)

 Gallura Bike Point
The zone for its characteristics is of big tourist attraction for bicyclists, both for those people that they are to the search of calm excursions in mountain bike, both for the more sportsmen to the search of binding runs, to face with the experienced guides of Gallura Bike Point.
Thanks to the professionalism of the staff of Gallura Bike Point it is possible to have the opportunity to visit the Gallura, the Smeralda Coast, the archipelago of the Maddalena and also the hinterland in mountain bike.
The staff of Gallura Bike Point in its offer has different runs driven with various levels of difficulty to be proposed to its clients in base to the individual characteristics and the levels of experience.
www.agriturismolachina.com /partner/gallurabikeen.htm   (282 words)

 Babbo Ristorante
Vermentino di Gallura is Sardegna’s only appellation with DOCG status, although it may be one of the least-known and under-appreciated DOCGs in the Italian wine world.
The most intense and aromatic vermentinos from Sardegna carry the Vermentino di Gallura appellation, and on our list two staples are the very affordable “Funtanaliras” Vermentino di Gallura from a co-op winery called Cantina del Vermentino, and the “Monteoro” Vermentino di Gallura from the Sardinian giant Sella and Mosca.
Another superb vermentino, which is made in the heart of Gallura but doesn’t say so on its label, is the vermentino “classico” from Tenuta Capichera.
www.babbonyc.com /winepicks-gallura.html   (880 words)

 Villa Rentals: Belvedere Sardinia - Santa Teresa di Gallura - Select Italy
It is set in a quiet and tranquil location, just 1.25 miles from Santa Teresa di Gallura and its harbor.
From the house and its garden there are breathtaking views of the Corsican ‘Bocche di Bonifacio,' the impressive white cliffs of Bonifacio and the small islands just off Corsica.
If the property is available for the chosen dates, your availability confirmation code will be valid during 24 hours and you will be able to complete your reservation during this time frame.
selectitaly.com /villas.php?product_id=139   (430 words)

 TIRSO THE REGION OF GALLURA   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
The area of Gallura is a typical example of a region within a region.
The natural beauty of the landscapes in the interior of this region has no comparison and the country with its typical houses, "stazzi", is characterised by varied and intense colours.
The most famous part of Gallura, that of the beautiful coasts, includes the towns of Olbia, Golfo Aranci, Loiri-Porto San Paolo, Arzachena, Palau, La Maddalena, Santa Teresa di Gallura, Porto Cervo, and Porto Rotondo.
www.sardinia.net /tirso/itinerar/it12.htm   (273 words)

 Itinerarios en Cerdeña
El amplio territorio de Gallura hace recomendable dos itinerarios diferentes de dos-tres días de duración cada uno de ellos.
Continuando por la carretera provincial se puede observar el interior de la Gallura, donde se alternan bosques de alcornoques y campos desnudos destinados al cultivo.
Desde la bifurcación hacia la isla Rossa se toma hacia la derecha la estatal que lleva a Santa Teresa de Gallura y se continúa entre los montes recubiertos de mancha y aislados pesebres.
www.mondosardegna.net /esp/itinerari/tempio_gallura.htm   (742 words)

 Hotel Gallura, Hotels Gallura, Welcome, Gallura, Hospitality Gallura, Lodge Gallura, Lodges Gallura, Lodging Gallura, ...
The Gallura territory occupies a wide part of North Sardinia, bordering to the south on Coghinas River, Limbara Mt. and the commune of Budoni.
Inhabited since the prehistoric period, the Gallura became a Kingdom (Giudicato) after the end of Byzantine rule (VI century), which hold out to the 1288.
From XIV century it passed under the rule of Pisa, Genoa, Aragon and Spain until the arrival of Habsburg rule (1714).
www.emmeti.it /Welcome/Sardegna/Gallura/index.uk.html   (199 words)

 HOTEL SARDEGNA - The Province of Gallura, Olbia-Tempio
It includes the territory of Gallura, a geographical and cultural region in northern Sardinia.
In 2005 The Region of Sardinia added four new provinces: Ogliastra, Gallura (Olbia-Tempio), Medio Campidano, Sulcis (Carbonia, Iglesias) to the provinces of Sassari, Cagliari, Nuoro and Oristano.
The Yearbook of hotels, holiday villages, residence, campings, holiday on the farms, bed, and breakfast, and of all the classified accomodation in Sardinia are an idea of Sa Oche "facilities for comunication".
www.hotelsardegna.it /inglese/gallura.htm   (124 words)

 Santa Teresa Gallura Residence - Santa Teresa Gallura Appartamenti Sardegna Italia Italy
Santa Teresa Gallura in the north in front of Corsica, is the most organized touristic centre.
Village Porto Pozzo (about 8 Kms from Santa Teresa Gallura) for those who love sea sports, Porto Pozzo is in the deepest bay of Mediterraneo.
Costa Paradiso 35 Kms from Santa Teresa Gallura and 70 Kms.
www.ciaociaoitaly.com /ENG/Residence/marein.santa.teresa.gallura.sardegna.asp   (641 words)

 Hotel Gallura, Hotels Gallura, Welcome, Gallura, Ospitalità Gallura, Albergo Gallura, Alberghi Gallura, Bed and ...
La Gallura occupa un'ampia area della parte settentrionale della Sardegna; il confine sud-occidentale coincide con il fiume Coghinas, a sud la catena del Limbara la separa dal territorio del Logudoro e sulla costa sud orientale il comune di confine è Budoni.
La Gallura comprende attualmente i comuni di: Tempio Pausania, Olbia, Calangianus, Aggius, Bortigiadas, S.Teresa, Arzachena, Luogosanto, Palau, Aglientu, La Maddalena, Trinità d'Agultu e Vignola, Telti, Monti, Golfo Aranci, S.Maria Coghinas, Badesi, Viddalba, S.Antonio di Gallura, Loiri-Porto S.Paolo, S.Teodoro, Budoni, Erula, Padru.
Oggi la Gallura è ampiamente conosciuta per la sua vocazione turistica, sviluppatasi attorno gli anni '60 con la creazione della Costa Smeralda, che si estende per oltre 80 km.
www.emmeti.it /Welcome/Sardegna/Gallura/index.it.html   (392 words)

 Holiday apartment with shared pool in Santa Teresa di Gallura - walking, fishing, beach/lake nearby, disabled access, ...
Santa Teresa di Gallura holiday apartment accommodation with walking, fishing, beach/lake nearby, disabled access, balcony/terrace, air con
Santa Teresa Gallura could be considered at first sight a young village as its foundation goes back to the first years of XIX century, in obedience to King Vittorio Emanuele I° wishes; nevertheless we can't forget that farthest point of northern Sardinia was inhabited by very ancient people since prehistory.
Villa Carina in Santa Teresa di Gallura, Italy
www.holidaylettings.co.uk /rentals/santa-teresa-di-gallura/11653   (902 words)

La Gallura è una regione situata nel settore nord-orientale della Sardegna nella provincia di Olbia-Tempio.
Guida Gallura :: tutto sul turismo nella nuova provincia di Olbia Tempio
Guida Gallura :: tutto sul turismo nella nuova provincia di Olbia Tempio: Guida turistica della Gallura
www.acparma.it /digmklz/fttmhl/gallura.php   (321 words)

 Santa Teresa di Gallura Ferry - Timetables, prices and Santa Teresa di Gallura ferry tickets
All you need to do is select your preferred Santa Teresa di Gallura Ferry route from the menus, number of passengers and hit search.
If you are looking for a Ferry to Santa Teresa di Gallura, please visit our Ferry to Santa Teresa di Gallura page.
Santa Teresa di Gallura is at the very north of the island of Sardinia.
www.directferries.co.uk /santa_teresa_di_gallura_ferry.htm   (251 words)

 Baia Santa Reparata - Sardegna - Santa Teresa Gallura residence
Milano 02 - Santa Teresa Gallura 0789 75.91.14 - Serali e festivi Mob.
Esaltati da questa bellezza Baia Santa Reparata è situata a circa 3 km da Santa Teresa Gallura una delle località più rinomate e pregiate del nord Sardegna, un mare azzurro-verde trasparente, massi ciclopici di granito che affiornao dall'acqua.
Residence sul mare e villette immerse nel verde incantevole della macchia mediterranea, tra i ginepri, mirto e bouganville e le roccie scolpite dal maestrale, ogni angolo è un piccolo paradiso, con spiaggia di sabbia, calette e scogli veramente per tutti i gusti.
www.baiasantareparata.it   (229 words)

 Hotels Santa Teresa Gallura Sardinia Italy.
Receiving 3 stars located to the income of the town, little hundreds of meters from the center and to single 400mt from the tourist port.
All rooms are furnished and equipped of air conditioning, frigobar, telephone, television, safebox.
Hotel L' Ancora si trova nel centro di Santa Teresa di Gallura a 300 metri dalla famosa spiaggia de la Rena Bianca.
www.santateresagallura.com /alberghi1.shtml   (104 words)

 Santa Teresa di Gallura - Sardinia - Sardegna.com
Santa Teresa di Gallura - Sardinia - Sardegna.com
Santa Teresa Gallura might be considered, at first sight, a young village as its foundation goes back to the first years of the XIX Century, following King Vittorio Emanuele I's wishes.
Nevertheless, we can't forget that Sardinia's furthest point north was inhabited by history's very ancient people.
www.sardegna.com /code/articolo/TABLE/COMUNI/id/64/LINGUA/EN   (439 words)

 Sardinia Plus - Consorzio Turistico Olbia Gallura
Indeed, Olbia and the whole Gallura region are among the most prized world tourism destinations, and the Associates of the Olbia-Gallura Tourist Consortium are well aware of this - they are deeply committed to enhancing and promoting North-eastern Sardinia in Italy and world-wide.
The area enjoys a mild climate, balanced by the sea, so that it never gets too cold in winter nor stifling hot in summer.
Golf buffs are also well catered for - they can try their swing on two greens of international standing.
www.sardiniaplus.com /olbia-gallura.asp?ver=en   (206 words)

 Gallura - Das virtuelle Reisemagazin - Sardinien.com
Santa Teresa di Gallura und Capo Testa: Römer, Österreicher und Hippies
Außerdem das Wahrzeichen der Gallura: Das Bären-Kap (Capo d'Orso) am Golfo di Arzachena - ein von Wind, Wasser und Wetter modellierter Berg: wer ihn erklimmt, kann bis zum Maddalena-Archipel gucken.
Weiter westlich liegt der Ort Santa Teresa di Gallura - und kurz dahinter das Capo Testa - eine Landschaft fantastischer Felsformationen.
www.sardinien.com /rundreisen/gallura/gallura.cfm   (344 words)

 Santa Teresa di Gallura Holiday Rentals | PerfectPlaces.com
2 Santa Teresa di Gallura Holiday Rentals were found matching your criteria.
Use the optional search criteria box to refine your search within Santa Teresa di Gallura.
Charming Isolated Villa Sardinia Santa Teresa di Gallura
www.perfectplaces.com /Italy/Sardinia/Santa_Teresa_di_Gallura-Holiday-Rentals.htm   (185 words)

 Comune di Santa Teresa Gallura (SS) - Italia: Informazioni   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Comune di Santa Teresa Gallura (Provincia di Sassari, Regione Sardegna).
Bandiera Blu Approdi Turistici 2005 (Marina di Santa Teresa Gallura)
Il Comune di Santa Teresa Gallura fa parte di:
www.comuni-italiani.it /090/063   (92 words)

 Li Velieri - Santa Teresa di Gallura Italy
The residence Li Velieri is located within the small town of Santa Teresa di Gallura, in the vicinity of the harbor, just 700 meters from the Rena Bianca beach.
Santa Teresa is situated in a ideal geographical position: with a motorboat one can reach all of the archipelago islands of the Maddalena, by car the Smeralda Coast or the suggestive inside of the Gallura and by boat the Corsica.
Beaches: Santa Teresa boasts some of the most beautiful beaches of Sardinia, such as the inlet of 'Porto Longone' with its beautiful natural harbor and the white sandy beach of 'Rena Bianca'.
worldvacations.com /nHotels/LiVelieri   (319 words)

 Hotel Santa Teresa di Gallura: il tuo albergo a Santa Teresa di Gallura su Expedia.it
Scopri l'hotel a Santa Teresa di Gallura che offre il miglior rapporto qualità prezzo e riservati subito una camera con Expedia.
Se ti interessa un hotel che sia il più possibile in prossimità di particolari luoghi di interesse turistico, usa le informazioni supplementari disponibili per ciascun hotel così da assicurarti la soluzione più adatta come ubicazione (vicino alla stazione o in periferia), servizi disponibili e prezzi delle camere.
Prenotare un hotel a Santa Teresa di Gallura è conveniente, semplice e rapido con Expedia.
www.expedia.it /guide/hotel-italia/hotel-Santa-Teresa-di-Gallura.aspx   (251 words)

 Proposte Viaggi in Gallura
Crociera a vela Cagliari - S.Teresa di Gallura.
A spasso d uomo: 4 giorni di Trekking in Gallura a 220 euro pax.
DESCRIZIONE BREVE: Vacanza completamente a piedi e itinerante per la Gallura (Nord Sarde...
www.viaggiatorionline.com /searchofferte.asp?r=Gallura&section=offerte   (202 words)

 Santa Teresa di Gallura Hotel - Santa Teresa di Gallura Hotels - Santa Teresa di Gallura Farm Holiday Bed and Breakfast ...
Santa Teresa di Gallura Hotel - Santa Teresa di Gallura Hotels - Santa Teresa di Gallura Farm Holiday Bed and Breakfast Sassari Sardinia Italia Italy
Santa Teresa di Gallura Sardinia Holidays Apartments Rena Majore
Hotel Residence Apartments Santa Teresa di Gallura Sardinia
www.ciaociaoitaly.com /eng/santa.teresa.di.gallura.htm   (400 words)

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