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Gamelan music is an integral part of all cultural activities in Java such as wayang kulit (leather puppets) performance, court dance, uyon-uyon (symphony orchestra performance), etc. There are two kinds of laras (tuning) in gamelan, namely slendro (comparable to minor key in Western music) and Pelog (major key).
The pengendang (drumer) is the conductor of the gamelan orchestra.
All the gamelan players are sitting cross-legged on a mat during a performance.
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 Home - The GameLAN Project
The GameLAN project is articulated around tools which allow to play 2D or 3D video games in solo or multiplayer.
The 0.9.6 version of the GameLAN has been updated: please uninstall the previous one and then install the new one.
Release of a new version of the GameLAN: please, upgrade your GameLAN to this version by installing it upon the older one.
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 Indonesian Gamelan Main Page
Gamelan is also used to accompany dances in court, temple, and village rituals.
Today, although gamelan music is still used for ritual ceremonies and the royal family, it is also performed as concert music at social and cultural gatherings to welcome guests and audiences.
Gamelan is also used to accompany many kinds of both traditional and modern dances, drama, theatrical and puppetry.
www.seasite.niu.edu /Indonesian/Budaya_Bangsa/Gamelan/Main_Page/main_page.htm   (413 words)

  Indonesian Gamelan Music
Gamelan (gah-meh-lan) now formally means "an Indonesian orchestra," but it generally refers to the traditional form of Indonesian music involving an orchestra comprising various percussion instruments.
As is suggested by its official definition, the word gamelan used to refer to all Indonesian music, but the word began to refer to a specific style when foreign music and terminology entered Indonesia.
Gamelan music is evidenced to be at least 1200 years old.
www.personal.psu.edu /users/s/p/spp131/indonesia.html   (837 words)

  Gamelan Music
Gamelan music is played on an orchestra consisting primarily of metal-keyed percussion instruments ("metallophones") and gongs, but also including hand or stick drums, flutes, and occasionally also bowed instruments and bamboo rattles.
Gamelan instruments in general are considered sacred and are treated with the utmost respect.
The gong is considered the spiritual heart of the gamelan, providing the foundation pulses that anchor the rest of the ensemble and the markers that denote the end of one major cycle and the next - this has been compared with the cycle of death and rebirth.
music.ucsc.edu /swarasanti/gamelan.html   (1348 words)

 Gamelan Anak Swarasanti | Instruments
Balinese gamelan is native to the island of Bali, Indonesia.
Gamelan music is inseperably interwined with Balinese spirituality, which in turn is inseperably intertwined with all aspects of everyday life in Bali.
Gamelan music is played at all temple ceremonies and processions in Bali, and is considered a sacred form of music.
www.anakswarasanti.com /instruments   (456 words)

 Gamelan, the Javanese Orchestra
Gamelan music instrument can now be enjoyed in various parts of the world, but Yogyakarta is the right place to enjoy it since you can enjoy the original version of gamelan.
Javanese gamelan has softer and slower tones; it is different from Balinese gamelan that is very dynamic and Sundanese gamelan that is melodious with domination of the voice of seruling or traditional bamboo flute.
The development of gamelan music is predicted to begin from the existence of kentongan, rebab, tap on the mouth, rubs on string and thin bamboo until the introduction of metal music instruments.
www.yogyes.com /en/yogyakarta-cultural-performance/gamelan-show   (676 words)

 Indonesian Gamelan Orchestra
Each gamelan orchestra is the only existing species of its kind in the world as they each are calibrated to their own tunings.
Thus, gamelan orchestras cannot mix and broken instruments would be hard to replace unless the same flsmith that made it or one competent enough to make an identical set is found.
When performed competently, a gamelan concert is the aural equivalent to a rich batik pattern; an intricately-woven texture of metallic and wooden yarns.
www.geocities.com /Vienna/5059/Gamelan_Orchestra.htm   (294 words)

 Gamelan Summary
In addition, there are gamelan ensembles composed entirely of bamboo-keyed instruments, of bamboo flutes, of zithers, or of unaccompanied voices with the functions of metallophones or gongs in the metal ensemble transferred to surrogates.
Gamelan music typically is rhythmmically organized by nested cycles, a feature that ethnomusicologists call "colotomy." The most prominent colotomic part is the gong ageng which is said to rule the ensemble.
Gamelan Sari Raras is an active Javanese ensemble in Berkeley, California; the name was given to the group by Widiyanto (aka Midiyanto), and the instruments, brought to the U.S. from Java in 1971, are named Kyai Udan Mas, or Venerable Golden Rain.
www.bookrags.com /Gamelan   (2536 words)

 Virtual Instrument Museum
Gamelan is an ensemble that consists of predominantly metallophone and gong type instruments.
In a full set of gamelan, besides metallophones and gongs, there are other types of instruments, which include a set of drums (kendhang), bowed- and plucked-strings (rebab and celempung), xylophone (gambang), and a bamboo flute (suling).
Wesleyan's first gamelan, an iron set of instruments, was donated in the early 1960s by the late Harrison Parker (a connoisseur of Javanese performing arts who used to work for USAID in Jakarta).
learningobjects.wesleyan.edu /vim/cgi-bin/instrument.cgi?id=30   (1124 words)

 Gamelan Anak Swarasanti | Instruments - Styles
Gender wayang is a type of gamelan that is typically played in small groups of two to four players to accompany wayang kulit, or shadow puppet plays.
Gamelan gong and particularly its cousin gamelan gong kebyar is a hugely popular form of gamelan in Bali.
This image shows the gamelan instruments more clearly - this was taken during a break in the playing, and the children took advantage of the opportunity to play on the instruments.
www.anakswarasanti.com /instruments/styles.php   (491 words)

 Deep Down Productions - Articles - Gamelan - What-is-Gamelan?
In addition to the choice of materials, an owner's wealth and personal aesthetic sense are determining factors in the number of instruments in the set, the type of wooden furnishings the instruments are supported on or the iconography found on the decorative carvings and paintings of the instrument cases.
Gamelan music can now be heard played around the world, from Kyoto to Paris, from London to Vancouver, Tel Aviv to New York, in Indonesian Embassies and Consulates, in community groups and at an increasing number of Universities and schools.
The term gamelan, therefore, implies several layers of meaning and in fact refers to a variety of cultures: the world of Java and Bali which is now finding its place in both its original forms and taking root in countries all over the globe.
www.deepdownproductions.com /what-gamelan-a-3.html   (2042 words)

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